Thursday, January 19, 2012

January hauling' and my week! (China Glaze, NYX, Shopping Holics etc.)

Long time no see~
For once I've actually been doing shit, not just been sitting around on my ass (well, there's been some of that too, but I swear.. I DID do stuff) to avoid the world. lol. And here I am.. back with a shit ton of photos to prove my recent adventures with friends and my master card. ^__^"
Christianshavn/Islands Brygge
As I told you in my previous entry, this next post would feature a very special guest - from the Netherlands! None other than Lene.. WOOH! She used to have the site (that most of you probably used to follow) and now she has a personal blog called MORNINGMOOD! ^__^ Go follow her fabulous self if you don't already! She and I went to check out Christianshavn (along with Christiania, where we were violated by this mean, mean guy :C - bsh, buttwad! Apparently politeness is dangerous to take for granted) I hope Lene had a nice trip anyway! She had me posin' on a  bunch of her tourist-pics *awkward*.. But it was so great to meet her! The night she came here (Saturday), JEONGIE and I threw her a little party and then took her out with our friends.
She brought me a bag of goodies! ♡
Jeongie, Chris & Simon ^ Maria & Dongryeong v
@Burger king after partying all night! JEONGIE put some pics on her blog too.
I personally had a great time! ^__^ maybe she'll put some of the pics on her blog.. if not.. then you can't see them, I guess. o__o lol. She put them on her personal FB tho, so if you're her friend there, then yay you! Hohoho~
Tuesday afternoon Lene and I met up for lunch. She was leaving for Holland that night, so we went to Riz Raz to enjoy their lunch buffet! It was... yummy! But strange.. and bright as we are, we totally missed all the silver containers on the other side of the buffet - so no hot dishes for us :C I totally missed the falafels and I was trippin' big time cause I love falafel. At least the girl behind the counter let me take one home. Haha! That day I also did some shopping for my girls here and there; Yinnie, Katie & Jay. Hohoh! I hope you guys will like what I got you! I still need to get stuff for Ashe as well D: ughh
Later that night my home dawgs, Jonathan (aka 천찬씨) and Annemette (aka Nezumi) came over for dinner! I made a.. quite interesting version of Jeongie's kimchi soup - not as spicy,  but with fresh ravioli and batter chicken! NOM! Quite yummy if I must say so myself.. ^__~

Wednesday I met up with Tanja (yes, my ex. lol). I still hadn't given her her keys to her apartment back (cause I'm a lazy, forgetful bum) so we met up for lunch and I bought some FLANNEL! Yayy!
You know me and my flannel. Hohoho ^__^" The green one from Carlings (349DKK) and the red one from the guys' department in Deres (199DKK).

omg this entry so long.. T_T sorryyy~
Now for box-haulin' though! First up - lenses!
A new pair of my faves! (cause the other ones broke T_T)
These were all ordered from along with two other pairs for Annemette. Weirdly enough though.. we got NO lens cases with our order at all :C So yeah, BOO YOU SHOPPINGHOLICS. I wrote them an email and they didn't reply either.. so eff' them. I also ordered those fancy eyedrops that everyone keeps raving about. I tried them once. They made no particular difference.. O_x

Nail polishes! All bought from eBay. I don't feel like paying 20 bucks for a nail polish here in Denmark, so I buy mine on eBay for like a fraction of the price. Scoreee~
China Glaze "Meteor Shower"
Essie "Aruba Blue"
China Glaze "Techno"
OPI "Alpine Snow"
China Glaze "Icicle"

I also bought some makeup.. I needed a new one of my Slide on Pencils from NYX, so I got that.. The lipgloss came for free with my order - Round Lipgloss in "Cappuccino" and the blush is their Mosaic Powder Blush in "Rosey".
I've wanted to try their mascaras for a while.. I tried the waterproof version of their popular Doll Eye mascara.. Not too impressed, sadly :C It did nothing for my lashes.. boo. I'd hoped that the waterproof formula would hold my curl, but the consistency of the mascara is just too wet. Bummer~ The other mascara is a Nilens Jord mascara. Quite excited to try that one out! The NYX one is in Extreme Black - the other is in Black.  ^__^

That's it! Excuse the length of this entry T__T
Hope I didn't bore you to death.. I'll try not to have such huge gaps between entries from now on.. School doesn't start again until Feb 1st, so I got some time left to spend with friends. Tomorrow's dinner night at my place btw! Will take pictures! : D
Until next time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out and about

okay excuse me
- and my ghetto entries lately. Webcam and iPhone pics ftw. lolz
Can I just take a second to vent about how damn troublesome it is to switch between Mac and Windows when you're editing for an entry on here? I don't have Photoshop on my Macbook and it's so damn annoying to have to switch back and forth to edit and upload and get codes.. ARGH. Damn you, Photoshop! Should you be feeling particularly generous.. feel free to send me a sexy box of Photoshop CS5, pl0x. Hohoho~

Anyway, I don't have much else but blabber for today.. I went out with JEONGIE, EMIRU and Chris (a dude from Korean class at uni) Saturday night. Jeongie, Emiwaaaa and I first went to this performance art show around Østerbro (whatever, it was a creepy-ass place ok) - and tbh? Jeongie and I thought it sucked monkey-balls. She and I got MAD headaches out of that one.. I know that art is questionable and relative, but gosh this was just terrible. Of course Emiru had his hipster hat on and was all "I actually thought it was pretty cool" - sure you did... sure.. ;) (rude smiley in yo' face, lolz). Anyway, after that the three of us headed to Living Room, which was PACKED. Ugh, so annoying. I got a drink for cheaps though (strawberry daiquiri) and it kinda sucked.. T_T Chris joined us and we went to Cosy, which was way too packed and this creepy-ass dude was staring at me - so we left real' quick ok.
Jeongie's cat Saturday night.. He sucks at posing ok.
Today Jeongie and I met up to eaaaaat. Food dates few! Nomnom! Mads (Jeongie's roomie) joined us later on and we went to look at some stores. Jeongie got a pair of SEXY-ass boots and Mads got a pair of sneaks. Nomnom! I just got some lens solution and stuff for ma hurr. lolz. I also found that shampoo (bottom of the pic) and decided to give it a go. The dude at the store was kinda creepy too. lol. What's going on with Copenhagen lately? Where are all these creepy-ass dudes coming from? D": /hides
So yeah.. since I got home around 6PM I've been chillin' in bed, took a nap, had dinner (^nomnom! veggie wok!) and now I'm about to watch the newest eps. of Mirai Nikki.. I'm telling you guys I've been waiting for this damn episode FOREVER. DAMN JAPANESE ANIME-PEOPLE! New Year is OVER! GET TO WORK ALREADY :C
These selca pics aren't even from today.. lol
Anyway, that's it.. nothing new nor interesting. Just me and my boring-ass life. Annemette got back from her parents' today, so we're going to uni to study a bit tomorrow and then dying hair this weekend. w00t. Party coming up with a SPESHULLL guest on Saturday! She's a blogger too! Can you guess who? Hurr hurr..

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hair toning fail :C

In the daily adventures of le Nani
- shit goes down. fo' shiz. lol (not really)
This entry is a hot mess  btw.. T_T excuse me.

My life the past week's time after coming home from my parents'.
Snacks and Kimi to Boku (Mirai Nikki is on a new year's break and I guess Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi is over already :C)
I finally managed to move my ass out of bed yesterday (and today) and actually take a shower. My blonde color had been getting a lil' weird lately, so why not tone it? Yay! I didn't read the instructions, cause I use another toner of the same brand  anyway, so I figured the guidelines were the same - not so much. I left it in for 30 minutes (my other one can be left in for 40 minutes without staining) which turned out to be.. ehh, too much.
Lol. See what I mean? Not cool. It doesn't look as bad as it could've, but I'm still a bit bummed :C at least the weird-ass color of the blonde is gone.. now it's just.. kinda lilac/grey-ish.
Oh, and I also cut my hurr.. hohoho.. You can see pics of it further below. It turned out way better than I'd expected. Except for the back.. or well, I wouldn't know.. Cause I can't see the back O_O"
In celebration of my shower, I actually used my new serum... I also tried out my new L'Oréal foundation and I LOVE IT - just like I loved the sample. My skin is a bit too dry for it lately, though, as my dry patches are being rather persistent. Anyway, of course all this effort called for a camwhore session. w00t. I also did my nails (pic above.. omg why is this entry such a mess?)
Purple hurrrr. lolz
On a random side note.. I've been getting over 300 hits a day the past 3-4 days O_ô what's up with that? Strange indeed. O_x"
Look at all that healthy shit! >: D
Also went grocery shopping this morning.. I stayed up all night, planning an all-nighter and all. But yeah, I fell sleep when I got back, woke up at 6PM and then again at 8:30PM. WOOOPSIES. lol. Doesn't matter, school doesn't start until February, so I'm all good. Going out for cocktails tomorrow with EMIRU and JEONGIE though. Hollaa~

OH BTW. Wanted to share this video! Think the song is super catchy.. and Auburn is a cutie, ok. xD yes, homo. I don't currrr, man! She's FINE.
Hope you're all well!
Until next time ^__^

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Shopping with Jeongie ☆

hi there, munchkins

My fugly face of the day. I've been having so many issues with my skin lately. ugh.
I went shopping with LE JEONGIE on the 2nd of January. I was originally just gonna get a few things for my skincare routine (you're gonna hate me for the coming pics.. I bought L'oréal products T_T;) and then my Macbook for future studies and notes and stuff. But as always I got more than that and poor Jeongie was dragged around town so that I could go nuts with my poor credit card :C Sorry Jeongie. *feeds Bornholm-toffees*
First we looked at a few stores - didn't buy much - I got some toner for my hair and then we went to eat at Sunset Boulevard. YUMMEH! I tried the tuna sandwich in the crispy bread and it was delish, indeed! Then we went out in the stores again and we both got more stuff.. I.. got a lot more stuff than poor Jeongie though. She'd waited for this shirt at Karen Millen to go on sale, and of course it was sold out when we got there :C at BOTH places. Damn. -sobs- Anyway, here's a look at the things I got!
First, after eating, we went to Stereo Studio. I got 2 seasons of House for Christmas/birthday and since January sales were ON, I figured I'd check out their NCIS dvds to see if they had one at a decent price that I didn't have - and they did! Yay! Season 7 in duh house, y'all! I'm a sucker for investigation-shows; Mentalist, BONES, NCIS, House MD (more medical, though, lol), NUMB3RS etc. Also pictured here is the toner I bought. I usually get the toner from Black no. 1 in those hair-dye bottles that you always get. But they were sold out.. So I had to pay the SAME price for tiny containers that were only like HALF the size. wtf? -__-" Hate when that happens. Just my luck..
VEST: $52.50
Secondly we went to... hmm, I'm not sure. Either way, it doesn't matter. I got a few shirts, along with the most fabulous vest EVER. I could pimp it out with studs and spikes on the hood,  but I'll have to contemplate a bit more on that. It was a bit too pricey to just fuck it up now, if I fail (which I most likely will).. Then I also got that gorgeous blue flannel shirt. I tried them on together and it was a match made in heaven. Whoo~ ☆
I also got this simple oversized crop-top at Gina Tricot. I absolutely HATE New Yorker now (cause they compromised their epic quality and now only sells SHIT clothing T_T ) and I never really liked H&M for anything but their oversized v-necks for like 7 bucks or something. Gina Tricot is a bit better, I'd say.. but generally I'm not a big fan of discount clothing like this. The quality usually sucks. You get what you pay for - which usually isn't much. I saw the most epic red biker jacket on ZHIZHI's blog, but I thought it was a shiny leather-like material. It's not. It's a strange, soft combination of cotton/polyester/elastic-like material. Also the sleeves were WAY too short. My under arms are usually too long for jackets like this, so I always have to compromise the nice body fit to get a size that fits my long-ass arms in there. OMG THE RAMBLING. /le shuts up.
I know, I know. This is what you're all gonna hate me for. L'oréal products. I'm a huge pet-friend and I love my bunny, Saya, to death. I was always mad against animal testing and I can't really come up with a reason to justify my lack of morals atm. Maybe I'm just being a desperate bitch about my skin lately. I don't know. I was gonna try the Lancome Genifique serum, but for 710 DKK I'd rather try a cheaper alternative first. Both Lancome and L'oréal are known for animal testing (just like Rimmel, Maybelline, Shu Uemura, Shiseido etc.) so I didn't feel as bad about purchasing the L'oréal alternative instead of "donating" 710DKK to Lancome. I personally hate Lancome. Don't ask me why.. I just do.. But yeah, I'm sorry and you're gonna hate me. T_T; I feel bad.. but.. ugh. I don't know. I'm just a skanky hoe, ok.
Other than the L'oréal youth serum, I got a night cream (which along with my anti-blemish mask yesterday did freaking WONDERS), the L'oréal Matte Morphose foundation (had a sample and I loved it), big cotton pads and a face scrub from Garnier. Ugh, I deserve to be crucified, don't I? :"C I hope that Saya will still love me.. -sob-

I got my MacBook! YAY! 13" LED screen, 500 gig hard drive, 2.4ghz, just.. pure love ♡ But wait.. what is that...? No, your eyes did not deceive you. My spine is made of Jell-O, jellyfish, soft tofu. I'm weak and easily tempted.. I have will-power like Sakura from Naruto has brain capacity. To put it short(er); I bought an iPhone 4S! WOOOHOOO! (but it's not my fault.. Klaus made me do it (he's the salesman I bought it from at the store and he was awesome >: D)) I originally wanted to wait for the white one, but to be quite honest, I was just hoping that he had ANY 16 gig iPhone S at the store when I dragged Jeongie in there (omg so sorry for taking so long! T_T at least it was a bit fun, yeah?).. Yeah, it didn't take Klaus much effort to talk me into getting it. It was only a bit more expensive than I'd thought, cause the offer I found online was only throughout December.. so yeah, fuckme. lol. ANYWAY; I haz it now.. and I love it! Got any apps to suggest to me? : D
I've been looking at a few cases other than the red one that Klaus gave me 50% off. Haha! He's a dork. Like me.. it was good times. I gave the store a good review - just for him. Hoho~

^ super sexy ok.

^ sexy-ass ghost. hoho

I like manga/anime style cases, so if you have any suggestions to cases, apps, fun games or photo editing stuff? Leave your recommendations below, yes?

Please welcome me nicely into your Apple-family ok.
Oh! And Jeongie and Emiru cooked Lasagnette for dinner :'D Nomnom!
And Jeongie bought ice cream as well. Yummyyyy~

Like my url btw? (it means piggy face.. Hurr hurr hurr, me so funneh)
Haha, that's it guys! Laterrrz

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 - New year, new life... or?

Happy New Year, everyone!
This is my first entry typed on my brand new MacBook. See? I got it. Hohoho. Along with tons of other stuff yesterday (Jeongie and I went shopping, w00t), but that's for another entry. Hope you entered the year of 2012 happily. I surely did, celebrating with some great friends, drinks, food and snacks. I had a great time at Jeongie's house, partying with JEONGIEEMIRU, Dai, Camilla, Mads, Simon, Jacqueline, Jacki and Maria and I wanna thank you all for a great night + thank Jeongie and Mads for letting me stay for a few days as well : D Hope I wasn't too big of a hassle. hohoho~
Do you guys have any new year's resolutions? I want to really study hard and focus a lot on school. I'm going to Korea in August (as most of you know) and I really want to make my parents (and myself for that matter) really proud. So yeah, study study study! What are yours?
Anyway, here I am.. simply to share some pictures before ordering pizza (again.. ugh, I eat too much takeout, lol). 

4AM pizza. Hahaha, we waited like 2.5 hours for this shit.

My nails for the night. ^__^ Got it from my girl, KATIE.

Have a great night, guys!
OH.. and I made a twitter account for my phone.
(even though I said I never would. lol)