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sunday aesthetics

I figured I'd use 'aesthetics' as I heard all the cool kids are into aestethics these days. aesthetics. I also noticed that the Danish term "hygge" is apparently trending on Youtube and in the bloggersphere. How did that happen? I saw hygge in articles about Denmark being the happiest country in the world a couple of times already, but I didn't realize that people are actually making it a thing online now. It's super funny to me, because the word doesn't translate into English very well, so every time someone is like "omg we're so hygge" it makes no fucking sense and majority of Danes seeing their posts/videos are probably all like "???????" hahaha.
I know, it's been a while. My blog has been silent for majority of the year and to be honest with you (if any of my readers are even out there anymore), I lost my mojo. I had so much shit to deal with since October last year, and applying for the scholarship back in January-June was so stressful that it was pretty much all I had on my mind for majority of the year. Now, you're probably thinking "Scholarship? What?" And yeah well.. I applied for the Korean Government Scholarship Program to get my MA in Korean Studies in Korea - and I got it. I got the scholarship. I am currently in Korea, studying at Busan University of Foreign Studies - however, I am not here for the actual MA. The program includes 1 year of language studies and 2 years of MA studies. I got here in August and will be here till July next year (most likely) finishing my year of language studies and then moving on to my actual MA studies at Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies next summer. If you're an OG reader, you'll know that Yonsei is the uni I went to for my study-abroad year back in 2012 and yes, kids, momma is coming home, haha! I can't wait. But for now, I'm enjoying some amazing times in Busan, and I've already been blessed with so many new, amazing friends and adventures. To be honest, a little part of me still cannot believe that I am actually here and that I, of all the people in this world, got her wish granted this past spring.

What else has been going on? I'm sure you guys are here for photos (especially the food porn), and I will give you that - no worries. But let's catch up a bit first, shall we?

1. I got the scholarship as I mentioned and am currently in Namsandong, Busan, with the peeps upthere ^
2. My birthday is coming up next week
3. I broke my leg about 3 weeks ago
4. Said broken leg didn't see a doctor until I felt forced to go to the hospital after walking on a severely sprained ankle for 10 days. lol
5. My ankle surprisingly was not broken, but I cracked my shin pretty severely and am now in a cast.. thing.. which is highly inconvenient and I can't walk around much.
6. I have the most amazing Bulgarian room mate and she and I are super similar, which our respective families find quite hilarious - we do too. haha!
7. Koreans love medication and I've been pretty much sedated for the past 2 weeks. I literally have no clue what's happened and don't even remember being in class at all. 
8. My parents sent me a huge box from home with tons of goodies for me and my roomie, as I - due to classes - won't be able to go home for Christmas. So here's to another year without Danish Christmas for me.
9. Next weeekend, though, my roomie and I organized a small Christmas morning gathering with out little group of 6 girls who've all grown quite close over the past 3 months. Can't wait for everyone to open their presents! Let's hope the last two ones arrive in the mail.. soon lol.
10. The medicine I was on was so strong that it scared me and I stopped taking it. I am going back to the hospital tomorrow (Monday) to talk to the doctor and get x-rays done again. Gotta make sure the leg is healing properly!
11. Invested in this VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER to make shakes and it's super super awful. Goodbye money. Goodbye protein gainzz.
12. That said, iHerb is quite nice! You can use my code LIN9012 for a 10% discount on your first purchase! Wooh! If you're a Dane though, beware of customs! :((
13. Oh, I'm also vegan/plant based now.
14. My beloved Ivan passed away the beginning of September, so that really sucked. I'd hoped he'd have hung in there till I get back in February. But he got his rest, I am happy that he is no longer in pain. 
15. Oh yeah, I'm going back to see my family in February! My only break from class is in February, wtf. Such stress :((
16. Due to the scholarship all I do is take TOPIK tests, I feel. It's awful.
17. That said, I get to speak and practice Korean all the time! Wrahh it's the best!

Alright, that's it. Thanks for reading, y'all (if you did at all, haha)!
Now to the photos!

Ah, my poor leg + ankle. To be honest, my ankle hurts a lot more than the cracked shin, though. It's still pretty swollen and it's been 3 weeks, wtf. I fell down from a stairway at a temple in Beomeosa, because I didn't see the gap between the staircase and the construction by the temple. So I just walked to the side as someone said "be careful", and I thought she meant 'Oh watch out, someone wants to pass you' - so I stepped out, fell down and yeah.. the rest is history - however sad. Haha! The stupid thing is that the temple trip (which was supposed to be followed by hiking up the mountain) was a trip arranged by our school as a "culture class" to experience Korean culture. My roomie and I were the only ones SUPER EXCITED about the hiking part! We were so stoked, dressed warmly and going up the first hill to the temple SO excitedly, while everyone else were mainly like "wtf ughhhh I don't wannaaa". Ironic that one of the only ones who REALLY wanted to go, got stuck in the administrations office because apparently they couldn't send me back to the dorm? It's pretty stupid bc after the office closed at around 5PM, I was stuck outside in the cold for about 20-30 minutes before someone came to pick me up. 
However.. while they left me in the administrations office and went hiking after I fell, I did get to experience the kindness of Buddhist monks and their love for acupuncture, the Korean hospital trip was interesting indeed and I also first hand experienced the terrors of not knowing what kind of medicine they were giving me. I later found out, though, that the reason I kept tripping, getting super sleepy and drowsy and didn't remember much at all, was because I was on a sedative AND pain killer.. 3 times a day.. originally given to last me for 2 weeks. I'm not sure how Korean students do that, though. I was in class, alright, but I was not.. THERE. lol. Scary indeed. Luckily I'm off that crap, now. We'll see tomorrow how the healing is going for the shin. I know for a fact that the ankle is gonna take a LONG-ass while to heal for sure.

Here's my dorm room desk area! Wooh!  This was taken shortly after I arrived and got settled, now I have more books and stuff here and there. Mmmhh, books ♡

And my side of the room. We have no fridge, no kitchen appliances are allowed and there isn't even a lounge on every floor like at SK Global (Yonsei) where you at least can put your stuff in a bag in a shared fridge. We got nothing, so we use our windowsill as the "fridge". The struggle.. lol. ((and yes, I brought my LoL plushies bc they remind me of epic game nights with potato pizza and RuPaul's Drag Race at NUDDELE's place, ok. ♡))

During a multi-cultural event here at BUFS, I got to be a traditional Korean bride for the hanbok fashion show! Huhuuuu! It was super fun, but also really difficult. We were on our feet for like 7 hours, not allowed to sit unless to get our hair done. Also the organizers had quite the challenge with my hair, bc it's quite short and super soft. What can ya do? They had to tie it up like 3 or 4 times before being able to attach the head piece and hair pin. It looked really nice tho! I felt SO pretty and people complimented me all night, haha! It was such a great experience!

What I eat most of the time - or at least what I used to eat when I could leave my room - boribap, fo' life! At the moment I chow down mostly on takeout bibimbap, tortillas with lettuce or cereal. Such party, very 좋아 - or maybe not. lol My roomie is the bomb, though, cause she runs to the store or the kimbap place and gets me food all the time! Freakin' luv her to bits!

Ahh my parents sent me so many goodies! *_* Nezumi also sent me a package with the most DELICIOUS berry granola, wraaahhh. She also sent me a pack of my favorite tortillas! Haha! Freaking love my vegan wraps, yo! Above is JUST the stuff from my parents though, holy shit. I got me some WASA crisp bread, lots of snacks and candy, new boots for winter (cause it's cold as fuck here, though the temperature shifts from 16 degrees celsius one day to -2 the next), Christmas tree, Christmas + birthday presents AND advent presents, some of my clothes from home and some pain killers + pads for lady-time lol. That may be TMI, but let's be real - Korean pads are HUGE. Even the small ones are SO WIDE they jam into your thighs and it hurts :(( rude much. 
This photo is also featuring  my crutches ^ haha.

Current read that my lovely German friend, Michelle lend me! It's super fun already and I can't wait to read further! She told me it was kinda strange, but the defiant personality of the main character reminds me of my roomie quite a lot, haha. So funny! Also love the way it's told in interview-style. I'm actually also reading a Korean book called "I'M" atm, which I'll tell y'all about in a later entry. Just thought it'd put it out there, haha. I'm so cultured, oh em gee.

Ahem.. anyway...
So many vlogmas videos to keep up with! Wrahh! Freaking love December and I love that more and more of my favorite Youtubers are getting into vlogging as well : D I prefer vlogs over anything, tbh. I don't care for adverts or hauls and favorites videos anymore.. I wanna see what y'all are up to! Haha. Who cares what mascara you use, when I can see you feed your cat, make coffee and run to Trader Joe's for groceries instead >: D In case you're curious, I'm currently watching these vlogmas series:

Ahh, isn't it just the best feeling to sit with your coffee in the morning and catch up on vlogmas? Favorite time of year, aaahhh~!

And a group shot of the KGSP BUFS 2016 peeps! WOOH!

Hope you enjoyed! I'll try to find the motivation to do more shit for y'all. Haha, I wanna film videos again too, but I need to pick myself out of the self-pitying "everything hurts and I can't fucking walk"-gutter and get my shit sorted. I will say tho that now that I'm off the meds, I feel much better! The side effects were so severe and I cannot BELIEVE that I don't remember ANYTHING from the past two weeks being on them. Talk about effective sedatives, lol. 

Have a good one, and happy holidays! I'll def. make a post about our Christmas funsies next week! And maybe even a mid-week post for my birthday, huhu! Alright, getting carried away here.. no more promises! I can't believe how much I missed blogging, though, haha. I feel so accomplished writing this.  I have midterms next week though, which I should be studying for, but my memory for the past 2 weeks is quite hazy, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do or what's gonna happen. lol. So sad. What's also sad is that the first midterm is on my damn birthday, arhhh. How dare they!? :(( lol.

Stay well, y'all!

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