Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hey you, with the white hair!

Yeah, so... ~ I'm back?
I've been contemplating.. discussing with my inner self whether to fill you guys in on the shit that's been going down lately, causing such a long hiatus from me. I'm sorry about that... Sorry about the absence, not saying anything anywhere about why I'm not around. The messages I got from concerned followers made me extremely happy. To think that people actually like my blog enough to wonder where the heck I'm at and why I haven't been active for so long.. To those of you who wrote to me (on Facebook, FORMSPRING and even irl) - thank you so much! (^__^)/ ~ 
February sucked MAJOR ass for me. Stress, death, school, Korea-trip, family issues, personal issues, financial issues. Just problems and issues and absolute shit all-together. I've been trying to focus on surrounding myself with friends, keeping busy - hence my absence from Blogger. If you follow me on TWITTER, you've probably seen my random updates and convos with people here and there. I'm really truly sorry for any concern that I may have caused - I'm alive and I'm okay. So please don't worry ^__^)" To make it somewhat up to you guys, I bring with me tons of pictures. So this entry will be EXTREMELY PHOTO HEAVY. Excuse that. lol. Now let's see what I've been up to for the past month's time..
03032012 - classes like this
The Korean Embassy donated these kpop calendars for us ^__^)/

School started, and I gotta say that I love school! We had an exam yesterday and I highly doubt that I aced that one, but I'm doing alright, I guess. Classes are a great mix of knowledge and hobby. I'm not quite sure how to put it, but oh well..
03032012 - Hongstar Day
We celebrated Hongki's birthday.. I mean uhh.. had a very serious movie-night at uni yesterday. Hurr hurr.. it was awesome. We watched the Chaser (which I've watched before..) and then some other movie about some South Korean dude going to Yanbai (or some Chinese town) for archaeology and shiz, and then some girl from North Korea goes there too. I didn't stay that long, so I didn't watch it all.
03032012 - blue hair
I also helped Nezumi dye her hair back to blue.. She missed her blue hair tremendously and so she tried out another dye that she got on eBay. When it arrived - MORE HONGKI. lolz. The dying thing was 3 weeks ago. T__T sorry.
03032012 - shoes
03032012 - backpack
What else.. OH. I got new sneakers from eBay, a new backpack (I got the North Face one cause I'd like to think that I'm SOMEHOW supporting Big Bang by doing so.. lolz) and some makeup! GOSH was having this 50% off sale at the local Matas, so of course I took Nezumi with me and went nuts! It was epic!
03032012 - gosh haul
I got two nail polishes (dark blue/purple and black), two eyeshadows and two liquid eye liners. ^__^)/ the gold one is GORGEOUS btw. And I love the shadows. Didn't wear anything but the polishes yet.. Love the black one!
03032012 - rizraz
Riz Raz for lunch ^ duck for dinner v
03032012 - duck
My dad came to visit around early February. The timing was great, cause he arrived on the 8th and I had just been told that a really close family friend had been murdered on the 6th. He took me to dinner at a colleague's house and then the next day he took me to lunch with Nezumi ^__^)/ thanks dad! It was awesome! He was great to talk to (with the tragic events that happened that week) so I was so relieved to see him again. I also went home the weekend after to spend time with family. I had a great time and I did take some pictures.. but they're for me "^__^)/ kekeke.
03032012 - Line's Pizza Kiosk
As said earlier.. Surrounding myself with friends. It's been a really hard time for me lately, but spending time with friends, watching movies, having fun all in all - has been extremely good for me tbqh. This is Jonathan (aka. 천찬씨) and Nezumi over for dinner this week. /le hugs everyone
03032012 - f(x)
Speaking of great friends.. I never got to show you this! My hyung-whore apprentice (kekekeke), Dev, got me all the f(x) albums for happy-any-day-of-the-year-day (she doesn't celebrate Christmas) so I was SO DAMN EXCITED about that! I already went through all the photo books drooling over everything. hohoho. Thanks love ^__^)/
03032012 -acta1
If you're on tumblr or just generally active online a lot, you've probably heard about ACTA. I went to the anti-ACTA demonstration in Copenhagen on the 25th of february (last weekend) and MY FUCKING GOD there were so many people.
03032012 -acta
03032012 -acta3
03032012 -acta2
I think we ended up being over 15.000-20.000 people! Even the news and shit were there, even though they'd refused to talk about ACTA at all. As most other countries in Europe, the ACTA-deal has been kept a secret to the public which is against the Danish constitution - and therefore we're all pretty damn pissed. lol. FUCK YOU ACTA ~(^3^)/
03032012 - sunset
On my way home from ACTA, I snapped this AMAZING sunset. Even though we're in troubled times, life goes on. It's weird how nature stays beautiful, no matter how terrible humans behave themselves in the world. Food for thought, I guess. I wouldn't dare take this life for granted, that's for sure!
03032012 - Indian Food
A few days ago I went out for dinner at this Indian place. We were quite a few people there, just getting together for the heck of it. The waiter was first super annoying, but then flipped 180 and ended up giving us a lot of free drinks and stuff. ^__^) yay for that! The food was mediocre.. and their menu had quite a few Engrish things on there ; D it was pretty funny! Hurr hurr~
03032012 - Restaurant Beijing
What else.. uhm.. Oh yes! Went for Chinese food yesterday with some friends (Nico, Jonathan, Kat and Dev). It was pretty good! We went to Restaurant Beijing (Strøget) if you're interested.. ^__^)/
03032012 - rain
We're getting closer to the end, hoho! Are you still with me? I took this picture on my way home on the train the other day..  I really like rain (most of the time).. To think how it just softly falls on our heads, on the ground just washing away all the old leaving the air so fresh and rain--y.. I dunno. lol. But I really like it.
03032012 - Hairdye
Finally. The end. This is bleach box-dye from today, as Nezumi helped me fix my roots before coming along to the mall. We went to Fisketorvet Shopping Center in Copenhagen and MY GOD were there a lot of weirdos out today. Or well, not weirdos.. Some of them were weirdos. People STARED like FUCK at me. Some young girls in cosplay who sat next to me and Nezumi first talked about how epic my shoes were (I wore the red ones above) as I passed by, then one of them (according to Nezumi) said "OMG I KNOW HER!" and shortly after Nezumi and I got our food, we sat down.. one of the girls then went "You mean HER?" and pointed RIGHT at me. 3 seconds passed and then she went "Hey you.. with the white hair. You're cool! I like you!"... I almost choked on my french fries... lol. It's nice of people to say things like that, but I'll honestly never get used to it, even though I've had it happen quite a few times. On the way home from Jeongie's (I went to get my raclette back xD finally.. after 3 months. lol) some girl kept staring at me. Nezumi takes the train a station further than I do, and she just told me earlier that those girls kept staring at me after I got off the train O_O lolz. I guess people like white hair or something...? /le hides.
03032012 - VARSITY
Btw.. I got this varsity jacket from H&M at the mall (I might go back next week and get the blue/gray one too) ^__^)/ I also got a birthday card and present for my momma! My parents are coming soon to help me move! I GOT A PLACE TO LIVE! YAY ~(^__^)~ it's a small apartment, a bit expensive for what you get, but it's all there is and I'm content with it. So whatevs. I'll show you guys around after I move!

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the long entry :C Just wanted to update you guys a bit.. Sorry again for the creepily long hiatus. I know that I freaked a few of my readers out.. SORREH. /le hugs everyone.
Love you all! Thanks for sticking all this out with me ^__^)/ Will work on becoming a better blogger! I just need photoshop for my macbook -__-" Btw.. excuse the current ugly-ass layout. lol. I'm working on a new header! Expect springy-summery layout up soon! YAY! ^__^)/ the weather was great today, so I'm feeling good.


  1. Præcis! Macbooks holder virkelig, og så er de så pisselækre!:D

  2. WB! Some really nice photos and food!

  3. I didn't know all this stuff went down! I'm really sorry to hear u had a craptacular month. I really hope march is a better one. Have u listened to the entire BB album yet?? I really like Dae's solo. Btw I love the platinum on u, looks really fresh

  4. I'm sorry you were having all this bad stuff happening at one time :/ But I'm glad that you were able to take the break you needed, hopefully it helped and hopefully you feel better now. How cute!! I wish I could celebrate Hongki's birthday but people would look at me like I wish I had more kpop loving friends T-T That is so crazy how many people showed up for the ACTA thing it is actually very inspiring :]

    Ehh what happened to the photoshop I found you? D:

    1. Thanks for the support love! O_O that's a good question.. I have no idea what happened to it..

  5. Glad to see you back Nani! I was wondering where you had wandered off to. Sorry to hear about the hard time you've been having, but I'm glad to hear that things are starting to look up for you. I'm really looking forward to seeing your pics from your Korea trip!

    Looove Hongki btw - he was so adorable in You're Beautiful. I just listened to FT Island's newest album the other day too and really like it ^^

    White hair is definitely something that stands out, especially if you're not a grandma yet - no wonder you got so many stares. The color looks really good on you though; you pull it off really well!

  6. The other day I came to your blog, because I wondered why I hadn't seen a post for so long. :( I'm really glad to hear of your return. I hope that the tough times for you are over and that the year ahead is a lot better.

    Thanks a lot for going to the anti-ACTA protest, I'm really interested in IP and internet law, but there's little I can do about ACTA from Australia. Serious stuff aside, your hair is amazing I love how pale it is, looks so good on you!


  7. lovly entry. yay against acta. awesome how much peoples were there..also here in cologne was a demo for that and in other german cities. nice hair color and I like your new cosmetic things. especially teh pink-red eyeshadow <3

  8. have a better month! It's okay like you said life goes on~ what's ACTA? I'm so behind on current events O.o *googles* mmm hongki <3 he's older and more attractive gosh you always eat the best food O.o

  9. Good to see you back on the blog babu!

    They are all staring at you because you look soo fine girl! Like le hotstuff, yes.
    All of the hairdye.. It is beautiful *w*

    1. YAY! Gotta practice what I preach, aye? >: D Now we're both active! YAY! /hugs everyone
      AND LOLOLOLOL I wish that was it :C boo

  10. *staring at you like crazy* yep, white hair is awesome :D
    It's great to see that you had a great time, though I'm really sorry for what happened to your family's close friend. I hope you are fine :((

    Take care! :)


  11. /victory welcome back dance - STRONG BABY!! CRACK CRACK
    White hair is fucking sex. Done, you're sex'ing up my dash too much! /le B.A.P Warrior frustration.

    Yay Hongki's BD on the 2nd of March, mine on the 4th, aren't we just meant to be ?! ♡♡♡ - I should get bitched slapped for my comments and not getting dressed even though I have to.. Uniform is required so can't go naked. /le pout.

    Fact of the day - The hair dye with Hongki on it is from Thailand, he did a promotion model for it "Just Modern" I WANT THE LITTLE HONGKI/slap* - He was in Bangkok and I didn't even know it T___T THE CF WAS SHOOT AT PARAGON PARC ARGHHHHHHH //stupid self.


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