Saturday, September 24, 2011

This is how we party ☆

hi guise ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I'm extremely hungover right now, guise. I ought to study - Annemette and Jonathan are here, and we agreed to study today.. but god we all feel pretty damn crappy. Semester Start's Party was last night and most of us got pretty wasted.. I don't remember much except for a few snaps of film here and there but of course I got a few photos to simply prove that I DO have a social life and I'm not just making all of this up : P I ought to seriously get photos of JEONGIE and me together, so I don't seem like such a mad stalker. lol.
Jeongie's bathroom-pics ftw!

Anyway, it all started at Jeongie's place around 7PM Friday night with me, Jeongie and EMIRU. We got ready, my lashes fucked up and I honestly didn't bother to fix it at all (which explains why my lashes look pretty lame in most photos). I wore my new ES A400 - and speaking of kkcenterhk, I finally got a reply yesterday (how convenient, huh?) They asked me if I wanted to wait till the items got restocked and I said 'I'd like a refund please :)' - let's see how they handle that. *snap*

Back to the night - we left Jeongie's place around 10PM or something and arrived at the party like VIPs a bit late. I honestly don't remember much.. Natasha was rushed to the hospital, Marie Louise got so drunk she never made it to the party before going home and Jonathan almost got lucky - almost >: D MWAHAHA. Emiru and I had massive fun running around from the library restrooms to the hallways (where we danced around a bit), to the elevator, to the bar and to the balcony. Wush! I got so much exercise that night! Haha~!

Aww so cute! ♡

Of course ma people from Korean Studies came as well, and it was generally just a blast.. Except for some people getting a bit too drunk, I reckon we had a blast and really got to know each other on another level : D (no sexual.... maybeeee) Hahaha! I love my class, srsly! YOU GUYS ROCK MY SOCKS OFF! (just like my epic Blogger and tumblr followers do it!)
Revlon ColorStay Active "04 Nude"
MAC MSFNatural "Light Medium" (it's too light for me atm -__-")
MAC Blush "Pink Swoon"
L'oreál HIP Bronzer "Thriving"
MAC eyeshadows "Wood Winked" (all over lid), "Knights Divine" (crease and outer corner), "Parfait Amour" (crease, lower lashline), "Beauty Marked" (outer corner, crease)
NYX Slide on Pencil "Jet Black"
Maybelline XXL Mascara "Soft Black"
ES A400 lashes
GEO Medical Angel lenses in "Green"
NYX Matte Lipstick "Hippie Chic" (I applied it later, but it looked fab tho!)
MAC Creme Sheen Lipglass "Boy Bait"
Studying today (not)
Okay, can I just excuse today's retardness-entry? My brain is all strange and mushy and scattered.. -___-" *shrug* Sorry about that. But as mentioned, my friends and I decided to chill today instead of actually studying, as we'd originally planned. I'm currently munching on my own slice of chicken kebab and salad pizza as I type this up. Nomnomnom! ♡
That's it you guys! ^ just bragging my edgy food-cooking-skillz about the place ; D haha!
Don't forget to enter my ULZZANG GIVEAWAY! It ends Friday, September 30th. 2011.
Hope you guys are well and enjoying your weekend! \(^__^)/ ♡


  1. Wow crazy pizza! I love your hair! It is so fluffy(?) anyways I just love it!

  2. i love your skin. so flawless! you seem had so much fun! glad you're enjoying! keep in touch! mmuah!

  3. you really have flawless skin! Ah love your jaw line too! x

  4. oh my god gorgeous pictures!! love ur FOTD :))

  5. The skin is like so delicious. And your lips looks so soft! Like.. sponge cake or something along those lines! .. - So NOT hungry atm now that it is 3:30AM and I'm still not really tired but, luckily it's Sunday.. but, got a lot of studying I should do instead. MHAHA. FACK. I hope we can meet up, you teach me Korean gurl! Be my Sansannim (I can't spell it and my eyes are fucking so I don't dare switch on the Korean keyboard!) ~~~ Nani nani I do adore~

  6. Haha...I've come to expect major food porn on your blog now. XD Love your makeup and hair!

  7. LOL looked like a crazy night!! Glad you had fun ^^

  8. Even though you're hungover, you still look like a model!!! WTH! :P The pics are awesome! You're making me nostalgic of my college days!

  9. WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH PERFECT SKIN?! So jelly T___T~ Haha I just entered your giveaway ;D I hope i did everything right.. omg. that pizza-salad looks SO good! Om nom nom - did you make that? If so.. recipe post please :D

  10. Hvor er du helt utrolig køn! :)
    Jeg synes ikke at produkterne er specielt dyre. 230 kr. for en blushpalette (inkl. fragt) er da rimeligt :-) Hvis man tænker på at én farve blush tit koster 80 kr, så er der jo 10 farver på paletten :)

  11. Epic studying after party lol :D
    And you're so pretty, wow your skin o_o so pretty and even!

  12. You have cooking skills of a god *-* looks so yummy i could die!!
    LOLOLOLOL "See you on craigslist" Best.

  13. Gorgeous eye colour! Looks absolutely stunning on you. Great pics as always!

  14. Nååh, så forstår jeg bedre. Jeg har aldrig ryddet mig ud i ebay, men det lyder smart nok. Men så kan man jo ikke være sikker på at det er ligeså god kvalitet:)

  15. WOOOT hahhaha I look so much better in your photos! :((( WHY CAMERA, WHY YOU SO BAD? *kicks own camera!*
    Haha AWESOME NIGHT! Nothing less! <3 You guys are so hardcore, studying the day after!! :O go go go ~

    See you again Friday! XD

  16. i quite like the colour of your lens~ what colour are they? i ordered a brown pair myself the other day =D thanks for sharing xoxo

  17. thx for ur lil msg. although, darling, u are too kind =) so jealous of your skin. i think it would take me another lifetime to get my skin so flawless

  18. Lovely makeup ~♥ and you look super pretty with curly hair like that :D

  19. aww you look so pretty there! i swear you don't need lenses since you already have such a pretty eye colour! aww looked like you had lot of fun!

  20. haha looks like you had an amazing night of boozing and fun!

  21. Det er helt vildt fancy! Nu kan jeg lige pludseligt godt lide Word! ;-)

  22. OH MY... did you make that kebab?! GIVE ME THE RECIPE! or just cook it for me. I recently found out about kebab and now that's all I want. And why are you so pretty?! your skin is flawless! I need to learn your skin caring regime.

  23. Uhhhlalala, looks amazing. Love to eat that pizza!


  24. I'm loving how you do your makeup! <3

  25. Haha glad to see you guys are so studious :P Your FOTDs are always so pretty Nani! I'm envious of your flawless skin. Those green lenses look really nice on you too!

  26. Looks like you're having fun :3

    p.s. YOUR. SKIN.

  27. Nom nom nom indeed~ My tummy will never thank you, you have attributed to 50% of its growth over the couple of months haha!

    And what are you talking about? Your lashes look great in all of the pictures, and you need to do an eyemakeup tutorial one of these days!!

  28. This is like, beyond embarrassing that I'm replying so effing late -hides in corner of shame-

    OMG you guys are crazy that you can even function enough to study!! Well, actually I guess I get to ask if le studying actually happened ou.. no? HAHAHA my French is so kick ass! I forgot everything from high school! :DD

    Nah, I think I'd still think you're a stalker, just one scroll back to your old posts proves it HAHAHA <3 Now is my turn to sound like a creeptacular stalker and-- POST MO' PICS OF YO' FACE WOMAN!!! o_o;; xD

    Wh00t for Mactards! >:D

    Why halo' thar pretty lil' gal! ...Okay, I'll stop. But I LOVE those Angel Greens on you >w< I love the effect it gives off with your natural color showing in the middle, it's SO pretty!!

    What happened with kkcenterhk?? I've been thinking about ordering from them, but I don't want any trouble :((( OMG NANCURLS!! I think this is the very first time I've seen you with curly hair! SO cute!! Now CHOP IT ALL OFF!! >:DD

    Wow you guys sure know how to party o_o Except poor Jonathan LMAO

    Eeek Jeongie x Emiru are SO flipping cute together, it makes me jealous LOL

    How do you like Mac powders?? I need to get myself a decent powder that doesn't just melt off my face ://// Any recommendations?? Your face always looks so flawless and perfect, but I think that's just how your skin always looks anyway *___* (stalker enough for you? I swear I don't mean to sound like that....) *whistles*

    Holy shizznit that pizza looks fucking amazing. I can't stand looking at your blog when you post food because I can't eat it ;o; I NEED SOME DOMINOS, NAO!! ;o;

    Ohhhhhhh snap, giveaway's overrrrr!!! I'm still holding out for 2NE1's album, Nani! HAHA! Hurry and announce the winner so I can run out and buy one! >:DD

    I WISH I CAN WEAR THAT GMARKET DRESS!! Me and my fatness... it's for my little sister and her skinny bitch ass HAHA! I'm trying to eat healthier now so I can squeeze into those jeans too! Thanks for the sweet ass comment as always, Nani! <3 And to be honest, I have no idea, because I'm so flipping behind on replying as is!!! T_____T

  29. Oh snaps, Naneh! I dunno if you're a Bruno Mars fan, but I was randomly stalking his Twitter and looks like he' in Copenhagen!! XDD GO STALK HIM FOR ME BITCH! >:D

  30. Haha so much fun! Your night rundown reminds me of my college life. insanely fun yet so much motivation to study bahaha. And how gorgeous you looked? I cant tell if your lashes were messed up but I love the clean, sophisticated look you were wearing!

  31. omg i LOOOOOVEEE your eye makeup, its soooooo sexy :) i can't even tell that the eyelashes were messed up at all. maybe it's the picture though? lol. whats your tumblrrrr? oh wait, your probably have it posted somewhere.... i just gotta go stalk. :P i just made one :)


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