Sunday, October 07, 2012

Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2012 ^__^)/~

Oh hi there,
Do you like the new layout? Keke

It's featuring the perfect creation that is Kris from EXO-M.
Ahh, isn't he just wonderful? /wipes tear/

Ahem~! Anyway...
I made my way back safely from the fireworks festival held in Seoul last night. Ugh, there were so many people. 150,000 at the very least! It felt as if the entire population of Seoul was gathered at the Han Park. My god, it was horrible getting there and even worse trying to get back. We left the park around 10PM and didn't arrive in Shinchon until around 1AM. We walked around near the highway, were yelled at by idiot Korean guys who felt the need to scream "Wow! Where are you going?", "OH YEAHH" and "HELLOOOOO" at us from their cars -__-" Are you fucking me... So annoying. Anyway, around 11:30 we finally found a cab and after about 1.5 hours in horrible traffic we made it home to Shinchon. /sigh. It was a NIGHTMARE. Traffic was insane as hell. Anyway, I managed to snap a few photos. Sadly the first fireworks photo is the only one in good quality (they're all taken with my iPhone).. Don't ask me why the rest of them suck :C I really don't know. They looked fine on my phone but then like shit when transferred. /sobs. Oh well~~
Supposedly there was a "Kpop Concert" at 5:30PM. Yeah, not much kpop about that.. Some shitty group named Super Kid(?) and then lots of old people singing sad songs.. don't know what that was about. Kat said that when she was there back in 2010 there were MissA and all sorts of epic groups. But yeah.. the concert this year was SHIT. Utter SHIT.
We left before the 4th group came on. it was too bad to bear.. Either way we wasted over an hour waiting for the show to start. Waste of time indeed.

Instead we went for food! I got a bowl of 참치김치지깨(tuna and kimchi soup) and 치킨돈가스 (breaded chicken filet). The lady first gave me fish O_O" wtf. So I was like "Excuse me, this is not chicken.." she apologized, came back with TWO filets for me and we got a coke for free! SCORE. We made it back in time for the fireworks! Ahh so pretty~!

Only good quality was the first pic T_T Ahh the fireworks were all so pretty tho! I'm scared of fireworks, but they were super far away, so I was okay ^__^" keke.

Also, here's sushi! Noms! 
I went with Winston to Stephen's parents' sushi restaurant. Ahh~! His parents are so lovely. And his mom called me pretty... T_T; Thanks, but not really. -__-" I was so sick Thursday/Friday and didn't even make it to class on Friday. I've been feeling utterly shitty (as you do, when you're sick lol) but I'm somewhat better today. My lungs just hurt. /sigh. fml.
To brighter news!

Oh yes, Block B is coming back! Their new teaser ^ (up there) is fucking epic and I can't wait to rock  out at the clubs to this song! ooOOoo hopefully it's as party-like as it sounds : D Can't wait!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Did any of you attend PSY's concert? There were over 80,000 people there! Woah so crazy!
Don't catch a cold, ok?
감기조심하세용~! ㅋㅋ
Much love ^3^)/