Thursday, March 29, 2012

And so it's safe to say that...

luck is out of her league
Oh hey there... I'm back after having not had internet for quite a while! I just got internet today and even though I don't have much to talk about, I figured I'd show you my new apartment. It's nothing major nor glamorous at all - quite the contrary actually.. and oh my god, don't even get me started on the color of the walls.
Anyway.. here are a few pics! ^__^)/ ~ 

Entrance and kitchen

Dining area


Sleeping+chilling area

Yeah, it's tiny but it's fine for me. I also (as mentioned) just got internet today - yay! But they didn't give me what I wanted -__-" I ordered 12MBit and I got a letter saying that they could only provide me with up to 6. According to their website that should give me approx 4-4.5 mbit at least - I ran a speed test. My download is 2.56Mbit and my upload is 0.81 -__-" wth. Calling them tomorrow. Jeez...

On a sidenote, can I just say that I really fucking hate the new blogger layout. What the flying flapjack is that?! My god.. the whole dashboard just looks absolutely retarded. Who the hell came up with all that? Ew.

Anyway, sorry for being such a lousy blogger lately! I'm really just trying to get this damn Yonsei application together.. I realized that I'm broke as fuck and most likely cannot afford all the vaccines that I ought to get.. Also I'm falling behind on school work, I've been having these horrible headaches, I'm super stressed out about everything and ARGH I just wanna shoot somebody in the face.. (preferably the kids downstairs who keep playing hockey up against the sheds below my apartment)

Ugh, sorry about that. I need a drum set or something to relieve stress with. /le sigh.
Hope you're all doing better than I am -__-"


  1. Your apartment is so cute! Sorry to hear about the stress though. Really hope it goes away for you soon! :)

  2. aw I like your apartment (any place that belongs to you is nice). I hope you feel better. I'm stress out too but try a cup of hot tea and you feel a lot better ^^

  3. such a cute little apartment :D i wanna find one like that, but it's so expensive renting out T.T omg, *hi5* we can both be depressed and poor ahahhhaa. i hope you feel better soon though... and get those vaccines and catch up with school. damn those annoying kids to hell for irritating you!! ><

  4. Sorry everything is building up D: Hopefully it gets better!
    I like your apartment, I always prefer things smaller. I feel like getting something super big is just a waste of space and more money to put furniture -__- lol

  5. like it a lot and welcome back!
    I love your hair so much btw!

  6. Such a sweet apartment! Hope your headache gets better soon!

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of the new blogger layout either. Am just using the old one!

  7. looks small but cozy! well decorated too :D

  8. Awww that's a cute apartment! Hmmm, the colour of the wall in the living room is a little too bright though hahaha~

    1. IKNORITE? When I first saw it.. I was like "You gotta be kidding me...."

  9. Aww congrats on your new apartment Nani! I think it's so cute and cozy looking. I hope you're enjoying independent living because once you move out you're never going to want to go back to living with your parents haha :D And I actually like the lime green walls - I think it brightens the place up a bit ^^

  10. Such a lovely apartment! Haha I don't think I can live without internet @____@

  11. I can understand the frustration of not being "online" lol, I was even connected on my holiday haha


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