Sunday, December 09, 2012

My personal WISHLIST for 2012

Hello lovelies~!
How is everybody doing?
Can you all withstand the cold? ^ㅅ^)/

We're having about -13*C in Seoul City these days. w00t. It's getting cold as shit here and I have no jacket yet. Oh snap! Gotta get me a winter jacket/coat soon. Korea isn't being very nice to my borderline-cold hands either. My hands always get suuuper cold even if it's really not that cold outside.. my blood flows very slowly, which causes me to easily get dizzy and it causes my hands/fingers to be forever cold. /sigh. This is all a great opportunity for the cold to eat away at my poor fingers :C boo!

Anyway, let's get to the point of this post! WISHLIST 2012! I wasn't really sure what to wish for this year, as I don't really feel that I possess the right to ask for anything. My parents have been amazing with their moral (and financial) support this year and I honestly couldn't have survived my first 4 months in Korea without them. /sobs. I'm honestly about to get really excited to go back home.. I guess our honeymoon days are over, Korea. *wipes tear* It's okay though, I'll stick around for a while still, but I AM excited to go home though. I cashed out big time on Christmas presents this year - I'm practically broke but I want to make sure that people realize how much I appreciate them. I still need to get stuff for Nezumi and Kat! And I'm not yet sure what else to get my dad. He wants something that's "particularly from Korea" and yeah.. how do you go about that without giving him a guide book? -sigh- I don't even know. I'll have to look more into that. Also I need to find something epic and Korean for Lisbeth (the lovely lady whom I lived with last year when I first came to Copenhagen). I owe her my LIFE and I wanna get her something super nice. For her birthday this year I got her this super gorgeous DIOR makeup palette and she loved it! : D We'll see what I come up with for Christmas.. -wonders-

Oh lord, all this rambling. Excuse me. I have an exam left (dec. 20th) and tomorrow I'm going in for a little chat with TATTOO KOREA. Oh yeahh~! I'm also currently awaiting THIS silver shampoo that I ordered and some more bleach for le 머리 (hair). Hoho! Also, I'm working on a FAVORITES OF 2012 video! : D Are you excited? Sadly I got a lot of Korean stuff for it.. hopefully I'll be able to do some sort of giveaway, though. You guys HAVE to try some of the stuff here! It's amazing! Maggie, SHIKI and KATIE can easily look forward to a little somethin' somethin' ; D hoho! However, the rest of you will have to wait!
1. [AVAILABLE HERE] MCM Medium Shoulder Bag (Vintage Vitosis) beige
2. [AVAILABLE HERE] Miyavi SAMURAI SESSIONS Vol. 1 (limited edition first press)
3. Nike Free Run trainers
4. Peugeot 206, Diesel (ain't it cute?)
5. [AVAILABLE HERE] ILLAMASQUA lipstick in "obey"
6. NARS blush in "deep throat"
7. [AVAILABLE HERE] ILLAMASQUA neutral palette
8. Urban Decay NAKED2 palette
9. DAVIDOFF Cool Water perfume
10. [AVAILABLE HERE] Sigma Essential Kit
11. [AVAILABLE HERE] Sigma Synthetic Essential Kit

Other things that would be great to get are of course cash (as I got a lot of things coming up next year that need financing, hoho), salty Danish liquorice (we're talking salty stars (THESE, top left), those big salty faces from the kiosk (y'all know which ones I mean) and my beloved pretzels (THESE - not the ones with the sugar on them)), Pepsi Max (I'm not kidding you.), a 16gig memory card for my camera (Canon t3i Rebel) and a cute little two-bedroom+1 livingroom apartment near the capital where I can live with Nezumi and my future dog! ^__^)/

What's on your wishlists, guys? Let me know!
And yay for December! It's my birthday soon! : D WEEYYY!


  1. Wow I never imagine Seoul could be this cold already! When Japan (not very far) still have about 10°C (or maybe it's an European's point of view)
    You probably haven't seen these 4 months passing by. Hope you'll enjoy your last moments to the max! :D
    As for me, I don't usually celebrate Christmas but I hope I'll safely get to Japn to study next year :)

    1. Yeah me neither! Apparently it's their coldest winter in 20 years! :C it sucksss. I hope you get to Japan safely too. Good luck!

  2. I have never thought it would get that cold in Korea, really o__o
    And yay for silver shampoo and hair-bleach! Hope you make reviews.
    Have btw the same trouble with my hands...they're always cold ;_;

    1. Neither did I!
      Bro, I ordered the shampoo on the 30th, it shipped on the 1st and it hasn't gotten here yet! :C I'm impatient! -sobs- At least I have to wait until the day after tomorrow with taking a shower anyway.. can't soak my arm yet. /shrug.

  3. Ummm, yeah! I'd love that MCM bag, too!!

  4. Syntes det er nogle gode gaveønsker du har :D Måske man lige skulle tilføje nogle af tingene til ens egen ønskeliste ^^"

    Hvornår kommer ud hjem igen? :D


    1. Hehe yeah baby! Jeg overvejer helt klart at tjekke en tysk MCM butik ud når jeg engang kommer hjem. OH og jeg kommer tilbage i midten/slutningen af juni næste år. /sobs. Laaaang tid til :C

  5. such a nice wish list *_* your blog is very good and interesting <3 im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  6. That's a wonderful wishlist! It's good to aspire for nice things, it motivates us to work hard haha~

    Awww that is such a bummer! I never would have thought that you'd miss Denmark so much! When are you going back hunnie? Or is it due to the holiday season? Not getting to spend it with your loved ones must be taking a toll on you =[

    1. Aw thank you! :) yes I definitely agree! I never thought I'd miss Denmark this much.. at least not this sudden. I blame the holiday season, tbh. I'm going back in June 2013. -sigh-

  7. GAAAWD, for some reasons I NEVER see you on my feed but once again I see you updating and me finding out waaaay too late. :( You're living in Korea now and almost going back, whaat?! I think I need to do some serious backreading.. n_n;

    Either way, happy holidays and hopefully you'll get your wishlist completely (with cash and Pepsi and all hahaha). :D

    1. ..Totally forgot to mention who I am >>;

      ★ Cookiie

    2. Haha your username kinda lets me know, hun ; D Good to have you back! I haven't seen updates from your blog in forever either! D': I think Blogger fucked up the news feed with the new layout they did for the dashboards.
      Happy holidays to you too, love! : D

  8. You're wishlist is awesome, especially no. 2 ^_^


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