Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 - New year, new life... or?

Happy New Year, everyone!
This is my first entry typed on my brand new MacBook. See? I got it. Hohoho. Along with tons of other stuff yesterday (Jeongie and I went shopping, w00t), but that's for another entry. Hope you entered the year of 2012 happily. I surely did, celebrating with some great friends, drinks, food and snacks. I had a great time at Jeongie's house, partying with JEONGIEEMIRU, Dai, Camilla, Mads, Simon, Jacqueline, Jacki and Maria and I wanna thank you all for a great night + thank Jeongie and Mads for letting me stay for a few days as well : D Hope I wasn't too big of a hassle. hohoho~
Do you guys have any new year's resolutions? I want to really study hard and focus a lot on school. I'm going to Korea in August (as most of you know) and I really want to make my parents (and myself for that matter) really proud. So yeah, study study study! What are yours?
Anyway, here I am.. simply to share some pictures before ordering pizza (again.. ugh, I eat too much takeout, lol). 

4AM pizza. Hahaha, we waited like 2.5 hours for this shit.

My nails for the night. ^__^ Got it from my girl, KATIE.

Have a great night, guys!
OH.. and I made a twitter account for my phone.
(even though I said I never would. lol)


  1. woahhh loook ata ll that food! droooling* i love your eye makeup and your nail polish! happy new year!!

  2. wow I love your make up, girl ♥
    and haha looks like you had a great new year's eve too :D

  3. I always love your food porn it looks so good O_O lol. looks like you did start the New Year well, congrats :]

    Also, good resolution, studying is always important! :]

  4. I am grateful for your visit to my blog! Thank you very much!
    The first thing I wanted to tell you is that obviously the better are the MAC or MUFE (in my opinion), but they also become very expensive. Each pair I get for 15 euros, and here, for 8 euros bought 20 pairs (just 0.40 cts per pair). So, although you're right in that there are better, these, for the price, I feel great!
    The second thing I wanted to say is that fortunately I have a beautiful natural eyelashes, and with mascara thay're very very pretty!!, but I wanted a more dramatic effect at night. So I do not mind its "natural" to me are perfectly outrageous! (Also, I cut them in half and I use only the outer corner, are very natural!)
    but anyway thank you very much for your opinion, the other girls will serve!
    You are Jeongie's friend! I follow her a long, I love your way of dressing! :)
    I'm going to snoop your blog a little more. It's fun!

    (pictures smell so good... haha!!)
    Best regards!

  5. (And sorry about my poor english.. )

  6. Wow! Awesome spread!!! Congrats on the new computer too..

  7. I love your eye makeup and nails Nani! So sparkly and pretty ^^ And is that korean bbq I see grilling there? I've been craving it for so long now - maybe I'll try making it at home :)

  8. Happy new year Nani! Your makeup is smokin', literally :D Looks like you had an amazing celebration! Haha thanks for your comment, I agree with you on City Hunter being a bit ... boring at the start but after the first 30-40 minutes it's better

  9. Happy new years :D Omg, the party looked so fun! woop woop on your new mac book! cant wait to see your shopping haul <33

  10. Happy New year to you too! May 2012 be filled with joy for you.

    Great pics as usual, you always have such fun gatherings!


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