Thursday, April 18, 2013

New layout and a quick hello!

Notice anything different? Except for the fact that I quickly blogged.. or.. am blogging.. or well, am typing this. lol. Whatever.. I know, I know, I did a Wufan layout the time before last, but UGH HE'S SO AWESOME. And I've been using this particular pic as my desktop pic for the past.. 100 years. And I wanted to share it with you. I wanted to keep this spring layout as simple and clean colored as possible.. and light too. lol.

I went to Andong to do some research for a school paper (I'm so fucking busy lately with mid-terms it's not even funny) and I snapped some photos.. I wanted to share some of them with you as well as tell you about the layout.
I'm sorry for being absent again. I know, I suck.. -__-" Anyhoozle, enjoy the new layout! Let me know if you have any ideas for the next one : D

Thanks for reading, y'all!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MAC mini-haul and first impressions!

Hey guys! Here's a tiny MAC haul along with some first impressions : D I originally went to MAC to get a concealer, but the girl just looked at me and went "Concealer? 왜요? 그걸필요없잖아요..." (A concealer? Why? You don't need one..) so I left with 3 products - none of them being a concealer. lol. I don't dare say "nice skin problems" because you'd probably all throw darts at me.. but really though, I never used concealer before! D: I wanna try it! /sigh/ Anyway, here's what I got!
FIRST IMPRESSION: So nice! The girl at the store put it on me, and can we just talk about how weird it is that makeup artists use those "paint brushes" to apply foundation with? I'm a regular person.. walking to the MAC counter with a friend. This is not a movie - or photoshoot. Stop that! :C It's unhygienic (at least imo), it packs on too much product AND it makes the foundation appear super streaky. So let's just all agree that we should never do that. Ever. 
Anyway, when applied with my (clean!!) fingers, it looks super nice as is, but I like to blend it out with my Sigma F80 anyway.. because I'm a perfectionist. When I wear anything on my skin, I want it to look as if I'm not wearing anything at all. I don't understand how so many of those Youtube girls can PACK on product as was it their last day on earth without feeling grimy. Sure, we can't see it on camera - but I wouldn't wanna be your skin at the end of the day o__o yuck! Natural-looking foundation all the way pl0x!
FIRST IMPRESSION: Love it! Needless to say, haha! I've been on a crazy-ass peach-blush addiction-wave for the past 6 months (if not more) and I LOVE 'EM ALL! I got Peaches from MAC already and I love that one too.. Ugh, so nice! -hugs peach tone blushes- Let me love you all! I never realized how well peach tones emphasize my skincolor, but being the yellow-skinned girl that I am - it's all good. The girl at the MAC store I went to seemed rather surprised that I knew a lot of MAC names (for products and shades) AND that all the stuff I wanted to try on looked good on me. She wanted to put a very coral shade lipstick on me.. It didn't look bad, but when she said "It'll look good with the peach blush that you picked" I was like ".... -__- no" lol. Anyway, this peach tone blush is "Immortal Flower" and I've been eyeing it at MAC in not only Korea but also back home. I love it to bits! If you're an ulzzang-lover (or just a sucker for the clean look and pale skin) this color is perfect for you ^__^)/
FIRST IMPRESSION: I usually hate the term "Your lips but better-color" because let's face it.. why the fuck would I wanna spend money on a lipstick that has the same color as my lips but apparently looks "better"? Don't be silly now. This color is close to my own lipcolor. It looks dark in the tube, but when applied it has a subtle pink hue to it. I like it a lot! Oh, it's Creme Cup btw! Can you believe that the color a lot of girls use as their "nude" is a dark nude pink for me? Ugh pale yellow girl problems. LOL. When I saw that my prep+prime color was "Extra Light" I almost died. Haha!

That's it! Ahh, it's been a while since I dipped back into beauty huh? I bought a lot of stuff lately that I can't afford, and I really wanted to share it with you in a haul video.. But I'm not sure how to go about that. -__-" I also wanted to do a Spring Essentials video! Let's see how well that goes.. lol. Also got another kpop haul coming up! Leggoooo~!

Oh btw!

Let's all take a few minutes to enjoy Jay Park's new song "좋아 (JOAH)" (lol wtf is with his romanization.. I thought Joah was a name of a girl he liked..) It's so epic!

Thanks for reading!

PS: We have not been bombed yet

Saturday, April 06, 2013

she came (down with the flu), she blogged, she posted

Hello and excuse my re-occurring absence. I got extremely sick after the G-Dragon concert last weekend and have been coughing up an indefinite amount of bacteria for the past week's time. I've been on cold medicine, pain killers, allergy medicine, fever reducers (and what else not) and I am finally starting to feel better. I know, I know.. y'all think I'm sick all the time, but I actually haven't been sick since I was sick around Christmas/beginning of January.. so yeah, I was doing really well until this dumb-ass flu came along :C boo!
Anyway, as I shortly mentioned, I went to the G-Dragon concert last Saturday and it was pretty bomb. Sadly the concert was barely one and a half hours long (which is very short for a Korean concert - any concert imo) but Tablo (EPIK HIGH), Lee Hai (Lee Hi) and CL (2ne1) all made an appearance so that was super cool. I flipped the fuck out (needless to say) when Tablo came on stage and I still can't get my hands down. Haha he is so awesome!

What's most important is that my family arrived in Incheon last monday and I was beyond excited to see them! I've been hanging out with them a lot and I really wanna thank them for coming out to see me during their easter holidays. It was so bomb and ughhh.. I got so much delicious food while they were here. T_T yums. (excuse the unedited phone pics)

There's this (new?) Japanese udon place downtown Shinchon (close to Hyundai Department Store) and their curry udon is DELISH!
MOS BURGER (Ebikatsu)
Korean BBQ w/ fams.
My first steak in 8 months. (T.G.I. Friday's) nomsies!
All the goods that my parents brought from home *__* look at that Pepsi Max! The little wrapped "gift" is Belgian chocolates that my mom bought for me when she went to Belgium with her class (she's a teacher (mostly business economy and law)).
Nezumi's dad came to Seoul too and we decided to take them around Seoul for funsies and exploration of the city. We took them to Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower) one of the nights and it was super chill. We took the cable car thing up to the bottom near the tower and then walked up the stairs. DAMN BRO that trip is tough when you're an older lady.. like my grandma! Haha poor grandma. She was having a hard time in Seoul cause the area is so damn hilly and mountain-y.
(photographer newbie Nani, but it came out pretty dope, aye?)
We enjoyed the view and later had an expensive but quite nice dinner at a restaurant on the first floor of the tower. The view was AMAZING btw.
I had.. uhh.. Cannollini? I don't even know.. somethin' somethin'. It was good. Not very filling for a viking like me tho. Hoho!
Then we enjoyed the view of the many locks and went to catch the cable car to go back down. It was a really nice experience. So many couples btw! Haha ridiculous.
On Sunday I took my family to the zoo in Grand Park in Seoul. It was super nice and the weather too! sadly a lot of the animals looked kinda sick or injured. One of the leopards was limping around like a wounded soldier and one of the wolves there was almost hyperventilating, laying on the ground :C Depressing. Lemme hug you aaaaall~!

(look Kris, this is what an actual rhino looks like, lol)
I heard that female lions are way worse when it comes to aggressiveness than the males. We had an incident in Denmark where the female lions actually killed and ate a new male that the zoo had just gotten home for new "lines" for breeding etc. I guess they didn't like him. o__o imagine the view that met the visitors that day. Danng!
All in all it was nice though and I got some pretty nice shots! Including one of this cute little girl with a bubble machine! Hoho~ so adorable! I also bought myself a really cute white tiger plushy.. as a little souvenir for good times with my lovely family ^__^)/ yey!
Sadly I was quite annoyed by the amount of idiot little kids screaming, yelling and banging on the cages to make the animals move - moreso annoyed did I become when the parents did nothing to tell their kids to please respect that the animal is asleep/relaxing and should be allowed to do so. So yet again... I went back to hating kids (and their dumb, irresponsible parents. ew).
To end this entry - though it's already packed with photos.. - here's a picture of a really cute purse that my dad got me while they were here : D 
They went home Thursday, so I was quite upset.. which explains the shopping therapy I did later on (meaning: today) hoho! I will do a haul video! I got both kpop, makeup, clothing etc. Super nice! 
I bought these shoes a couple of days ago, but I really like them. They're a BIT too tight, but I don't mind suffering for them. Hoho! Cool aye? They're the newest version of the Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 - they look epic and are quite comfy spite being a bit too small. Love 'em!

Food! A few pics.. a bit random but oh well!

This is from Nezumi's and my trip to Myeongdong today. The chicken was gross but the rest was yummy! The chicken kinda tasted like those nuggets you buy at the grocery store and then heat up at home in the oven. Grooooooss X__o
And randomly my current favorite at Crazy Brown downstairs. noms!

And lastly.. the damage I did today!

Again, sorry for the long hiatus. I feel a bit better (spite random cough-attacks that seem to attempt to kill me lol) so I might do that haul video soon! Ahh being sick sucks so bad :C Damn you fluuuu!
-fist of fury-

Thanks for reading ^3^)/