Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hair toning fail :C

In the daily adventures of le Nani
- shit goes down. fo' shiz. lol (not really)
This entry is a hot mess  btw.. T_T excuse me.

My life the past week's time after coming home from my parents'.
Snacks and Kimi to Boku (Mirai Nikki is on a new year's break and I guess Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi is over already :C)
I finally managed to move my ass out of bed yesterday (and today) and actually take a shower. My blonde color had been getting a lil' weird lately, so why not tone it? Yay! I didn't read the instructions, cause I use another toner of the same brand  anyway, so I figured the guidelines were the same - not so much. I left it in for 30 minutes (my other one can be left in for 40 minutes without staining) which turned out to be.. ehh, too much.
Lol. See what I mean? Not cool. It doesn't look as bad as it could've, but I'm still a bit bummed :C at least the weird-ass color of the blonde is gone.. now it's just.. kinda lilac/grey-ish.
Oh, and I also cut my hurr.. hohoho.. You can see pics of it further below. It turned out way better than I'd expected. Except for the back.. or well, I wouldn't know.. Cause I can't see the back O_O"
In celebration of my shower, I actually used my new serum... I also tried out my new L'Oréal foundation and I LOVE IT - just like I loved the sample. My skin is a bit too dry for it lately, though, as my dry patches are being rather persistent. Anyway, of course all this effort called for a camwhore session. w00t. I also did my nails (pic above.. omg why is this entry such a mess?)
Purple hurrrr. lolz
On a random side note.. I've been getting over 300 hits a day the past 3-4 days O_ô what's up with that? Strange indeed. O_x"
Look at all that healthy shit! >: D
Also went grocery shopping this morning.. I stayed up all night, planning an all-nighter and all. But yeah, I fell sleep when I got back, woke up at 6PM and then again at 8:30PM. WOOOPSIES. lol. Doesn't matter, school doesn't start until February, so I'm all good. Going out for cocktails tomorrow with EMIRU and JEONGIE though. Hollaa~

OH BTW. Wanted to share this video! Think the song is super catchy.. and Auburn is a cutie, ok. xD yes, homo. I don't currrr, man! She's FINE.
Hope you're all well!
Until next time ^__^


  1. I love your hair so much, as much as I love you! <3
    and the very bright purple has something, something cool!
    If I had my old hair I also would put some purple in it I think, forever gay, forever lovely ;U;<3

  2. Okay so I only have like 2 minutes left for my break at work right now, but I just can't contain myself, alright??

    YOUR HAIR IS SO FUCKING CUTE OMGGG!!! Come over here and do mine!!! ;OO omg I can't get over your adorable hotness mahaha~ (end stalker)


    .. omg give me purple/gray-ish hair! (srsly typed "gay-ish" hair at first -.-)

    See you tomorrow! >: D

  4. I love the hair! Lol, I thought it said "gay-ish" hair too. whoops. =P

  5. I don't think the post is a mess^^
    That is so cool how you do your hair.
    I dye my hair but I'm way too scared to cut it on my own >_<;;

  6. You hair turned out great, really like the color and cut :)
    I really like your necklace :o
    Haha usually when I go grocery shopping I end up buying only junk xD!
    I really like that song by Auburn it plays all the time at my job :3

  7. I really think your hair turned out really really nice! and yes, it is to celebrate that you took a shower! lol, loving the nails, they are really lovely! I got to agree Auburn is really cute!! <3

  8. I think you did a great job dying n cutting your hair, like a pro!! Happy new yr :)

  9. LOL, this is gonna sound dumb but ima ask you anyway.. what's hair toner for? XD Yeee! your nails are so cute ^.^ have fun having drinks tomorrow :D

  10. Sorry to hear about the toner mishap lovely!
    I need to get into healthier eating, whenever I go grocery shopping on my own I just buy crisps :| whoops!


  11. like your hair color though =) nothing wrong with it!! :D

  12. Haha...I'm glad you made it out of bed to take a shower. ;P I wish I could do my own hair like you. My wallet would totally thank me. Btw, it looks good! :)

  13. Awwwww, hvor ser du cute ud. Synes ikke dit hår er fail overhovedet! :)

    Knus <3

  14. I like the new haircut :D and now I need something to eat... your blog always makes me hungry! ><

  15. OH MY GAHH!
    You cut your own hair? Are you serious? It looks fricking awesome woman! *FANGIRL* I love it - you should've done a chunk of lilac on the bottom layer.
    I'm still too chicken shit to cut my hair that short, maybe one day...

    And because of you, I downloaded that song - it's so catchy! The 2 seconds at the beginning reminded me of 2NE1's fire introduction though.

    (P.S - I'm loving all these photos of your face *SPARKLY EYES*)

  16. You're adorable *__* I always cut my hair at home too ahaha it's so much more convenient *__*

  17. you are so hot. i love your haircut and color! matches you so well!!!

  18. Haha, der er virkelig nogle sjove citater i videoen!;)


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