Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video: Collective KPOP Haul (Korea)

Back with a second entry today, huh? Oopsies. Sorry about the lack of updates. Shortly after the last video I had midterms and my results.. were not enviable. /sobs. So I've been trying my best to work hard on school work and really up myself! According to my teachers, I'm doing a good job and I'm not as "afraid" of speaking anymore as I was before. Korean class is really difficult - mostly because, when learning a new language, the last thing you learn is to speak comfortably. /sigh. Oh well, I'm working on it still ^__^)/ Also got a presentation in my Politics and Society of North Korea class on Thursday! Crazy as I am, I volunteered to do it for some extra credit. I also have a response-paper due to Thursday. Busy busy and I don't have a printer. Motherf*****. LOL
Anyway, to the video! It was highly requested by a lot of you that I recorded a video of all the music that I bought in Korea so far (and maybe even did reviews). I'm not yet sure how to go about the review thing - I guess it depends on how many of you really want me to do them. -sigh- I don't know yet.. Hope you enjoy the video (and my weirdness, lol). Oh! And I did my hair again! Woot woot!

Hope you're all doing well : D Sorry for the sporadic posts. I'll try to do more videos! Also.. I have an event to attend on Saturday! Eeek! Watch the video to know what it's about (I get to walk epic stars like Infinite and SISTAR w000t!)


Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't buy animals from pet stores!

especially not puppies
The conditions that puppy mill dogs are bred and kept under are disgusting. I am beyond frustrated by how many people think that buying a puppy from a pet store is OK, simply because they justify it by saying that at least they "saved a puppy". That is BULLSHIT. You are supporting these puppy mills and even worse - you're trying to selfishly justify your actions by claiming that you're saving a life. You're not saving a life. You're supporting a cooporation that TAKES many lives. I don't understand how anyone - who claims to be a dog lover - can ever justify that. The industry for dog meat and dog "production" here in Korea is no better than what's portrayed in this video. I hope you watch the video and take into consideration what you do, every time you put money on the table at the pet store to pay for your puppy. Be a G and go adopt or buy from a good, trustworthy breeder. Sure, not all breeders are legit - but the ones that are, you will know right away. Don't get tempted by that cute little poodle at the pet store. Sure the puppy is cute, but the environment that it was bred in is not cute at all.