Monday, August 27, 2012

I'M JUST WILD AND YOUNG ~ 네 형, 네 누나?

Why hello! Long time no see ^__^" I apologize, but mostly this delay in posts has all been caused by the fact that my dear friends at Shinchon Hostel have serious issues with their wifi. Ugh -__-" Also the whole taking pictures, editing and generally typing up a post is a major hassle when you're moving around. I didn't even have pictures to show you until yesterday, where we went to PROLEAGUE 2012 to cheer for T1 (StarCraft pro-team owned by SK Telecom). We had a blast but FUCK IT'S BEEN SO HOT IN KOREA FOR THE PAST TWO DAYS WTF. We have a blasting typhoon coming tomorrow/during tonight, so I'm staying inside for now O_O" it's 3AM anyway. LOL. I stocked up on cheese bagels and pepsi nex already, so I'm ready for it ok! Anyway, let's talk about StarCraft shall we? Ò__Ó)/ I know ma girl KATIE will go slightly bananas over this, so let's just get to it!
We went to uhh.. I don't know to be honest.. to watch the PROLEAGUE games between T1 (the team we cheered for) and ACE (the airforce's SC team (yes, they actually have one - I'll get into why later on.))
The games were shown on this big screen showed above. There were three commentators (ugh the girl was so annoying tho.. -__-") Once in a while the camera guy behind the audience would focus on the audience and it would be shown on the main screen during the matches. I (of all people) got a solo shot. My hair was a hot mess but the Korean girls that had helped us get there thought it was cool and made me look like a rockstar.. O_o okay then. LOL. So nice of them! They were generally super sweet, helped us get tickets, had lunch with us and told us a bit about what was going on. When we first arrived some people were flocking around a banner, writing on it. Turns out that a super good (and quite handsome!) player for the team "KT Rolster" had just died from leukemia 3 days prior to the matches. Before the 3rd match that day they showed a "in loving memory" video of the guy with lots of super nice clips with him playing, hanging with his team mates looking really happy. A lot of the fangirls there cried and were really upset : / So sad.. You can read a bit about his death HERE. So depressing that someone so young, happy and passionate had to be taken away from his team mates, family and close friends (and fans!) T_T
This is 천찬씨 being the fanboy that he is with his fav. T1 member!
A few of the T1 members were actually tearing up during the video as well. I later saw some ACE members hanging out with the T1 members, so spite the hard competition, these guys don't seem to hold grudges at all. They all seem like a big family ~ ah! Must be so nice ^__^)/
The winners! T1! They won 3 out of 5 matches. But omfg the last game was so intense. They started out playing StarCraft 1 and won two matches in a row. Then they switched to StarCraft 2 and lost two matches.. Luckily T1's guy won quite efficiently and we all went "FUCKYESSSS!" and cheered like mad! I have no idea how to play, but this shit is addicting as hell ok. You can watch live streamings of StarCraft for HOURS. It's terrible T_T
This is ACE. They lost. They've had some TERRIBLE seasons lately just losing, losing.. oh and losing some more. Actually the air force got their own StarCraft team because this one gamer, who was called in for military duty, was so good, that they let him play while being enrolled.
And that guy would be this guy. 천찬씨 in epic fanboy mode again. LOL. He was so excited to meet Boxer, which is his "gamer" name so to say. He is now (ironically) a coach for T1 and doesn't have much to do with the players of ACE anymore. However, he's the reason the team started up ^__^)/ quite cool! He's also married to a former (suuuuper pretty!!!) actress who was at the venue as well! Well played, bro.
Speaking of girls... I was quite surprised to see exactly how many fangirls these guys have. They play a computergame - and they do it fucking good. But I never expected to see this many girls around ONE guy. After they won, there was a fanmeeting arranged and this guy was dragged off by 4 girls and put in the center of a huge bunch of girls (who apparently were all members of his personal fanclub). Man, it almost made me wanna play too.. LOL. StarCraft is a strategy based game tho.. -__-" Not my strongest personality trait. LOL.
Inside the small "venue". Cameras, pro lighting, audience, fansigns and even fanchants! Wth. So cool! After T1 won their manager (I was told) was interviewed to let everyone know how he felt about the team winning, if he expected it etc.  He was generally very happy and thankful : D Good Korean values!
They also showed the current chart of who's in charge in the PROLEAGUE matches. The 4th team is T1 (who won on this day) and the last name.. well, that would be ACE who are now out of the tournaments. 천찬씨 told me that the top 2 names were as expected as they'd been playing like beasts for a while now! ^__^)/
The view from outside where we were waiting for the teams to come out (mostly waiting for Boxer, lol) in the frying heat.
Thanks to 천찬씨's friend (and her friends as well) for helping us find our way there, get tickets, eat lunch with us and help us track down both T1 and Boxer! ^__^)/ So nice of you guys! (천찬씨's looking derp cause I told him to do aegyo too and he was like "dude u stho geyyy" lol.)
Food noms after the games! We were starving and super tired. Such a long, hot-as-balls day. I FINALLY got my wish and we went for 샤브샤브 (shabeu shabeu) which is a kind of broth that you put all sorts of shit in, you let it cook, eat it, get noodles or rice that you mix into the remaining broth, you eat that and then you feel sickeningly full for the next 3 days. LOL. It wasn't that great, sadly. :C the broth was bland, the meat was frozen and dry and yeah.. not as expected. /sobs.
But it was much fun! ^__^)/ and afterwards we went to look at laptops (cause Mikko needs a new one, as his old one died O_O) and then we went into a bookstore. 
I FOUND JANG GEUN SEOK IN THE BOOKSTORE. YAY! *adds to album of epic JGS ads* I wanted to look at manhwa (Korean manga) but ended up buying two volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist (in Korean) that I didn't have at home and two CD's. Dammit -__-"more CD's.
Also B.A.P had done a fansigning event at this exact bookstore only 2 months prior. /sobs.

And now.. some random photos! I don't know how to categorize these so yeah.. just look at them. LOL.
Y'all should add TASTY "Spectrum" and SHINee "Sherlock" to this bunch. lol
LOL Engriiiish. Harr harr harr~!
Thanks for reading! : D
I'll try to be less sporadic about the posts from now on.. but ugh. I don't experience that much worth blogging about. G-Dragon's new single "ONE OF A KIND" came out (and people are calling him racist for being tan and having black kids in his video, lol) but the album/single hasn't come out yet -__-" So annoying. Anyway, if you wanna watch it, here it is:
Stay well and don't go out in the typhoon later today ok! O__o"


  1. The sign might be in engrish, but it understands all of my feels <3

  2. Starcraft is mad fun to play bro' (played it years ago, maybe I should start again and get all the ladies? >D)
    And dat food porn, I cannot wait to get to l'Asia and get those noms.

  3. Wow, it must be so cool to go to a convention like that! The event looks huge! And it's so sad to hear that one of the gamers passed away at only 23 :(

  4. All of that StarCraft makes me wanna go back into gaming! Tho' Telia is a crappy provider for wifi and it eats up all of my money RAW ; ~ ; wtf. All the Korean noms, oh sweet love, been craving it so much lately.. darm darm darm! Gotta get my ass to Korea asap man, aigoo. AND B.A.P MY HEARTSTRINGS A-I-FUCKING-BUHUUUU MAN. Take care in that storm D: /hugs.

  5. LOL, i want to see what starcraft is like now.. even tho I hate strategy games T^T lolol, Korea, the one place where gamers get girls wahahaha. LOL, you can never have too many CDs! :D Build build build the collectionnnnn ^^ Ah... i want to eat Korean food again .... damn you :P WTF? he's being called racist? Oh yeah totally, coz when you add different races of people into a video, you're being culturally insensitive =___= How retarded can people be?!

  6. The event looks so great and I'm always happy to hear something from you *_*
    All the foodporn again!! Its not fair, wanna go there and eat it all and become fat. lol.

    Have fun! <3

  7. I spot seolleongtang!!! that's one of my fav dishes when I was in Korea!!

    It looks like your Korean trip is going GREAT. It's kind of funny how the scenery looks completely different even though I went to Seoul too. But then I guess Seoul is huge XD


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