Wednesday, February 19, 2014


안녕 ^__^)/ ♡

Sorry for not updating much, guys. I've been lacking the motivation and energy to actually sit down and think of all the stuff that's been happening since my last update. Phew~! I finally sat down tonight, edited a few photos and uploaded them to show you. Ahh~ Please appreciate my efforts, lol. I'm struggling here.

Okay.. where to begin.
The owner of the café that holds a special place in my heart sent me some photos of the place all decorated for Christmas. It makes me so happy that he randomly sends updates like this to me. He also sends invites for events (even though he knows that I'm back in Denmark) and he sends me little messages, asking how I am doing and when I'm coming back to Korea. Hoho! ♡ He's a lovely, lovely man and Café Toucan makes the BEST vanilla lattés in the WORLD! Please do stop by there, if you get the time to. Sadly the guy that used to work there went to the army, but a nice lady works there now, I've heard. ^3^)/
Saya's been losing a lot of weight and it's been really bothering me. She was never one to eat tons of food, but she has never been this skinny before either. You can easily feel her spine and it really concerned me.. so I took her to the vet. It was HELL to find a vet nearby that wouldn't just snap her neck and go "Problem solved!", so I took a while to find a decent vet who knew what he was doing with bunnies - and I found one! The bunny specialist was not in, but his colleague took really good care of Saya, checked her teeth, felt her tummy etc. Sadly... there was nothing "wrong" with her. They don't do blood work on bunnies, so I was really disappointed at the final verdict: "She's simply getting old, my friend." It really upset me, and I think the vet could tell that I was a little disappointed. I don't wish evil upon Saya, but I'd hoped that she'd have a condition that was treatable, so we at least could help her. But no.. She's aging and there's absolutely nothing I can do. The vet gave me some antibiotics just in case, and her mood improved, but she's still incredibly skinny and won't eat much. It's unbearable to know that she may not live this year out. I don't wanna think about it, tbh., but I need to be realistic as well.. So I'm trying to spoil her as much as I can while I still have her around. ♡ Banana slices ad libitum it is!
Lillemis went to the vet today. However, for much better things. We had her neutered, ear marked and vaccinated (again). She's doing well but her ears are both BRIGHT green, hoho! She looks like a little magical elf-kitty! Hehe : D She's very affectionate (probably because of the drugs), but she still wants to play and hop around. We're trying to keep her in her crate a bit more to avoid her jumping around too much with the risk of ripping the stitches.
Look! It's a miracle! She took a nap with me the other day! Eeek! ♡
.. and here she is teasing the doggies. Haha! I think this shot is so so so great! Look at them staring at her ♡ Haha!
Also, I got a tripod! Finally! Filming will be so much easier now. I know a lot of you are really frustrated with me on the YOUTUBE thing. I keep promising new videos or talking about video ideas, but I never really do any. I'm so so sorry. It's not that I don't want to, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. If it's not perfect - I won't upload it. Even now I look back at my current videos and think: "Omfg what is this? Why do people watch this!? WHY ARE YOU SUBSCRIBING?!" It's a little silly, because really.. they're only Youtube videos. But yeah.. please know that I AM working on it. It's in the prepping stages, so to speak. Kinda... ehe 눈.눈
I got a batch of new lenses a long time ago and here I am wearing the EOS New Adult Red! They're soooo comfy (yay, my stigmatism/scratch/whatever got better, so I can wear lenses again) and super vibrant! Love 'em! I, of course, will be doing reviews on all of the ones that I got! Look forward to epic photo-time feat. tripod! LOL
Okay.. now to a couple of silly things! First; Instagram stuff. Now.. I've been spending (possibly) a little too much time watching Ulzzang Generation (얼짱시대) and before that, I watched 얼짱킹! Ulzzang King had me wondering about one of the judges/hosts, because "his" appearance and voice really tickled my gaydar, lol. I searched about the internet and FINALLY found "his" name; Jeong Daeun. IT'S A GIRL. What had me wondering was not only the voice - but her height. I know that Korean females are quite short and most of them are rather dainty and "fine" in build. So yeah.. that kinda gave it away. I started searching about and found some tomboy specials that she did: Ulzzang Generation Lee Taekyun "I am also a girl!" (WATCH HERE (no subs)) and "Boyish Girls, you're flower boys!" (WATCH HERE (no subs)). Not only is her past really, really upsetting (*throws hugs at Daeun*), but she seems funny as hell and she handled those boys on Ulzzang King (especially Park Taejun) really well, haha! So yeah, I searched around a bit more, found out she's in a relationship with ulzzang Lee Soobin (for the past three years, it seems) AND she has an adorable Scottish fold kitten T_T However... one rainy day... to my horror....
She deleted her Instagram. YOU LITTLE SHIT. I mean... >: D I love you! But seriously T_T WHYYYYYYY? If anyone knows why the fuck she'd do such a thing, please... tell... me... I am hurting, lol. I need my daily fix of cute couple photos and kittens! -ugly sobs- 어~엉!! ㅠ.ㅠ 왜그래?! I can't really tell if she DID delete it or if she just privated it and changed the user name.. but still. T_T I'm upset OK. I lived for those stupid, adorable photos. 눈.눈

To more tomboy speculations.. You guys remember that video I posted in THIS entry? The one about "Tomboy Love" that was so adorable it made your little heart cry tears of rainbows..? Yeah, that one! I think I found the tomboy from the short-film! If I'm not completely mistaken.. this is her:
She's friends with Tina Jittaleela (role of Kim in Yes Or No 1+2 and a model/spokes person for Secant), which is how I found her at all! She appears to be a model or owner of the brand "Begins" that could be Taiwanese or Chinese. I don't speak Chinese... so.. >__< yeah. But it really looks like her, no? She posts a lot of videos of an older lady, but if she's her aunt or mother or something... I have no clue. 

I also have no clue how my Google skills got this good. o__o It must be a Korea-given gift, lol. It appears that I'm capable of tracking down anyone. Haha! I'm totally not a stalker.. I swear.. I'm just... curious EHEHEHEHE 눈.눈 ahem~

And onto the last thing that really made my month! PONY! She's awesome, she's a super popular ulzzang AND she's a makeup artist. She does "Pony's Beauty Diary" on InsiteTV (YOUTUBE HERE) and she's just super, fucking pretty. I posted a comment in Korean on one of her photos and she REPLIED! ARGH! And not just that.. She COMPLIMENTED ME! -ugly sobs-
Look at that! I'll translate for you! The first comment is a reply to my comment on her photo.. The second comment is a comment, she posted on my photo. The first one says: "I'm happy you wrote to me in Korean! You look like an ulzzang hehehe" and the second one "Hahahahaha! I thought you were Korean!!!! Where are you from? : D" EEEEK IMAGINE MY FANGIRL MODE GOING STRONG WITH THIS ONE. Hahah! I freaked out and was so happy! Thank you, Park Hyemin.. for being so so so kind to your fans, making their day like this  대답해주셔서정말감사합니다! I love it when celebs are so kind to their fans that they actually take their time to write to them and reply to their comments. ^3^)/ so much love for her!

Aaaand that's it... Sorry that it's so rambly and weird. I tried :C
Hoho! Thanks for reading!
Oh, also.. it's my daddy's birthday today! Weii!
Happy birthday, dad! I love youuu!
(to the rest of you, as well hehehe) ^__^)/


  1. That tomboy is seriously so lovely looking, I love tomboys T__T <3 There seriously needs to be more in this world haha. And that's so awesome that that ulzzang model replied to you, not only once, but twice! It's always nice to get acknowledged by someone you like ^-^ <3

    1. Haha, yup! I found her by coincidence, because I follow Tina Jittaleela on IG and then I saw that she tagged her in a photo and I was like "HOLY DAMN THAT'S HER OMG" ^__^)/ and yes.. Pony is so so so sweet! She comments back quite regularly but I never expected her to reply so nicely :')

  2. Kawaiii <3 <3



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