Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Shopping with Jeongie ☆

hi there, munchkins

My fugly face of the day. I've been having so many issues with my skin lately. ugh.
I went shopping with LE JEONGIE on the 2nd of January. I was originally just gonna get a few things for my skincare routine (you're gonna hate me for the coming pics.. I bought L'oréal products T_T;) and then my Macbook for future studies and notes and stuff. But as always I got more than that and poor Jeongie was dragged around town so that I could go nuts with my poor credit card :C Sorry Jeongie. *feeds Bornholm-toffees*
First we looked at a few stores - didn't buy much - I got some toner for my hair and then we went to eat at Sunset Boulevard. YUMMEH! I tried the tuna sandwich in the crispy bread and it was delish, indeed! Then we went out in the stores again and we both got more stuff.. I.. got a lot more stuff than poor Jeongie though. She'd waited for this shirt at Karen Millen to go on sale, and of course it was sold out when we got there :C at BOTH places. Damn. -sobs- Anyway, here's a look at the things I got!
First, after eating, we went to Stereo Studio. I got 2 seasons of House for Christmas/birthday and since January sales were ON, I figured I'd check out their NCIS dvds to see if they had one at a decent price that I didn't have - and they did! Yay! Season 7 in duh house, y'all! I'm a sucker for investigation-shows; Mentalist, BONES, NCIS, House MD (more medical, though, lol), NUMB3RS etc. Also pictured here is the toner I bought. I usually get the toner from Black no. 1 in those hair-dye bottles that you always get. But they were sold out.. So I had to pay the SAME price for tiny containers that were only like HALF the size. wtf? -__-" Hate when that happens. Just my luck..
VEST: $52.50
Secondly we went to... hmm, I'm not sure. Either way, it doesn't matter. I got a few shirts, along with the most fabulous vest EVER. I could pimp it out with studs and spikes on the hood,  but I'll have to contemplate a bit more on that. It was a bit too pricey to just fuck it up now, if I fail (which I most likely will).. Then I also got that gorgeous blue flannel shirt. I tried them on together and it was a match made in heaven. Whoo~ ☆
I also got this simple oversized crop-top at Gina Tricot. I absolutely HATE New Yorker now (cause they compromised their epic quality and now only sells SHIT clothing T_T ) and I never really liked H&M for anything but their oversized v-necks for like 7 bucks or something. Gina Tricot is a bit better, I'd say.. but generally I'm not a big fan of discount clothing like this. The quality usually sucks. You get what you pay for - which usually isn't much. I saw the most epic red biker jacket on ZHIZHI's blog, but I thought it was a shiny leather-like material. It's not. It's a strange, soft combination of cotton/polyester/elastic-like material. Also the sleeves were WAY too short. My under arms are usually too long for jackets like this, so I always have to compromise the nice body fit to get a size that fits my long-ass arms in there. OMG THE RAMBLING. /le shuts up.
I know, I know. This is what you're all gonna hate me for. L'oréal products. I'm a huge pet-friend and I love my bunny, Saya, to death. I was always mad against animal testing and I can't really come up with a reason to justify my lack of morals atm. Maybe I'm just being a desperate bitch about my skin lately. I don't know. I was gonna try the Lancome Genifique serum, but for 710 DKK I'd rather try a cheaper alternative first. Both Lancome and L'oréal are known for animal testing (just like Rimmel, Maybelline, Shu Uemura, Shiseido etc.) so I didn't feel as bad about purchasing the L'oréal alternative instead of "donating" 710DKK to Lancome. I personally hate Lancome. Don't ask me why.. I just do.. But yeah, I'm sorry and you're gonna hate me. T_T; I feel bad.. but.. ugh. I don't know. I'm just a skanky hoe, ok.
Other than the L'oréal youth serum, I got a night cream (which along with my anti-blemish mask yesterday did freaking WONDERS), the L'oréal Matte Morphose foundation (had a sample and I loved it), big cotton pads and a face scrub from Garnier. Ugh, I deserve to be crucified, don't I? :"C I hope that Saya will still love me.. -sob-

I got my MacBook! YAY! 13" LED screen, 500 gig hard drive, 2.4ghz, just.. pure love ♡ But wait.. what is that...? No, your eyes did not deceive you. My spine is made of Jell-O, jellyfish, soft tofu. I'm weak and easily tempted.. I have will-power like Sakura from Naruto has brain capacity. To put it short(er); I bought an iPhone 4S! WOOOHOOO! (but it's not my fault.. Klaus made me do it (he's the salesman I bought it from at the store and he was awesome >: D)) I originally wanted to wait for the white one, but to be quite honest, I was just hoping that he had ANY 16 gig iPhone S at the store when I dragged Jeongie in there (omg so sorry for taking so long! T_T at least it was a bit fun, yeah?).. Yeah, it didn't take Klaus much effort to talk me into getting it. It was only a bit more expensive than I'd thought, cause the offer I found online was only throughout December.. so yeah, fuckme. lol. ANYWAY; I haz it now.. and I love it! Got any apps to suggest to me? : D
I've been looking at a few cases other than the red one that Klaus gave me 50% off. Haha! He's a dork. Like me.. it was good times. I gave the store a good review - just for him. Hoho~

^ super sexy ok.

^ sexy-ass ghost. hoho

I like manga/anime style cases, so if you have any suggestions to cases, apps, fun games or photo editing stuff? Leave your recommendations below, yes?

Please welcome me nicely into your Apple-family ok.
Oh! And Jeongie and Emiru cooked Lasagnette for dinner :'D Nomnom!
And Jeongie bought ice cream as well. Yummyyyy~

Like my url btw? (it means piggy face.. Hurr hurr hurr, me so funneh)
Haha, that's it guys! Laterrrz


  1. WOWIE! Look at all the stuff you got!!!! Computer and phone and cool new stuff!! ^_^ i have no willpower to deny anything either ;)

  2. How much did the iPhone drain from your wallet? C: I just wanna like compare current promotion prices here in Thailand 'cause I really need a new phone and feel like I should invest a bit in stuff .. and my phone just is mean and wont let me get calls.. important calls .. from other people e__e /got no friends so only mother calls: slap. And wow! I have the same facial scrub! It's so lovely, and like it's smell, so much of a better scent than Estee Lauder >>'' /cough*cough.

  3. I didn't even know that L'Oreal did animal testing :o So I learned something new today.

    Yay for Macbooks! I have the same one too :D I also just got an iphone but it's just the 4 not the 4s (long story lol) but anywho, I don't really know that many good apps besides the already known instagram and stuff. But there is this other app I really like a lot called "Pudding Camera" it is a Korean app also :] It's super cool, you should try it out.

  4. WAHHHH! My eyes are currently like this -> \(*--*)/ I SEE YO' FACE! ♡
    Welcome to the apple side. *DRAGS IN MORE*

    Damn woman, congratulations on getting the macbook and iphone 4s, download instagram - GO GO GO and there's a blogger app too for on-the-go blogging. And why oh why must you always post food porn? Gots me dribbling on my keyboard *WIPES*.

    Let me know how the products are, I've not tried any Loreal products - I use Clinique, maybe it's time to alternate between Clinique and another brand.

    *POKEPOKE* *switches hand* *POKEPOKE*

  5. awesome macbook !!!!!!! i also want oneeee =( !!

  6. Oh wow so much stuff!! *jellyjellyjelly*

    ARH I've been thinking to get an Iphone4s as well (i currently use Iphone 1 (yes , 1, I'm from stone age)) but it's just so expensiveee~!! ;o; I think i can survive a bit longer with my fossil XD

  7. Ahhhh I'm totally jealous :X I want a new comp but I haz no monies. Haha. Congrats! I love the crop top too. Can't wait to see how you style it :B


    PS: Anon needs to drama needed on the blogosphere :)

  8. Gah. I can't get over how much I love your hair...

  9. my god. It's like xmas all over again for you haha! YAY, you have joined the dark side =D Apple fanatic ftw! <333 welcome babe! XD Ohhh.. what kinda apps do you like? photography, games etc? Can't wait to see some OOTD posts with your new clothes :3

  10. WEEEEEIH!! :D
    Welcome to the Apple family! (*kicks own old crappy macbook pro*)

    Hahahahah!! It was a super fun day! And don't worry, I have even slower friends, who also are less funny! XDD <333
    THanks for an awesome extended-weekend! See you Saturday MUAHAHAH!!

  11. I love fries~~!!! <3
    BTW BTW~~ You look amazing!!!

  12. Woah that's coincidental! I got my white iPhone 4s on the same day! A friend of mine works at the store and helped me reserve one and with a plan it turned out cheap! ;D super deal , and welcome to the apple family! I think games that make it to top 25 in app store are always fun for a time ;)

  13. Omg I'm sooo jealous of your new Macbook!! Congrats XD And of course the iPhone 4s is bomb. Happy New Year to you!! Now I have a craving for french fries...haha :P

    (Thank you! :)

  14. Køb cases når vi kommer til Korea, de er overalt, i alle mulige stilarter og til stort set ingen penge~^^

  15. wow u sure got a lot of things this time round! I see that u enjoyed ur shopping spree!

  16. MacBook AND iPhone get!? FREAKIN FANTASTIC!! \:D/


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