Friday, July 27, 2012

SUPER requested: VIDEO - My KPOP Collection

It's finally.. here! Yay! My KPOP Collection video! : D Hope you enjoy~!

Feel free to leave video requests in the comments on the video or here on the blog.

if you want more videos, that is.. lol

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VIDEO - My JROCK Collection (feat. Miyavi, Dir en Grey, the GazettE and more)

Hope you guys like the video T_T;
Sorry about the lighting and the loud music and my weird-looking face

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gold Cup in pictures and a VIDEO TEASER~!

Hey there, y'all!
I am back from Gold Cup, bringing you a shit ton of photos.. Or well, there are over 40 photos for you to see.. Does that qualify as a shit ton? I don't know, but here they are. ALSO, tonight I'm trying to record my jrock collection video. Teaser photo at the bottom of the entry - w000t. Now, enjoy le photos! 

Nezumi came by Thursday to say hello and pet le doggies : D

Timon was placed as best open male both Thursday and Saturday! ^__^)/ wee~!

My mom, Novali and J.O. at the Saturday-night party..


Shirley! ^__^)/

Shirley on the run : D

This guy is fucking beautiful! T__T; /sobs

Shirley again! She was placed 3rd best puppy at the Gold Cup final!

I got this as a present from the Italian breeder that I show for : D

Along with €250 this is what I got! My mom so jelly ^__~ Haha!

That's it for the photos : D hope you enjoyed!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 천찬씨! ^__^)/ ~ /throws confetti
He's turning 21 today! OoOoo so legal! Haha!



Thanks for reading/watching y'all!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

CIRCLE LENSES from Kiwiberry1 (and a llama)

Less than a month and I'm off to Korea w0000t~! /headbangs
I'm so excited I can't even... terrrherrrterrrherrrr
(haha that fucking llama) it's probably an alpaca

Speaking of llama, Amber now has TWITTER. SCORE~!

I also had new passport pictures taken.. and I, ladies and gentlemen, look like shit (like everybody else, I presume). However, what doesn't look like shit are my new sneakers - so sexual!
And I also got the shadows from LUVIEW that I won in NIC's giveaway! w000t!

Anyway, the point of this entry is:
I won DBLCHIN's giveaway a while ago and the prize was awesome! 1 pair of circle lenses, 1 box of lashes and a code for their website that'd give me 50% off my order on KIWIBERRY1-COLLECTION >: D epic or shut? Anyway, originally they sent out my prize quite early, but I waited for 4 weeks - nothing happened. So they sent out a new one.. However, little did we know, after 2 days of them shipping out the new prize pack - the first one arrived. Danngggg. I contacted them and asked if I should send the second one back, but they were super awesome and let me keep both! :'D Awesome!

Anyway, it took me quite a while to actually place my order. I'm broke as fuck due to my Korea-trip (insurance, tickets, holy fuckmehard so pricey!) so I was quite hesitant when it came to what to buy and all.. I ended up getting 4 pairs of lenses and one pack of lashes! Lenses were $10 a pair and the box of lashes was $3.50 with the 50% discount. They actually run these discounts quite often (they have 40% off atm!!), so you should check out their TWITTER from time to time - that'll keep y'all updated for sure! Let's look at what I got, shall we? The lashes will be shipped in a different shipment (dunno why tbh) but I'll post a pic to instagram when it gets here, yush? I got THIS KIND from their website in case you're curious. ^__^)/
What I got

GEO Twins (blue)
GEO Xtra Hearts (pink)
EOS J211 Cotton (grey)
EOS Ice 2-Tone (blue)

Here is a song that I like atm.. yes I know, WTF Jay Park? (omg I'm so scatter brained wtf) This song is just so damn catchy. I love him as an artist and as a "person" (if I can even say that) but not too keen on his music.. at  least not yet. I like this song tho.

Okay. That's it!
I'm sorry if this entry seems kinda rushed. I have a headache, forgot to eat all day and now I'm just bumming on my mattress watching Jang Geun Seok's ASIA TOUR documentary. noms!

Thanks for reading! ^__^)/
Today there are exactly 4 weeks till I leave for Korea! w00t!
And also I'd like to take the opportunity to offer my deepest condolences to ZHIZHI. Take all the time you need before you come back to Blogger (if you wish to do so..). Stay strong! We got your back on here, ok? Hang in there, girl!