Saturday, December 22, 2012


If you've followed me for a while (or just read my info page lol), you'd know that my birthday was yesterday. ^__^)/ yay! I turned 22. I gathered a few pics from the night. Thanks to those of you who wrote me on TWITTER and Facebook! I appreciate it loads! 
We went to CHICKEN BUS (치킨버스) for 치맥 (치킨+맥주 = chicken and beer) and it was fucking delicious. 냠냠~! My lovely friends got me a cake! It was super cute even though it was Christmas themed. Haha! Banana and chocolate! Noms!
We had a shit ton of drinks and I ended up back at my "other home" ESCAPE eventually. Before heading home Winston and I decided it was time for MORE CHICKEN. lol. Then we met some Japanese people (the girl in the pic with me is actually a girl that went to KLI this past semester too - level 2 as well! So cool! Nice to meet you, Marina!) and excuse my fucked up face.. Winston kept throwing drinks at me so I was rather drunk here still. lol
I got money from my grand parents, baby brother, big brother + girlfriend and my parents. Rim gave me a tiny Burberry perfume, Kat & Nezumi gave me a MAC blush (Peaches), Julie gave me a Toblerone and my room mate, Helena, gave me 3 TONYMOLY eye shadows and a nail polish ^__^)/ my parents also gave me deodorants (as they're expensive as shit here) and a coloring book! Hoho~! I like coloring books ok.. they're relaxing to color in and they're just nice ok x__x I got myself the new BLOCK.B 2013 calendar! Hohoho! So nice! I didn't unbox it yet.. I wanna preserve its.. perfection. Haha!
A while ago I received a big-ass box from my parents containing lots of birthday+Christmas presents, advent presents and some yummy treats! This is some of my favorite candy! Noms noms! Most if it is gone already T_T /sobs. So good~!

Random shots from the past week.. bombom~!
Selca-time. I had a rough couple of nights this week being unable to sleep. T_T boo~

This is my boyfriend. He has white hair like me.. and he's from Greenland..




so cute aye? haha!
MY first cup of hot chocolate this year! SO GOOD and SO WORTH all the pain. Ugh!
We saw GD in Myeongdong (I went there with Nezumi for the last couple of things for Christmas) and he was (still) endorsing BSX. Nyamnyam! Not bad at all.. Haha!

Thanks for reading!
Merry Christmas everyone! : D
I hope all the items on your wishlist end up under the tree for you!

^__^)/ ~ ♡

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I finally received the package from my parents today (as the front desk failed to inform me that it actually arrived along with another package yesterday... fail fail fail as always!) and I'm beyond ecstatic! Yeah maaaaan! I can't open it until sometime tomorrow, though, depending on when my roomie decides to head out so I can record it (as part of an up-coming vlog) in peace. lol. So cute of my dad to mention, that I should make a video of me opening the box so people at home could see too. ♡
extra extra this girl got inked!
Anyway, I wanted to show you guys my tattoo! I got inked monday afternoon (do you guys remember me mentioning going in for a consult?) and I love it! I'm generally a sucker for text/symbol and number tattoos (dates, etc) and I love the colors, font etc. of my new tat so much. I know it's not gonna be everyone's taste, as people have different taste in tattoos as they do piercings, if they even like either of them. However; keep your negative opinion to yourself, as I'm not interested in hearing it at all. Of course if there was a typo, I'd understand your need to tell me (I'm a grammar nazi too) but since everything is spelled correct, I don't need your correction on anything. I'm also aware that a lot of people have not been exposed to a lot of italic fonts throughout their lives and therefore have trouble reading what my tattoo says. lol. I shall put "subtitles" ok, just so you don't get all cross-eyed and confused.
Also for those of you having trouble reading it, it says:
"your conscience is dirtier than money"
in black and red ink.

The meaning is rather personal to me and really hard to explain, so I won't really go into details too much, however I will give you the main deal: Generally many people are blaming money for everything bad, when in reality they, themselves, would most likely be willing to do anything to get money. So by their "conscience" being dirty, I'm simply saying that human greed is causing a lot of people to act irrationally, even though they're trying to point their fingers. It is also a "misheard" lyric by the GazettE (from the song "HYENA" (< I made it a link so you can go see what part of the song I could be talking about~ Hoho!)) that I've grown really fond of over the past 4,5 years. Haha! Oh Ruki.. you and your Engrish ♡

I got it done in Seoul at TATTOO KOREA. Definitely a place I'd recommend. Don't go to any cheap-ass Korean tattoo place. Many of them aren't legal/authorized to even do tattoos at all and I honestly wouldn't bet my limbs on it, if I were you. I was suggested to go to Hongdae for this one, but I looked it up online and found TATTOO KOREA that way. I wrote them an email about what I wanted, the owner replied and told me to come in for a consult to work on what I wanted. He's a bad-ass dude (who speaks English fluently, w00t) and he and his crew are epic as shit ok. They take their work very seriously and they're super good at what they do. I trust them 100% especially after mine turned out better than I'd expected. TATTOO KOREA even had a guy come in with THIS SITUATION going on (taken from Tattoo Korea's own FACEBOOK PAGE) after he got his tat done in Hongdae. As one of the guys commenting said: "Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good." It's that simple. Don't compromise safety, guys. I'm definitely going back to TATTOO KOREA after this one has healed to get my next one.

Btw, did y'all see JEONGIE'S POST on her new super sexual sternum piercing? Hot damn, girl. She has a tattoo as well (okay okay I'm slow, but I wanted to make sure I got exactly what I wanted mhm.) hohoho! I'm one of the cool kids now! : P Admitted... I might go back again in January /snort. I'm sorry, but even while the guy was doing my tattoo, I was already thinking of what I wanted next. Haha! Crazy. The buzzing of that tattoo-thing is nice, alright.

Also I added a new layout! : D Do you like it? It's featuring JEONGIE!! I mean.. Hyuna. HAHA sorry but I seriously think they look so much alike!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

VLOG + pictures! A Walk With(out) the Stars 2012

hey there
I'm back! KLI finals are FINALLY over and I miraculously made it to level 3. How did that even happen? LOL I suck so hard at 듣기 (listening) but I passed this time and apparently my teacher felt that I could handle level 3. MUCH studying for me this winter - 퓨~! Thank god I got 3 months (approx.) until next term. I wanted to study this winter too, but due to our scholarship and partner agreement between University of Copenhagen and Yonsei University, we're not allowed to take classes during winter semester. So boo-hoo T_T

I put together a vlog of what's been going on lately. I didn't film too much - most of it is from A Walk With the Stars and me showing you guys some shit I bought from TONYMOLY yesterday. :C I will do my best to film more when I go out and about. Hope you like it!

Also, I FINALLY bring some photos from the "A Walk With the Stars"-event which turned out more like a Walk WITHOUT the Stars, lol. It was so chaotic and unorganized. 80% of people took the wrong turn at a crossroad (they were following the idols who weren't told where to go) so the entire event was just fail. We were all given seats during the concert, but people either stood up on their chairs to see or ran up to the stage (which is super rude either way). At least I had fun with my two lovely ladies: Kat and Nezumi who both came with me : D SISTAR, Nine Muses, ZE:A, Infinite and that tiny guy from PSY's Gangnam Style music video came to perform. Nine Muses and ZE:A were supposed to walk with us, but security was HORRIBLE and especially ZE:A were almost CRUSHED by crazy fangirls trying to get to them T_T poor guys! I hope the arrangers of this event learned from it.. the security for the idols (and fans) was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE and people ran out of their seats to go to the stage while the host did nothing to maintain order. Fail -__-"

Excuse the photos if they're either not working or taking forever to load, I had to upload them to Tinypic cause flickr won't deal with PNG files :C boo! Hope you liked it all anyway!

STAY SAFE (and be careful of the cold/flu)
I was super sick all last week and have been suffering from a stupid-ass stomach flu this weekend that makes me wanna throw up everytime I eat -__-" Oh well~! My exams are somewhat over (only got my exam in Politics and Society of North Korea left on dec. 20th) and since I got no re-exams to take, I'm pretty much free to do whatever until beginning of March. lol. Partying, much? Hoho! My parents also sent a package out to me this past Saturday! Hopefully it'll get here fast! : D It'll contain Christmas and birthday presents AND some random goodies so my Christmas won't suck too hard. If you follow me on Instagram (heygodareyouready) you probably already saw my and the girls' Christmas tree! hoho! So tiny but very cute! : D