Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MCM Korea x 보그 패션 나잇 아웃 2012 (샤이니 키, 비스트 현승, SS501 형준, 박재범 등)

Hey there! I got the epic pictures taken by the epic photographer at the epic MCM x Vogue Fashion Night Out event in September last year w000t! How epic is that? I know.. SUPER.. EPIC. I wanna take this quick opportunity to first of all thank our good friend - without this amazing person, we wouldn't have had this once in a lifetime experience ^3^)/ thank you! 베리판니! ♡ ㅋㅋ Please, you guys, since I don't own the rights to these (but simply got permission to use them on my blog) don't go spreading them around, removing the tag etc. If you absolutely cannot resist reposting on other sites (tumblr, twitter etc.) please give full credit to this site and link back to this entry in particular. I give all picture-taking-props to the photographer at the event - thanks for the many (and awesome) pictures ^__^)/ ~ ♡ hoho! Even though some of the pics aren't very flattering for me... -__- ugh damn being taller than most people here - including the photographers, lol. BUT we (I, Kat and Nezumi) super much appreciate the entire night! So thanks to all staff for treating us like royalty! I will put small captions below some of the pics to explain what's going on.. for your convenience ; D Hehe! Now please.. enjoy! I bet some of these goodies are unseen by most of you ^__~)v
Noms! I acquired a very good friend in the champagne hence why my face is derp in most pictures. lol
LEO! This collection is beyond epic! G-Dragon's bday present from MCM was also featuring some of the LEO stuff and oh my god, it is orgasmic. -sobs- If you get the chance, stop by any MCM store ok! You must!
The DJ! He did an amazing job AND he speaks German! w00t!
Nezumi and I looking at the "pick the most popular style". I'm all for the Stark! Haha!
The DJ and his good friend John, whom we got to talk to quite a lot. He's part German and I got to flex my epic German skills! Haha he was so nice and got a good talk with the trainees that performed at the event later during the night.
Here we are! Talking to John ^__^)/ He and I fell in love... with the same backpack! God dammit! I wonder if he got it.. haha! John, if you're out there.. holla at me ok! LOL let a girl know!
There were two "teams" of trainees that performed. I have no idea what label they are from, but they're set to debut this year ^__^)/ so please.. 많이사랑해주세요! They did an amazing job both of the teams.. there was this super cool guy in a studded denim vest (denim vests are the bomb!) and he wore a BOY London tshirt, from what I remember.. He was.. well, let's just say he's my bias already! Haha.

If you can't tell, I'm well into the champagne by now.. lol. From left to right: Me, Kat, Nezumi, the vice-president of MCM, John and Mr. Kim ^3^)/
Oh look, it's Jay Park! Haha, he's beyond cool. Sadly we didn't get to talk to him at all :C boo! Maybe some other time.. /sigh. I love his new MV btw, did you all see it yet? HERE'S a link. Hehe! Get it get it!
B2ST's Hyunseung made a short appearance too ^__^)/ he's soooo pretty irl! Very handsome and super nice and humble. It was so surprising to see him all "high" at the UNITED CUBE concert ㅎㅎ..
Oh look who that is! SS501's Hyungjoon! He's SOOO nice! omg and he held my waist when we took the picture >: D That's probably why my face turned out all derp.. trololol. He told me my Korean was good -sobs- I don't remember if I told you in my original event entry, but he made a girl cry.. haha! He shook her hand and she BURST into tears. The poor guy looked all confused and as I stood next to her, I guess I was the first to get eye contact with him. Haha poor fella. It's okay, I'm sure she meant well.. with.. all the tears.. and the sobbing. Haha

And lastly.. Some SHINee Key footage! w00t. I have many more pictures (a total of 129 in fact) but I didn't wanna spill it all. Some of it is secret and for me and my friends to enjoy on our cold, lonely nights when we go back to Denmark this summer. Haha!
Hope you enjoyed!

Much love

Saturday, February 09, 2013


source: SOOMPI

I've been watching HEARTSTRINGS for the past week's time. I saw a lot of pics (like THIS one) on TUMBLR and decided to give it a go, and I gotta admit that I was pleasantly surprised. I usually don't like Park Shin Hye (mostly because her characters are always brain dead and spine-less (kinda like "Mary" in Marry Me Mary)) but she is so awesome in this one.. and of course, Yonghwa. You sexy little motherfucker, youuu! His fellow band-mate (CN.BLUE), Minhyuk did a terrific job as well! So cute! Haha. You should all check it out! Actually there's a CN.BLUE fansigning event today here in Shinchon, but fangirls are usually plenty and very aggressive.. so I rarely go to these events. They scare the living shit out of me to be honest. Also you are usually required to have bought the album at the particular store (that the event is taking place in) and then place your receipt in a small box. At the event they will then call your name/information and you can come in and get your CD signed (at least that's what Nezumi told me). It all sounds so complicated. phuu~ T_T I prefer meeting idols at cafés or through my good friend.. all this fuss stresses me out and usually gives a really awkward impression.. I dunno. Maybe I'm just being stupid and picky because I can be.
Anyway, I guess you're all wondering what I've been up to ever since my last post (which was about 100 years ago), huh? I'm sorry. I've had no motivation nor energy to post. I started going to the gym really late at night, which is super nice! I skipped yesterday though, but I'm going tonight instead. I go 4 times a week and it's really nice. It helps me release a lot of tension and built-up energy (and anger, lol). To tell you all the truth, my mood has been fucking ridiculous lately. Anyway, let's not talk about that..

I went to the 성훈 (Sunghoon, actor and MCM's main model) fan-meeting in the end of January and it was fucking awesome! But we were kind of "invited" to go there, and there weren't that many people, so it was all good : D We all went out to dinner (me, Kat, Nezumi, the CEO, Sunghoon, his hot friend Yohan who fed me potatoes and whose voice is ridiculously/sexily deep, some staff members and so on and so forth) afterwards. Ahh! It was a really nice experience ^__^)/ apparently a few of the staff members thought we were celebrities from Denmark because we were there.. o__o lol and some Japanese women came over and gave me a camera. I thought they wanted me to take their photo, but they were just waving the camera at me to ask if I would be in a picture with them. Haha! So cute! So they all took turns to take pictures with me and Nezumi! I guess we looked cool that day : P Hoho!
We also went on our first trip outside of Seoul! We had these delicious waffles with Hee-Oog (a Korean friend that we met in Denmark) and he invited us to go meet his mother and have lunch at his place : D So cool!
We went to Cheonan! Yes, we did! Road trip was ON and it was super fun! : D We all decided that we're definitely taking the train when we go to Busan. Also, it appears that handsome guys like to go by train ; D Noted, indeed. Hoho!
We went to his mom's house! She prepared a lovely lunch for us (ddeokguk, nyamnyam!) and tons of side dishes! It was DEEEELISH and his mom loved to talk! Hehehehehee.
Hee-Oog then took us to this fancy museum-kind-of-place with super pretty buildings and shit. It was awesome.. and super fun! His Danish is yet to improve (열심히공부해야한다고!!!) but his small phrases are so fucking cute.. He ran around and kept putting his coffee cup in the most random places outside the buildings there (cause you weren't allowed to bring drinks inside) and as soon as we finished seeing the exhibition he'd run off for his coffee going "Kaffetid! Kaffetid!" (means "coffee time" in Danish) BAHAHAHA so cute..
Enough of that.. I also played a lot of HAYDAY! That game is fucking dope and look! I found myself as a horse in the game.. LOLOL the hair. The most epic part? The horse does hairflips. HAHAHAHA omg.
We went to the UNITED CUBE concert on Feb. 2nd! Our seats were great and all my biases (except Ilhoon T_T) came to our side of the stage and danced around and blew kisses! (HYUNA TOO OMG SHE'S SO PRETTY IRL AND SHE'S SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND AHHHHHH) Next time, Ilhoon, I will get youuuuu! :'C bish.
but omg Hyuna.. did I mention how lovely and pretty and cute and funny she is? AHHH. I can't even.. I die... -sobs forever- She got SOOOO skinny tho T_T SO skinny.. like.. please don't lose more weight, Hyuna! Your booty is all gone :C
Aaaaand then.. we went to our fav. café to hang out with our good friend : D Yay! I discretely censored his face tho.. please excuse that. LOL
and this is me being attractive on Nezumi's birthday (which I will post more about later!)

Lastly, a bit of sex for you guys.. because I kept you on the wait for a new entry for so long.

isn't he just perfect?

nom nom husband nom nom

Have a good one, guys!
I will be back with more details about Nezumi's birthday later on.