Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meeting with Korean exchange students!

On Thursday Oct. 6th we were introduced to a small gathering of Korean exchange students currently living and working/studying in Denmark. Originally we had planned to take them out to dinner, but it seemed utterly ridiculous to first of all have them pay for their own dinner ($40!! when we were inviting them out!) and second.. invite them out for Korean bbq that they could buy at home for a fraction of the price. lol. So yeah, that suggestion was overruled and we decided to cook for them instead! Yeah! So here I'm just bringing you some pictures from the evening.. ^__^ hope you all enjoy~

Grocery shopping with the gang. OH LOOK PEPSI <3

Devoney.. what ARE you doing? O_ô

Marie Louise stole my camera.. and apparently this is selca-time happening. lol

And here dinner was served.. YAY people were happyy~ We ran a little late with dinner >__<" oops..
My infamous wok dish.. Served quite a few times by now. SUCCESS~
It was great to meet all of these fabulous people! I surely had a blast dancing around in the kitchen with Devoney while cooking my infamous chicken and veggie wok.. Some people helped out in the kitchen more than others, but generally we had a blast ^__^ and the Koreans seemed to've had fun!

Sorry that this entry is pretty late, but I wanted to share it with you nonetheless. Last week we had a movie night with some of the Koreans as well, watching Pulgasari (North Korean monster movie). The movie was HILARIOUS (and I'm pretty sure that wasn't intended.. but oh lord~ XD)

Also I'm thinking about letting myself splurge out and get a MacBook. Still contemplating on whether to get the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro 13".. Any advice, you guys? I still wanna get a Nikon D3100, but that'll have to wait a bit longer. I'm hoping to get a job asap that'll support my mad shopping sprees that'll have to take place during December (both for Christmas and my birthday), but we'll see. ^__^ Lemme know if you got any suggestions, ok?

Oh.. and it just started raining here. O_O"
/le sigh. You bipolar Danish weather, youu~
Until next time, guise! (and thanks for the positive comments on my last entry!)


  1. what a GREAT meetup. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. Food looks great too!

  2. What a great find! All look very happy!
    Nani, you are bad, your posts always give me hungry!

    Good luck in your Korean studies, I want to start next year to study the Korean language. You speak Koreano?

    Good luck!

  3. So much food! (*o*) -drools-
    and that Chris guy really seems very excited about the whole thing.. xD LOL

  4. aww the cooking looks great and it looked like you guys had a lot of fun!!

  5. I got no invite......maybe it got lost in the mail.......hmmmmm.
    hungry sad face

  6. You guys all seem to know how to eat and cook! That's really rare for college kids!! Seriously. :D Your wok looks yum!!

  7. so much foooddd, but looks like y'll had lots of fun =D

  8. AWE the FOOD~ It's my turn to eat monitor! Lolz. your veggie wok looks like a japchae without any noodle, soo hungry! >.<

  9. NAN BUNS YOU NEED TO COOK FOR ME!!! In fact I'm kind of pissed right now because my boyfriend's not home, no working phone, and I made a HUGE ass order of Thai food... sorry Thai peeps. =___=;; And I'm mad hungry now ;o;

    That's so fucking cool you could hang with them! They look really friendly and excited to be with you guys too :D YOU AND UR PEPSI MAX!!!!!! HAHAHAHA <3

    OMG dude, I'm so proud right now.... what are you using now? Are you switching from PC to MAC?!?! <3333 I can tell you I'm using a 13" Macbook Air right now ^_____^ I actually used to have the 13" Pro! I decided to switch when the refresh hit stores and the older models got a tad bit cheaper. At least I think that's what I did, I don't remember any more. But anyways. I really LOVED my Pro, but it was a b*tch to carry around since I had to put a protective case on it since it kept getting banged up -cries- Them cases put massive weight on, I don't get it. The Air is INSANELY light, even with a case on, which is major plus! If you're picky about the screen, the Air only comes in the metal finish with non-glossy screen (good if you're outdoors in direct sunlight!), whereas you can choose that or black/glossy finish on the Pro (BAD if you're outdoors, you can't see shit.). I had that one, which looks nice because the screen "pops" more, but the matte finish is so much nicer/useful. Another thing about the Air is that it doesn't have it's own CD drive, so you'll have to purchase a separate one. But that's what allows it to be so light <3

    I found they both performed nice, I think the Air is a bit faster though. You could actually opt for the 11" too because the screen is still huge, better price, portability, still great laptop. Back to the Pro, I'm only guessing here, but it would only make sense that it's more powerful than the Air too. What are you looking to do on your laptop? My boyfriend talked me into swapping out for the Air because I carry it around a lot and don't do a whole lot on it besides internet, music, videos, etc. If you want to do gaming, Mac's aren't that ideal anyways, but the Pro is the better choice. You can also get Parallels or Bootcamp so you can use Windows on your Mac too :)

    Wow that was a lot of rambling... I doubt it even helped HAHA! I should've just asked my boyfriend to sit here and type everything out for you since he knows EVERYTHINGGGGGGG lol. If you have more questions I'll just redirect them to him :DDDD

    I gots to comment back on your last post too gahhh!! And I finally got a hold of my boyfriend.... said he'd hurry over from his friend's house..... that was like, 10 minutes ago and his friend lives a minute away.... Thai ordered almost an hour ago HAHA.... I feel awful about ordering, never again, shit like this always happens DX lolll

  10. Looks like alot of fun. And the food, YUMMY!


  11. thats awesome that you decided to cook for them instead, ya eating out is expensive and totally adds up and cooking your own meal is just healthier!

  12. You guys are such great hosts to cook them dinner instead :D Looks like everyone had a lot of fun, and the food looks really yummy!

  13. WOW looks like that was a lot of fun! Jealousyyyyy! ♥

  14. Looks like everyone had fun! It's great you guys prepared all that great food!

  15. Cute meet up! I love exchange students ^^ they're all so friendly and Asian-ey cute =D Haha, i'll keep in mind if i ever come to Denmark i shall ask you for your infamous chicken & vege dish ^^ haha yous all look like you had HEAPS of fun :) The food looks so yummy O___O;; *drool* btw, what's the native language in Denmark? Is it Finnish?

    btw, the macbook pro is quite heavy (even the 13" - coz of the casing material they're made out of..) and you should be careful coz the hinges start to 'loosen up' after a few months-years. They're great lappys for long term though :) P.s. can't wait until you get the Nikon D3100.. i might be getting that too! :D

  16. I love your captions on your pictures. xDD And OMG, MY FAV POTATO DISH. I needa learn how to make those one day. ò_ó;

    ★ Cookiie

  17. Det er fuldstændig sindssygt at folk laver facebooks events om at dræbe ham! Det er blevet sejt at hade Justin Bieber. Syg verden alligevel :/

  18. mmmmm da foodzzz!!!! *-* *drools*
    lol! at the captions! :'D
    your infamous wok dish looks delish!! =o

    andddd I know nothing about MacBooks :'DDDDD


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