Friday, March 09, 2012

SWAPPIN' All over the World

Yes, I do still swap with people (whom I love)
and latest I've received amazing goodies from JAY and KATIE.
(and Maggie, but that's more personal. kekeke)
Thanks guys ^__^)/ ~♡
Actually this was back in December.. /le cough. But either way, I felt that these amazing people deserved an entry of their own. So here it is - as my thanks to you guys. Jay already got her own package, but I'm still building up contents for both YINNIE (who's been waiting forever omg sorry T_T) and KATIE. ^__^" hang in there guise!
For now.. the post about Jay's and Katie's packages for me! There are 4 items in the picture above - the letter was a birthday card and the other box was a Christmas/birthday present from Vivi. I don't really talk to her anymore.. but it was still nice of her I guess. ^__^)" so yeah! Thanks to everyone for that!
Jay's package was packed with goodies! She added THREE cards lololol. 1 birthday card, 1 Christmas card and one random note. haha! My god, you cutie you! /le hugs. Those chocolates there were absolutely DELICIOUS btw! Forever will I crave those~ my lord they were good. T__T; She also sent me two scented candles from Yankie, some LUSH goodies among other things. She still owes me a sheep though ; D I'm yet expecting that spy-kit sheep you promised me the other day! WAHAHA~!
Katie's package was so damn overwhelming T_T my god she packed it with SO many perfect things I can't even.. /clings to Katie. I LOVE YOU! OK? ♡ LOVE YOUUU! First of all she got me a super nice card and a cut-out from a Korean newspaper about Big Bang winning the EMA's for international act >: D FUCKYEAHH! They won with 58 MILLION VOTES! Can you believe that? We VIPs are whack, yo! I love how so many butt-hurt Britney fans were all like "omg who are these Chinese guys like wtf" Maybe if you bitches bothered voting for your idol.. she might've won. But then again.. 58 million votes. WAHAHAH. We rocked that bitch ok! ~(ò__Ó)/
She then got me tons of sweets, facial masks, some lashes, BLUE BERRY BAGELS OMG NOMS and some beauty items.. AND.. the Coastal Scents GO Palette in "Moscow". Shit son, that palette is gorgeous! I used it for my New Year's look last year and I LOVE that damn palette. The colors are gorgeous and super pigmented and there's no annoying glittery fall-out. AMAZING.

So yeah.. Thanks to both of you! I know that Jay liked her package quite a bit : D Hopefully you will like yours too, Katie! Don't lose hope! I will get it out to you soon ok?

Thanks for reading y'all and don't forget to check out my girls' blogs!


  1. oh wow, how cute!
    The palette looks amazing! ; 0 ;

  2. Wooo that's a lot of goodies! Lots to play with ;) x

  3. Mustacheranger no. 1 - approves of signature stash, well done.
    And all the candy, so excited!

  4. Aww that looks like so much fun^^
    I always wanted to swap stuff with friends over seas lol
    And FUCK YES, VIPS voted for their babies<3
    I was also seeing butthurt Britney fans muahahaha they cannot compete with VIPS >:D

    1. AHAHAHA I know right? It was fucking hilarious! "omg who are these random Chinese guys!" LOLOLOLOL. I was all like T.O.P-in-the-Beokkigayo-video-UMAD?-face. MWAHAHA. And omg I'll totally swap with youuuu! When I move to Korea.. lol xD there's nothing exciting to swap here in Denmark :C

  5. So many lovely goodies! Lucky girl

  6. Ah so cute. :3 The packages you received seem lovely. ^^ How did you get into swapping with other bloggers, it's something I'd really love to try!

    1. It just kinda happened. Hehe! I just begin talking to people and then we end up getting along really well.. then if one has a bad week the other is like "omg let me send you something to make you feel better" and then the other gets the package and is like "Let me send you something back!" Haha. Does that make sense? It just kinda happens xD

  7. Det er virkelig også praktisk, før havde jeg altid neglelakker over alt! :)

  8. arrrw lucky you, getting a package is always exciting and even more amazing when there are cute and useful items inside *Q*
    ShuShu ♥

  9. what a package! i was just looking at the bagels LOL

  10. Aww you got so many great things! I loooooove those Lindor chocolate truffles too - the regular milk chocolate ones are my favorite. And I'm so happy Big Bang won the EMA award too! They definitely deserve it because they're so talented and hardworking. They've got such a huge fanbase across Asia; I really hope they make it big in the West as well. I love their newest album too - I can't stop listening to it! :)

  11. Hi hun! I've just tagged you on my blog. Find out more details on my post! x

  12. Oh god all of the noms to be had!
    And those lashes look really pretty too 8D


    Oh my oh my, what great things you've got woman. You need to give me your address on Skype or via email so I can send you some loving too. The palette looks lush and pigmented, can't wait to see what it looks like on you. ♡

  14. Such AWESOME goodies. ;P
    LOL No need to apologise, I don't mind waiting. :)


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