Sunday, November 13, 2011

☆ JPOP-CON 2011 ☆ (and hair project)

안녕하세요 여러분 ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

JPOP-CON 때문에 저는 좀 피곤해요. ( ̄へ ̄)아이구~!
*(Hello everyone, are you doing okay?
Because of JPOP-CON I'm a little tired.. ughh)

I didn't even snap half of the amount of pictures that I'd intended to do this week(end).. and I'm sorry about that. I had planned to do this MASSIVE entry with DAY1, DAY2, DAY3 of the con etc., but the Cosplay Show yesterday had AWFUL lighting, and as you all know - my camera flash sucks. On top of that, flash photography was not allowed. So no pictures for me. All the new impressions of the cosplayers, the whole Japanophile/otaku scenery and the booths etc. also made me so tired really really fast. So yeah.. T_T sorry guys. Except from the Con, I wanted to show you my and Annemette's little hairdying project and some food first.. Hehehehe. Let's get to it!

HAIR PROJECT (and Dong Fang)
As you've probably heard (if you know me irl, lolz) I helped Annemette out with her little hair-dying project (and she helped me out with mine in return).. BLUE HAIR. Yessir. That's how she rolls, bby. I think it came out freaking AWESOME. Sadly the orange comes out in some places and makes it look semi-greenish.. but overall it looks epicccc! I COULD show you pictures of my hair.. but I look like absolute SHIT lately (cause of illness)

Jonathan, Hiba, Kat and Annemette
The day before the hair-dying project (which was Wednesday!) we got together 5 people and went to Dong Fang, which is a Chinese restaurant close to my place. The food was delicious and we all had a great time!
Thursday was Hiba's birthday btw, so we made her bibimbap (Korean rice dish with veggies, egg and meat) for dinner! ^_^ it was a bit dry, but that was partly my fault cause I had no soy sauce nor sesame oil. Dammit.
Step 1. Put cooked rice, meat and veggies in a bowl.
Step 2. Put it all in a pot and mix it over the heat.
(I didn't add the egg cause I don't eat eggs)
Step 3. Put back in the bowl and eat it. lolz

Finally to the Jpop-Con pictures! I didn't get a lot.. only of the dealer room (market) and I honestly think that 99% of everything was overpriced, terrible quality or an obvious YesAsia-import. Ridiculous. Tiny figurines, 2" tall were $6-8. Like wtf? NEVER gonna waste my money there when entrance fee is like $65 bucks for 3 days. Most CDs were obviously old, scratched and in bad condition even though they were un-opened. Kat bought a Gackt x Malice Mizer album that she had to return the next day cause the closure-thing was broken. Are you kidding me?
Oh, and this is the line that we stood in for almost 40 minutes to get in (what felt like 50 years). Thanks to Dev's brother Gavin who helped us out.. Seriously, some dumb-ass bitches poked us like "Uhh. were you here all the time? The line is back there." BITCH shut the fuck up. I've been here for 20 minutes, that qualifies as ALL THE FUCKING TIME. So shut up! The whole "waiting in line with retarded Sakuras"-thing already made me wanna punch a bitch.. Again, thanks to Gavin for being crazy like me and making me laugh. You're the bomb diggity, man! (and he knows the dance for Rain's "Love Song" *sings* NANEUN EOTTEOKHAEEE~ *body roll* Hahah!) He and Dev were only there Friday (from what I know...) so that epically sucked. Generally the whole experience was was just not my thing. No cosplay pictures, no epic gadgets that were decently priced, no awesome people to look at.. just terrible Naruto, No. 6 and Vocaloid cosplayers. -__-" and a fat chick in a kimono... ugh.

KPOP BOOTH (also overpriced and obviously from YesAsia. lol)
Oh.. and I did Annemette's hair and makeup for DAY2. ^__^
Either way.. big thanks to Annemette, Kat, Devoney, Julie, Natasha and Gavin for being epic! And thanks to KAMI for coming up and saying hi to me even though it was retardedly awkward and I looked like shit ^__^" Sorryy~ I tried to find her at the cosplay competition.. but dang, so many people there and everything was a huge MESS. -__-" Her hat/hair/horns were epic tho. You should check out her COSPLAY BLOG! She might update it with pics and stuff from yesterday. She's pretty damn good at it.. (and guise you should've seen her performance with her gf. >: D It was sexy~)
Either way.. that's it. ^__^ sorry no pictures of me. I'll get to studying some more now.. We got a whole CHAPTER in the workbook due to Tuesday along with a picture and description (in Korean) of someone we like. "like". That's gonna be awkward. I'm hoping that this could also be someone we look up to or an idol of some sort.. It was awkward enough when half my class burst into laughter as my seonsaengnim asked me "리 느씨.. 남자친구 있어요?" and I just sat there like "uhhh.... 없어요.. ^___^... hehe~" just.. ugh... awkward.

Anyway. I'll talk to you all soon! : D
Stay healthy, guys! THE FLU'S COMIN' TO GETCHUU D":


  1. oh great pics and good job of hair dying!
    LOVE the plushies T_T

  2. Holy cow, that looks like so much fun!! Your friend has blue hair!!! =D


    And again so much food porn, I hate u.
    No I don't. haha

    btw thanks for the song you told me! It's very nice!<3

  4. Jeg er glad for at du kan lide headeren. Det var faktisk lidt sværre end jeg troede. Jeg kunne blive lidt irriteret på det tekniske engang imellem ;)

  5. nice photos^^

    my new url

  6. I love how you did your friend's hair and make up!
    Looks like you had a good time, I wish we had events like this where I live!

  7. im so jealous. your conventions seem so much cooler than the one & only one we have in October -____-;; Sucks to hear everything is over-priced. Usually those things are when they need to get rid of old stock D:

  8. Your convention reminds me of the one I went to in AM2, the only thing that made it really worth while for me was the Guests of Honor. Other than that, there was not really good cosplay or nothing to look at :/ They mostly had anime and manga stuff which I liked but I wish they had kpop, jrock, and jpop stuff too.

    Hope you feel better soon :]

  9. Jeg har heller aldrig turdet at rode mig ud i Photoshop. Jeg ved bare at hvis jeg betaler penge for det, og jeg ikke kan finde ud af det fra starten, så kommer det bare til at fylde plads uden grund :)

  10. Nej nej.. nej nej nej.. Er der også en kpop booth nu! -__-; please! lade kpop være i fred og lad være med, at gøre det til weeabo shizz! D:

    Aw sorry to hear about that downsides of the con.. Wanted to "warn" you but didn't since I wanted you to get your own impression of it first :X
    Things are DEFINITELY way too overpriced there, it's so lame! >_> ;
    Glad you had some awesome friends with you though! :DDDD

    THE FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD! *0* And Annemette's hair is too cool! >: D

  11. Damnnnnnnnnn your hair is crazy amazing!


  12. Looks like you had so much fun! And I love the makeup you did on your friend =)

  13. N'awh! I have an entire section in your blog~ /squeal

  14. You should post up your hair photos!!!!! >:D


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