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~ ☆ 2013 WISH LIST ☆ ~

Hello lovely people of the blogger world
How's everyone doing? Well, I presume?

I'm finally back and this post was originally supposed to be a collage of epic stuff, but since I didn't bring my LG laptop with me (that has Photoshop) there's no collage. -sigh- So yeah.. you're gonna have to settle for this row of images with short descriptions lol. I hope that's alright~! I'm sorry (as always) for not blogging nor posting Youtube videos for that matter, but I actually can't do much editing of pictures and video now that I don't have my LG laptop at hand. I have a rather fancy memory card for my camera - in fact it's so fancy that my dumb MacBook Pro can't run it lol. So I always have to transfer video clips to my LG and then transfer it back via USB to my MacBook.. Silly, huh? I also realized that my MacBook is a bit frumpy when it comes to the functionality of its battery. It's been claiming for a while that the battery needed service, then it stopped for a while and now it's back. I called Apple and they told me to ignore it. I told them that I have Apple Care and they went "You do? It's not registered in our system so..." 
BUT I PAID FOR THAT SHIT YO. Ugh, typical. Anyway, my laptop should be fine. I also recently bought an iPhone 5s that turned out to be defective. I've been waiting over a week now to get the call that supposedly says "We got a new phone for you : D Please come pick it up!"... so yeah, we'll see how that goes. For now, here's my wish list. I did make quite a few purchases before coming to my parents' (and while being here) that ships to my own address in CPH (which was a terrible idea), but except for a sweater that turned out to have some trouble with Post Denmark, everything supposedly arrived. I also got #6 of CosplayGEN because I'm a huge Reika fangirl.. Ohhh what you gonna do?

Before I get into the whole post (omg she rambles forever, this one!) I wanted to air an idea with you guys... I wanna change the domain. I know I've had NanCakes since forever, but I feel that the name doesn't suit the blog anymore. NanCakes is very cutesy and I don't think I was ever really cutesy. So yeah, it's all a bit awkward. I came up with a few ideas and one of them... I really like! So I might go for it! What do you think? Should I change the domain? No? Let me know your thoughts!

Okay, enough of the rambling! Let's get to the wish list~!

Urban Decay NAKED3
Yeah, you should've seen this coming. I have the original NAKED palette and presumably the NAKED2 is on its way to me as well - I'm stoked! I kinda thought about getting NAKED Basics, but I'm not too sure yet. I feel that it's a lot of money for a very "basic" palette. Esp. when I have two NAKED palettes. But oh well~! The Urban Decay NAKED3 pl0x!

SECANT THAI sponsorship
Hahahahahahaha I wish. 눈.눈 /sobs forever cause ugly/ I gotta say tho, that if SOMEONE would just PLEASE make a brand or a store targeted at girls who do not exactly fancy this odd let's-all-look-like-poor-yet-oddly-stylish-people-from-tumblr-style nor the odd hippie-like dress/skirt-culture that seems to be ruining fashion these days, I'd be so so grateful! I'm fucked tho... I already hate buying clothes - imagine my face at H&M or Gina Tricot when trying to browse for basics. No thank you 눈.눈 Also there are no binders, no baggy pants, no nice dress shirts or ANYTHING for toms here. So yeah, get to it Secant; make a store or at least a warehouse in Europe so that shipping won't be $45 every time! That would be epic!
(I actually bought something from Secant a few days ago - will do a blog post for my tom readers, yessss!)

FESTINA 16576/1 watch

Look at this flippin' beauty! Ugh, so pretty. It's really not too pricey, I don't think, and it's white. I love white. White and silver is such an awesome combo. -wipes rainbow tears- Yeah, it's gorgeous alright. It's made of stainless steel and ceramic. How epic is that? Ugh, my feels. I have super tiny wrists, but I love how CLAIRE's big-ass NIXON watch looks on her wrist, so I'm really diggin' the "huge watch on slim wrists"-style. It's fancy!

White creepers
Do I even need to explain? They're fancy, they're awesome and they bring edge to even my most homeless-looking of outfits. I always wanted a pair of creepers, really. They look so odd to me that I just need a pair. I found some in Korea for -hold on to your hats- W780,000 (almost $775) - what a fair price 눈.눈 I have no idea where to get them here in Europe. Actually, I don't know where to get ANYTHING at all in this part of the world. I'm so confused lately, lol. Where am I even? What are these tall, pale people around me doing here? Where are the Koreans in the subway? Have I been abducted to the past? -ugly sobs-

Epic hybrid camera
(pictured: Olympus OM-D E-M1 from DigitalVersus)
I am not really regretting getting the Rebel t3i from Canon, but when I first heard of the hybrids I was like "FUCKING AYE!" because really... hybrids are fucking dope as shit. They combine the beauty of DSLR quality with the effectiveness of the compact camera. Dope. As. Fuck. Yes, I agree. I kinda wish I'd gotten one. I went to a camera store in CPH before getting my t3i and the guy talked about the hybrids. All dreamy-eyed I left the store, repeatedly telling myself that it was a DSLR that I needed. Nothing else. So I got the t3i, yes. But ughhhhh the hybrids. Hybrid sounds cooler than DSLR 눈.눈 dammit.

Oh well, that's it. I cannot come up with other stuff except lame makeup-collector stuff and of course kpop. My awesome friend (the same friend who sent me the NAKED2) sent me a $50 gift certificate to YesAsia! ARGHHH WHAT TO DO!? T__T; so much stuff to get! I wonder if you can combine gift certificates and cash? Hmmm.... that would be sexual.

Have a good one, guys! Until next time!
Sorry for the rambling.. it happens when I don't blog for a while lol.
Woooohh! What are your wishes for Christmas?

Oh, and don't forget to leave your thoughts on changing the domain~! ^__^)/

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  1. nice wishlist, i really want the naked 3 and a new camera...


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