Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm fine, thank you.. and you?

What's up? How are y'all doing?
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I was gonna type and publish this Monday, but I did the EVENT POST then and I didn't want this post to take away focus from that or be neglected.. lol. So here it is! Hope you're all well : D I moved back to Jutland Tuesday.. so now I'm back where I started (so to speak). I miss the capital so much (and especially my lovely friends there).. Jonathan went back to Jutland by now as well and Nezumi is back at Falster around Friday :C blegh. I will probably see them during July (going to Dev's house for movies and to the Embassy for my visa).. so hopefully that'll work out : D Anyway.. what I've been up to!
Last weekend was fun times at Nezumi's house! JEONGIE, Dai, I, Nezumi and Jonathan came together, had Korean BBQ and watched the new Liquid Rising documentary about the StarCraft team "Team Liquid". WOOHOO~ NonY AND HerO FTW~ *headbangs* Anyway.. ugh.. ahem~ food porn!
We had a great time (spite awkward circumstances revealed : P) but it was awesome! I'll definitely watch the documentary again.. Jonathan was so intense about it and kept shushing us XD haha! Sorry bro, but you're in a room with bloggers.. we have to talk a lot and take food pictures ok!

ALSO.. I made a new (not really) friend at the event Sunday! HAKU! She came all the way from Jutland to see me and join the event! : D It was so much fun! She brought me gifts T_T /sobs/ So nice of her!
The badge is a B.A.P badge btw!
/dies/ so awesome!
Okay.. so after the event Sunday Dev, Gavin, Kat and I went out to Beijing to eat with HAKU! The weather was fucking horrible and I just recently discovered two HUGE rips in the sole of my left shoe.. T_T I have no idea how the fuck the holes got that crazy, but my shoes drew in water and my left foot was fucking SOAKING. Sucks sucks sucks hard. It was my last trip to Beijing before moving to Jutland btw :C so sad! Anyway, both Gav and Dev came to say goodbye to me before I left yesterday and Nezumi even came to help me with packing! Shout out to Sopheeeeeeeee for coming to say goodbye too! T_T I miss them all so much already.. /sobs alone/
Anyway.. /calms self/.. lastly some random shots...
My new suspenders! YAY! They made it just in time before I moved yesterday! : D
The irony of Rain on fire.. LOL 
and my epic Taemin-mushroom-candles T_T So cute!

Thanks for reading! And thanks for all the hits on my event post : D Glad you liked it!

AND PS: Miyavi's new EPIC SONG is out omg!

Monday, June 25, 2012

HALLYU comes to Denmark~ (한류는 덴마크에 온다)

We had the Hallyu/kpop/kdrama/Korea-event at the National Museum in Copenhagen yesterday - and it was bloody awesome! Thank you so much to all the people who came and made it worth the hassle of planning, arranging and prepping for the event. It was so great to hear that a lot of people were now considering going into Korean Studies because of the event.. ^__^)/  thanks so much, everyone! 여러분 정말 감사합니다! (and just to annoy Dev: "salamat sa lahat", mwahaha) We never expected there to be so many visitors nor so many participants at the event.. We truly appreciate the turn-out and how dedicated you guys were : D Thanks for joining in on the activities, asking questions and joining the flashmob! 

Now, I figured most of you would wanna see pictures rather than anything.. so here are some highlights from the event : D I hope you like them! Most pictures were taken by Lemar Jo (조 기범) from the Korean embassy with my camera. Hoho, he snatched it during the event and went all out to take pictures - thank you! This is gonna get pretty image heavy - just so you know.. T_T it took me forever to upload to flickr and edit links and shiz. Ugh. /sob/ Anyway, hope you guys like it!
First from prepping before the event:
Thank you so much to everyone that helped out even though they weren't asked to! Your kindness is well appreciated (especially cause we were all running around like flies in a glass bottle trying to get things done, lol)
Now to the pictures from the event!

These were computers set up so people could watch Kpop music videos and listen to the songs ^__^)/

sadly I got no pictures of the gaming/internet group T_T waeeee?!
Julie talking about history in dramas
My group (music group) chilling before our presentation about South Korean culture

A great success - movie running in the back about Korean food, people could get free food samples, there were pictures and even food ingredients set out for them to look at! Kat also wrote people's names in Korean for them! ^__^)/
There were constantly people in here! So crazy!
Oh, I wonder if he blogs too? >: D
Kat writing le names!

We performed a small mash-up of songs for people.. The first time we danced there were SO many people it was ridiculous! We also taught a snippet of 2ne1's I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘나가) and T-ara's "Roly Poly" ^__^)/

(and look at the whiteboard outside the music room after the event! CRAZY xD)

Sadly this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience - so it won't be back next year.
I hope you all had fun, learned something, met new people and maybe got a taste for Korean culture and music : D Thanks for coming!
(and omg this is at 5:30PM. SO TIRED T_T)