Sunday, December 18, 2011

And so they all gathered to be jolly~

Hello everyone,
merry early Christmas and happy early birthday to me.

(excuse the retarded fishy-face. I was excited ok.)
I bet y'all saw this comin' already. An entry about my birthday party today.. or well, since it's already 3:24AM, I guess the party was yesterday. Haha! Of course I have to remind you all that this is gonna be long as shit and you're gonna be excited about the limited amount of text. YAY!

First though.. before partying.. I acquired two epic new items.
This sexy spike bracelet from YesAsia along with Infinite's PARADISE album. Fuckyeahhh~ I didn't unwrap the album yet, so I didn't know that it actually came with both a poster AND a photo card. SCORE.
Now.. party-time. w00t~ Jonathan and Annemette came to my house Friday to prepare already. Annemette and I started out early at her house by dying roots and removing the blue from her hair as well. Her hair currently has this epic fire-redness to it by the roots and longer layers. It looks.. well.. epic. ^__^
We then went grocery shopping and Jonathan began his preparations for my cake Saturday by making the layers from scratch. Like a true boss. Haha!
Annemette and I were busy.. uhh.. eating popcorn and listening to kpop while sitting on the kitchen floor. Haha! It was okay though, cause we made dinner afterwards, so it was all good.. \(^__^)~
Nomnomnom. Dinnerrrr~
Now.. Saturday and the party itself!
Annemette and I tried to wake up at least semi-early to get things going. She started out by giving me the present she got for me. OH YES. The EVER-so-popular tshirt that a lot of SMTOWN idols wear as well.. This is a pretty skintight version though, so I can't wear it with leggings :C BUT.. it'll be sexy for my PJ pants on a lazy day to uni (Ò__ó)/ Mwahahah.

Then preparations began. Here we have Jonathan and Kat getting the cake ready. Along with the finished result.. There were three kinds of cake in one. It was good - but also quite heavy X__x hnng.
Then people started arriving and things got going. We had an amazing time (at least I did... T_T) and I'm so happy that so many people came! (we were 17 in total, w0000t!) It was a super chill 'party'. Nothing fancy, just a typical kid's birthday party on a Saturday afternoon.
Jacqueline, the ever-so-beautiful JEONGIE, Dai, Jacki, Milka and you can also skim a tad bit of Benjamin there. Hohoho.
Here we have Marie-Louise with party mode ON, Kat and Annemette muching on my homemade buns. They were ALL gone super fast.. O_x I barely got the chance to taste 'em myself. Boo..
And the fashionably late Korean dudes. Dongryeong and Yongmin, singing me sexy Korean serenades. LOL. I wish, but they do both have quite impressive singing voices tbh. O_O" I tried making them sing me "생일 축하합니다" in a trot-version. T_T but that failed. Boo.. it was awesome anyway though, cause they sang the original along with tons of other great songs - thanks guys! ♡
So it quickly became around 6PM and people went home.. the cake was pretty much gone, people were full and tired and it was dark outside.. but does that mean that Line's Pizza kiosk is closing? OH HELL NO.
Of course Kat, Julie, Yongmin and Dongryeong stayed a bit longer (till 12:30 to be exact.. lolz) just to hang out a bit. Poor Dongryeong was very tired and the two other girls took advantage of his weak moment and painted his nails very prettily in many colors. Yongmin was their next victim ^__~ Hahahaha.
We then ordered pizza, talked, listened to kpop, watched Rain's video for "Love Song" (나는 어떻게~♫), laughed and had a blast.. yet, the time came closer and closer to 1AM, so the remaining four decided to head towards the train station afterall, leaving poor me all alone :C
Nah, just kidding ; D I wasn't all alone.. I had the dishes to do, some cleaning and general stuffz to take care of, so it was all good.I'm so happy that you all came! THANK YOU!
Now.. I'm gonna guess that you'd wanna see what I got for presents, huh? ; D Yeah, you curious little creatures youuu... Let's get to it! I got so much stuff and I absolutely love everything! (yes, even the cheeseburger (I'm not kidding, Julie got me a McD cheeseburger -__-"))
Here's a quick overview of the smaller items.. I don't know what to say about the weapon-thing, I seriously felt like Nico was trolling me -__-" 100% certain that he's forever trollin' me whenever he gets the chance. Damn you. l0lz.
First of all.. necklace. I actually saw this necklace when shopping Christmas presents with Annemette (YOU SNITCH xD) and she totally ratted me out about it.. hohoho. it's okay though, cause I freaking love it! Deff. wearing it for Christmas eve! -hugs- I'm pretty sure that this was from Jonathan and Kat - so thank you guys so much!
Next up.. yes.. cheeseburger. This is probably the strangest gift I've ever received tbqh. Along with the burger came a french fries game, a DVD with "My Girlfriend Is An Agent" and some pocky sticks. w00t. Thanks Julie ; D
Next up are giftcards for Matas (a lamer version of Sephora, lolz). A total of 430DKK ($75) so I'm definitely gonna get the Lancôme Genifique serum, aiiiite! Thanks to Natasha, aaand.. I THINK Marie-Louise, Julie, Jonathan and Kat were in it together on this one as well. Or maybe just Julie and Marie-Louise. Aigh, I don't know. BUT THANK YOU OK! ♡
Next up.. some snacks! LOLZ. Natasha got me the mug with chocolate powder and marshmallows! And Dai, Jacki, Jacqueline and Jeongie got me the box of chocolate bisquits. Thanks guys ^__~ Will cherish forever. Hurr hurr.. xD
So.. Julie got me the DVD movie, Yongmin got me the Hallyu Wave DVD and of course the tshirt was from Annemette. OH. and Dongryeong got me a small bouquet of tulips (obv. not pictured) : D YAY, a  flower that I'm not allergic to. SCORE. I wonder how he knew D:
And lastly.. 40 bottles (YES, 40!! *__*) of Pepsi Max.. NOMNOM. I wanna thank Claus, Benjamin, Julie, Marie-Louise, Kat, Jonathan, Annemette (and maybe Chris as well?) for contributing to keeping my addiction alive. KEKEKE. 많이 좋아해, 여러분.. (^__~)/ ㅋㅋㅋ

Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and for making my birthday party the most amazing one so far! I feel so utterly blessed to have met such wonderful people while staying in Copenhagen (and of course I love those of you that I've known for a while as well ; D hohoho).

Big thanks to the following 
Annemette, Jonathan, Kat, Jeongie, Marie-Louise, Yongmin, Dongryeong, Benjamin, Claus, Milka, Jacqueline, Jacki, Dai, Julie, Nico and Natasha!

You guys are the bomb diggity!


  1. OMG THAT SPIKE BRACELET IS AWESOME!! I really want one too but Ive had bad experience with yesasia :/

  2. Happy Birthday~ lol your bracelet can be used for self defense <3

    your gifts look amazing and original~~~
    as much as I love getting giftcards I love it when someone gets me stuff that's me or about an inside joke, lol at the 40 bottles of pepsi max >.< how the haillll did they carry that to your house.

  3. That spike bracelet... HHHNNNNNGGGG :D
    And lol someone got you a cheeseburger. O_o;

  4. ooooh happy birthday my dear! I'm so sorry that I saw your birthday here and not before, aaargh I'm such a derp! ;;

    Anyway the photos are very cool and it looks like it was fun! <3
    much much much sarang to you haha ♥

  5. Happy birthday!! Looks like a fun party, and the cake looks delicious!!

    Did you change the background of your blog? It looks great!

  6. happy birthday! woah that's a lot of coke! LOL. looked you had a great day ;)

  7. omgggggg.. you have the awesomest parties.. and the most delicious looking food EVAR. Even your cake looks too awesome for words :O Such cute prezzies ^^ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NANI <33

  8. Guys... My birthday is (as stated 60 times before) on the 21st. You're not late. You're early. I just celebrated with friends yesterday, because most of us are going home for Christmas. My birthday is not until Wednesday.

  9. I am so glad you had fun :]
    Your birthday post scared my on Facebook too lol. I was like WTF I thought her birthday was on the 21st!?? And then I realized it was an early birthday part lol. Like all your presents<3 I wish I had more friends who liked kpop, I was telling my sisters how I would to have a kpop party lol.

  10. Woo hoo woman, check you out celebrating in advance! I'll make sure to greet you on the 21st for your ACTUAL birth date!

    Hope you have an amazing week leading up to your birthday and an amazing christmas too! You should drop me a pm, next year I'll send you some goodies.

  11. Heck yes :D Congrats to the both of us :3
    Yup yup, I remember :] Are you going to do anything for it on the 2lst or or you just planning on relaxing?
    I wish I could but I don't know a lot of people who like kpop like me ;__; It's so depressing. I would so want to have one, or go to one! lol
    That would be awesome if you came to so cal :D lol

  12. Happy Belated Birthday hunnie! Am glad that it was so enjoyable!! I feel the same as Yuri, I wish that more people around me like kpop so I would have someone to fangirl with hahaha

  13. Ja, der er også noget poetisk ved billedet :) Jeg er glad for at du kan lide billederne:)

  14. Damn! That was a long ime that i didn't get a watch on your blog xD You are Blonde!!!! SEXY GAL!!! ahahah that really suit to you i love that color and that cut.

  15. i love your blond hair!!!!

    xx, Rachel♥

  16. I love the first pic of you- your skin looks flawless and so bright! Like crystal clear~ And your hair colour suits you so well! Such a cute heart-with-wings necklace~

  17. ohh I love the spikes of your bracelet! thats bad assss :D

  18. OMG!i like me soo much you blogg
    xD happy birthday girl~ :3 awwwwwwww
    i loved your present *o* the heart is
    beautiful x3 and the cake yummy yummy
    sparkle and fashion <3 i follow your blogg
    :D <3 ^o^

  19. What an awesome b-day! The cheeseburger gift is pretty funny. XD

  20. Happy Belated Birthday, Nani, and congrats on passing all your exams with flying colours! Yay! Btw, that spike bracelet is totally awesome! I LOVE it!

  21. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! It's always so much fun when you have a lot of friends over. I can't believe you got 40 bottles of Pepsi Max. :)


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