Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Care-package from London! Yay~

Hi guys!

Sittin' here with the most massive of headaches, I'm bringing you good news. I feel better! A lot better. I still feel like shit, of course, cause my lungs suck, but it's not as bad as it's been this past weekend. I woke up to a wonderful box from London and wishes of getting well from my mailman.. (I must really look like shit, huh?) Big thanks to YINNIE for sending me this lovely carepackage of goods! I'm already onto collecting goods for your package.. I'll make it worth the wait, as promised! ^__~

Now let's get to what this lovely young lady sent me this time!
GD&TOP album (the new one, without the bunny ears/peace sign logo)
Face masks! Yay! From My Beauty Diary and SexyLook
LIOELE Beyond the Solution BB cream, Kiss Me Heroine eyeliner & Illamasqua blush
Toffee fudge, a cute card, Maltesers and cinnamon hot chocolate powder!
(oh.. and a lost little lollipop was in there too. Haha!)

Thank you so much for everything, Yinniee! I love it! 
Yinnie and I made it tradition a long time ago to send each other parcels with both kpop goods and beauty goods. We've been friends for almost 5 years, yet we've never met.. We HAVE to meet up in '12, ok? We have to!
And to food porn. There isn't a lot, cause I've been too weak and pathetic and sick to cook anything decent. The yummy fish+veggies is from before I got sick.. so yeah, don't get too excited. lol.
Burrito, baby! With baby leaves, chicken, rice, kidney beans, mozarella cheese and dressing!
The last blueberry bagel with cream cheese. Someone please send me more T_T; I love diz!
Potato-thingies, fish and stir fried veggies!
It was actually all pretty good ^__^"
I'm going to restaurant Dong Fang in Hvidovre to have Chinese buffet with some of my favorite people at uni; Annemette, Kat & Jonathan (천찬씨) tomorrow night and then we're going to Annemette's place to watch movies and eat the Maltesers that Yinnie got me. lol, Jonathan got way too excited about those ^__~
Other than that, a better view of my hair above. I'm bleaching it again on Thursday with Annemette, as I'm dying her hair a pretty freaky color as well! Look forward to that (and food porn from tomorrow night!)

My roomie saved my ass today by bringing home chicken curry soup. Nomnom! I also just started watching Marry Me, Mary (Mary Stayed Out All Night) kdrama with the Antique Bakery guy (whose name I can never remember.. something with Wook.. Jae Wook? Something..) and Jang Geun Seok! I LOVE JANG GEUN SEOK! He's so awesome and his hair is so epic in both You're Beautiful and this show.. I tried getting into City Hunter (didn't catch my attention) and Secret Garden.. but yeah, not really workin' for me. I'm also watching Three Rivers with Kate Moennig in it (*___*;;) nomnom. Uhh, I mean uhh... very intellectually giving show about organ donors and their families and the doctors and shiz. trololol.

I'm gonna go now.. watching MAD MEN with le roomie.
Have a good one, guys!


  1. your hair looks amazing!
    I'm looking forward to the color!
    Btw, I like the beauty-masks! (I'm like a junkie /D)

  2. Take care of yourself please, pretty. <3
    And such nice goods! <3

  3. waah, could you please make a review for this>>LIOELE Beyond the Solution BB cream >.<~ thanks. I've been wanting to buy that BB cream though <3 hehe

  4. Your friend gave you such amazing stuff :D That would be such a nice surprise :]] I am glad you are feeling better also<3

  5. Your food posts are the best! I need a catch up on my blog...only moved house yesterday and I have loads unpacking to get through!

  6. haha I always love your food porn! and looks like a good care package you got- oooh masks!

  7. omfg, delicious food, delicious food everywhere!!! *¬* ~~

    And, mmmm, maltesers with eyelashes! So incredible taste!!! :DDD

  8. So glad you loved it. and YAY food porn. :D

    Oh man, we talked about this but K-drama man flu is SOOOO over dramatic. LOL if you're ill and sitting at home watching marry me mary when you get to the manflu part. You want to rip her effing head off for being a wimp. HE'S GOT FLU, STOP CRYING WOMAN. IT'S NOT LIKE HE'S DYING.

    I'll end this comment with something really sad:


  9. Such a fun package! Lucky you!!

    The food pics look yummy. how can you eat so much and stay so thin? Jealous!!

  10. dfjksafj your blog makes me hungry all the time.
    Thoughtful care package, I'm so jelly of it~

  11. ohh your hair colour was pretty before but it also works with a stronger yellow tones to it!

    Yinnie is so nice sending all those goodies - i like the design of TOPs and GDs CD!

  12. omg love from london!! I want a care package from there, too! lol but omg FOOD AGAIN. you are torturing me at work here D: btw I love your layout and how you did your profile on the right side :O

  13. OMG package of goodies! *jealousy* T____T

  14. Such a sweet package! haah ngaaaw, at least the mail man says nice things to you.. mine just bangs on the door, wears and throws my package on the step if i dont open the door within 1 minute =.= ooh, blueberry bagel.. O.O

  15. wooow.. thats a lot of things in your package <3 I wish a handful of package out my door step too. hihihihi.. :D

    P.S. I like you hair color!!!! <3 I want that color too! :)

  16. Am jelly, always wanted to try Maltesers!!! Hope you feel better soon hunnie <3

  17. Great to hear you're feeling better! Love packs always do the trick. ;) Is your Illamasqua blush in "Katie"? It looks a lot like it. It's my current fave! Yum...a bagel w/ cream cheese...I could use that right now...

  18. "Hussy" is gorgeous! Been meaning to check it out. =D

  19. i want to play with your hair!

    please come by!

  20. Oh my god, did you dye your hair again!? That colour reminds me of Sunny's hair, gosh it's a shame it was just a wig though.

    Lovely package you got there woman, facemasks - love them!

    Can't wait for the final outcome of your hair colour.

  21. She is so sweet to send you a care package! That's crazy that you guys have known each other for so long and are such good friends, but never met. And I like the new hair color! :)

    I love Jang Geun Seuk, especially in You're Beautiful, but Mary Stayed Out All Night was just okay for me. I love his singing throughout the drama, but the drama felt like it was dragging towards the middle and end. I wasn't very fond of the main actress either :/


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