Wednesday, January 02, 2013

☆ ~ 2012 RECAP ~ ☆

My year 2012
in pictures and captions (that took me forever to edit -__-" lol)

I'm quite surprised by how many hits my birthday post got (and is still getting).. What is going on? Anyway, here's my 2012 in pics (and short captions) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! ^__^)/ ~ ♡
JANUARY x I spent a shit ton of time with JEONGIE during January. We did a lot of shopping, celebrated New Years together and yeah.. just hung out a lot in general. She also was the host of the party that we threw to welcome ARLENE to Denmark when she came to visit! ^__^)/

FEBRUARY x This month has no picture for the mere reasons that 1. February sucked for me and 2. I didn't blog at all.. My family had a very close friend taken away from us way too soon and she left this world in the most horrible way one could ever imagine. So yeah, let's leave it at that.

MARCH x Yay! I participated in the big demonstration in Copenhagen against ACTA. Fuckyeah, we did a good job! ACTA was cancelled and trashed shortly after. Hoho! Score! I also got my own apartment! :'D Looking at the pictures now I kinda miss it.. -sigh-

APRIL x I got my first LUSH order in the mail and loved pretty much everything! Except the foot mask.. The foot mask was made of evil and mint. Ouch! I got a lovely care package from Haku and I went home shortly during the month to visit family.

MAY x I got my fucking awesome DSLR this month and my food porn pics instantly got better! Haha! I also got my first Sigma Beauty order in, finally got my hands on some Makeup Forever products and cooked like a maniac! So much food porn nom nom nom!

JUNE x Uni ended and we flipping ROCKED the event at the National Museum. I worked hard to make a good impression (and a good presentation) and it paid off! I got an A+ and could finish uni that semester with a big smile on my face. I spent my last days in the capital by chilling with friends, eating and doing slumber parties at Dev's house. Good times! Oh, and I met Haku as well! Best month EVER imo!

JULY x I actually packed up my things in the end of June, but oh well. I moved my stuff to my parents' house and decided to spend my last month in Denmark with them. I helped out a bit around the house, went with my dad to Germany to shop a bit for Gold Cup 2012, cut my hair super short and spent some time with my parents' new puppy! You can barely see her on the pic, but she's actually laying down just in front of Agnes (the white/black one). Ahh~! Shirley's gotten super big already. -sigh-

AUGUST x August was crazy as heck! I spent a weekend with my entiiiire family at Lalandia in Billund to celebrate my grandma's birthday before leaving. I then packed my shit and left for Korea. It was a long-ass trip (18,5 hours on flight in total) and we were completely busted after that. I got sick within the first 2 days (damn air condition) of being there but oh well.. We did a bit of partying, met some awesome people after moving into the dorms, went to the SM.ARTS Exhibition at CO.EX (where we were interviewed 3 times and where we also saw Ryeowook and Eunhyuk from Super Junior, w00t) and went to see a bit of the PROLEAGUE 2012 games - T1 vs. ACE. Of course T1 won ; D 천찬씨 was an ultimate fanboy that day. Haha! Good times!

SEPTEMBER x I don't remember much else than the MCM event from this month.. oh and the concert! I was literally drunk for almost 3 weeks out of this month. It was crazy! I went with friends to see FT Island's show TAKE FTISLAND (it was epiccc!!), went to buy MCM bags and then also went to the MCM x Vogue Korea event the same month. Oh, again.. lots of partying! The pic is me and Caspin aka 내제일좋아하는뚱바보 ♡ ㅋㅋ

OCTOBER x In October we made the huge mistake of going to the fireworks festival. It was a beautiful show but the trip home was a BITCH as the nearest subway had been closed and police was surveilling  the other two. We had to walk along the highway to find a cab, constantly having to listen to stupid dudes in cars honking and yelling at us in broken English -__-" We luckily found a cab, but ugh.. Never again. Also.. the most amazing release of the year (of any year in kpop really) came out - BLOCK.B's BLOCKBUSTER. I'm still loving the album to bits. Will do a review/unboxing on my YOUTUBE channel for you guys! Just gotta clear my cold first.. T_T

NOVEMBER x Argh finals began this month. I spent a shit ton of time with my KLI class and especially Sejon and I went on some epic adventures. He went back to Australia already but oh well~ What else can you expect from a fackin' caaarnt? LOL. I also experimented a bit with my hair color and dyed some of it lilac (I did that in October too, but November's outcome was better imo).. I was also majorly sick during some of the finals. I'm sick now too.. again.. Jeez.

DECEMBER x Ahhhh such a crazy month! The holidays made me miss family and friends back home to DEATH and I've had a hard time handling being so far away. I'm dealing with it still, but oh well.. What can you do? I guess this is all part of growing up. Anyway, this month I went to A Walk With(out) the Stars (click HERE for vlog!), got my first tattoo (read about it HERE) that I fucking LOVE to pieces, turned 22 and celebrated with a great party with epic friends! :'D They even got me a cake! Ahh~! ♡ It was the best party ever! I later on celebrated a rather sad Christmas Eve with Kat and Nezumi. After that I ended up going to Hongdae and got fucked up (meaning: piss drunk lol). New Years was spent at Nezumi's dorm where we watched Harry Potter, had snacks and just generally had a great time! I also got to Skype with my parents that day.. I actually Skyped with them at 8AM on the 1st of January (time difference) and they were all piss drunk. LOLOL. Good times! I miss them a lot..

And yeah.. here we are! A lot of my friends left Korea (or are leaving soon) so our paths are separating us yet once again. I gained and lost a lot of friends here already - all part of growing up, huh? It's tough but you learn to live with it I guess. I'm excited to see what the next few months will bring, as our scholarship doesn't allow us to take winter classes. So for now (and until March) I can chill.. I'm hoping for a trip to Japan one of these days! I really wanna go! Maaaybe if I'm super lucky, my trip to Japan will crash with a the GazettE gig. Oh dang, that would be epic! ♡ Hoho!

Wish you all a wonderful 2013
Thank you so much for all the support during this past year.
I can't wait to share my life experiences with you guys in the new year as well.
Take care and stay strong


  1. Hellurr,.. Great post! Can I just say that u are just flipping adorable fyi? Is that weird? Anyway, I love ur hair also.

    Happy new year! May this year be epic as shit. Oh and I'm still waiting to hear who u met during the MCM thing. Was it GD?? I'm nosy... So sue me. Glad to have me u thru that MCM Key video... Ha! :)

    1. Helluuuuu sir! (I mean ma'am. kekek) HAHA lol thank you :'D Happy New Year to you too! How was your birthday?
      And I was introduced to Key, Hyunseung and Hyungjoon during the event. We were gonna talk to Jay too, but he was so busy :C /sigh. I still didn't get the photos.. Waiting for my guy to gimme the USB! Hoho! Anytime nowwww! GD wasn't at the event.. and if you're referring to the awesome dude that actually invited us to the event.. well, I cannot tell you. BUT I will tell you that he actually has fanclubs and girls quite like him! Haha! : P

  2. I'm glad I got to meet you as well, made my 2012! 2013 shall be grant, I shall await your return! Weeee~ Take care!! Loved this post<3

    1. YAY! You take care too! Hope your new years celebrations were epic! :'D Hope to see you again in CPH when I get back!

    2. IT WAS GLORIOUS! Never have I partied in a basement, lawl. Defiantly seeing you then!(ノ≧∇≦)ノ

    3. Haha lol. It's "definitely" you fool! And yay! PARTYYY ON!

  3. Happy new year!!!!!! Have a great year ahead yo! :)

  4. what a year for you!! Happy New year Line :)

  5. omg I love this post recaps me on all that I missed out on this year! See I didn't even know you're still in Korea *facepalms* hope the place is treating you well and happy new year!

    1. Haha you dork! : P It's okay tho! No hard feelings. I'm not going back to Denmark until June 2013.. Happy new year to you too!

  6. Wow, what a aggitated and nice year you had!
    That part of gaining and losing friends is kinda sad, but oh well, it always happens, everywhere and every time. One of those things almost impossible to control - but one of those things that will make us with more histories to tell and remember when we have 80 years...

    And I hope you can go to the Gazette gig! [oh god i'm so jealous XD]

    1. Yeah I think it's part of growing up : / it's sad but necessary to sort the good from the bad in your life. Haha YES THE GAZETTE OMG <3 I wanna take a weekend trip to Japan during February! : D Not sure where to live.. but it's gonna be awesome, if I get to go!
      And I just noticed that you followed me! : D Thank you!


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