Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coffee Prince, dinner with friends and new hair ☆

Okay, I'm guilty. Waaaay guilty. I started watching COFFEE PRINCE and I'm such a sucker for this drama. It's so awesome! Why haven't I watched it earlier, you might think.. but basically I was never a huge kdrama fan. I'm not quite sure why.. I watched My Sassy Girl a long time ago and I just hated it. I guess, I worried that kdramas would be just like that movie - hence I had no desire to watch them. But dang was I wrong.. Of course there are shitty dramas out there, but this one is so good. UGH. If you follow me ON TUMBLR, you experienced my appreciation for this drama already (probably through THIS POST, lol)..but for those of you who don't do that - follow me I just really dig this drama. I also got City Hunter and You're Beautiful to watch later on.. My teacher encouraged me to watch more dramas, because they're great to help expand your vocabulary \(^__^) so I guess you can say that I'm very busy studying.. haha!
Guess who got back from the US this week? JONATHAN DID. And guess who brought home presents? JONATHAN DID. Aside from the two vol. of Fullmetal Alchemist and the external hard drive, he also got me a bag of blueberry bagels! Have you guys ever had toasted blueberry bagels with cream cheese? Ugh, it's so delicious! m(._.)m 감사합니다 천찬씨!
Jonathan, Bruce, Natasha and Annemette!
We got together a few people from uni along with one of the Korean exchange students. w00t! We had an awesome night, tbh and I don't remember when the last time was that I laughed so much during dinner. Haha! We (read: Kat) cooked roast chicken, some potato-thingies with soy sauce some veggies and rice : D It's was good, but a pretty strange dinner from what I'm used to. lolz. For dessert we had HODDEOK and ice cream. NOMNOM.
Kat cooking!
There's always a fail pic when I'm involved. lolz

Thanks for an awesome night to Natasha, Annemette, Jonathan, Bruce and Kat! I had  a great time as always with you guys! Bruce mentioned that the Korean exchange students are planning to do a dinner-night for the Danes as well, so I'm really looking forward to that!

So yeah guise... aside from that. I CUT MY HAIR!

Like the insane person I am, I cut my hair last night around 2AM, simply because I got so damn sick of the way-too-long sides. /crey. It turned out alright. I wanted it messy, choppy and short around the ears, and I think it went alright, spite using shitty scissors. Hehe~
Okay then... until next time guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! Are you celebrating Halloween on Friday, btw? I'm going to uni with EMIRU, JEONGIE and Annemette. ^__^ 'tis gonna be awesome!
Okay then.. bye for now~


  1. ah you rock the short hair ;)
    haha i realised most of your posts involve food which look so good that it makes me hungry OTL
    ( even when i've already eaten) haha xD

    p.s love the cross earrings! x

  2. Your hair cut looks pretty cute! More yummy food!!!

  3. Yes, watch you're beautiful and City Hunter ♥ Probably my two favorite k-dramas lol. Hope you're going to enjoy them haha :D

  4. your cooking looks always yummy ^-^

  5. never watch coffee prince.. I probably should lol xD.. y'll look so happy in the pictures btw ^^

    omgosh you've cut your hair again ='D looks good :D

  6. DUDE!! I like this cut even more!!!!!! Seriously, this is AWESOME!! you should be a hair stylist XD is it a coincidence that all your friends have short hair too? hehe =D

  7. u look gorgeous even without makeup, a little pale though but thats alright coz u still look awesome!

  8. I liked how you cut your hair - very edgy ;)

    So do you watch Kdrama w/o subtitles?! good for studying! haha

  9. I love hoddeok!! Yummmmm!! Love the new haircut!

  10. Coffee Prince!! I LOVED that series!! I actually coincidently went to the café shop the drama was filmed in!! Guess how excited and fangirlish I got X'D

    FMA!♪ Love that series too hehe~ (nerd much)

    Oh I like the earring you are wearing :O Where did you get it?? XD And your haircut seems kinda kpopish teehee.. ^^

  11. They have a kdrama for coffee prince nao?!?!?!?! I must watch it @____@ I read the manga//manhwa (i think that's the Korean word for it..) but stopped coz we're so behind with getting the English translated versions here.

    Love love love the newly 'improved' short hair cut you're trending :D looks hot! ^^ suit you and your very nice features <33

    P.s. I'ma schedule a trip to Denmark sometime (in the next year or so) and I WILL COME VISIT YOU & GET THAT DELICIOUS FOOD! ;D heheh

  12. I think your hair would look better .. shorter 8D IM CRAZY

  13. I watched an ep of CP and then the other streaming links were broken so I gave up D: I regret it because now I don't have time to watch anything!!

    and your hair looks great! I tend to cut my hair late at night too just because I'm bored or am procrastinating lol

  14. I havent watched coffee prince yet, but now that you've mentioned it I will check it out ;) .. I think you'll enjoy You're Beautiful - I love love love that kdrama. Especially because Jang Geun Suk is in it *drools*

    Looks like you had fun at your get together. The food looks yummy :) I havent tried that dessert though .. I wonder where I can find it in Australia haha :P


  15. Cute hair! You look gorgeous. Looks like you had an amazing time! The desert looks incredible!!! yumyum

  16. ohh your hair is so short now!! it looks cute though, and hehe I love group cooking, I hate cooking cuz it's boring, but cooking in a group is okay cuz you socialize :D

  17. I know I need to watch Coffee Prince, but YOU NEED TO WATCH YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. NAO!!! -threatens with pics of Jang Geun Seok- ....-fails... commence drooling!- o____o;;; I've been listening to the damn OST nonstop for the past 2 weeks. And I feel SO stupid for not finishing this drama earlier! Seriously. Go watch it. But don't watch it unless you have an entire 2 days to tape your face to your monitor... it's THAT GOOD. 8D
    I need to finish watching My Lovely Sam-Soon too........ ohh, and King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo! SO awesome, so my boyfriend works for Paris Baguette, and one of the bosses from Los Angeles drops by his workplace on occasion, and turns out he was Kim Tak Goo's hands in the drama HAHAHA! I also heard it's a really, really good drama. :3 OH and a cute movie you should see is '200 Pounds Beauty' <3 Oh oh, and 3-Iron, eeeek! One of the best love stories ever o(>wwwww<)o Okay, enough spazzing....... o_o;

    BLUEBERRY BAGELS ARE THE SHIZZZZZ!! You also gotta try toasted Asiago bagels, omg -drools forever- <333 Where did Jonathan go?? Tell him to come to California so I can send him off with tons of gifts <3 >:)))

    I IZ STILL WAITING FOR NOMZ TO SET IN NANI..... ; o; Ah well, until then I at least has ikea hot dogs... <333 Hoddeok looks so yummy! Whenever I have them, they have nuts in them. Is that normal? D:

    Heyyyyy now, I think I saw that Korean exchange student's jacket on G-Market and wanted to buy it! LOL Dude, at some angles he totally resembles Whee Sung! :O

    ...PEPSI MAX! XD

    I luuuuuurv your hair!! Awww takes me back to a few years ago when I used to cut my own hair all jrock style and uneven but awesome HAHA I kind of miss those styles... like, where it's SUPER short right above your ears and long all around, like Ruki usually has, you know? I think short hair suits you better than long hair anyway, you look oh-so-smexy. <3 I'm trying to grow my hair out again, but maybe once I do I'll just go for Miyavi or Shinya cut like I intended to do YEARS ago... and never did. HAH.

    Oh yeah I saw Meever last Thursday! My boyfriend took some iPhone pictures and short videos, but I should share :) He needs to get his lovely ass over to you! >wwww<

  18. HIYA!! thanks for the nice comments u left on my blog :))

    WOW you cut your hair!!! :) looks so nice.. you are so brave :D i can never do it short :( and yay to coffee prince.. I'm watching coffee house right now..


  20. Your hair loooks good ;) what are those round bread called? they look delicious.I want try some!!

  21. I gotta see what all the hype is about! I tried to watch this a long time ago but, yeah, I suck at watching dramas! I still need to finish OVER THE RAINBOW kyaaaaaaa~!! Have you seen it? It'll make you want to dance forever~ me and my boyfriend spent everyday on the grass trying [and failing] to learn nike lol. OHH gurlll you BETTER watch it! -holds Pepsi Max hostage- I'm working on the Japanese version now because I just can't get enough! Of course the guys are not nearly as delicious, but the story is good :3
    YAYYYYYYY I loved that movie so much <3 She totally looked like a Korean Jessica Alba, OMG so gorgeous... -smacks flab- YES PLEASE! Let's get together with our bunny masks and watch I'M A CYBORG BUT THAT'S OKAY!!! >:D

    DUDE SF?! That's like, 40 minute drive from me! XD Hide in his bags next time so we can hang! I'll take you on a Noah's Bagels spree... ;O;

    OMG THANK YOU. My bf thinks I'm stupid, but NUTS IN FOOD IS JUST NOT OKAY! Especially in bread, eww. Crunchy foods and soft mushy foods just, no. I'm so glad I met you WAHAHA~ <3 OMG after seeing your pictures of them with apple I SO badly want to try that!! Damn, now I'm craving cinnamon apples...

    HAHAHA awww he sounds darling :)) I can't eat with my bf's parents when they do that though... they completely killed sashimi for me because I thought I was obligated to eat everything they gave me XDD How long are the exchange students staying there??

    God damn, you crazy girl! I wonder if they sell that shit anywhere? Maybe some NANCAKES custom made merch?? :P

    Ohhh I gotta find some old piccies to show you then <3 But I'm scared if I look at them I'm gonna get scissor happy o.o;; [must.....resist......]
    LMAOOOOO omg you're so funny XDDD Seriously, you lookin' mighty fiine with the short vkei hair babe <3333

    I'll steal them from my bf asap!! They're not the best since we didn't know we were allowed to actually bring cameras! d'oy.... but I'll show you nonetheless :3

    Oh yeah I did ^^ The Pop Blush giveaway :) I was so shocked, but it was really nice because I was SO stressed and depressed that week, it was a great pick me up! I really need to put together a new giveaway, I feel like I'm not giving back enough >___<

  22. I think the short hair looks good on you Nani! And Coffee Prince was a great drama. Besides You're Beautiful (which I loved), you should check out Boys Before Flowers too if you get the chance - that's my all time favorite Kdrama ^^

  23. oh you ciut your hair! looks good on you. btw, cut my hair,too:)

    don't know if you remember me and my blog but i just wnated to let you know that i am going to blog again!!

    xxx Hanna

  24. you look great with short hair!
    i have no confidence to cut mine! lol

  25. lovely blog! i enjoyed browsing your posts! cheers!


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