Friday, October 21, 2011

...and it's great to be back! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hey guise! (_ _)ヾ(‘ロ‘)
This one has arrived back in the capital of Denmark. Are you shittin' me, being back in Northern Jutland was so different this time. I don't feel at home there at all. I talked to my parents about this, and we all came to the conclusion that I'm a city-girl. I always was.. I lived in the country most of my life, and ever since I got to know JEONGIE which lead to me having to go to the city to visit her.. yeah, I just loved Copenhagen and everything about it (except for the intolerant fuckers that seem to be taking over this place ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ).

So yes.. I'm back! WOOH! And it feels freaking awesome! Oh thou delightful city, I've missed you entirely! Anyway, let's calm our breasticles and move on. I have TONS OF PHOTOS FOR YOU GUISE, so feel free to skip to those! lol.
My parents arrived Saturday where I cooked them my infamous wok (that's been mentioned quite a few times already.. you guys wanna try it out yet? ☆彡tee hee~) which they obviously loved. (trololol ego comin' through). They slept at my house till Sunday where we went to check out a dog show nearby.
I haven't actually attended a dog show since GOLD CUP 2011 this summer, so it was great to see some of the people there that I haven't seen in forever (obviously).
We left there around noon and decided to just go home.. but as we arrived in Nyborg, dad pulled over at Sunset and we had a late lunch there. Nomnom~ Sunset Boulevard is one of my favorite restaurants. Luckily there were only girls at work there that day. I've had TERRIBLE service before by some really snotty guy who kept being provocative and rude towards me.. so generally I hate coming at the one in Nyborg. The girl who served us was really nice tho. So props to her (^__^)/..

Majority of the time at my parents' house went with either eating or chilling on TUMBLR or FACEBOOK. lol. I had to realize (once again) that shit doesn't exactly go down in Jutland at all (at least not where my parents live, lol). But it was great to be home! I also got to snuggle up with some of my parents' dogs that I haven't seen in forever as well!
Apparently these two don't like being photographed. m(__ __)m

I miss them so much.. living in a big house with no dogs.. T__T; but yeah.. I helped my mom holding Boris as she groomed him. Ivan was also groomed along with Agnes : D Ahh they all look superb now! Boris got so big already! He looks retarded tho.. cause his body is way too big for his head. xD HAHA.
Wednesday night my dad cooked me my FAVORITE dish atm! Roast duck, oven potatoes, grape sauce and peas/veggies. SO YUMMYYY! The same night my mom made a ton of delicious cinnamon rolls (that you've already seen if you got me as a friend on FB. Mwahaha)
Mmmmh, so delicious! I got a bag of 'em with me home along with a bag of freshly baked buns : D Nommy! No wonder I've become such a fatty. lol. *works out at the gym* ( / - - )/ ~ ┻┻

Moving on to Thursday (the day for travelling home). Mom, dad and I went to City Syd (mall in Aalborg) to do some window shopping.. we went to a kitchen supplies store where I saw this AWESOME raclette that'd be perfect for KBBQ. Soooooo wishing for one for Christmas! (along with tons of moneyyyz for my future MacBook. lolz)
We had a yummy lunch at Bord1 (my favorite sandwich-place/café in Aalborg!) They didn't slice the chicken tho, which I found rather odd. O_ô lol. Anyway, it was yummy! After that we headed to LIDL to get pepsi max for me and laundry detergent for my mom.. aaaand, then to the train station to drop me off. My brother and his friend, Tim, also came to say hi.. and then bye, lol.
Before going home I actually managed to find vitamin water.. (I need to punch JAY for getting me hooked, alright?) It's really not easy to find ANY 7/11 in my parents' area unless you go to Thisted or Aalborg.. which is 45-50 km. in either direction.. -__-" but yeah, before going home I snatched one up and headed for the train. Wooh! I arrived home around 10PM, so it was all good.. ^__^ but Saya hated the trip in her little travel-box-thingie. Poor bby ♡
And now to something completely different.. photo-spamming. ego. food. nomnom~
Taemin leathery-party-hat from Lucifer JP. trololo.
Devoney and I like to doodle on notes during class.
Dinner last night...
Today's lunch! Nomnom
selca-shizz happening. lol. sorreh~ awkward Nani is awkward.
Ohhh gettin' groceries today! Look! 
Veggies, Pepsi Max and got2be Glued hairspray! (only $3.70 wtf so cheapp)

Sorry for this long-ass entry. I got a swap-package coming my way from YINNIE-BOO rather soon.. so I'm definitely doing a post on that! Also still gotta make that damn tutorial D": ughh sorrehh. I'm such a slacker, can you tell? Anyways.. Back to homework (as if I was even doing that to begin with...) lol.



  1. awkward nani is not awkward, cute nani is cute!

    Btw, again so much foodporn, I'm always so fuckin' hungry when I'm on your blog! `3´

  2. cute <333

    THANKS. xD

  3. omnomnom so much food.... you're parents seen like such great cooks

  4. Yum so much delicious looking food! The cinnamon scrolls look amazing.

  5. that raost duck dish looks so yum ><
    i guess the good cooking skills runs in teh family, eh? haha x

  6. -________-" you dad.. is amazing. And so is your photography work!! (what camera do you use?) You don't know how hungry I am not after looking at your roast duck photo.. I'm literally salivating looking at a computer screen :'(

    Dogs!! <3 they're so cute~~ your dogs look awesome.. they're so big!! I know how you feel about being a city girl.. but I've *kinda* lived in the 'country' suburb of a city.. same ish thing right? :P

  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nani!! I haven't checked blogs for so long (not even my own XD) I can't believe I missed your haircut!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I admire your courage O_O!!!!! short hair looks sexy on you ^_~

    I've never been to a dog show before lol (for some reason when I typed dog I kept typing god instead for like 3 times before I finally got it right =_=) your dad is such an amazing cook... hmmmmmm potatoes >_<

    I totally laughed when I saw the dancing mushroom LMAO! and the WTF stick figure... LOLOL

    Hope you're doing well =D <3

  8. mmmm.. I want one of those freshly baked buns!

  9. Do you have the recipe for the cinnamon rolls by any chance? Am drooling non stop haha~

    There's just more things to do in the city! More places to go, nice restaurants to pig out at, just everything is better hahaha (except for the many humans + cars + thieves =.=)


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