Tuesday, March 06, 2012

☆ Just some haulin' to brighten the day ^__^)/

Oh hi there ^__~
How do you like the new layout? It ended up a bit more Christmas-y than I'd expected.. but either way, please welcome Bang (Yong Guk) and ZELO from B.A.P on the newest NanCakes layout. I'm quite pleased with the simplicity of it, oh yes I am..but again, the red/green is a bit Christmas-y no? O_Ô oh well. Just imagine f(x)'s Hot Summer outfits and green grass - yup yup!
I went shopping with Nezumi/Annemette today (which is actually yesterday as it's past midnight already)! We had lots of fun and she helped me pick out a few things ^__^)/ wuii~!

^ not a brand that I'm familiar with tbqh. 
I've seen a few youtubers (esp. LittleKiva) rave about it.

First I got this strange idea that it was some sort of cheap, Polish company. But with time INGLOT established a great name for itself. It's not much cheaper than MAC, but I'm actually quite impressed by the quality. I swatched a shit load of colors at the store (yet I failed to find a nice, dark, warm brown for shading) and even though I was given a few of those stupiduglyassannoyinglygross sponge-tip applicators to use for swatching, I was still positively surprised about the quality. ^__^)/ so yeah.. I had a $50 gift card and spent $15 out of my own pocket to get an extra shadow and the makeup wipes. The shadows were about $15-$17 and the wipes were $8 - so yay! I got three shadows and a pack of wipes. 
The wipes. Pretty basic but they remove the makeup so effortlessly. I barely have to put pressure on my skin and GONE the swatches were. It was an impulse-buy (obviously) but I have no regrets and am definitely looking forward to using them from now on ^__^)/
The shadows. I picked up 3 - first having contemplated on getting 2.. but I couldn't decide and was torn between the taupe-ish gray/brown and another olive-y color that reminded me quite a lot of Sumptuous Olive from MAC. The swatches above are shown in numeral order and are only very light swatches done with a finger. Quite pigmented. I like the darkness of the blue one. It reminds me of a blue version of Beauty Marked (also by MAC) but with more depth to the "colored" pearl. Gorgeous indeed.
The colors don't really have names.. Just numbers and finishes. lol. But here you have it, I shall name thy Ivory Pearl. lolz. Nezumi found this one and thought it was really pretty. The swatch is gorgeous as well and it'll do great for a party-highlight or a pin-up-look, I reckon.
Omg me and the names.. Maybe I wasn't cut out for being the make-up-namer-person. (cupcakes for whoever catches the Big Bang reference) OH well~ A gorgeous, dark, mysterious blue. I loved the swatch but also didn't really like it at all. I don't know.. I was drawn to this one somehow.
Haha omg. I need to stop. Good thing I didn't buy any more shadows.. Maybe INGLOT should indeed consider hiring me, huh? (just kidding... maybe.. l0lz) Anyway, I love my taupes and this is such a light, mild, almost angelic color. As you can see from the swatch the pearl sheen is just.. perfect for this.
^__^) / that's not all btw..
Now.. I didn't only go to INGLOT. I had a gift card to Matas as well (I've told you about Matas before. Spelled backwards it's awfully close to Satan and that is no coincidence. Probably the shittiest, most overpriced drugstore in the universe with the most idiot sales personnel (who happen to know NOTHING about ANYTHING) and they probably would also take the crown for having the least useful sales as well. They should hire me, I swear. Then at least SOMEONE would know wtf she's selling to peoplem(__ __)m) /le head desk
Anyway, 15 bucks worth of gift card! TO MATAS IT IS THEN~  -sways- I wasn't sure what to get to begin with.. I wanted to try the new Garnier BB Cream that's been all over Facebook lately, and seeing it was 4 bucks off - I got it. I got the color 02 Light. Apparently they only had two shades at the store I went to.. O_O" not a wide range, now is it, Garnier? Dumb punch for you! /le smacks with chopsticks. The Medium seemed way too dark.. Even the light one is dark, but when blended it looks quite nice ^__^)/ I'm gonna do a review if you want me to? Lemme know!
ANYHOOZLE~ I wanted a new base coat as well. Essie makes the ridge filler that I LOVE and use quite often.. wearing it as part of my fugly French manicure as I'm typing this up, listening to FT Island (..♫ yurameite kirameite FLOWER ROOOCKKK!!). Anyway, not important. lol. Omg look at me ramble.. I'm tired okay! T__T; Anyway, they make my fav. ridge filler that I've been using for like.. 2-3 years now.. Love that shit! So I figured.. why not try their hydrating base coat? I wanted a new base coat PLUS the weather lately's been insanely PMSing like I don't even know, causing my nails to crack and go all crispy :C boo! So yeah.. Gonna give this a try! You don't wanna know what I paid for it.. I'd like to think that I paid full price for my nail polish remover and bb cream (that were both on sale anyway) and then got the $15 discount on this one, only paying $5.50 for it total. >__>" yeah let's just pretend that Danish prices are fair. lol.

Hope you enjoyed my haul guys!
Let me know if you want me to review the BB cream!
Until next time! ^__^)/  


  1. Nice haul! I love all the shades you got :)

    And Inglot should definitely hire you for names, it's frustrating that they're just numbered! :(

  2. Oooooh! Those eyeshadows sure are purrrdy~ Oh gosh, a review on the Garnier BB cream would be greatly appreciated! I want to know if it's worth buying ^_^

  3. nice! I've never heard of inglot before O.o tell us how you think it is. Lol Garnier makes BB cream now? Cool I'm slowly catching up with society xD

  4. I like your new layout! It's really cute :3
    I believe that Inglot is more expensive in the states...I remembering hearing they are also raising their prices :/

  5. OMG I LOVE THE MUSTACHE /le epic mustache fingerrub action.
    //lol I should be getting ready for the fieldtrip with my Media class and yet here I am //under-dress and writing a comment. lolz now I know some more things you would like to get.. Ohohohohh, /stocking up stuff for shipping, olala~

    Omg I love the 3 colors you picked, so much favorite shades evaa ♡

  6. Quite a lot of nice stuff there!! :D

    I tried the Garnier BB cream as well. Usually BB cream only comes in 1 shade as it should blend into your skin. They tend to be super light in Asia though since it awesome to vampirish pale there XP So I was actually surprised that they had two shades!!
    I'm not so impressed by the garnier BB cream compared to the asian ones.. And just a drop of water on it and it comes of! D: (doesnt usually happens with BB cream) So no rain or water spilling while drinking or sorts like that!! Otherwise it's quite light on your skin but doesn't really cover anything in my opinion ô_ô

    I'd like to know what you think of it though! I'm thinking of doing a review and compare it with le asian BB cream :P

  7. Makeup hauls are the best :)

  8. Waaah. Such a nice haul!! Inglot shadooooows. Haha i know whatchu mean, totally doesnt sound like a cosmetic company brand name at all~ ahh, garnier only has 2 shades for their bb cream! Imo, its too oily for my liking ><

    Also, love thr new layout. The banner made my day ^^ so ty ty

  9. Your layout is beautiful! And Inglot is definitely amazing. I saw the name for that blue shadow and out of the sudden I started singing it, cause Big Bang is LOVE! <3

    1. Thanks love! YAY FOR FELLOW VIP's <3

  10. Nice haul! I started seeing the Garnier BB cream in the commericals here! :) I wish there was an Inglot closer to me!

  11. Really nice haul! I want to buy the Garnier BB cream, but it does not come in my shade!

  12. I brought some Jap bb cream in HK...can't wait to try it out....blog post coming very soon!

  13. Oooooh I'm gonna get the BB cream from Garner when I visit my family in Sweden over Easter :D Can't wait to try it! Please let us (me) know if it's any good! ^^

    1. Sadly... so far.. I can't really recommend it unless your skin's picture perfect already :C it's more like a tinted moisturizer than a bb cream. Boo Garnier! BOO! :C

    2. The comment box is missing!!! -____- so I hope you and Tirin don't mind that i'm commenting on this comment. :P Anyway, i love the new layout - it makes me happy that it's Christmas-y! Love the haul too... which reminds me, i need to buy new nail polish colors!

    3. What? It's missing? O_O I haven't had any problems with commenting. OH WELL ^__^)/ Thanks for the sweet comment! I don't mind at all! Glad you like the layout : D

  14. I've heard of the brand but never tried it before! it looks like some good stuff though!

  15. aww love your new jazzed up blog layout - it's ready for spring!! Nice haul - you've picked up some pretty Inglot shades!


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