Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Circle Lenses from [ ]

They're here!
I've been waiting like a little kid for Christmas for these damn lenses. *runs in circles* After coming home from a  brain-wrecking 4 hours of history and source-analyzing, it's amazing to see a package on the table. 
Along with three pairs of (thoroughly and carefully wrapped) lenses, I got some free gifts, cause I'm a dope-ass customer. ^__~ 1 sheet mask, 1 velcro hair-thingie and a pocket-mirror - and then of course 3 free cases for my fabulous new lenses.

GEO Medical Nudy Golden Blue

Thanks so much to JEONGIE  for being a doll and giving these to me

GEO Medical Lotus Gray
Fynale HONOO Gray
omg the pretty label!
Excuse the awkward pictures btw. My camera didn't wanna focus and when it finally did, I was tilting the lenses in the most awkward of ways. lolz. Let me know if you want reviews? I wanna do reviews on all of them, really.. showing pictures to compare my eyes with and without the lenses. But of course.. if you don't wanna see that, then what's the point, right? -__-"

I hope you're all doing well! So many people are sick these days... we were only 9 in class today O_Ô Annemette was sick already, I was, Devoney is now.. Wonder if Kat will come down with something just to complete the circle. >:"D


  1. How awesome! Hope to see pics of you wearing them soon ;)

  2. Of course we want to see the reviews! xx

  3. OMG so brave. I'm a prescriptive lens wearer so I'm always really apprehensive about cosmetic lens (Plus I have infinitely dry eyes so normal type lens fall out because there its too dry to hold anything! Let me know how it goes :D

  4. I want to see you wearing the lenses and the review would be great :]]

  5. yes show us!!! :D i may venture into cosmetic lenses in the future... but for now, i prefer nothing in my eyes. haha!

    re: your comment... YES! some ppl have no shame!!! other people looked at me but it was more of a quick up and down look and kept their thoughts to themselves. This lady was full on like... studying me. hahaha!

  6. HOLY COW YOU GOT THE HONOO LENSES LOLOL I was looking at those too!! <3 Now you HAVE to review those >:D And the other two also, because those are smashing lenses <3 Nah nah, I think you chose some amazing lenses hun! The Geo Medical Lotus... OMG those are GORGEOUS *____* <333

    IT'S OKAYY!! We're all sick and/or lazy [mostly lazy] Hell I've had the last 3 days off from work but just did not want to bother with commenting LOL! So um, I'm doing it now... .__.

    Okay I gotta watch Coffee Prince then! If You're Beautiful didn't win you over then I KNOW I'm missin' out! Awww you didn't like her?? Okay, at first I didn't either, but by the mid-->end I thought she was just so damn cute. <3 HAHAHA I know, so awkward, but that's why I thought those scenes were so cute too xD With his hair so long he totally brings me back to Hyde during their Jyojoushi days LOL. I hated his hair in the beginning of the show, but he progressively got hotter. I wonder if they did that on purpose or just fired their first hairdresser... and then did "THAT" to Jeremy's hair lolol

    Wahahahaha it's fun to be evilllll, it makes you cra-zay HAHAHA

    COME OVER HERE AND WE'LL HAVE A GRAND 'OL TIME YOU AND ME! <333 We'll go throw nutbread at bakers and dine on the finest blueberry bagels ;DD

    Oh wow, they're so lucky!! >_< I've always wanted to be in an exchange program... -sigh- Even my sister was screwed over in middle school because just the ONE year she was in leadership, they didn't raise enough money to send them to Japan. That -ONE- year. Already went through the trouble of visas and everything, ughh. Life sucks so hard sometimes.

    AWWWW you're a sweetheart!! Funny enough you say that because I almost did the same thing LOLOL no jokes o_o Especially in the end when people were just refusing to email me back when I was trying to find an alternative winner that I ended up just sending everything to the first winner! HAHA well for sure I'm gonna have to send you a box o' love for Christmas :3

    NO I WASN'T THERE BUT I'M SURE IT WAS FUCKING EPIC!!! AllKpop kind of exploded in comments when the article about it showed up o__o OH REMINDS MEH! I has picture to send to you!! Do you have Twitter btw?? I'll upload it there and give you the link <3

    HAHAHA automatic TAEMIN BRACELET!!! >:DDD I'm sure she had that expression too heehee <3

    OMG that sounds awful :((( I hope you're doing better!! I know from your last post you are, but I'm hoping you're even better since then <333

    Well you make some fine ass broth cube soup HAHA! Will you please marry me and cook me delicious soup when I'm sick? ; o; Ahhh pizza... how I dream of you..... my boyfriend REFUSES to get pizza now since they started making it at work and hates every moment of it. ;__; There goes my dreams of Dominos and their ever-so-sexified artisan pizzas.... -cries-

    I'm starting to notice that too! Except I never knew that about "Choi" :O We actually have a restaurant called "Choi's Kitchen" nearby, and it has the hangul as well so I asked my boyfriend how to say it and yeah, he said "chwe". Apparently he's never even met someone with the last name "Choi" here in America, and that's the only way I've ever heard it pronounced! I never eat at that restaurant either so I never even bothered trying to pronounce the hangul haha. Now I know yay! <3

    Okay gotta snap out of my lazy spell and comment on your last posts!!! At least I got to this one <3333


  8. Reviews! Especially the golden blue. I was going to buy them but they were out of stock where I wanted to get them from. ^^

  9. Oooooh can't wait to see your reviews and pics with those lenses on :D

    Anyway in reply to your comment, I love all of the SNSD girls and I don't really have a bias! But if I had to I'd say Yoona... and I know she's 'overrated' and 'not the best singer among the girls' but I don't care, she's gorgeous and sweet hehe. I also love Jessica and Taeyeon~

    Sunny is absolutely adorable! I've seen her in that mv too and I love her aegyo ^-^ Too cute

    My favourite dramas are You're Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers (Korean and Jap) :D Ooh I know that one with Jang Geun Suk in it; have you seen You're Beautiful? He's in that too!

  10. what's the special occassion? :D
    and i wanna see how it looks on you!!!!!!!

  11. wow pretty lenses!!! :D my camera does the same thing too..hence not doing lens reviews coz my camera is a douche! D:<
    REVIEWS PLZ >:D !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. yayyy for packages!! *runs around in circle too*

    Girl you know you NEED to post some gorgeous pictures of yourself sporting those circle lenses ;)

  13. awesomee!! *_*
    Wait for more entries~

    well, I own one. Its not scary...well... but a lot think that XD
    But my little boy isn't scary at all. Maybe I'll post some pictures.

  14. woowwww~~ waiting for your reviews ❤
    I love circle lens too :)

  15. cant wait to see how they look

  16. REVIEW THEEEEEEEM!! I WANT TO SEE THEM IN YOUR EYES!!! :D //end of creepy all caps statment haha. I love the GEO medical ones.. they look so cool in the vial *____*

  17. Niceeeee choices! I would love to try these lenses for myself. Can you please do a FOTD with Lotus Gray? It's the lenses that I'm most excited about!

  18. can't wait to see them when you wear them, nice nice nice! *_*

  19. im sure those lenses will look rgeat on you but i think you already have a pretty eye colour!

  20. Hey we need to see these lenses on your pretty eyeballs! =D

  21. ooh, yes please on the reviews! Looking forward to seeing how great they look on you!!

  22. Niiiice lenses! Looking forward to seeing them on you :D:D

  23. Oooh I LOVE grey lenses!!♥ I need to get some new ones as well! :D

    I'd love to see how they look on you n_n

  24. Reviews please! I love how the grey ones look in the bottle - I'm sure they'll look very pretty on you! I've been wanting a pair of grey ones for the longest ><


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