Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello there, guys!

After having been slightly MIA this week, I decided to bring back a gyaru-inspired makeup look. I got massively bored last night (yes, I fucked up my sleeping schedule again - bedtime at 6AM ^__^") and decided to slam on some lenses and makeup. I've been hating on my Geo Angel lenses a lot, because they're incredibly uncomfortable. I still don't really like the feel of them, but either way I'm getting some new ones (except for the pair I won from Jeongie's giveaway 100 years back). Any brands/models in particular (14-14.2mm) that you guys would recommend? If you haven't seen my tumblr post from last night, then let's get to it!

(white girl with lenses ewww)

"No makeup" for reference.

- Face
Revlon Colorstay Active "04 Nude"
e.l.f. HD Powder "Translucent"
e.l.f. Mineral Blush "Joy"
L'oreál H.I.P. Bronzer "Thriving" (I still hate this one)

- Eyes
NYX Champagne & Caviar (Palette)
> light shimmery taupe over lid
> dark brown in the crease
> black over liner
> white on brow bone
L'oreál Carbon Gloss liner "Carbon Black"
Maybelline XXL Curl "Soft Black"
NYX Slim Eye Pencil "Black"

- Lips
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick "Soft Nude"
MAC Creme Sheen Glass "Boy Bait"

Now.. a few tips for white girls/other non-Asian girls 
who want to wear lenses (without looking like alien freaks):
- 1. Use good quality products. Do NOT compromise with anything you put in your eyes. Do not purchase lenses from iffy-looking stores online. This 'rule' obviously apply to everyone interested in lenses.
- 2. Try to stay away from lenses larger than 14.2mm. 
- 3. Don't widen your eyes like a frightened deer when you take selcas.
- 4. Don't do your eye makeup to make your eyes look rounder. Try to lengthen the eyes with your makeup and keep the liner a bit more 'straight' to make your eyes look more square and narrow.
- 5. Do your makeup in accordance with your own features. Just because the Asian gyaru girls in magazines can do their liner and lashes in that special way, it doesn't mean that it's gonna suit your face- and eye shape. Work with what you got.

I'm not planning on doing these 'gyaru'-inspired looks a lot.. I was simply bored. I'm getting more and more into a more casual type of style and I'm honestly too lazy to do makeup, unless I'm going out for a crazy night on a town ^__~ so yeah.. but if you have any specific request - let me know and I'll try to do it for you : D

And now just a few random shots.
Tonight's dinner. Nomnom! 
Vegan fried wok with rice noodles. I'm actually thinking about going vegan.. just to try it, really. I don't know.. Jenna Marbles on youtube is vegan 6 days a week and she says that it gives her better energy and makes it easier to maintain a fit, healthy body. So I really wanna try it : D
This is one of my good friends, Diana. She was the friend who came to visit me last weekend. We had a blast catching up, talking till 3AM about everyone we know, used to know and wished we still knew. Ahh it was awesome, so here's a tribute to her! : D She's taking me sightseeing in Copenhagen tomorrow (I hope..).. Just to have me try out the route to uni before Monday, so I don't get lost. Haha~
and now.. because Jay had me think about sheep the other day. My sheep bedding covers! They were a present from family friends and I love them so much! If you haven't noticed already, I'm a damn sucker for sheep. So yeah, sheep sheets it is ; D

Did you ENTER MY GIVEAWAY YET? I noticed a LOT of new followers recently, but 60% of them don't even join the giveaway.. O_ô which has me wondering. I feel like I put up everything that most of you would want.. but yeah, I guess the amount of 'work' you have to put into joining is just a turn-off, huh? A shout-out to Jeongie for being a doll and linking to my giveaway! You're awesome, girl and you better know it! See you next Saturday >: D

That's it, guys! Hope you liked the entry today! : D 
Let me know if you have any requests! 
*sends out virtual hugs and chocolate buns*

Monday, August 22, 2011


I'll be counting entries and announcing the winner asap!

Giveaway Time~!

2ne1 img: YG FAMILY BLOG
MAC eyeshadow img:
Lenses img:
NYX Lipstick img:
Essie polish: 

As most of you probably noticed already, I teamed up with not too long ago. is a great website that provides you with both lower end and higher end brands such as Stila, Essie, MAC, Deborah Lippmann, Chanel and Christian Dior. You can even get Bobbi Brown’s super popular gel liner on the site! They specialize in everything from skincare to hair care, beauty and cosmetics. Apothica is one of 3 sibling-sites:, and – all focusing on making you looking and feeling your best by providing some of the best body and face products on the market.
So to get the word out there, is giving away one gift card worth $25 to spend on any of the three websites to one of my lucky readers. And that’s not all! To spice up the giveaway a bit, I’m adding in some great goods as well, that’ll be great for ulzzang fans and gyaru fans out there...

Prize list*
GEO MagicColor Circle Lenses in “Black” (PLANO)
2ne1’s new mini-album “Vol. 2”
NYX Matte Lipstick in “Summer Breeze”
Essie Nailpolish in “French Affair”
Cute hairclips
MAC Single Eyeshadow (winner’s choice)
e.l.f. Studio Powder brush
e.l.f. Studio Blush “Tickled Pink”
1 box of natural lashes
*The prize-list MAY change, but the main prizes remain (Items shown on the above graphic).

That means that one lucky winner will not ONLY be winning the gift card to spend on, or – they’ll also be winning a goodie bag personally shipped out by me.

- You must be a public follower of my blog through Blogger.
- If you enter with a blog that has only been made to enter giveaways, you will be immediately disqualified.
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- The giveaway is open internationally, HOWEVER - I will not be held responsible if the prizes get lost in the mail. Make sure that your mailing service is trustworthy before you enter.
- The Apothica gift card will be generated electronically and sent to you via email, therefore please either add SkinCareRx to your address-book on your email or keep an eye out for your spam-folder – you do not wanna miss this chance!
- Apothica does ship internationally – however, they do not ship to all countries. I will be sharing your shipping information, name and phone number with, if you happen to win the contest. Apothica will contact the winner to verify information.

The contest runs from Monday, August 22nd till Sunday, October 30th 2011

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Please fill out this form and put it
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You only have to do one of the first three options (doing them all won't count for extra entries) and as usual the extra entries are optional. This means that you can get a maximum 5 entries in total.

Good luck!
And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Greetings from the Capital! (+giveaway info!)

Hello there ladies and fellas
I hope you're all doing well..

//RANDOM: My mom made these Friday afternoon. ^__^ nomnomnom!


I'm slowly adapting to the life in the 'big city' more or less. I don't really live in the middle of central Copenhagen, but it's pretty close to the area. Anyway! Here I am, sitting by the dining table writing in my new (temporary) house.. So yeah, here are some updates and photos on what I've been up to for the past week's time. Enjoy~ (and there will be food porn. Don't worry ^__~)

The whole moving 'adventure'

Dad finding a musical note book from SHU-BI-DUA (Danish band)

My new room

We took off from home around 8AM and arrived at my new house around noon. My new roomie wasn't home yet, so my parents and I went for a ride through the city to check the place out a bit. When we got back, Roomie had arrived, so we said hello, talked a bit and started packing out. In the above picture you can see my new room and how I 'decorated' it so far. lol. Most is already decorated by Roomie, as it's her house, but I got my things in their places and all. The bed is a double-bed, so I'm probably gonna dissemble it and switch it out with a single bed. The double bed takes up too much space, I think.

Basket of Beauty. Hahaha

I don't have a lot of shelf-space and closet space, so I'm adjusting to living in a smaller room. I don't sit in my room a lot anyway, when Roomie isn't home, so it doesn't really matter to me. She also moved some of her stuff in the office, so that I can sit in there and study if I want to, when school starts.

My beautiful parents outside Dong Fang

When we arrived at my new house, Roomie prepared lunch for us. She offered to cook us dinner too, but my parents and I didn't want her to exhaust herself for our sake, so we went out to eat at a local Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant was SUPER nice and seriously PACKED with people when we arrived at 7PM. It took a while for us to get seated and until a waitress came to take our order (even though we used their (super cool!) buzzer-thing-system). Either way, the food was absolutely delicious!

We were first served a super delicious peking soup.. Sadly, for me, it was SOOO spicy my mouth was on fire. My dad didn't think it was that spicy, and my mom (who has tasting buds like a dragon!) didn't think it was spicy at all. Haha! After that my parents headed for the Mongolian BBQ buffet, as I dug into the Chinese buffet! I LOOOOVE baked chicken SO MUCH. There were a lot of dishes and the names of the dishes were kinda all over the place.. luckily there were no eggs in the fried noodles, so I had my two servings of fried noodles, baked chicken and prawns and sweet/sour sauce! I didn't get to have any peking duck, simply because the dish-names were a MESS and I couldn't identify it anywhere -___-"

Before going home the next morning, my parents took me grocery shopping and provided me with tons of food and items to stay alive for the next 2 weeks. I had to go grocery shopping myself 3 times already! UGH I suck at grocery shopping T__T I love doing it.. but I suck at it. *fist of fury*

On Monday Roomie took me on a little sightseeing in the area. She showed me routes for jogging/bike-riding,  good shopping places, beautiful spots to relax with nature, bus/train stations etc. I'm not gonna name the places for safety reasons (and mostly because I don't remember.. LOL), but here are some pictures! ^__^

My first time seeing a real-life waterlilly!

Obviously I now live in an incredibly beautiful place! I still have to get over how incredibly close I am to Copenhagen, a grocery store, a Chinese restaurant - yeah, basically everything! lol.

Look how cute his ice cream truck is! He brought it back to Denmark from the UK! Custom made, y'all! So cuuute!

After the tour she took me to Ismageriet in Amager, where she bought me a cup of icecream and we sat down to talk outside the ice cream shop. The ice cream was AMAZING!

I got 3 kinds. Vanilla, Straciatella (favorite!) and Caramel. They were all super delicious! I couldn't eat it all cause my tongue got all numb from the cold. Hahaha! It was great fun though! Thanks so much, Roomie! You're the best! \(^__^)/ ~♡

To something else... one of my dearest friends from highschool (who moved to Copenhagen about 2 years ago+/-) came to visit yesterday. She's gone for school now, but she'll be back later. ^__^ Since she's a vegetarian, I had to challenge a different side of my cooking skills for once. I don't cook a lot of veggie dishes, but I did manage to mash something together.

Mixed salad, fried veggies and oven baked potatoes and carrots.

I love that she came to visit! We talked and caught up with everything over dinner and we didn't realize for how long we'd been talking until it was almost 1AM. I saw her shortly last year, but I've missed her so so so much! It's SOOO great to finally see her again! : D *hugs Diana*

Alright.. and now to the finishing touches -

I got my Korean books! YAY! Both my grammar books and one of my history books arrived already. WUII! It's so exciting! I flipped through some of them already. The work books remind me of the work books I had in 2nd grade. Haha! I feel like such a kid.

Speaking of kid.. MWAHAH. LOOK it's my cousin!

Sofieeee!! Aww she's so cute! My grandma sent me this photo through MMS text and I just had to share it. She's so big already!

and now lastly..
Giveaway Information
Alright, so as you know I have a poll up for you guys to vote in about what you want for my next giveaway, where I'm teaming up with! I know you've all seen those $25 gift card giveaways, and I noticed that those don't  have a lot of participants - however, my giveaway won't just be a $25 worth giftcard. I'm doing a semi-Korean-inspired giveaway. Sadly the items that I will be ordering obviously didn't arrive yet (some of them I haven't even ordered yet!), so therefore you're gonna have to settle for a boring text-list of the items you'll be winning along with 'official' pictures from the brands.
The giveaway will most likely be up on Monday, if my proposition is accepted.

Please continue to vote in the poll! >>>>

Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am! After 6 months have passed since my last giveaway, I feel that it's about time!

Alright, that's it. Excuse the long-ass entry!
Also, welcome to new followers! I noticed a few new ones tagged along ^__^ Welcome to my blog, y'all! I hope you enjoy your stay!

I'll talk to you all later!
Have some great summer days! (of those poor ones that are left -__-")

Thursday, August 11, 2011

God makes man, and this is the devil’s finishing touches.

Hey guys! 


I'm sorry I keep taking forever inbetween updates. Spite not having packed at all for the past week's time, I'm still kinda stressed about moving out and all.. I'm extremely tired right now. I went to bed around 3AM and got up at 6:30AM, simply because my brain refused to shut off and just CHILL OUT. -__-" Ugh, so frustrating. Everything seems to be in Ordnung, though, so now I just wait for time to pass so I can pack up my last items and get out. I cleaned my brushes today, put most of my beauty items in a box and packed up my clothes, bedding sheets and some towels. 

Ahh, this is really weird. I'm moving out in 2 days! Originally I should've gone tomorrow, but it didn't really fit with my dad's working schedule very well. So he's preparing me a nommy dinner tomorrow night with my parents, me, my younger brother and his gf (and probably Vivivivivivi. lol) to celebrate the move and me becoming an adult and all. (or just to celebrate my ass leaving their house.. kekeke~!)

Random: My breakfast at 7AM this morning. Yes, I'm a fatty. Pita-pizzas with turkey salami and mozarella cheese! Nomnomnom

Anyway, packing packing packing...~

This is for Vivi. Stop buying me the wrong pretzels, you fool! -__-"

Yesterday my mom and I went to Bilka (a Danish store similar to Walmart) to get plates for my apartment. I'm moving into a house at a friend's friend house, so I don't get to decorate my apartment right away. I'm still on a waiting list atm. Anyway, I had my eyes set on these particular plates since forever, so mom and I went to pick up two sets (for 12 people in total) - one set in black and one in white. I reckon it's gonna look sexy as hell setting the table with black/white plates. Mwahha.. Besides the plates (that mom paid for now - as I still need to pay for two books, transportation card etc.) my mom also got me a tanktop from the men's section. Hehe, I thought it was pretty rockin' AND it was on sale for like $7.70! Score!

Ignore the shoes. They're my DC's - not new. Still fab., though!

Other things I got were candy, noodles and a necklace. I've been on the hunt for a rosary for a while. I'm not catholic (nor religious in general), but I think crosses are super edgy and I love the symbol for accessories.

This necklace kind of reminded me of a rosary, and as it was discounted from $25 to $5.80, I just had to get it! I'm probably gonna remove the cross that's on it now (as it's extremely cheap-looking) and replace it with another one that I have, but overall I'm diggin' this piece.

Now to the noodles.. This is probably gonna be a bit weird - who goes shopping and gets noodles, right? It's weird. But yeah, I found these in Netto (grocery store) for $1.90 - they're usually over $3 per pack, so I had to get a few. I loooove rice noodles, simply because they're PERFECT for my Japanese inspired chicken noodle soup that I tend to make from time to time. Rice noodles don't become too soft and gooey when they lie in the soup for a longer period of time, so they're simply perfect for that. I usually get the very slim, round-ish ones, but these semi-flat ones are great as well (^__^)/ *fatty-chan approves* ♡

Before leaving, I just wanted to show you Vivi's new haircut that I gave her. She came to my house late Saturday night (yeah, late at night - what a surprise.. LOL) and begged me for a haircut. She also brought me a huge bag of the WRONG liquorice pretzels. (I'm only putting this information in this entry for her to sizzle in her own embarrassment of being a bad friend. Hahahaha! Anyway...) This is what she looked like when she arrived:

Ignore her awkward expression. It's standard for her face to look a bit weird : P

And this is after her haircut:

w00t do I get an award or something now for being an epic friend AND hairstylist? Hahaha. I kid. But yeah, that's about it for now.. I should take a nap... brush my teeth and then take a nap. Yup! I think that's what I'm gonna do. Don't forget to VOTE ON THE POLL! It's important. Also feel free to let me know what kpop album/single/mini-album you'd be most interested in winning. It's kinda pointless for y'all to vote "YAY kpop album!" and then I get one up for the giveaway that nobody wants. -shrugs- So let me know, yes? 2ne1, Big Bang, f(x), Bi Rain, Taeyang? LEMME KNOW.

ALRIGHT. Until next time everyone!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Striped sweater, white nails and a naked face

Hi there, ladies (and fellas) 
How are you enjoying your week so far?

My kpop/jrock collection in a huge box. This feels weird..

My week so far has consisted of applying for public education support, reporting my future move to the National Register, ordering my transportation card (for bus/train) and then packing most of my room into 5 giant boxes. I still need to move my 'I use this on a daily'-stuff; makeup, toiletries, clothes, shoes etc.
Ahh, either way, it's so strange to have to put all my things in a box and move. My mom is still not too keen on my moving so far away from home, but we both agreed that it was time for me to get my own place. She keeps telling me that "Your real life is finally about to begin now!" Both she and dad are proud, and that means a lot to me, but they also both seem a bit concerned that I won't just be 45 minutes away like my older brother is. *sigh* Oh well.. Growing up. We all gotta do it eventually, don't we?

On the moving-out-note, I wanna thank you all SO MUCH for your supportive comments on my last entry and for posting all your best wishes for me. It means a lot to me, as you probably noticed already, as I'm really nervous about all this. You know that fine balance between being REALLY excited and REALLY scared at the same time? Yeah, I'm walking between the two right now. *runs in circles*

... Moving on!

As you can tell from the title, I painted my nails WHITE (I know, wtf right?), I'm wearing my face au naturale (as I pretty much always do) and today I'm wearing my belowed long-sleeve grey/black striped sweater. And here... here I am sharing some photos! Hehe. Enjoy!

This one is kinda random.. I just took this because I found it funny how the wire to my camera had intertwined itself. Hehe

Sorry about the application, I still kinda suck at it with opaque, cream colors T_T

Pouty-face! :C

♡ CAKE ♡ Nomnom! This is the cake my momma made me.. but with whipcream on it!

Lastly I wanna re-remind you guys to PLEASE vote on the poll on the right. This is super important as I'm throwing a giveaway in collaboration with this mid August (no, it will not just be the original giveaway with a $25 gift card - there's gonna be more. Much more! ^__~ So stay tuned!), and I wanna offer some prizes that you guys would want.. otherwise, what's the point of having giveaways, right? I know a lot of people do giveaways to gain followers, but I really just want you guys to know that I appreciate your comments, your support and your love so so much. So yeah, please vote on the poll! (^__^)/ ♡

I'll talk to you all soon!
Oh.. and did you follow me on TUMBLR yet? (^__~)/