Thursday, January 19, 2012

January hauling' and my week! (China Glaze, NYX, Shopping Holics etc.)

Long time no see~
For once I've actually been doing shit, not just been sitting around on my ass (well, there's been some of that too, but I swear.. I DID do stuff) to avoid the world. lol. And here I am.. back with a shit ton of photos to prove my recent adventures with friends and my master card. ^__^"
Christianshavn/Islands Brygge
As I told you in my previous entry, this next post would feature a very special guest - from the Netherlands! None other than Lene.. WOOH! She used to have the site (that most of you probably used to follow) and now she has a personal blog called MORNINGMOOD! ^__^ Go follow her fabulous self if you don't already! She and I went to check out Christianshavn (along with Christiania, where we were violated by this mean, mean guy :C - bsh, buttwad! Apparently politeness is dangerous to take for granted) I hope Lene had a nice trip anyway! She had me posin' on a  bunch of her tourist-pics *awkward*.. But it was so great to meet her! The night she came here (Saturday), JEONGIE and I threw her a little party and then took her out with our friends.
She brought me a bag of goodies! ♡
Jeongie, Chris & Simon ^ Maria & Dongryeong v
@Burger king after partying all night! JEONGIE put some pics on her blog too.
I personally had a great time! ^__^ maybe she'll put some of the pics on her blog.. if not.. then you can't see them, I guess. o__o lol. She put them on her personal FB tho, so if you're her friend there, then yay you! Hohoho~
Tuesday afternoon Lene and I met up for lunch. She was leaving for Holland that night, so we went to Riz Raz to enjoy their lunch buffet! It was... yummy! But strange.. and bright as we are, we totally missed all the silver containers on the other side of the buffet - so no hot dishes for us :C I totally missed the falafels and I was trippin' big time cause I love falafel. At least the girl behind the counter let me take one home. Haha! That day I also did some shopping for my girls here and there; Yinnie, Katie & Jay. Hohoh! I hope you guys will like what I got you! I still need to get stuff for Ashe as well D: ughh
Later that night my home dawgs, Jonathan (aka 천찬씨) and Annemette (aka Nezumi) came over for dinner! I made a.. quite interesting version of Jeongie's kimchi soup - not as spicy,  but with fresh ravioli and batter chicken! NOM! Quite yummy if I must say so myself.. ^__~

Wednesday I met up with Tanja (yes, my ex. lol). I still hadn't given her her keys to her apartment back (cause I'm a lazy, forgetful bum) so we met up for lunch and I bought some FLANNEL! Yayy!
You know me and my flannel. Hohoho ^__^" The green one from Carlings (349DKK) and the red one from the guys' department in Deres (199DKK).

omg this entry so long.. T_T sorryyy~
Now for box-haulin' though! First up - lenses!
A new pair of my faves! (cause the other ones broke T_T)
These were all ordered from along with two other pairs for Annemette. Weirdly enough though.. we got NO lens cases with our order at all :C So yeah, BOO YOU SHOPPINGHOLICS. I wrote them an email and they didn't reply either.. so eff' them. I also ordered those fancy eyedrops that everyone keeps raving about. I tried them once. They made no particular difference.. O_x

Nail polishes! All bought from eBay. I don't feel like paying 20 bucks for a nail polish here in Denmark, so I buy mine on eBay for like a fraction of the price. Scoreee~
China Glaze "Meteor Shower"
Essie "Aruba Blue"
China Glaze "Techno"
OPI "Alpine Snow"
China Glaze "Icicle"

I also bought some makeup.. I needed a new one of my Slide on Pencils from NYX, so I got that.. The lipgloss came for free with my order - Round Lipgloss in "Cappuccino" and the blush is their Mosaic Powder Blush in "Rosey".
I've wanted to try their mascaras for a while.. I tried the waterproof version of their popular Doll Eye mascara.. Not too impressed, sadly :C It did nothing for my lashes.. boo. I'd hoped that the waterproof formula would hold my curl, but the consistency of the mascara is just too wet. Bummer~ The other mascara is a Nilens Jord mascara. Quite excited to try that one out! The NYX one is in Extreme Black - the other is in Black.  ^__^

That's it! Excuse the length of this entry T__T
Hope I didn't bore you to death.. I'll try not to have such huge gaps between entries from now on.. School doesn't start again until Feb 1st, so I got some time left to spend with friends. Tomorrow's dinner night at my place btw! Will take pictures! : D
Until next time!


  1. uh lalallalala so much! * u *

    first of all: i'm so hungry, I really am and omg, the photos are so nice and yummy! :c
    I want to eat the kimchi-soup too! ;;
    Cook me a soup noona, NOOOOOOOOOOOW!

    Second point: hrhrhhrhrhr, you ;D hrhrhrhrhr
    you are so hot, omg D:
    I want to be a girl, so we could be in a relationship <3
    (loool I'm talking so much shit, but that's true! e,e)

    and the lenses are amazing! I also want to buy some purple ones, do you make a review later? if not, tell me how they look like <3

    sarang sarang,
    momigay oppaa~

  2. Sooo much!

    But I love you in Flanel, you look hot and your cooking skills seem nice!

    I also love Falafel Q_Q

  3. You made that?! It looks delicious! I think I will be stopping by for some dinner lol Great post, and it wasn't too long...I made it to the end! ;)

  4. That sucks they didn't give you lens cases >:O where else are you going to put your lenses? In a spare water bottle??? I don't think so.

    Wow you always eat the nicest food, it makes me hungry/jealous

    Nyx is great, they have cheap makeup for a decent quality, I really like their jumbo eyeshadow pencils but not a big fan of their eyeliner :/ it makes my eyelids itchy for some odd reason

  5. I love all the stuff you bought O_O
    The nail polish, lenses, flannels, all yess :D
    And the food looks just yum ;D

  6. Boo to them for not giving contact lens cases! :( And haha...I haven't tried those eye drops but your comment made me laugh. XD

  7. great food pics and nice haul!! I really like your picks on the nail polishes :)

  8. Such nice pictures! Please take me with you ahhh your life seems so fun!


  9. omg purple! I want to see you in those colored contacts!

  10. Woaaaa, those lenses are so cool! wow, i like them!

  11. We love your blog is wonderful and we are always here giving all the news.
    We wish you a great weekend.
    Bjs of Glorinha.

  12. I totally forgot the outrageous prices on the 'minor' things in Denmark .. 20kr for nail polish?! Σ(゚д゚lll) That's a pretty 100B + 5B in coins! Slippers, underwear, hair stuff, fake eyelashes, makeup, CLOTHES, FOOD - I'm going to slap my wallet senseless. Shisus. EUROPE/DK Y U SO EXPENSIVE. For 20 kr. you could get 20 O•P•I/Etude/Skin Food/MAC etc of brands names that makes my head spin nail polishes! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

    Home cooked food looks so yummy .. //le sobs.

    Tho' indeed a miss on the better and "cheaper" male clothes in Denmark.. or the GIRL VS GUY CLOTHING: here, it's the guy clothing that's a bit more pricey .. and harder to find in a NONTSHIRT-ONLY BUTBUTBUT, in the eyes of converting the currency //cough*cough, oh my you can find so much goodness in a Japanese-Korean guy section, I may say, been tempted and been stupid, silly me OHOHOHOHO those handsome drool'worthy yummy.. guy.. I MEAAN CLOTHES.

    Is that what you normally consider a long post? .. I think I'll just spam with tons of entries then ᕙ(⇀‸↼ )´★

  13. Why must you always post delicious photos of food T^T *inner fatty* Love the new flannel! :D And the polishes~~~~ So many lenses >.< Reviews to come soon i hope!! ^^

    As for the Lycee eye drops.. for me they're super shittay. Did nothing to me.. semi worked for like 3 minutes then my eyes went dry again D:

  14. Oh and she's back after leaving us for like almost-a-long-time-ish!
    Why must you always tease us with your food porn? Everytime I hit up your page woman I get all hungry and shizz. *DRIBBLES*
    I'll be waiting for the reviews on the lenses and nail polish (I love glittery nail polishes) - better be soon ja? b(*--*)d
    Also, please kidnap me and let me live with you... Pretty please *SPARKLY EYES*!

  15. Ahhh shoppingholics' staff are most probably on their CNY vacay right now, perhaps they'll reply after a few days?

    Godddd, you're such a fantastic cook! Do you mind sharing the improved recipe for the kimchi soup?

  16. Nice to all the stuff you bought!
    And your version of the kimchi soup looks yummy ;)


  17. ah your header!! i'm obsessed with don't cry!!! never get sick of that song!!!
    so many circle lens!! haha

  18. You must do a review on those contact lenses!! :D

  19. You met Lene! I was wondering what had happened to her ever since she stopped writing her beauty blog. That's awesome that you got the chance to hang out together :D

    And great picks with the lenses - I really like the colors you chose!

  20. you girls are so cute <333 and great stuff that you got! i really need new makeup >< mine are getting old. wish NYX wasn't so damn expensive here!

  21. Line you butthead! XD
    When they teach you, you can teach us and that will result in more online shopping - gah going to be broke broke broke. I can't wait for your updates *JUMPS UP & DOWN*!

  22. So many goodies! I am eyeing those nail polishessss! Its not lengthy at all. That's wonderful that you met Lene!!

  23. like this post love the colord lenses


  24. Amazingggg haul! Flannel looks awesome on you by the way ;] Nice lenses, I've wanted to try Fynale ones. As if they didn't come with cases :O Yes boo to Shoppingholics lol. Love the nail polishes, I'm also not keen on spending around $20 for one, cheaper online shopping ftw =]

  25. OH HOLY SHNIKIES I'M REPLYING! ;____; I feel awful for replying.... an entire month later.... omg I suck so hard.

    OMG the view~~ did you take that photo?? It's gorgeous!! <3 I want to be there right now. Away from stupid people and work and life~ ahhhh <3

    OHHH I checked Lene's blog!! LOVEEEEE! I still need to show these recipes to my boyfriend and have him make these for me! (He's a baker lol) Have you had the pleasure of trying those wonderful-looking foodses??? I have an absolute NEED to try that Apple Crumble.... cream cheese is like my best friend. O____O -twitches-


    Oh my gosh, I haven't had Burger King in like.... 2 years? I wonder why that is...... meh, In n Out is a million times better HAHA! Actually, do they still have those chicken-fry-things?? I tried them once like 3 years ago and they were so YUMZ! Fuck, now I want Burger King!!!!

    "Then yay you" LOLOLOL!!

    Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, woman!! Y'all are always eating such yummy looking food ;___; YAY FOR FALAFEL!!! I tried it for the first time last year at a flea market and it was SO effing good!! I tried making them at home, but I think I need to steal some of your epic cooking skills D; And YAY YAY I'm soooo excited babeeeee :DDDD I want to send you another package just because I love you so much HAHA!

    WHOAAAAA. Kimchi soup with ravioli and chicken...?!?!! GIMME THE RECIPE!! Pwease? :3

    Babee you so SEXAYYYYY! I've really been lusting after some flannel shirts after seeing you rocking them constantly! <3 <3 <3

    AWW BOOO SHOPPINGHOLICS WTF o___o I always think besides it just being courtesy, but it should be a given to give customers a lens case with their lenses... what are they gonna do, put them back in the vials? wtff The lenses look sooo amazing thoughhhhh. ^_________^ OHH the Lycee drops! Hah, I mostly just liked the way the packaging looked LOL I think it helps, but eyedrops in general are a hassle for me because my eyes are sensitive to everything. :/ I DID like them though since they were the only contact-drops I had... but then I left it in my pocket and ran it through the wash. derppppp. -____-;

    OMGGGG THE CHINA GLAZE POLISH LOOKS SO GORGEOUS!!!! OKAY. Next love package I throw at you I'm giving you some more polishes. <3 <3 How is NYX cosmetics for you? I've only tried one of their black packaging lipsticks and their concealer pot, which I didn't like. :( Oh wait, I also tried their pencil liners when I was in Hawaii and really liked them!! How's the blush?? Are they pretty pigmented?? :3

    WAITING FOR YOUR NEXT ENTRY BABE! And I'll try to comment quicker next time, this is really unacceptable :'((( GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STUDIESSSS!!! :D

  26. haha, it's so fun that's you've met my sister :) . she told me that she had an awesome time there ^^

    xx. Elisa
    p.s feel free to join my giveaway to win a pair of circle lenses of your choice ^^ :

  27. Ja. Mennesker har det med at dømme, før de kender hele historien..De bliver alt for hurtigt sure. og jo, selvfølgelig var jeg bare glad for det. det må jeg åbenbart ikke være :)

  28. Great post and haul! That sunset picture is truly amazing!! where was it taken?

    1. It was taken at Islands Brygge when we crossed over the bridge to Christianshavn (Lene and I) to go to Christiania ^__^

  29. omgomgomgomgomg!!! love those colored lenses! they look so chic!!!!!1


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