Monday, May 21, 2012

이렇게 좋은 주 (A Lovely Week Like This)

Hey, what music will you listen to?
What an interesting week it has been indeed. I had my semester assignment due today and I started pretty late (Sunday afternoon) - woopsies. I've been trying to not rip my hair out cause of my neighbors and their pests to kids. I was gonna work on my assignment both Wednesday and Thursday. I couldn't' even fucking nap cause those kids were so all over the damn place. Screaming, crying, fighting, throwing balls against walls and windows, downstair's oldest kid playing HOCKEY against the FENCES (wtf?) and walls, running in the hallways, banging doors, dragging shit across the floor upstairs. My fucking god.. I can't even.. I've been so tempted to call the cops on several occasions. Jeez, my neighbors are so lucky that I'm so TOLERANT and NICE. /barfs/
Anyway.. here's some tolerable shit to describe my last few weeks so far! ^__^)/
First of all I got my acceptance letter for Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea! HELL YEAH! I didn't make arrangements for vaccinations yet though.. probably should get that going -__-" ugh. vaccinations ew. A lot of my friends are scared of needles - I'm not, I just hate to arrange and organize. Someone fix my vaccination arrangements for me, please. -__-"
Some serious lady-cramp fighting going on as well. With a large dose of The Mentalist! NOMS! And speaking of food porn...
You're welcome! My toilet also broke Thursday night and I literally thought that I was gonna die or some shit, but luckily my awesome dad helped me out via PHONE. LIKE A BAWS.
SELCA TIME. lolz. These pics are actually a few days old.. I just could never bother editing. I even think that they're from the party last Saturday night. LOLZ. Horrible, horrible parties that night. Ew. Some swanky hoe spilled her drink all over me. Not in a "Oops, I (myself) accidentally bumped into her causing her to spill a bit on me" - kind of way. That would've been completely ok. Ohhh no, it was more of a "Hi, I'm a drunk-ass fucking dumb-bum bitch dancing with a drink in my hand, happily busting into people and pouring my drinks down their neck for fun - oopsies".
I tweeted this nail polish a couple of days ago. Found it at the local Netto store along with a creme blue one. I like them ^__^)/
Moisturizer I got from KATIE. Suuuper nice! Using this one for day and my LUSH one for night now ^__^)~ works out perfectly! The texture is SOOOO nice!
NAKED FACE SELCA BAM! Hahaha may you suffeeeerrr~ all of youuu~! Wahaha!
My desktop! Still the wonderful Park Yong Hee, cause she's hot and I'm all about that. lolz.
Childhood flash back! My dad used to collect Beetle Bailey comics and we have them all over the house at home. I LOVED them since always and I found this collection of cartoons at a random Fona store somewhere. I was gonna pick one up for my dad too, but they only had one. Gonna go back later and see if I can find one for him too ^__^) He has this ONE VHS tape with cartoons on it, but there aren't that many. He deserves all of them! Haha :'D
My beloved Karl Kani sweats! They're beautiful - but they've gone back to the store. The left front pocket is completely RIPPED after two times wear and I hadn't even washed them yet -__-" Hopefully they can give me a new pair.. I really like them :C they're so soft and comfortable! I sent them off Friday though.. haven't heard a THING from them. Ugh.
This is... my love! My dad bought this one for me when I was about 4 years old - had her ever since. She has travelled with me EVERYWHERE I went.. both as a child and adult. I bring her everywhere I can and she's coming with me to Korea as well this August. Not gonna leave without her. She's survived a lot of shit; drinks spilled all over her, my brother bashing her against floor tiles (cause he's a mean fucker!) and me forgetting her in kindergarden and shit :C Her name is Flavia and I love her to death! If you harm her - you'll die. Painfully and slowly. ^__^)/
I bought this epic Ecko Unltd tshirt along with the KK pants. It's very soft and nice.. I imagine the pattern/print cracking and shit later on, but so far.. it's awesome : D and it has the rhino logo on the back! SEXUAAAL~!
FOOD PORN! More food porn! Hohoho~! Guess this doesn't look very appealing.. oh well, it was delicious!
NEW STUFF IN. This is what I got in the mail Friday! Wooo~! New jewelry and Infinite's first album! I only own Paradise repackage, so I felt like I owed it to my lovely boys to support them further.. hoho~! Will be popping this into my laptop to listen to it later on.. Maybe as a celebration after finals this week are over? Who knows~
Now to the jewelry! Got the Infinite necklace, a double-skull necklace and that middle bracelet ^__^)/ love it all!
NAILS! Painted my nails this color a few days ago.. I could've sworn that I edited this already.. but I can't find the edit now -__-" So annoying.. Anyway, it's China Glaze's RECYCLE. Love it! Wish it came out lighter than it really does, but oh well..

Sigma stuff! Yay!
Free gift! The eye shadow in "Grasp" from the Dare palette! Not bad ^__^)/
And three brushes! I ordered the shader brush on a whim..
And finally! MY SIGMA ORDER CAME IN! Wee~! I'm surprised customs weren't all over this.. I guess they only care about makeup brushes if the value is "0" lol. Here are the ones I got:
Small Contour F05
Tapered Blending E35
Eye Shading E55

Got finals and shit this week, so don't expect me to update much :C boo! Finals suck!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Good luck on them finals! I am sure your pretty little head will do quite well!
    (and how can so much happen in your life dude? Forever a boring cave woman)
    And now I feel like bringing Mummi (stuffed hippo in once neon colours) with me to Japan if you're gonna bring Flavia... Forever 4.

    1. Haha omg yes! BRING MUMMI BRO! >: D Do it! And I'm forever alone.. always taking pictures of everything : P lol

  2. aww congrats on your acceptance for the school exchange! you must be hella excited?!! love the nail picks and selcas :D

  3. I love the grey nail polish O__O
    and congrats on getting accepted into the exchange program :D
    you must be super excited!!

  4. I love all the photos! So many things to comment on...where should I start?

    Can't remember if I said this already, but congrats on getting into the exchange program! You're so freaking lucky. I would give one of my limbs to do a foreign exchange program in any of the major Asian countries, especially Korea, even though I don't speak any Korean other than what I've picked up from dramas lol. I can't wait for you to go though - it's going to be so exciting ^^

    The Etude House cream looks really rich and moisturizing. I think I've heard a lot of good reviews on it too - I'll have to add it to my shopping list when I'm off my ban haha

    And that's cute that you still have a stuffed animal from when you were 4 yrs old! I used to have a "blankie" from when I was a baby lol. I didn't want to give it up because it was super soft. My mom finally took it away from me in high school because it was getting all raggedy :P


    Someone using your picture here...Besides the fact that they are selling the stuff you get for free...


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