Tuesday, June 28, 2011


내가 제일 잘나가 
(naega jeil jalnaga) "I Am the Best" 

FUCKYES. The new 2ne1 MV was released this morning 10AM Korean Time and I am STOKED, y'all! The song, the outfits, CL so damn bad-ass! I LOVE IT! I've had it on repeat all afternoon and I'm super excited for the subbed version to go on LJ. w000t~
Also.. two other things (not related to 2ne1 tho).. GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN NEW YORK! w000t! Shove that in your pipe and SMOKE it, antis! Also, it's now an option to be in a 'domestic partnership' and a 'civil union' with each other on Facebook. A friend and I took advantage of that, spite having NO clue what 'civil union' even means.. To me it sounds like the gang-bangs of gay relationships, but that's just me, I guess ^__~ But yeah.. Congratulations to the gays of New York! YOU MADE HISTORY! -parties-

On a side note, I want to come forward and apologize for being MIA for quite some time (12 days OMG!). I never really planned on not blogging for so long, but I've had some REALLY shitty past two weeks and yesterday I went with my dad to put down Emma. She was 9 years old and extremely sick, so that really fucking sucked. I've been dedicating my time to jogging, watching Harry Potter movies and Fullmetal Alchemist anime while sleeping the entire day away. I didn't go jogging this morning, cause I was so tired. The past two days have been TERRIBLE jogging-wise.. Having too much on your mind can really fuck up your concentration, breathing and general desire for anything in life.

It's been extremely hot both yesterday and today, so I cannot jog during the afternoon.. I don't do that anyway, but since I didn't go this morning, I feel pretty bad about just sleeping and sitting on my ass. I got up early (cause I went to bed ''early'' as well), but generally.. I just don't sleep very much nor very good lately. So yeah, I apologize for the excessive food spam, random photos and general lack of beauty updates. I'm just not feeling it lately - at all. Hopefully when my mood improves I'll feel more for dressing up and not walking around in boys' clothes all day. lol.
For now.. here are some random photos.

a lot of people are saying that my legs are 'perfect' and shit - just proving that that aint true.

Dessert from the other night. Yesterday I was craving crepes and ice cream real' bad, so I dug into my parents' supply of ice cream - which contains mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. It tasted TERRIBLE. The consistency was just so greasy and gross. Definitely not doing that again.. This particular photo is of my 'own' ice cream tho. I chopped up some milk chocolate and sprinkled that on top, topping it off with some fresh, Danish strawberries. NOM!

today's lunch - veggie soup with corn, peas, pasta and chicken meat-balls.

Another dessert. Crepes, ice cream blocks and strawberries. Nomnomnom!

And yes, I'm a fatty.

On to make a happy ending for you guys! Yay! I went with my mom to see Kennel Star Quality's puppies yesterday. SO CUTE! They were 5 weeks and 3 days old.. sadly the heat made them no-so-active, but as the afternoon passed and the heat wore off they really woke up and started running around.

Generally they invited my mom and dad, but dad had stuff to do at home, so mom brought me along instead. They wanted her to give them her input on which female she thought would be the best - as always, I went for the one in the photo and mom picked another one who was smaller and a tad bit more 'fine' cut. (bone-structure wise, not coat-wise. lol) We shall forever agree to disagree on breeding and puppies. Haha!
Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the small compilation of photos. I will try my best to stay more consistent with my updates.. *sigh* Also, thank you so much to those of you wishing me the best of recovery with my burn. The skin isn't red anymore, but some of it definitely peeled off and is now very dry. The 'wound' is turning into a massive scar (which is my own fault, as I've picked wounds since I was a kid), but everything is looking better : D So thank you all so much for that!

And now... because it's the least I can do

R.I.P Emma ♡ Wherever you are, I hope that you are free of the pain you endured while still being with us. You were a WONDERFUL dog, extremely loyal, protective and always on the guard. We love you! ♡

Thanks for reading!
MUCH LOVE you guys!
EDIT: Excuse all the extra
things. Not sure why blogger is pissing me in the face today, but I'm really not gonna bother with going through the entire code and find the error.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burnin' up, Burnin' up

For you, baby..
Or well.. I did spill boiling chicken broth all over my chin and chest the other day v(^__^)v

Oh yes, so sexy. NOT. And it hurt like a motherf*. Today would be day 3, btw. And yes, it still hurts..

Anyway, moving on...
to something epically sexual  ^___^" hehe

I got a super sexy package in the mail yesterday, and here I am.. unveiling the goods for you guys! Ahh yeh-yuhhh! Of course the package is from my San Diego buddy, Tuaaannieeeee. He's gay, guys. Sorry : P He's also very unattractive AND a jerk, so you probably wouldn't like him anyway.. \(^__^)v *d-d-durrrr cock-blocker-Nani* TEE HEE

As you can tell from the above pictures, he sent me a shit load of stuff! YEH-YUHH! -parties- I've been excited for this package for ONE main reason (except for the usual ass-licking things to say like "Oh so nice of youu" and "wow you're liekz my bestest bestie evarrrh") - the Bioré cleansers. He bought that shit like MONTHS ago, yet he didn't get to shipping it out now... -__-" *coughs* lazy ass *coughs*.

He sent me the ever so famous Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub (made popular by Holly Ann-AeRee on Youtube). I've used the scrub twice and even though I usually prefer a heavier grit than this one provides, it's quite nice. Not super scrubby, though (which kinda sucks), but it's overall quite nice. He also sent me the Bioré Triple Action Astringent toner. This toner is a harsh ass motherBEEPer, I tell you! I contains 3 types of alcohol and it kinda stings.. but in a nice, cooling way. I don't know. I like it cause I'm a masochistic son of a biatch ^__^ tee hee~ As mentioned, I've only been using it for two nights, so I can't really give u a massive, thorough review yet - but let's schedule a blog entry on how it goes about 2 weeks from now, shall we? : D I think these two range from $6-$8 at Walmart per bottle, btw. So definitely very affordable... but more on that in the future review. *nods*


Moving on to edible goods! I'm an Oreo-lover, so he got me three rolls of Oreos. NOMNOMNOM ♡ along with that he sent me 3 packs of Toaster Pastries (costco's own brand, btw) - two packs of Strawberry pastries and one pack of Cinnamon pastries (the cinnamon ones PWN! -munches-) In case you're wondering, my legs still suck, so I haven't been able to jog. This has resulted in me gaining 5 billion lbs, so I currently look like a stranded whale. Don't go around thinking that I don't gain weight AT ALL - cause I obviously do.. Don't want my followers thinking that I'm some sort of super human with LSD and Crack for metabolism.
- another edible thing he sent me was a bag of blueberry bagels (if you know me personally, you would already know that I DIG blueberry bagels. We understand eachother, blueberry bagels and I.). HOWEVER, my SUPER smart friend decided to vacuum-pack that shit and instead of simply sucking the air AROUND the bagels out, he sucked it ALL out, making my poor blueberry bagels look like shrunken raisins : ( BOO TUANNIE! -kicks- The ones from Tammy better be fluffier. ('Ó__ò)/

On a less edible sidenote, he sent me a Spiderman christmas-plushie, that he got from ComicCon last year. Bsh, Asians and their conventions. *coughs*

Alright, next up iiiiiiiiiiis a HUGE Pepsi Max tshirt (I better not have to explain this one, y'all) and a pack of dark dark dark chocolate. I tried the chocolate and it tastes like charcoal -__-" lol. My mom will like it, I think..

- Now to some of the stuff that you guys will totally dig..

Yayyyyy! *dances*

First up is an e.l.f. 100-shadow palette. I swatched some of these shadows on my thigh last night (don't ask.. lol) and actually the shimmery black is still on my leg even after I took a shower today along with a few of the matte shadows' swatches O_ô Rather disturbing level of pigmentation that is. Some of them are sheer, some are a bit powdery, some are SUPER pigmented.. a nice variation of shadows (^__^)/ u might see me do some looks with this in the future..

And now for the second-best part... (of course I love everything, but ya know... hehehehe) A SEPHORA BAG! Oh myyy~ The Sephora bag had the Purity cleanser in it - YAYY, now I can wear makeup again! : D The Purity cleanser is my ABSOLUTE favorite cleanser! It's SO awesome - a bit rough with sensitive skin, but it gets the job done very well without clogging any pores. Love it! I also got a Burt's Bees tinted lipbalm in "Honeysuckle" (quite the dirty name if you ask me, lol), the wet'n wild coloricon palette in "Comfort Zone" (Neutrals/greens), a Burt's Bees hand lotion AND the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in "#70 Soft Nude".

And swatch...
- cause I iz epic blogger. lol

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick "#70 Soft Nude"

I freaking love this lipstick! But honestly.. I'm a bit disappointed with the size of this thing. Ton of packaging for the very little amount of product that you get. However, the color is freaking AWESOME. The texture is a lot drier than a MAC lippie, but not to the point where you have to wear a gloss over it to pull it off. The dry-ness of the lipstick just makes it easier to apply. The color is sheer, but buildable. I love it - simple as that!

And to end this.... My current favorite song!
AHHH XAVIER... why are you so darn amazing? .___."

That's all, folks! Have a great week!
I'll be gone this weekend to hang with Vivi and some people at the lake for a bbq. 's gonna be sexy ^__~ 

Come check me out on TUMBLR
- and hi5s to all my new followers here on the blog! Hollaaaa~

Much love you guys!
♡ ♡

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Un-Followers, FOTD/FOYD and moarrr tags

Tell me, Cutie, am I wasting my time?
*hi5* for Shelby reference, ahh yeh-yuhhh ^

This entry is gonna be long as shieeeet, tho. -__-" So bear with me, pl0x.

Okay, seriously.. Some of you people are difficult as fauwk to please. Since I posted my ''Hi, I'm choppin' my hair off'' post with inspiration photos, I lost a total of 8 followers - including the 2 that left after I posted my new hair. I'm not quite sure why anyone would follow a blog for hairstyle ONLY, but even if that's the case - why would you unfollow because the person in question cuts their hair? It's not like I chopped it all off to go Emma Watson-semi-bald-cut. I got layers, shorter in the front - kept the length in the back. If you happen to be one of my "omg she cut her hair *unfollows*"-homies out there, please let me know what goes on in your head. I'd like to be enlightened here.. cause it makes no sense to me.

^ my life so far. Ice cream, Hits&Misses videos by Hollyannaeree and Skype calls.
 Or well, no more Skype calls, cause I got Skype-cock blocked! But either way.. lol

Moving on to tags! I've been tagged like crazy lately! YEAH BABY! I love tags (which y'all probably already know) and therefore I shall pwn all 4 tags RIGHT NOW.. Actually I got tagged to do 5, cause I was tagged to do the 7 Beauty Characteristics tag as well, but since Lene closed her site (*cries more*), I'm not sure if I wanna do it... let me know if you want me to do it, though. ^__^v

Anyway, these are the tags/awards:
- Blogger Award 2011 (Rinny, Mimi and Lina Kim all tagged me for this one, ah yeh-yuh!)
- 10 Facts Tag (tagged by Lina Kim)
- Butterfly Award (tagged by Jean)

Blogger Award 2011

1) Make a post containing:
• Say thank you to someone who give you this award
• Write about someone who give you this award
• Write about yourself
• There's a banner award and code
• Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends)
• Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox

2) Use this banner award on your blog sidebar, without change banner's code.

Thank youz:
Big thanks to all three lovely ladies who tagged me for this!

Rinny: Rinny was the winner of my grand prize in my first giveaway back in March. I'm a huge fan of her blog and she is SO so sweet! I love reading her blog. Her entries are always very thorough and very professional. She explains in great detail and yeah.. I just love her! Hehe ^__~ ♡
Mimi: Mimi is fairly new to blogger, but her blog is absolutely adorable. I love the simple, sleek layout she has and her photos are gorgeous! (hell, SHE is gorgeous. lol) You all should really go check her blog out and Follow her!
Lina Kim: I've been a fan of Lina's blog for quite a while actually.. If you've been on blogger for some time now, you'll most likely know about SparkleApple - her layout is SO freaking cute, she's super sweet and her entries are full of the most adorable little graphics ever! ♡

About me:
I absolutely LOVE getting awards, simply because it's awesome. Hehe, the tags are always fun to do and it's a great opportunity to get to know people on Blogger a bit better. Generally I love our little Blogger community on here.. there will always be haters, of course, but it seems that Youtube is the main source for the worst of them. Members of Blogger seem way sweeter and easier to 'mingle' with. Constructive criticism is way easier to acquire here on Blogger, and generally I think that Blogger has given me way more than Youtube, Tumblr and any other social site could ever give. So yeah, I LOVE YOU ALL ♡ hehe ^__~

I pass this on to: (lol, as if I died or something...)
- Katie
- Blair
- Evinde
- Jess
- Chisa
- Mwuahria
- Mint
- Jennifer
- Yinnie
10 facts tag

1. I'm 5'8'' but still the shortest in my family. (counting parents and siblings)
2. I'm extremely awkward among strangers.
3. I rarely share anything personal with people - however, a lot of my friends tell me personal things all the time. Apparently I'm easy to talk to and easy to trust. *rubs halo*
4. I hate pasta. Especially whole-grain pasta. Ugh, it's just gross. I'm a dedicated potato-lover, though.
5. I get accused of being a "relationship/home wrecker" wayyy too often.
6. I have severe trust issues.
7. I'm a goof-ball and I love making people laugh!
8. Spite fighting the urge, I'm a sucker for tomboys. Amber from f(x) is my latest addiction (I blame Tam for that one, tho.. lol)
9. Some of my best friends are online friends - and some of those I've never even met.
10. I love to travel and I really wanna go on a massive cross-country roadtrip in America from coast to coast.

I tag these lovely ladies!
(sorry if you've been tagged for this already..)

1. Penelope
2. Ronja
3. Jen
4. Ken
5. Davy
6. Meggi Essa
7. Monica
8. Tilde
9. Laura
10. Tammy
Butterfly Award

1. Write 1 fact about yourself.
2. Pass the award on.
3. Notify the bloggers who got it!

Fact about me:
- I have a very crazy temper and usually get carried away in debates with friends. Esp. if the topic is politics, animal welfare and rednecks - oh boy, I go nuts. lol ^__^"

I tag:
1. Laura (again! Mwahah)
2. Erika
3. Joyce
4. Keikk
5. Lia

PHEWWW.. That's it for the tags-part! Now... PICTUREEEEEES. lol.

First up is my FOYD.. or.. it's probably my eye look from 2 days ago.. I was all freaking out yesterday about how damn CLOSE SMTown is. Seriously.. I was stuck to Facebook the entire night last night, because SMTOWN was uploading clips from the live show in Paris. UGHHHH.. and damn.. Amber lookin' so cute! I tell you it was SO obvious how used to performing that Super Junior is compared to rookies like f(x) and SHINee.. They took it all so chilled. Jonghyun was so excited to perform (which you could easily tell), while Taemin was playin' it all cool  : P lol. I love kpop.. I mean come on.. how can you NOT love it?


And then my FOTD - which IS from today. I felt like playing around with my MAC shadows, so I came up with this rather metallic, gunmetal/lilac look.


I also wanted to try out this L'oreál foundation sample that I got a loooong time ago. It's only a sample, so it's no biggie, but I actually really like it. The color was a bit too dark for me, but it blended out SO nicely. The consistency is mousse-like and very nice to work with, so I actually really like this foundation. Sadly it casts a white cast on photos (which you can obviously tell from the photos), which kinda sucks, but oh well.. I don't buy Loreal products anyway.

Now before I go.. here are some random photos. I seriously feel as if my head's about to explode.. Damn headache. >_>"

Here's my dog droolin', lol. She's recovering very well from surgery and as you can see, she's not really in pain at all. She doesn't have too bad of a limp and most of the time she's quite the daredevil jumping around all crazy. -__-"

And here's the reason as to why she was droolin'. lol.

I woke up Tuesday (or something like that) with a terrible craving for pancakes and ice cream. I'm not sure how I justified myself eating crepes and ice cream for breakfast.. but damn, it was worth it.

aaaaaand what I picked up yesterday. I'm almost out of money completely, so yeah. I'm comforting my sorry self with food. Haha, it's a terrible habit, really, but it's nice! (^___^")v

Anyway, that's it! I hope you guys liked this.. sorry about the long-ass entry >__<" 
Not sure how that happened.. -cough- I'll talk to you all later!
Oh, and please let me know if you still want me to do the favorites video? I'm slacking big time. lol

♡ ♡ ♡

Update: Btw, I just lost another follower. Ahh yeh-yuh. Buh-bye bitch ; D
More update: Oh.. one more - I'm on a ROLL!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I haz new hair - ahh yeh yuhh~

Oh hi there~
Remember me? I used to look like this..
[WARNING: Pic & Cuss-heavy.]

And things are different now.. cause I got a haircut. Some of you may go "Ohhh sexayyyy" and the rest of you will most likely go "ARGHHH YOUR PRETTUH HURRR!? D': Y U NO KEEP DUH HAIR?!". Either way, it's my hair - my call. I still giggle about the fact that 4 people decided to unfollow after I posted my "Hi, I'm cuttin' my hair"-post. Why follow a blog for HAIR anyway? That's kinda odd to me. Either way.. If you follow my TUMBLR (which you ought to be doing), you probably saw some of these pics already. If not.. well then here you go. Enjoy ^__~

After the salon..

After shower today..

After a bit of messin' around.


So yeah.. that's the hurr, ladies (and gents, cause there actually are a few of y'all out there that have male genitals. oh myy~). I'm diggin' the do, to be honest.. The stylist started out by cutting it quite monotonically boring and 'picture perfect' and shit, even though I brought photos. She was about to 'style' the boring do until I went "Uhh.. yeah.. could u make it a bit shorter in the front?" and she looked at me as if I'd fallen from the sky. I guess she didn't expect me to want weird hair. lol. But I prefer it short in the front and long in the back.. She tried to explain that it would need a ''flowy transition'' into the layers and I was like "Well, if you fuck it up, you can cut off the longest parts as well. I really want it short in the front and long in the back, pl0x." Again, I got the "OMG BUT UR PRETTEH HURR!"-look, but she did what I asked and I'm diggin' the out come quite a lot. I don't like my hair straight, but the short part looks really fluffy after a shower, huh? Haha!

After I got my haircut, Vivi took me out to lunch (cause she's epic like that). She'd come over the night before to just chill, and she took me to the hair stylist yesterday, cause yeah.. she could -__-" lol. I dunno.. We had fun though! I helped her pick some clay, eyeliner and a mascara and she waited for me at the salon and then we went to Kebab House - lunch date ftw! lol. If you didn't notice, Vivi cut her hair too! I first saw some photos a while back, and it looked scary as fuck.. but irl she's lookin' mighty fine! -headbangs-

Yes cake looks gross,  but it's EPIC!

When we got back from lunch, we just chilled on my bed, ate cake and candy and watched Mean Girls. (I know, if you follow my Tumblr (lol, more tumblr talk) you'll know that I watched this one like a couple of days ago as well..) I CAN'T HELP IT! Mean Girls is such an awesome movie!

"Omg Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white..." D':

Sorry about the missing editing. I'm lazy by now.. lol

On a sidenote, I fucked up my knee. I'm sorry for the swearing in this entry, but my mood is a bit 'ARGH' today, cause of the pain. I have no idea how I twisted/sprained/f'ckeditup, but I did. I took Sunday off from jogging to chill and eat candy and be a fatty, but I got too restless during the afternoon and went for a 5km. walk. When I got home, my knee and Achilles tendon started acting up. I didn't put ice on it though, cause I figured it'd go away - but it didn't. I had ice on it all last night and this morning.. stupid shiet. -kicks around- This obviously means that I can't go jogging and I'm feeling fatter than ever. -__-"

Oh, and here's a random photo of me driving behind a lame truck and of my brother playing the guitar..

That's it, you guys! I hope you all had a nice weekend : D
I sure did.. kinda -__-" Except for the stupid leg/knee/ankle part. *kicks around*

OH.. and because I love you guys...

HAHAHA, lol. I'm so funnehhh.
Nah, I kid.