Sunday, November 27, 2011

Layin' it down as it is

Hey guise.
So yeah, I'm gonna update you on a few things and I'm gonna keep it short so you won't feel like skipping too much.

1. I'm currently sick which would be why I've been really lame with updates lately. It seems like I have some sort of lung-infection or something, but I'm calling the doctor's tomorrow to sort things out. So don't worry too much (in case you even would, lol)..
2. I got finals coming up next week (from Dec. 5th-9th) and therefore I probably won't be on much.
3. For personal reasons I'm trying to give Blogger a rest for a while. I'll always be available on FB for my lovely Blogger friends on there (you know who you are), but as part of this new year, Christmas, my living situation and other elements to cause stress lately, I'm trying to step back and get a better look at things. Don't worry, I'm not leaving Blogger. I'm just taking a break. You will still see me commenting and doing entries from time to time, just not as often as preferred on my behalf.
4. There will be changes on this blog to come. As you've probably noticed the "Nani" running this blog earlier this year, and the Nani that I am now are two very different people (mostly in looks). I'm gonna focus this blog more on personal life and my own personal style and tone the girliness/makeup-addiction part of it down a notch. Not because I dislike makeup (at all), it's just not as big part of my life anymore.
5. I'm still gonna do the requested reviews (circle lenses, Lioele bb cream etc), so don't get all frustrated now ^__~

Anyway, as always you can keep up with me on TUMBLR or FACEBOOK.
Alright. That's it.. and as promised, here are a few updated pictures of me. ^__^
I cut my hair last night btw.
That's it y'all!
(don't be a bum like me and get sick T_T)


  1. Wow! You look amazing as a blonde :) x

  2. Your hair is fantastic!! Loved it when it was long, love it now! =) Get healthy girly!

  3. Sorry about your lung infection D: I hope you feel better soon! Being sick sucks. Although you won't be updating as much, I look forward to your little updates here and there :] I also don't mind that you are making your blog more personal, your blog will still be awesome<3

    I also have finals so I know how it is :/ Good luck though!

  4. I also cut my hair last night :)
    bangs were getting nowhere.. *chop chop*
    love the crazy blondnessss <3

  5. Your hair is amazing. I hope you get better soon and your life sorts itself out. ^^

  6. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Stop getting sick, Nani!! Be like Barney Stinson and just be awesome instead! wahahaha <3 ;DD Srsly though, I hope this sickness doesn't take too much out of you and you only get better from here :( I feel crazy lucky not to be getting sick lately; maybe my immune system's been kicking it up since I bike every damn morning to work in freezing weather @3@;; Aaaand I probably just jinxed myself. Son of a...
    Please do see a doctor! And let me know how things go... I hope you'll have a fast recovery! <3

    Fucking finals maaan! I'm sure you'll do fine on those though :D I still wish you luck though, mad'am <3

    Aww I'm sorry to hear you've been so stressed... maybe I'm not stalking you enough *COUGH* on Facebook to realize, and I'm really sorry >_<; If you need anything though, just PM me okay?? <33 I'm a slow-ass responder, but I'll be there eventually O_O Take care of yourself and I'll keep silently screaming in my head for you to hurry your ass up and update in the mean time LOL ;DD Trying to lighten the mood a bit, not sure if it's working~ um, I'LL SEND YOU AWESOMETASTIC PRESENTS YEAUHHH!! Consider it Christmas/Love/Get Better Soon package <333

    Mehh, I'll still leave you my long-ass random posts for you, no matter what ^___^v It's your blog, you're free to write whatever you want, and I'll listen. You just have this way with words, man... just, UGH, damn amazing LOL! Just write whatever you feel like and those who care enough to read are your true readers/followers/friends, we got you. ;)

    YESSSSS REVIEWS!!!! >:OOOO I'm super stoked to hear your circle lens reviews @____@ Also I think you have the same bb cream as me, so I'm uber curious to hear what you think about it :DD

    DUDE. Your hair. A-MAZING. And fucking hell, you look damn ADORABLEE in the second picture -tackles- I really, really love your hair! Iz so puffy and full of win. >__< You totally rock the blonde too, rawwrrrr. ;D

    Ughh, too many hearts in this comment! LOL BTW... Pokemon pillow. ULTIMATE WINNN. I still sleep with my Yu-Gi-Oh! pillow every single night, Yami Yugi face up lmaooo >:D (I think I told you this before? nya?) >333

  7. Oh yes to the short blondeness! Recover fast baby, being sick sucks ! D:

  8. omg, we're like twins. Getting sick at the same time -_____- I hope you get better, you seem to get sicker more often than me~!! haha looking forward to at least seeing SOME sort of update from you *cough* facebook *cough* :3 Your hair looks really.. bleach blonde - the nice kind :O Is it the lighting or is your hair getting lighter? :D Gonna miss you for a bit babe~ Get well & GO GO GO for your exams/finals ^___^ i know you can do it ~ <3

  9. your hair looks amazing ;) Get better soon!

  10. I love your hair and please take care about yourself.

    Hope you will be back soon, pretty!

  11. Oh wow your first pic totally blew me away, you look stunning! Your hair looks awesome by the way. Sad to hear that you're sick with a lung infection, hope you get better soon~ Aw I'll miss your posts while you take your blogger break, good luck with your finals :)

    Ahh there's no Cetaphil products there :o I didn't know that!

  12. Awwww get well soon, dear!! >< I've had a cold, but I'm better now thanks for vitamin C and a bit too much sleep. Hope it's nothing serious (I mean, lung infection sounds bad!!)..

    It's funny you're gonna stop writing so much about makeup, while I want to focus my blog more on makeup and style xD But I like that, your blog is always fun to read :)

  13. I hope you will get better soon! :) lung infection sounds...ouch. LOL! xD
    Ohhh good luck on your finals!!
    I know how you feel about taking blogger a break! I feel bad about neglecting my blog though -.- but yeahhh drama and changes. @___@

  14. NOOOOOOOOoo don't leave meeeeeee! or do I have you on FB?
    and get better pleaseeee D: my bf is sick too and now I'm all freaked out. i hate the winter weather sometimes :(

  15. I hope you feel better Nani ^_^ drink some hot soup =D I hope that whatever personal reasons behind your decisions are going to work out =) I will still read your blog even if it's makeup-free ;D I have a separate personal blog... I understand that makeup-craze is not everything ^_~

  16. Oh hay there cutie pie, just added you on facebook ;)

  17. Babe! you're gorgeous!
    Looks like I've been away for so long that you changed so much!! Loving the new look by the way!
    Do hope you get better soon and all the best for the finals!
    Do come back to blog soon and take care!


  18. Why hello there *WINKS*, you've finally uploaded your hair photo and I love it and I really think this hair colour and style suits you, you look totally awesome!

    Meh, oh no you're sick!? Ah damn woman I hope you feel much better soon so you can blog more, don't leave us for too long. Get well soon! ♥

  19. Oooh I'm probably super slow (as always) but did you bleach your hair??? LOL
    Well it suits you X'D

    Get well soon and take care!!!

  20. Aww I'm sorry to hear you're not going to be as active, but you should definitely take a bit of a break if you have more important things in real life to worry about. I can totally understand you about the living situation and finance thing - I'm probably going to be much less active as well in the near future. But just take care of what you have to do and don't worry about your blog - I'm sure your readers will be waiting here for your return :)

    Good luck with finals and everything else Nani! <3


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