Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rainy seasons are.. frustrating (and wet, lol (that's what she said))

Hello everyone,
I'm back with another entry, this time written in the basement/hangout-area of our hostel. It is POURING down atm., so our plans of going to the SM.ART's exhibition are put on hold for now.. So far we "only" missed seeing Taemin (SHINee), EXO-M & EXO-K and Amber from f(x). Fuck my life so hard right now.. LOL. We're going tomorrow tho, since we have to go to KLI anyway to fix some paperwork for KLI classes. So we'll see how the weather behaves tomorrow (please stay dry!). It's monsoon season in Korea atm, so when it rains.. it really fucking rains. Thunder and lightning usually join the party as well. /sigh. Damn weather.. At least it aint as unbearably hot today as usual. It's humid - sure, but not as suffocatingly hot. I also, speaking of hot, got my hands on Korean cold medicine - MY GOD DOES IT WORK WONDERS. I feel a LOT better, I don't have a fever anymore and I don't feel as generally shitty as I've been feeling for the past 3 days. Yay! Ironically tho.. Kat and Nezumi are feeling quite sick now. Haha! Glad it ain't me, mofo! Or well, I'm not 100% well, but now I just need to keep taking the medicine and then pamper my stuffy nose. That should fix it : D Weee!

Anyway, you all (and I mean ALL.. never have I had as many hits on ONE specific post as I did my last one, wth you guys.. such Kpop-obsessed fangirls you are!) probably came her to see photos of sexy stuff. Can I just say though.. hot Korean guys - sure, there are some. But they're as easy to come by as hot guys in my own town.. Or well, there are NONE in my own town and quite a few here.. But still, you get the drift. Not ALL Korean guys are hot. Just bursting the bubble for you.. so don't come here expecting to find SHINee-oppas all over the place. (LOL. If you can call all of SHINee oppa, you're too young to come here for that anyway..) 

I found more of Jang Geun Seok for my Finding JGS project-thing! : D Oh, and as I was editing the pics for this.. the entire basement area got pretty much flooded.. DAMN YOU RAIN :C
Anyhoozle! Photos! : D 
I'm not sure if these photos even count as it's the same company.. but oh well~
Okay.. from now on JGS on albums/stickers don't count -__-" only ads ok. ONLY ads. /slaps self/

On Monday we went to Myeongdong, which is a super popular shopping area in Seoul. I gotta say that there were a shit ton of Japanese people. O_O" We went to Yonsei Global Lounge first (to fix some paperwork that apparently fucked up.. but maybe didn't fuck up afterall. lol. We don't know) and we met the lovely Rim there. She spoke super good English and talked to us for a while. She figured that, since my hair is (apparently) epic, I should totally join a band. LOL. She also had trouble pronouncing "Line" so she decided to just call me Jang Geun Seok from now on BAHAHAHAH so epic! I love you, Rim! I really do :"D Anyway, she hung out with us for a while as she awaited answer from KLI and then we all agreed to go for kalbi next week. YES, LET'S GO! Rim is fucking awesome ok. She studies business and media law or something (all sorts of laws within business and media - like copyright etc.) and as said; her English = epic. Anyway, after Global Lounge we went to Myeongdong to do some shopping and to look for JGS, of course ^__^)/ wahaha!

Before actually shopping, we needed food. I hadn't eaten dinner the night before and my fever was killing me. SO FOOD TIME. Kat and I shared the food on the pic above - dalkkalbi (chicken ribs). SO GOOD. Spicy, but good. And we were STUFFED afterwards. Noms!
SHOPPING TIME! I spotted an Evisu, and from what I could recall BIGBANG used to endorse them.. lol, my memory sucks. Sadly 2pm apparently endorse them now.. but whatevs. What I remembered as BIGBANG was actually DBSK. LOL. So I like to think of it as me helping out the old DBSK and not 2pm. >__> /coughs/.
B2st ad! WOOOT! Dunno who the other guy is tho.. Jim Rickey 누구?
Music! yes, can't go to Myeongdong without buying music, now can we? Nope nope nope! Off we went to 2 music stores.. and ugh I got a free Jay Park poster! OH YEAHHH~! And Block B AND JANG GEUN SEOK NOMS NOMS! ^__^)/ ~ I tagged both Jay Park and JGS on twitter :C but they didn't retweet me supporting their asses. BSH.
After Myeongdong we went to Dunkin' Donuts! I was sick as fuck and felt utterly horrible tbh. This was all Monday and I didn't get my meds (lol, addict) until yesterday. /sobs. I was looking and feeling extremely horrible, I was tired, exhausted and super thirsty. I went for a drink that I thought was gonna be sweet and yums.. but no, it was bitter and disgusting as hell so I was even more discouraged than before. however, the cappuccino-sugar-coated-donut-thing (you can't really see it for Kat's orange drink) was DELICIOUS. NOMS.
Moving on to yesterday, we simply strolled around Shinchon, bought a few things and hung out. I love this area. It's super chill and people are so nice. The ahjumma (older lady) at our local market thought I said "annyeonghikaseyo" (안녕히가세요 - please go well (said by the person staying)) when I left the store. So she corrected me.. which would've been great if it wasn't for the fact that I DID say "annyeonghikyeseyo" ('안녕히계세요' said by the person leaving)... The problem is that because of my cold, I sound so incredibly nasal that you can't even tell what I'm saying anymore. LOL. Poor me and poor ahjumma. :C /sobs. Having a cold totally sucks.
I bought some Nature Republic goods to support JGS : D Haha lol. I'm not even kidding. I will probably spend up to 50% of my money each month at this place. The stuff there looks so nice.. and JGS endorses it.. so yeah :C The shampoo is from Watson's btw. And you get so many free samples and goods from NR when you purchase there... sadly.. no JGS cardboard figure for me. -__-" haters. bsh.
Oh, and here is my dinner from last night. The tuna sandwich-thing in the front was disgusting. Ew.. but I had to eat something with my medication, so yeah.. ugh.. it was gross tho.. not doing that again T_T;
and lastly.. CUTE SOCKS
I got the penguin ones for mylady and the other ones for myself. HOHO!
Also, I really haven't been drinking too much soda here. Their equivalent to Pepsi Max (Pepsi Nex) is disgusting and I hate Cola Zero so much.. So yeah.. I mostly drink water and vitamin water. Btw, you can actually get shampoo and shower gel by the vitamin water brand here O_O quite strange really. The Koreans sure love their vitamin water goods. LOLZ.

Anyway, that's it!
Hope you're all well! Don't be a fool and catch a cold like me :C
And don't go out in the streets in the pouring rain wearing flipflops.
... cause you will trip and fall! LOL.

Until next time!
Maybe I get some epic photos from SM.ARTS tomorrow! WOOH!
We'll see!


  1. Lol I love all the photos of JGS, there is so many O__O
    If only there were billboards and posters of korean actors/kpop groups here in America T-T

    &I am glad you feel better from your sickness >< good to know the Korean medicine is so good.

    It sounds like you are having lots of fun :D minus the rain, but even then it's still pretty awesome :D

    How is the humidity? Since we both like the cold I wanted to ask you, is it bearable or definitely something you need to get used to?

    1. HE IS GLORIOUS OK. <3 And actually you guys do have billboards of kpop idols in New York.. or well, you used to back during the SMTOWN show : P
      Thank you! : D Yes, I feel much better.. still stuffy and my lungs hurt. But it's much better! No more fever!
      THE HUMIDITY IS HORRIBLE T_T omg. /dies. You definitely need to get used to it. It's unbearable and it makes you wanna kill yourself.

    2. NY is on the other side of the country T-T

      And yay! :D glad to hear that, hopefully the stuffiness and the pain in your lungs will go away soon.

      OMG are you serious? D: I feel like crying now lol seriously though, ughhhhhhh T-T

    3. Haha aww I'm sorry! :C <3
      Yeah I hope so too! : D but usually I take up to 3 months to recover (at least with my lungs) cause of allergies and bronchitis. /sigh.
      Hahaha nooo don't cry! /hugs tight/ You can make it : D I'm slowly getting used to it really.. it just takes a while. I'm from the cold north.. so this climate surely takes a while to get used to.

  2. I'm glad you finally got some meds to make you better!! >< Didn't want you to be sick in Korea, it's suppose to be an amazing experience D: Hahaha, so much stuffs <3 It's exciting seeing how much Jang Geun Seok stuff you're hauling :3 A true fan haha

    1. Yeah it definitely helped a lot! ^__^)/ I feel much better! KOREA IS AMAZING OK. Everyone who says differently is a skanky hoe who doesn't know better >: D NOMS JGS <3 He's amazing ok.

  3. Korean medicine to the rescue! God I'm glad you're getting better! Hate Rainy seasons too, fucked up my hair so much in Thailand I would secretly would have like those MINIATURE straightening irons with me in my bag so if my bangs would go really CRAZY I would go to the toilet and get them killed U:<< And then the flooding in Thailand came /sigh. So when I went to Malaysia in Dec, rainy season stopped in Thailand but, then it was Monsoon season in Malay just then! Ahahaha, bad luck, but "winter" in Thailand is really nice C: SO JANG GEUN SEOK YOU LOOK A BIT WHITE NOW. Omg, lol it's the most epic nickname I've heard EVARRRRRRR

    So many kpop-fans you have, soon they'll recognize you on the streets and yell 'Oppa! Oppa!' and ask for pictures because you're so hardcore like that<3 "SIGN-JUSEYO" HAHA

    1. HAhaa omg your luck in Thailand was horrible XD poor baby! I remember you talking about the damn monsoon seasons fucking up your prettuh hair! I like your wavy/curly hair tho! So cute >: D
      YES OMG I think my own whitening skincare line went a bit too literal on its procedures : P LOL. Just kidddiiiiing. But it's a huge compliment >: D THAT GUY (and Krease) IS PERFECT!

    2. You should totally get sponsorship on haircolor and model that hair of yours >:D haha seems like it wasn't that long ago, I miss Asia bby D: going to visit as soon as our schedules allow it !!

    3. HAHAHAHAHA omg that would be so epic!!! : P I got complimented TWICE today.. once by a guy and once by a lady who also bit my hand after I refused to pay W28.000 for an EXO-style shirt. HOHO. I got her down to 20,000 after first suggesting 15,000 LOL. She almost punched me with a hanger when I said 15!! LOLOL. I love this country! She said my friend was fat tho :C not nice..

  4. Get healthy soon, please ;__; hopefully the meds will help!!

  5. haha love the Jang Geun Seok photo spam! I noticed he was practically everywhere in Seoul when we visited!


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