Saturday, May 04, 2013

Jay Park rocking MCM in his music video for 'JOAH' (박재범의 '좋아' 뮤직비디오 x MCM스타크)

I've been getting a lot of referrals from Google directing people searching "Jay Park MCM Joah" etc., so I figured that I would do a quick basic post on his backpack! As you all know, I'm a huge fan of MCM and therefore I'd be happy to touch upon the brand for you guys! Hoho~  

Jay Park is not only rocking some epic BOY LONDON gear in his recent music video for the (super awesome!!!) song JOAH ('좋아'), he's also seen dancing around in an alley wearing the beautiful red MCM Stark backpack. As Jay's version not only has the basic studs on the top part of the front of the bag but ALSO has studs on the sides, I'm guessing that his bag is a custom version of the Stark, made especially for him. It is not uncommon for kpop stars to hit up the PR people (or designers directly) of MCM to request certain customizations done to the bags that they want to buy; 2ne1, Key (SHINee), 2AM and especially G-Dragon are well known for doing exactly that.

Jay Park's bag appears to be a medium size (I'm judging by the fact that he's short and it looks "normal sized" on him, lol) MCM Stark in red, customized with extra studs on both lower sides of the bag and on the top middle of the front (by the logo). The regular version of the Stark varies in price (and size) from W495,000 to up to W675,000. The bigger the bag is and the more studs it has - the more expensive it'll be, as all studs are attached by hand.

The smallest size of the MCM STARK is set to W495,000 in the webshop (approx US$500) while the medium (and most popular size) is W555,000 (approx. $560). MY OWN BAG was set to approx W670,000 (I got a discount though) and is also quite popular still. Actually, just to add to the coolness of my bag in particular, the dark blue color has completely sold out of stock and is no longer available in store - even celebs are actually still requesting the exact color and model. Suck eeeeet! LOL.

Pictured: MEDIUM Stark

Size: W33 x H41 x D17 cm.
Material: Cowhide
Price (Korea): W555,000 (approx US$560)
Colors: Red, beige, white, black, cognac, orange, pink
Where to buy: MCM store, WEBSHOP

Beware of fakes!!
(my friend shared this ugly pic on FB lol. 
For some sort of contest to win a knock-off bag)

Ugly-ass fakes of the MCM bags are all over the place (especially in Asia) and cheap stores are shamelessly copying everything from the shape to the actual brand logo of the bag. The price of the original bag is expensive - yes, but think of it as an investment. I've dropped my bag, scratched it against brick walls, accidentally stepped on it and ripped it open quite viciously a few times. I also carry heavy books and a laptop in it, yet it hasn't lost its shape at all! You are paying for the quality of MCM - not just the pretty gold logo and the 3 letters. Sure, you can probably get a cheaper copy, but if you ever come to Korea with that.... lol. People will easily recognize that yours is fake and they will probably laugh at you for even trying. I'm not saying that you should buy the real deal because I did (nor because people in Korea will die laughing if they ever see you with a fake), I'm just saying that you should really consider what you are paying for. You can pay half of the MCM bag's price for a knock-off, but keep in mind - the quality will ALSO be a knock-off.


  1. Ahhhhh MCM ♥ Have been crying over a stark for ages now - too bad that I've no money... ever ~ Visited MCM store back in Korea a few times but didn't dare to buy one after all ㅠㅠ

    1. Their products are fucking fantastic! I'm still waiting for a shoulder bag and wallet >__< We'll see if I get to have it before leaving in June. Eeeek!

  2. i love the shape of the bag!!!!
    and looks pretty good but I do not like things made of leather =(

    1. Aw well, leather is a super sturdy material. I know that many animal rights advocates are against leather, but I feel that as long as we utilize everything from the cow (so that nothing goes to waste), it's fine.

  3. Love your blog, and love the bag! Yeah, leather knockoffs are... disappointing, to say the least. Learned that from a friend years ago. You really do get what you pay for, and all the quality leather goods I've invested in have lasted me for years rather than having to shell out for new ones every few months.

    The red bag is super cute!

    1. Yeah me too! And honestly some of the "distributors" of the fakes are so shameless! They even dare print the logo on there.. I saw a beige version of the ugly one above and even irl you can so easily tell that it's a fake >__< so ugly. Sure, if people don't wanna spend the money, they can get fakes. But we'll all know it's a fake - and so will you : P

  4. Actually what's the hype with mcm bags? I've seen so many ppl toting their bags here but is there anything special about their bags??

    *sorry for being ignorant, LOL*

    1. They are the fucking bomb! They're super popular in South Korea and a lot of kpop idols are promoting them. A lot of people have them here - not just the backpacks - and you're considered pretty fucking cool if you have one : P MCM is known for quality and timeless design, so a lot of people here invest in the bags and use them for YEARS with practically no wear. They're simply cool as fuck. Haha! : P


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