Friday, March 08, 2013

100년동안기다렸지? (난고민이많나봐)

fuckmehard has it been forever, or what?
I know, I know. I promised many things in my previous entry, but then again - when do I ever keep my promises on this blog? lol. I feel especially stupid for not blogging since I got the MCM PHOTOS., because I shared my blog link in Korean class today (we were talking about hobbies). I'm not sure how many of my fellow class mates actually stopped by here, though. Majority of them are Americans, so I reckon they'd easily understand the language used. We're all 3급 after all, hoho, so even the Korean parts they ought to understand. 횡설수설아니지? ㅎㅎ

I've been working hard on an upcoming fashion post, but sketching everything out is taking forever and I'm not sure how to go about it, still, so I'm obviously in the process of working that out. I also promised more videos, but I've been having a hard time coming up with things to talk about. I still wanna do a "Tips for Foreigners in Korea"-video, but like the fashion post - not sure how to go about that. Are there any videos you'd want me to do? Any suggestions? Let me know ^3^)/

Anyway, this was me today...
I've been suffering severe lady cramps (well excuse my details lol) and have been wanting to die for majority of the day. I had some issues with 우리은행(uri bank) as I tried to withdraw some money yesterday, but the machine fucked up and I never got my money. o__o Now... normally the machine just cancels the transaction, but not for me.. -__-" So yeah, they transferred the money back for me today. Yesterday I had a really nice gentleman from SECOM (security company, I guess?) help me out and he even went with me to the bank on campus today to help explain everything. Such a good man he is! Thank you! m(__ __)m" Anyhoozle, everything should be back in my account in about 10-15 days. So yeah, let's keep our fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong for me, shall we? (wanna bet I just jinxed that..? lol) My cramps still sucked.. I got pain killers tho and JUST before entering Korean class.. they kicked in! Ahhh, 다행이네!
I finally joined the Dr. Marten family, which has been yet another source of troubles for me. If you want to see what pain these babies caused me click HERE (if you hate feet or blisters... don't click lol, just sayin'. It's nasty yo..) Ironically I also got a blister on my left ring finger for shoving socks and leg warmers INTO the shoes to AVOID blisters.. lolol ok ok karma I see, I see; you got a good sense of humor too -__-" bsh.. Anyway, I do not regret getting these! They're a size 7 (EU: 38) btw! Which is half a size smaller (almost an entire size) smaller than I usually get (which is EU: 38,5-39).. o__o am I the only one whose shoe size differs like no other? It's weird. Just about 2 years ago I was suddenly an 8. LOL. Weird. Now I'm back to 7. Oh well, I love them anyway! They're so fancy! : D and I'm sure.. that they will be comfortable eventually. Also they make me like half an inch taller! Haha, poor Nezumi. She's forever short : P wahahaha.
Spite all the bad, there is always good things happening in between. The guy at CARIBOU COFFEE downstairs is really nice to me when I go there.. he always gives me vanilla syrup for free (it's usually 50 cents to get more added to your drink). I'm picky with my vanilla latte ok, so I need it sweet! School also started which I'm really excited about : D I've been really lazy over winter - which means my brain cells are dying. My languages are also going a little weird (especially my Danish is terrible atm., lol). Anyway, my classes this semester seem really nice. I take Korean classes at KLI (level 3), Confucian Ethics in Modern Korean Society and Topics on Korean Language and Culture. The last one is taught by the SWEETEST lady! I was really confused on where to get my book on the first day (yesterday), but she was so nice to me.. and she looked at me for a second when I was about to leave and then said "Ahh, you're so pretty! 예쁘다!" - needless to say.. I love her! Hahahaha! ♡ I got her for one class again tomorrow.. I'm excited! She includes a lot of confucianism in her class which I really like ^__^)/ Confucianism is awesome ok! Joseon dynasty ftw! (lol I'm tired don't judge me)

Anyway, that's it. I'm super tired right now.. -__-" I ought to study a bit before bed but my brain has gone completely mushy already. -sigh- Hope you're all doing well! I'm still contemplating on getting a new MCM bag, but I will keep you all posted on that ^__^)/ don't forget to check out my TWITTER or Instagram (heygodareyouready) for more frequent updates. I also have a me2day if you're onto that. Hoho!
Thanks for reading!