Friday, December 30, 2011

And so this is Christmas... ♬

Ah, 2012 is just around the corner~ 
I made it home safe (spite insane people shooting off fireworks everywhere) and even came home to three packages and a nice Christmas card! : D More about that in another entry.. hohoho. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the most wonderful New Year possible! I have so many things that are lying ahead of me this upcoming year.. the trip to Korea, joining the Apple family (yes, this is a milestone for me ok -__-") and spending even more time with all the amazing people that 2011 brought into my life. Here are first some pictures from MY Christmas! I'll keep text to a minimum, as I know that most of you just scroll through hoping to find pretty pictures anyway ^__~
Birthday dinner! Roast duck, grape gravy, romanoff potatoes and peas! nom!

The day after I came home.. wop!

Some of our friends went to Thailand for Christmas, so we're babysitting Inka. She's Rosie's daughter. Rosie was my baby girl who passed away November last year :C These two look and act so much alike it's scary. T_T

My pokémon cellphone strap broke :C /crey

Nomnom, momma made me Norwegian dough-bows. (lol that's the only word for it I could come up with. Haha)

FINALLY Christmas Eve!

My beautiful momma and dad! ^__^

Of course Saya and Luffe were there too! Saya was nesting while I was there O_O I have the weirdest pic of her with hay in her mouth. hoho

Ris a la mande (my baby brother got the almond -__-")

Ma fugly face and hurr for the evening.lolz, excuse the photoshop. My skin was being weird.

Dinnerrrrr! nomnomnom! You'd think I got fat at my parents', but I actually lost 4½lbs. lol

My parents and I decided to cook Thai/Chinese food on the 27th. Yummyy!

What I did most of the time. Eat candy and watch my two new seasons of House MD.

That's it! I'm going shopping with JEONGIE next week, also celebrating New Year's with her and our friends tomorrow night. Hopefully everything goes well.. Sadly Annemette and Jonathan are staying home with their families, so I won't see them until after the 10th when they're both home :C boo!
Have an awesome New Year's! And be careful with the fireworks.. O_O I won't go near them myself (I'm scared of 'em, ok -__-"), but for those of you who will - be careful! D: don't blow off fingers and legs and.. heads.. and stuff.. O_x

Just.. party with your brains too, ok? ; D


    Your mum is like : 'Yeah I'm hot' *poses*
    and your dad is like 'whaa?!' LOL

    Are you back in Copenhagen already?! Quick break!

    (No, I don't. ölölö)

    your parents look so kind! * *
    Oh and your make-up is very cool, I like it,
    you should do it more often!
    Argh, my english sucks again!
    Ich schreib jetzt einfach mal was auf deutsch, harhar

    ganz viel Liebe an dich & einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!
    Have a lovel new year's eve babyyyyy


  3. The food looks so yummy! HOpe you have a happy new year!

  4. hope you had a merry christmas and a happy new year!

    food is good for you o3o all I do is eat and eat and eat these days, especially chinese food I swear I'm gonna start pooping chinese food O.o

    haven't seen your makeup in awhile gorgeous~
    have fun shopping

  5. park bom is soo pretty and wow seem like a great Christmas and wow i love your eye soo pretty^^

  6. I always love looking at your photos. o: You seem to have such an exciting life. :D

  7. Hun, you are totally gorgeous. Love how bright your skin is! And I've probably said this before but your hair colour is just stunning!

  8. OMG YOUR FOOD IS SO GOOD LOOKING >___< Drooling just staring at yo birthday dinner oi T___T;; woo hoo!! happy shopping next week hun :D i hope you have a lovely NY's and have a great start to 2012 ^^

  9. Hope you have a Happy New Year as well :]
    Loved the pictures, have fun shopping!

  10. omg that dog is soo cute!! happy new year to you :)

  11. happy new year 2012! Hopefully in this year to the best of the previous year, and hopefully what we plan to be realized in this year.

  12. Visiting your blog always makes me so hungry Nani >.< I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful Xmas holiday! I hope you'll have just as much fun tonight and wish you a Happy New Year! ^^

  13. ... So hungry fuck that. Looks like it was such a nice time! God, I miss rødkål and flæskesteg so bad atm e n e skal nommes on when I get back to the cold DK's! Even tho' I'm still; "Naah, what is life" anyhow, your presents looks cool! Lol'd at the House, I miss watching House! ITS SO COOL; Cause he's fucking badass. yo Happy 2012!

  14. You are beautiful.. happy new year x

  15. Happy New Year! <3
    Wow, roast duck and grape gravy? Never heard such thing but sounds soooo delicious!
    I guess you look more like mom? and fluffe is sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!! <3

    You look real gorgeous by the way!

    I didn't know you were friends with Jeongie! Her blog is soooo coool!

  16. happy new year~ the bunnies look healthy!

  17. Comment comment comment!! : DD
    Merry Christmas! Lol so late! And happy new year! It was an awesome night with yoooou ! <3

    I like your bunnies!

  18. happy new year hunny!! u look like the splitting image of ur mama! beautiful hair !

  19. omg Inka is so big!

    Happy New Year!

  20. lovely Christmas photos, your bunny is SO cute!! hope you have a great new year hun!


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