Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Signed sincerely... me

Dear Jamie
Okay, maybe you're not all named Jamie.

Haha! I'm just addicted to this song. SO ANNOYING. I can't get it out of my head.. it's a beautiful song, though. It reminds me of someone.. you know, how the story goes. Anyway, I'm diggin' Shelby's cover of the song. Check it out HERE. Yes, I'm still all up in her youtube channel (and tumblr for that matter - FOLLOW ME). No sexual! (maybe). lol. ^__~

This post will mostly consist of photos, so to those lazy readers out there - this is for you guys. Food porn, Nani porn (almost, actually), nostalgia etc. Sorry for posting so sporadically. I've been having some shitty days lately.. I don't get the rest of my money from Aldi until May 31st. Feels like I'm freaking married to that place.. UGH. Also.. yeah.. just personal things that make my heart (and head) go all weird and stupid. I'm counting on you guys to know what I'm talking about. lol. I put my faith in you all \(Ò__ó)/ And since most of you are girls (and have probably experienced being in love and all that jazz), I'm quite confident that you'll get what I mean..

^ this looks really gross, but it's SO damn delicious! Sadly it upsets my tummy big time. I have a feeling that I'm lactose intolerant or something.. sucks

First. Food porn! Vivi came over this past weekend and we just hung out and watched House (as always). I need to control my late-night snacking, seriously. It's terrible! But I can't help it.. I'm back to my crazy sleeping schedule, going to bed at 6.30AM+/- and waking up around 3-5PM. It's terrible.

Please don't brand me as one of those ''Omg look at my sexy bodyyyyy *insert inappropriate thoughts here*''-girls who flaunt their shit all over the internet. I took this for reference, so that I can compare the results when I'm further into this ''Let's get physical!''-phase. I hope you can bear with me through this photo. lol. Don't hate meeeee! I'm working on it! D'':

Second! Nani Porn. I have gamer tummy.. at least that's what I've been told that those red lines are called. HAHA. It makes sense tho : P Cause I sat down all day before taking the picture.. I've been getting this weird habit of going for a jog around 4AM. I know, it's kinda strange. But it's so refreshing and it lets me not only exercise (which I need to start doing!), it also lets me enjoy the sunrise, the nature, the fresh foot prints of Mr. Fox as he goes hunting around the time. I just think it's so freeing. It really takes my mind off all the stupid things that seems to occupy my brain lately. So yeah, I'm diggin' that. I'm also experimenting with some toning up (push-ups). The girly push-ups of course. I'm a damn weakling, LOL. No way in hell I'd survive those hardcore ones. Oh, and I'm also getting back into guitar playing.. I got a few chords down already, so now I'm on to practicing my F-barré chord and switching from chord to chord faster and faster. It's wayyy more difficult than it sounds, I promise!

From L-R: Peach, Jelly Doughnut, Banana Cream Pie, Caramel Apple, Coffee (like wtf?) & Cream Cheese Icing.

Time to celebrate you guys! If you didn't know already, I (for the first time EVER) won a giveaway! Can you guys believe it?? (^__^)/ sooo epic! I won's MyLipStuff giveaway! Thank you sooo much to Joyce for being an angel sent from above, blessing me with yummy lip balms. ♡ I have only tried one of them (the Caramel Apple one) and I'm honestly not super, super impressed with it. It kinda feels like I got grease on my lips - but damn, it smells SOOO good!

I found my old Levi's shoes. Ahh, I missed you guys *hugs shoes* ♡

Dear Jamie,
This envelope will represent my heart.
I'll seal it, send it off, and wish it luck with its depart.
This stamp will be every action that carry my affection
Across the air and land and sea
Should I trust the postage due?
To deliver my heart to you.


m(__ __)m *headdesk*
Yeah. With all that said.

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Until next time

Friday, May 20, 2011

I haz epic ghey humor. lol

Why hello there.. 
I'm back with yet ANOTHER blog post this week. 
DAYM, I'm on a ROLL, huh?

the cake says "Congratulations"

I went to my grandpa's birthday (yes, again. lol) yesterday, where we got Thai soup for dinner, wheats (it's a tradition to eat wheat rolls here during the current holidays) and cake. The layered cake was nice, but there was rum in it - and I freaking HATE rum - so it got really gross in the end. Nice though ^__^v I rarely eat these cakes, because the 'layers' that you build it out of, usually contain a lot of pork-derived additives, but this one was 100% home made, so I had a big slice and it made me sick. LOL. I always do that! When there's finally cake that I 'can' actually eat, I overdose on it and end up hating cake for the next 6 months or something. lol.

In terms of celebration, I decided to wear makeup. I'm wearing no foundation, no powder. Just a bit of blush, bronzer, blue and black liner, mascara and lashes.

Products used
Blush: e.l.f. Mineral Blush "Joy"
Bronzer: N.Y.C Smooth Skin Bronzer "Sunny"
Liners: L'oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss "Carbon Black", NYX Slim Eye Pencil "Black" and "Electric Blue"
Mascara: Maybelline XXL Curl Power in "Soft Black"
Lashes: ES A308


Also, just wanted to share this with you guys.
Vi-Vi-Vi came over at 1.20AM Thursday morning and she brought me 6 bottles of Pepsi Max and a bag of salted potato chips! YAY! You know, you got real friends when they show up at a crazy hour like that to give you pepsi and keep you company. She went home around 2PM, but it was super cool that she stopped by after work! (and kinda crazy too). THANK YOU SO MUCH ♡ We watched House all night, ate chips and chocolate and talked about new hairstyles.. ^^v it was AWESOME!

And SPEAKING OF HAIRSTYLES. This is gonna be a bit crazy (even for me), but I've been aching to cut my hair lately. And not just cut it, but REALLY cut it. I don't want completely short hair.. but something kinda like it.

Now, please don't think that I lost my mind completely. I'm having some identity issues lately, as my inner tomboy is battling my rationality to come out. It's terrible. Either way, I really wanna cut my hair something like the above. Miyavi - king of epic hairstyles (except for Lee JunKi as well, lol). I even thought about cutting it REALLY short on the sides (mohawk-style) and then keep the length in the back, get shorter (and a lot more!) layers on top and just bring a bit more life to my hair. I want it a bit longer in the front (on each side) as you can tell from the photos. Either way, it's probably gonna frighten some of you fans of my hair out there. Haha! I get a lot of daily comments on how 'amazing' and 'fabulous' my hair is, but it's really a HUGE hassle. It's gotten super frizzy, and I just don't like the look of it, when the top layers and the sides are so damn long. It looks weird on me. -__-" But yeah, I'm still thinking about the pseudo-hawk-thing. We'll see how that turns out. I'll try to keep you guys updated tho ^__~

And here's to my creative (non-existent) side. I really can't play the guitar, but people who play the guitar, automatically get that high-ass sexy factor, don't they? It's almost unfair -__-" 

But yeah, I'm challenging my patience by deciding to try to teach myself how to play. This resulted in short nails on my left hand, and my pretty manicure-like, long nails on my right hand. HAHA. Oh geez.

Anyway, thanks for reading! ^^ and thank you all for your support (last post related). Freja got her bindings off today, and it looks pretty hilarious how she got one leg that's completely shaved. HAHA. She's walking on it a bit, but very carefully (which is great!), so everything seems to be going as hoped.

OH.. and btw!
^ epic url is epic. LOL

Let me know if you got any tips to work the site out (as I'm a n00b). OH and feel free to follow me and post your tumblr-links for me to follow you back on ^__^ ♡

Alright, now that's really it.
♡ ♡

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Freja's Surgery (+ Help repeal the Danish Breed Ban '09)

Hey there, dawgs

I wanted to talk to you guys about Freja's surgery.. I brought my camera to Silkeborg (about 2 hours away from my house) to take a few photos now that I finally got out of the house. Can I just say that I LOVE pet clinics? All the dogs that came in with their owners I guessed the breed right! *hi5s self* HAHA, I'm so awesome. I'm kinda annoyed that I didn't take any photos of the pets that came in, though.. A reasoning echoing in my head was that I didn't wanna bother the owners and the pets, I guess. But seriously.. A guy  came in with a HUUUUGE bunny. Like seriously, it was SO freaking huge! It looked a lot like THIS one, but irl it's way bigger looking.

Anyway, this is how things went down..

Mom and I left home around 7:20AM to go to Silkeborg. Freja was scheduled for surgery around 10AM-3:30PM and to pass time, mom and I went around downtown to look at shops and have lunch. 

We went to H&M where I got a regular, pink v-neck tshirt (been looking for nice v-necks for HUNDREDS of years!) and we went to Kvickly (haven't been to that store since I was like 14 or something, so it was super nostalgic to go in there and look around) where we bought fresh strawberries for dessert last night, I got two bottles of Pepsi Max and mom got a ton of small bags of candy (cause they were on a crazy sale, hehe). I got two of the bags! YUM! Thanks so much for everything, mommy! ♡

After that, mom and I went to have lunch at Sunset Boulevard. I LOVE their soft-bread sandwiches! *__*" They're so damn yummy! I always get mine in soft, white bread with lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, chicken breast, seasoning and curry/mango dressing! SO YUMMEH! Mom got paprika turkey breast, lettuce, green peppers, black olives, red onions, jalapeños, tomatoes, seasoning and curry/mango dressing as well. We got to talk about dog breeding, friends, stupid people, the future etc. I love hanging out with my mom on a girls-only trip. It's so much fun \(^o^) and btw.. how photogenic is she? I mean COME ON! It's so unfair! "(Ò__ó)/

Thank you so much to everyone who wished Freja good luck with the surgery yesterday. I think that all the luck you provided definitely helped. The surgery went well with only a few complications, (as her knee is apparently a bit more narrow than usual, so it was difficult for the surgeon to place the metal screws and the plate) so we had to wait a little longer, but thankfully we were able to take her home.

As you can tell, she was DEFINITELY still quite groggy and rather stoned (lol) when we were finally able to put her in the car to go home. She was under full anesthesia the entire time, and the nurse told us that she had regular heart rate and breathing throughout the entire procedure. As mentioned the only problem seemed to be that her knee was narrow. Basically the procedure consisted of the surgeon having to cut up her bone to get to the knee, remove the left-overs of her ligament (that was completely ripped over), place a placebo one with metal plates and screws and then close her up. He had to place the screws differently tho, as her knee wasn't wide enough, so he was a bit concerned about that as it would increase the risk of it breaking up again. 

The only problem with her 'keeping calm' is that she's a bouncy ball kinda dog. She's all over the place all the time and hates when things don't go down. She's been lying in the kitchen most of the day randomly barking and howling once in a while - when my mom goes to check on her all worried, she just looks at her with a big 'smile' and wags her tail. tsk tsk, stupid dog ♡ \(^__~)

She has to stay completely calm for the next 2 weeks, and she'll be getting bandages off on Monday (as Friday is a holiday in Denmark) where we'll have to start massaging her leg and knee to avoid stiffness. She can start swimming in 2 weeks as well, to train her joint and to start using her new ligament. The natural tissue in her knee is supposed to grow OVER the new ligament with the screws and everything, to make it a part of her own body. I always found biology and healing processes etc. very interesting, and it's definitely very fascinating that they can insert a 'new ligament' in her knee. Hopefully her recovery will run smoothly without any complications. A big thank you to the surgeon and his colleagues in Silkeborg! ♡

About the Danish Breed Ban from 2009

I wanted to share this with you guys, because the debate about this law is slowly building a fire again here in Denmark. Yesterday a local TV station showed how 19 American Staffordshire puppies were put down because of this law, that bans 13 dog breeds in Denmark, and it created a HUGE fuzz within the community of these dogs.

It all started back in 2009, where TV stations and newspapers/magazines started running a hetz against the American Staffordshire (amstaff) breed, because some of the dogs had been attacking 'random' dogs in parks and on streets. Quickly it took up a LOT of airing time and the media blew this into a BIG-ass deal, trying to hunt down every single dog of the breed, point at it and scream 'fight-dogs!!'. It started a massive commotion among dog owners and instead of looking at the actual statistics (where labs, dachs hounds and collies bite both people and other dogs way more often than amstaffs) the politicians felt the need to pass this law through and ban 13 breeds. Sadly this also affected DKK (Danish Kennel Club) breeders who did everything by the book. 

The politicians didn't bother looking into what the dogs on the ban-list are actually used for and were originally used for, and they felt it was easier to ban the dogs instead of demanding people to take classes before getting an amstaff and thereby treating the main ISSUE in this case overall. Fact is that majority of 'bad dogs' are only bad because their owners have no idea what the heck they're dealing with. If you say 'consequent' to them, they think that they're supposed to beat their dog half to death, while in reality it just means that you need to stand by your choice, of what the dog is allowed to do or not, and teach it accordingly.

I'm worrying that since the amstaffs are now banned, the 'bad guys' will go for rottweilers, mastiffs or other larger dogs for their dog fights and generally abusive tendencies instead. The main issue here in Denmark (except the shitty economy successfully ruined by our current Government) is that the politicians (and esp. the Prime Minister) feel the need to get laws processed as quickly as possible, to make sure that people see that they actually get 'something' done - be it rational or not. Instead of handling the issue and treating the core of the problems, they decide to just ban it instead - which is rather naive and stupid, if you ask me. I grew up in a kennel, and I will tell you right here, right now and you may gladly quote me - If you WANT to fuck up a dog, you can fuck up ANY dog. Be it a sweet, gentle Newfoundland (that is known for water work and rescues), a German Shepard known for it's loyal commitment to its family and its bright mind - or an Amstaff (or pittbull for that matter) known back in the day as "the Nanny Dog", carefully and lovingly taking care of its family members, protecting the flock with its life.

Of course there's a difference between inheritable bad temper (usually cause by cross-breeding dogs that are too close 'family' and genes wise) and human-caused bad temper. But being the honest person that I'd like to think that I am, I'd say that the inheritable bad temper is quite rare. Berner Sennen, Dachs hounds and Collies have had some issues with the bad tempered individuals of the breed (which also shows on the official statistics of dog attacks), but it's not something that is proven to be an all-over issues with Amstaffs (or any of the dogs on the list).

If you get a dog, thinking that raising it, setting boundaries for it comes easy - then you're up for a rude awakening. Depending on the dog's mentality (under dog, alpha dog etc) you will get VERY different results from the way you raise your dog. You cannot raise all dogs the same, just like you cannot expect all human beings to respond to words the same. Some dogs will be born to be a leader, others will be born to be the 'working ants' of the flock. My family definitely has had its fair share of VERY different types of dog personalities and this only proves that you cannot judge all dogs by their breeds, cause they're all so very different.

With all this said, I'd appreciate it if you'd sign the petitions below. I'm really hoping that some day the Danish Government will realize that symptom treatment doesn't work. 

In the end.. the only losers in this case are and will always be the dogs.

Danish citizens: SIGN HERE
Foreigners: SIGN HERE

^ I was told by a friend that the sites aren't secure or something (probably cause it doesn't have the lock in the address field), but I signed both pages. I'm not gonna beg you guys to sign it to help, but if you WANT to, then please feel free to. I'll love you all the same either way and I completely understand your concern about putting your info out there. ^__^v As said, I signed both pages already

Oh my, long entry. Sorry you guys.. I don't expect you to read the whole Dog-ban part - and you don't have to either, but being the dog-loving freak that I am, I can't just stand by watching as stupid things happen to innocent dogs (and people for that matter). I will say tho, that it was EXTREMELY stupid of the owner of the 19 amstaff puppies to actually breed the dogs, well aware that the breed is banned in the country. This only caused a lot of unneeded, negative prejudice confirmed by ignorant bystanders along with a lot of broken hearts among people who love Amstaffs (myself included).

Again, sorry about the seriousness of this entry! >__<" I didn't originally plan on making it this long and rather aggressive.. I guess you can call this my 'plead' to the Government to release the ban and lock up the abusive dog owners instead. Our human rights forbid collective punishment - I don't see why an entire breed has to be banned, because of a few 'bad sheep' among the 'good ones'.

To conclude the entry, I - again - wanted to thank you all SO much for the never-ending support in terms of Freja's surgery. Let's hope that her recovery goes well \(^__^)

OH, and thanks to Lene for tagging me! Will do the tag during this week! ^__~ Sadly my contribution won't be as awesome as hers, cause I only have very few lipsticks and majority of them I don't even like. lol. I suck like that \(^__^)"

And.. to spread a little smile (if I didn't ruin you guys' moods by my rather large rant up there), here's ICE CREAM *__*" nomnom

Also, a big hug to EVERYONE for following! I finally hit the 400-Followers mark and you have NO idea how freaking happy I am! \(^3^)/ Thank you guys SOOO much!

I'm still working on the April 2011 HAM video! But for now.. I have to go downstairs to help mom make corn pancakes for tortillas! NOMNOMNOM!

♡ ♡ ♡

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wanna be the very best...

... like no one ever waaas~!
^__~ this entry is really not very fun, tho..

Look! Such pretty Spring evening weather here up North "(^__^)v

Last night my mom and I agreed to offer my mom's friend that I come help her (with the puppies that I babysat a week's time ago) and it was arranged that I was to go to her house and help her out this week. But yeah.. She just called about an hour ago and cancelled. So now I don't "only" have to worry about Freja's knee surgery (I posted photos of her HERE - she's the black one), I also have to worry about my mom's friend possibly passing out and the pups being neglected as a result of that.. I completely respect her decision, but damn I'm so worried about her (ó__ò).. I hope she'll be alright - and the puppies too! *whine* FIGHTING \(Ò_Ó)/

Also, as I just mentioned, Freja is having knee surgery tomorrow morning from 10AM-3:30PM. She snapped her ligament in her knee during a dog show and it's quite freaking serious. UGH why is all this happening?! *puts paper bag on head* WHYY? I can't do shit in this situation, all I can do is hope that the mightier forces won't take her away from me.. My mom is extremely upset as well. We sorta 'rescued' Freja from her other home, as they said that they'd put her down if nobody wanted her. She's SUCH a sweetheart and it breaks my heart that she's going through this \(ó__ò)~♡ My mom is so concerned as well.. she loves Freja so much. *hugs mommy*

Anyway.. let's move on to something else before we all start bawling.. -__-" 
*takes paper bag off head*

My look for the day/night

Yesterday, I went with my parents and older brother (cause my baby brother is in Romania with school) to my grandpa's 70th birthday party. It was super awesome! Lots of fun.. For many years I was the only girl in the family, so I never really had many to talk to, but as I grew older, I think it's become a lot easier to talk to my cousins - and I talk to their girlfriends when they bring them to family gatherings, so that's definitely awesome! But yeah.. generally I always felt extremely out of place with my large family, mostly because I grew up with my 'close' family (parents, siblings) on another island VERY far away from the others, so we never got to see each other a lot nor bond very much.. oh well..

Face: Revlon ColorStay Active in "150 Buff", MAC MSF Natural in "Light Medium"
Cheeks: e.l.f. Mineral Blush in "Joy" + N.Y.C Smooth Skin Bronzer in "Sunny"
Eyes: M.A.C "Patina" (lid), "Beauty Marked" (crease, outer corner) and "Parfait Amour" (middle of lid+lower lash line)
Lashes: Maybelline XXL Volume mascara, ES A308
+ NYX Slim Eye Pencil in "Black"

These photos were all taken AFTER I got home around 7.30PM, so excuse the douchebaginess and the tired expression. I never got around to combing my brows, lol, so they look like a hot mess! Haha! It all was a lot more vibrant and awesome-looking earlier that day.. -sigh-

As some of you may know, I'm not really a huge fan of the PhotoReady foundation by Revlon. I'm definitely seeing tons of sparkles on my face, when I wear it, so either I have disco balls for eyes, or people who claim not to see them are simply blind. But yeah.. I decided to try out a pretty simple base makeup featuring the PhotoReady (as I never wear it cause of the sparkles), and I gotta say that it DOES look great in photos. But as soon as you get close to me, you can obviously see the sparkles on my face.. not just a little sparkle - but ALL OVER SPARKLE. Like BAMMMM 80's disco party. It really bothers me, cause this foundation has epic potential and without the sparkle, I could definitely see myself wearing it every day.

Foundation: Revlon PhotoReady in "04 Nude" (perfect match for me, btw!)
Powder: MAC MSF Natural in "Light Medium"
Cheeks: e.l.f. Mineral Blush in "Joy" + N.Y.C Smooth Skin Bronzer in "Sunny"

Also, huge YAYSSS for my sudden increase in followers! ^__^v Welcome to NanCakes, y'all! Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions! OooOoh we're getting so close to 400 followers by now! It's EXCITING! \(^o^)/ ♡ ♡ I wish I could do a BIG thank you giveaway to celebrate.. but yeah, as you all know, I'm not really able to do that. I really wish I could! But when I move and get settled in my apartment, I'll throw a nice giveaway for you guys! ^__^v I wanna get you something really epic this time.. I WOULD try to get the NAKED palette for you, but I can't get them here at all.. Time will tell as to what I come up with :''D I also got a few blogger ladies that I wanna surprise with a little something-something (because you're so awesome♡), so yeah.. I got that to figure out as well.. I can't believe what the beauty Blogger community has done for me. All these lovely ladies that I started talking to, all these friends I've gotten and so many things I've learned from you all! Ahh, it's so exciting, isn't it? (ó__ò)♡ *goes all nostalgic and emotional* Haha~

Also, according to Blogger's buzz updates, the last comments on the previously missing entry should be back today.. it's so empty and sad without my beautiful comments on my last entry (ó__ò)/ makes me upset, really. lol. I love my comments ♡ LOL.

Until next time, hump muffins!
& please wish Freja good luck with her surgery!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wanna make some noiZ~

*munches on readers*

Thanks a lot Blogger! I got my post back, alright, but all my comments are missing. FUUU!

I missed you guys! Look who's blogging late as heck (again!)! Hehe, lol. I suck, I know.. BUT, I bring baby photos and some news and updates and some naked photos of me.. or.. of my face. LOL. A lot of you bloggers (and some youtubers) seem to be very surprised that girls put out photos of themselves WITHOUT makeup. I've been pretty lucky with my skin, (except for those few times in Køge, lol) so I guess, I'm a bit too biased to understand, why girls don't wanna show their naked, makeup-free face on their blog.. So here I am, making up for those of you who don't have the guts do it..


And with that said and (my beard) shown.. 
I DARE YOU to do it too! (Ò__ó)/
Mostly because I think that it's SO sad that some of you beautiful creatures out there are too afraid to show your 'true selves'.. so yeah.. God (read: I, Nani) served your life up in a shot for you.. so suck it down like a man (cause only dudes are dumb enough to eat their own lives to prove a point.. lol) and show me! D": I've shown my naked face a few times before and obviously nobody planned a massive slaughter to sacrifice my soul to the devil (yet..) so my bet's on the wide possibility that it won't kill you.. at least not right away.

I HAZ GANGSTUH BRACELET! lol. If you check the picture links, you'll realize what awesome names I came up with for my photos for this entry ^__~ After waiting for almost 3 weeks, this darn thing finally arrived - ABOUT TIME yo! It's super cute and obviously cheap Made in Hong Kong for $1.50 incl. free shipping to Denmark. I ish redneck - I liekz special price~ lol.


As you guys may remember from my last post, I've been babysitting puppies for the past week's time. The puppies were picked up again Monday, so I've been SO bored lately. I took all night shifts (usually I'd get up between 1PM and 4PM and take over there and then stay up and watch the babies till 6AM the following morning), so of course my sleeping schedule has been rather f'cked. This has resulted in me going through 150 pages of the fmylife website and practically the entire website of damnlol.

This was my 'work station of passing time' for the week while staying up all night.. When u get up at 4PM and stay up till 6AM, you end up doing a LOT of late-night snacking. I lost 3 lbs during this whole process. LOL. Not sure why.. I heard that eating at night will cause you to gain weight and water. I guess not..

Oh.. and on a sidenote of that. Who the HECK comes up with the idea of RUINING a rich, delicious brownie chocolate cake by shooting it up with WALNUTS? Stand forward PLEASE so I can shove something brutal up your nose. Walnuts are fine for decoration - as long as I can pick them off and throw them away.. But putting chunks of this weird thingy-majiggy INSIDE the dough of the cake? It's BLASPHEMY towards the holy Cocoa Bean and I have to fulfill my lust for vengeance.. (lust sounds kinda naughty, huh?) Jeez.. people these days. Ungrateful and unable to APPRECIATE the WONDERS of nature. Nuts are for decoration - only rodents eat that shit. So stop putting it in my food dammit! (Ò__ó)/

Before I go, I'd like to share this photo of my parents' one-eyed Newfoundland white/black female (and before some 'brainiac' tries to teach me smart things - no.. landseers are NOT newfoundlands! They're two completely different breeds). She's shedding so bad these days.. it looks like someone shaved off her fur and tried to tape it back on. LOL. She's still cute tho.. ♡

I'll hopefully be able to record my Hits & Misses during this week.. I know it's way overdue (cause that's how I roll), but I really wanna get it up for you guys.. I have so much stuff to shove into 15 minutes of video. Ohh~ *stresses* But please don't think I forgot! I didn't! "(^__^)v hehehe..

Anyway.. Until next time (which will be soon... I hope)
'& I miss my puppies! \(ó__Ò)/ come backk~