Thursday, April 24, 2014

터키가좋다 (despite everything being fake there, lol)

Herro folks,
I am back from the land of bulgur and fake purses!
The weather was incredible and the staff at the hotel was awesome ^__^)/ wee~!
My family and I stayed at Hotel Venus (with a very interesting front yard ornament, lol) and it was generally very nice. After a couple of days staying there, though, a minor colony of ants decided to settle down in our bathroom.. luckily I never keep my toiletries in the bathroom - I keep them in my suitcase for hygiene reasons, anyway. lol long live OCD's.. or something 눈.눈


Turkish pizza-noms!

The food was fucking epic, though served at rather odd times throughout the day (breakfast at 7AM, snack (meaning burgers, lol) around 11:30AM, lunch at 1PM, snack (meaning pastries) at 4PM and dinner at 7PM) it was all super delicious. I got super into the Turkish pizzas, tomato bulgur and their various delicious-as-fuck vegetable stews *__*" so good, yo. I ate like up to three times a day! It was gloooorious! I also.. still lost weight.. more weight.. which is weird, but fuck, the food was so good.
We were on an all-inclusive kind of thing, so we got this ugly bracelet to wear, so that we could get aaaall the free drinks and foods etc. Sadly my "too many sugary drinks for you, I see, young lady. Now it's time for me to be super sensitive and frustrating to chew with"-tooth acted up a lot during the week, so I'm pretty sure that their "Pepsi Light" wasn't light every day of the stay, lol. Fuckers.

Anyway, I saw some stuff in Turkey...

like ruin things

beach and water things

Ok, admittedly not water, but I ate it at that patio pictured above so.. suck it

... street things

... and people... things.. lol

^ pretty accurate depiction of people looking at me, tbh.

and a tiny cute turtle in my cousin's hand AWWWW SO CUTE!!!

.. and what ever the fuck this is


yeah.. let me know if you know what that is, lol

That's it, pea-pods! ♡
I hope you like the photos.. or something, lol

Have a good one, people!


  1. Lovely photos!(・◇・)I'm not sure about that statue creature tho.

  2. I still have no idea what in the world Bulgur even is. Is it healthy or?

    1. Haha they're broken wheat grains or something. Super filling and super healthy : D DEEEELICIOUS

  3. this place looks fun. nice architecture, lovely food, the weather looks great and the landscapes are just amazing. ahhhhh I would love to go there!! and haha ya resort wristbands are always awful huh!

    1. The food was the best part, lol! And yeah, I'll gladly wear the fugly resort wristband to obtain free food all day ;) np

  4. This place is absolutely beautiful omg, it's just a bit short of feeling like you're actually there *____*
    And so much good food!

    1. Haha yes, baby all the foodz <3

  5. The food and weather looks so nice. *_* Especially the food, haha. xD
    But also the other pictures. ;)
    Glad you had a great stay there. ^^

    1. The food was EPIC (noms noms noms) and I had a good time, indeed : D Thank youu!


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