Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out and about

okay excuse me
- and my ghetto entries lately. Webcam and iPhone pics ftw. lolz
Can I just take a second to vent about how damn troublesome it is to switch between Mac and Windows when you're editing for an entry on here? I don't have Photoshop on my Macbook and it's so damn annoying to have to switch back and forth to edit and upload and get codes.. ARGH. Damn you, Photoshop! Should you be feeling particularly generous.. feel free to send me a sexy box of Photoshop CS5, pl0x. Hohoho~

Anyway, I don't have much else but blabber for today.. I went out with JEONGIE, EMIRU and Chris (a dude from Korean class at uni) Saturday night. Jeongie, Emiwaaaa and I first went to this performance art show around Østerbro (whatever, it was a creepy-ass place ok) - and tbh? Jeongie and I thought it sucked monkey-balls. She and I got MAD headaches out of that one.. I know that art is questionable and relative, but gosh this was just terrible. Of course Emiru had his hipster hat on and was all "I actually thought it was pretty cool" - sure you did... sure.. ;) (rude smiley in yo' face, lolz). Anyway, after that the three of us headed to Living Room, which was PACKED. Ugh, so annoying. I got a drink for cheaps though (strawberry daiquiri) and it kinda sucked.. T_T Chris joined us and we went to Cosy, which was way too packed and this creepy-ass dude was staring at me - so we left real' quick ok.
Jeongie's cat Saturday night.. He sucks at posing ok.
Today Jeongie and I met up to eaaaaat. Food dates few! Nomnom! Mads (Jeongie's roomie) joined us later on and we went to look at some stores. Jeongie got a pair of SEXY-ass boots and Mads got a pair of sneaks. Nomnom! I just got some lens solution and stuff for ma hurr. lolz. I also found that shampoo (bottom of the pic) and decided to give it a go. The dude at the store was kinda creepy too. lol. What's going on with Copenhagen lately? Where are all these creepy-ass dudes coming from? D": /hides
So yeah.. since I got home around 6PM I've been chillin' in bed, took a nap, had dinner (^nomnom! veggie wok!) and now I'm about to watch the newest eps. of Mirai Nikki.. I'm telling you guys I've been waiting for this damn episode FOREVER. DAMN JAPANESE ANIME-PEOPLE! New Year is OVER! GET TO WORK ALREADY :C
These selca pics aren't even from today.. lol
Anyway, that's it.. nothing new nor interesting. Just me and my boring-ass life. Annemette got back from her parents' today, so we're going to uni to study a bit tomorrow and then dying hair this weekend. w00t. Party coming up with a SPESHULLL guest on Saturday! She's a blogger too! Can you guess who? Hurr hurr..


  1. Ahh I know what you mean! I need to find a photoshop for my mac as well. It's a pain in the ass! Especially since I am not familiar with Macs at all -__- I am going to try this week, since it's my last week before I start school again. Let's hope I don't get discouraged!

    Creepy dudes O_o I hate it when that happens >_<;; I have also not been really doing anything besides running errands and watching anime as well :]

  2. you hot gurl! :c

    lovely selcas!!

    (btw, thanks for sending your luck to all of the people on my blog, you're such a kind person ;;)

  3. Ewww I hate switching back and forth too!!! It's a major pain in the ass. That's why I downloaded GIMP! I had Photoshop for Mac a long while ago (torrents heehee), but I fucked up something and killed my computer and all my data T___T So instead I stumbled upon this magic program called GIMP, and I don't even miss photoshop anymore. Here you go! http://www.gimp.org/ Actually I'm not even sure I downloaded it from the official site, but I haven't had any issues with the one I'm using anyways lol. Hope that helps babe > ____ <

    HAHAHAHAAAA omg that just sounds like an episode of How I Met Your Mother (do you watch that show??) when Lily dragged everyone to her off-off-off broadway play that sucked ass, which prompts Barney (NPH whatup?!) to make his own play to spite Lily. Which also sucked ass. HAHAHA. Oh my god, that show is so legen--wait for it- .......dary! XD

    Maaaaan, I wanna hang wit yo guise!!! I need to hop on a plane to Copenhagen and party with you! 8D 8D 8D Except for the creepers.... ewww. -hugs Nani- D;

    Oh sweet damn, I've been working on this post since last night LOL!! Don't you just love me? ;)))

    Aww Jeongie has the cutest furry lil' things!! I want to squeeze it! But I don't think it would enjoy.... lol

    Shit the shampoo looks so pretty... okay, that sounds weird, but you get me. :P Have you tried it yet?? If it's good I wanna go out and look for it haha :D :D And food looks yum as always T___T I'm so hungerzzz right now!! I've never heard of this anime! If le nani is watching it I'll go look it up!!! :D Lately I've been obsessing over Persona 4 anime~ WH00t hulu.com finally uploaded episode 12!! But it's so hard to watch because it makes me want to play the game again SO bad.... and I can't find my game. And the PSVita version comes out--OHSHIT--THIS YEAR!! :OOOO :DDDD I gotta go find my game and play again for the 10th time >wwwww<

    WHATEVZ, you so cute, you can post old ass selcas any day, ya hear? ;D I can't get over your fine-ass new hurr <3 LOL! OHH I forgot! I found out there's a Korean culture-based college like 20 minutes away from me! :O :O :O I'm really tempted to check it out... tuition is like, $350 or something, but it got really good reviews...nghh..... so much money though for just one class :/ Maybe when I get a better job and actually take some legit classes first D;

    OOhhhhhh special blogger ehhh?? Wish it was me. HAHA!! Someday>>?? o.o Wondering who it is?!?!?! I can't wait to see!! :D

  4. HAHAHAH you sound so stink. that's called Asian slave labour for you white people right there oi! XD Ehh... btw what's your natural hair colour? LOL. I think creepy people are popping up EVERYWHERE. I hope you can avoid them all! Yummy.. send me some Nani Veggie Wok plzzzzz =D

  5. Haha you're too pretty for your own good Nani - that's why you got all those creepy guys staring at you all the time :P

    P.S. Your blog banners are always so pretty! I really like Park Bom's :D

  6. Creepy guys are the worst. The veggie stir fry looks tasty!

  7. Ja, vi ærgrede os meget over den snor! Tusind tak, det var Maya der tog billeder, det bliver hun helt sikkert glad for at høre! :)

  8. There's a place called the Living Room?! so cool! and really really love your hair! so jealous! i want blonde hair D:

  9. I just have to say..your friend's cat is soooo cute!!! Your hair keeps looking better and better in every post. Am jealous!

  10. haha, what's up with all the creepy people!!
    The food looks realyl delicious thou! I'm loving your hair so much by the way! Looks so awesome!! XD

  11. Never realized how much I adore Windows until I started using Mac ughhhh~ Mac isn't bad once I got used to it, but my heart still belongs to Windows LOL

    Colouring your hair? Are you touching up, or... ?

  12. Yeah, switching between the two platforms can be kinda annoying. :( Yum...love that food porn....lol. <3


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