Thursday, September 22, 2011

If I erased the world, would it make you mine?

Title: Epik High - Fan (Lyrics HERE)
Oh, hi there!

I badly, badly, BADLY need a haircut!
It's been a few days and I bring with me tons of photos! Food porn, some shopping, friends, more food porn and more shopping.. along with a semi-rant -__-" *cough* Let's get on to it!
Studying and University
I gotta say that Korean Studies are HARD-ass work! I never imagined that I'd get my degree in my sleep, but dang this is tough. I heard from someone that language studies have the most self-study time of all.. and I can only nod in agreement. This is just insane! We get so many new words to expand our vocabulary with every day, and my head's about to explode! T__T; aish! 미치겠다~! (this is driving me nuts)
Oh look~ Annemette's desktop is Key! (SHINee)

Luckily I'm part of a class that's just plain awesome! We have dinner-nights (as you prob. saw in my previous entry!) and we also get together and study \(^__^) with a major this tough a nut to crack, it's important that we keep each other focused, motivated and updated! FIGHTING~
Food porn~

Apple/cinnamon hoddeoks that Annemette, Jonathan and I made on Sunday while studying! Nom!
My roomie brought home sushi the other day, and we had those Tuesday night! Nom~
Annemette and I 'celebrated' our day off today by NOT sleeping in and going to Nordhavn to find her bank in the area. We also went to Fisketorvet (mall) and walked down Strøget (popular shopping street in Copenhagen) to "just look.." - not. I ended up spending some (too much!) money - I got some nice things tho!
Annemette needed new shoes ^ which was the main reason we went to Deichmann. Sadly I fell in love with a pair of boots in there, so I spent my last money (for food *cough*) on a new pair of boots. I figured they'd be awesome for my cousin's baptism party next weekend : D I'm finally going home yayy~ On the home-note, my dad's coming to see me on Monday/Tuesday. We're going out for Korean food Tuesday night. EXCITED MUCH!

This is what I got btw!
Snake two-finger ring from Glitter ($9.70) My fingers aren't that white irl tho. O_ô
I finally spent my MAC giftcard that the wonderful JEONGIE got me!
Blush - 'Pink Swoon'
Pan shadow - 'Wood Winked' (finally!)
Only had to throw in an extra $13.70 to get the blush too! \(^__^)/ YAY!

and then.. the biggest of crimes. New shoes!
I honestly just thought they were too damn cute, cheap and fabulous to miss! My parents will probably punch me in the face when they see that I spent my last money on shoes, but they're just so cute! I'm gonna wear them for my cousin's baptism \(^3^)/ yeh-yuh~
We had lunch at Sunset Boulevard btw! It was so yummy! I love their soft-bread chicken sandwiches! Lunch at SB is always super cheap (about $10) so that was no big deal. and I'd just handed in bottles this morning, so I spent the money from that on lunch ^__^ smart student, yes indeed! (not)
Haven't done an NOTD for a LONG time, so here is my current nail-stuff-thing-look of the day. ^__^ I did them last night. You like? I used my two new elf polishes and my Essie Fill the Gap! Cute, yeah? And sparkly! Fancy fancy!
First up, can I just rant for a second? I know that shopping online has its pros and cons, but DAMN am I sick of its cons atm! I'm a long-time customer on kkcenterhk, for example, but honestly their customer service SUCKS. I've been trying to get a hold of them for 4 days now.. NOTHING happens. I wrote to them on their facebook page, tried sending emails, tried to add them on MSN - nothing happens. I've been receiving useless blank emails from them about my last order that just came in yesterday.. incomplete. wtf, right? I check my online order status and all items are shipped except the two items missing. They haven't contacted me since dispatch at all about whether to give me a refund or if they're gonna send the items back-ordered. UGH! -kicks a baby- I'm so sick of them right now.. I'm gonna keep shopping there anyway, because lashes in Denmark are RIDICULOUSLY expensive compared to kkcenterhk prices. But FUCK I'm so annoyed..

Here's what I got (so far.. -__-"). 
I'm so excited to try these criss-cross ones!
I'll keep you guys posted on their response - that is.. if I ever get one. lol.

I also received my faux leather jacket that I bought on eBay. The material is SUPER soft and slick.. I really like it! Sadly the sleeves are a bit on the shorter side (I have abnormally long under-arms, it seems) and the shoulders are a bit wide. It's also not as nicely fitted as it looked on the model. -__-" Oh well~ I'm still wearing it (cause it's so awesome!)..
NYX Matte Lipstick in "MLS03 Hippie Chic". The cutest, pink nude ever! I ordered this along with the "Summer Breeze" lippie for the giveaway! (I had some sold-out issues with Porkdaisy who only sent me the liner below, so had to order it elsewhere.) Almost all the prizes arrived by now, so I'm gonna update the sidebar and GIVEAWAY PAGE with new photos for you guys : D
NYX Slide On Pencil in Jet Black. I just barely touched my hand with the pencil and it's SO black and SO creamy!

Alright.. that's it for now : D I ordered a few jewelry pieces a long time ago that still haven't arrived along with a pair of pants that I waited for for about 3 weeks now. Turns out the company tried contacting me, but the mail never got to me.. So many issues lately.. -__-" /le sigh

I fixed most of the images from the newest entries btw. Photobucket screwed me over yesterday (Ò__ó)/ I'll update the images along the way.

Hope you guys are well and thanks so much for the explosive amount of comments on my previous entry! You guys ROCK my SOCKS off!


  1. Poor thing! study hard! you will be a great korean! xD
    - Aww food porn <3 I would love the strawberry cake! <33

    The mac shadow looks gorgeous *___* wwowow
    The nail polish is legendary! really it is just wauw uhhh

    I want lashes to! I hope that I can afford just a little next month (which I know I cant xD)


  2. Oh my, oh my! You've been a busy woman, and you look so cute in your first photo. *GLOMPS*
    I cannot believe you're studying Korean, I'm so jealous but hey I'll take you to Korea with me so you can be my tour guide, bwahaha. You should watch some Korean drama as well, might help you because when my friend was studying Japanese, he watched some Jdrama and anime and it helped him alot.
    Btw, food porn? Seriously? Why must you torment me, you know I love food and this looking at your photos is making me dribbles - hand me some tissue please?
    Online shopping for the win, I always end up buying way too much junk on eBay, I tend to get carried away with the whole "FREE SHIPPING". You've just reminded me to get some lashes so I'll pop onto eBay again later, great haul! ☆

  3. Jeg bliver nød til at spørge, i hvilken butik købte du de der awesome brune sko og hvad kostede de?! *Q*

  4. fooooooooooood!! *spasser helt ud* nom nom nom! :DDD

    glad you have such great studymates it really helps a lot! we never got that study-buddy-group thing going and I think that caused a lot of the drop outs ! (I know it happened to me at least D: ) FIGHTING! ^__^v <3

    that blush looks so... yummy! O_O! such cute color! and the jacket! A W E S O M E ! : D
    Go go go! I hope KKcenterHK will get back to you soon, really! ><
    Yeah, the lashes in Denmark are so over-priced AND boring >0< WtH!

    See you tomorrow! ^__~ xx

  5. Did you just change your header? Coz I've not been able to view your header till now. It always states "Image can't be viewed".

    I like how your posts are mega posts with lots of photos of various stuff like food and hauls as well as beauty and make up. Languahe really takes up lots of time so all the best in mastering your Korean. If you love it, you would do well in it! Gambatte ne! Oops that was japanese.

  6. Looks like you picked up some pretty great items! Love those shoes! They're so adorable and very...korean-esque. haha. Oh, and good luck with your Korean studies! Aja aja!! Languages are difficult to learn and take a lot of self-discipline...but in the end, it will be very self-fulfilling! I want to learn some day!

    And FOOD. Hungry

  7. Give me the ring gurl!! ITS SO COOL. /cough*and swag*cough

  8. Ahaha, your first photo is cute! You're looking super tired ♥ xD

    Ugh studying Korean sounds hard...good luck!!

    Food Porn everywhere...oh my your food porn looks the best....;; you should cook for me!!

    Ouch that stuff about kkcenterhk sucks..never ordered there..but I wanted to xX hope they'll contact you...

  9. OH NOOO!!! DE BRUNE SKO ER JEG OGSÅ NØDT TIL AT HAVE?!!?!!! HVOR HAR DU KØBT DEM OG HVAD KOSTEDE DE?!?!?! ^_^" hehe... De er alt for awesome... Men seriøst... Jeg vil også have dem Ö

    ... Og aww... Held og lykke med prøven. Jeg er sikker på det nok skal gå godt søde :) Skriv lige når du ved hvorledes det gik :D

  10. Teach me Korean!! Haha, I feel it's such a difficult language to learn but it sounds lovely.

    You know Pink Swoon and Woodwinked are like some of my top faves from MAC?? Woodwinked is so versatile and easy to use, I have a feeling you will love it.

    kkcenterhk is a bit odd, I do hope that you get your items soon. I've noticed that it does take some time for them to answer questions. Sorry your frustrates >0<

  11. Omg the food! ♥ :D
    I love the snake ring and good luck with your studies.

  12. good luckkk with studying !! and omg the food is looking so goooood!!

  13. omgosh! sucha fun post!
    korean studies look so difficult, i know learning a new language takes so much time, i once wanted to learn japanese but i gave up because i just couldn't focus.

    love the food porn as always, wow that's a lot of yummy ice cream! really love the lashes and the nails, and that nyx color is so pretty! i want to get more lippies now!

  14. good luck on your korean studies! :D languages are a bitch to learn~ (especially if you were forced upon it like me gg =3=) but at least you have a study group =D

    the food looks so nice!! :D

    and you buy so much stuff wtf >__> i wanna go shopping now! lol

  15. Every time I read your blog I always have such a good time. It's like you show us what you did all week. I wish I could eat like you and not get fat. LUCKY, BIATCH.... :P

    BTW I'm not a big fan of sneakers BUT BUT I do like yours. It's really cute and I can see why you got them.

  16. Work hard! And I love your blog. Hahaha Nice Food porn

  17. I saw your post on their wall.. sucks they STILL have yet to get back at you. They may get a lot of customers, but that either means they need to hire more staff or.. they need to get better workers -____-" Ugh, your food porn makes me want to eat .. *stomach grumbles* Good luck with Korean! Languages are SO hard.. how is English so easy >___>"

  18. Pretty nails! *^_^* Omg, I love hoddeok. So fatty but sooo good...haha! Good luck with your studies, sweets =D

  19. For some reason the "-kicks a baby-" made me laugh.. I feel evil xD but I like that jacket! And I want that many falsies toooooooo! and a lipstick in that color! :o so unfair! lol

  20. I attempted to look at hangul and the characters totally scared me off lol. I can just barely handle Japanese! I'm drooling over your food porn. I would like to make hoddeok one day!! Lovely haul too!!

  21. omg that is soo many falsies, you're gonna be using that for like months HAHA! and yummm food porn :D

  22. Omg I agree that language studies are the toughest. You really have to practice it everyday so you retain all the info. I've been trying to learn Chinese for years now and I still can't hold a conversation with someone :P

    And great purchases! The lashes are all really pretty - they'll def last you a long time :P Love the ring, your nails, and the NYX matte lippie too!

  23. Key! ♥
    so many lashes.. it'll last you a year!
    good luck with your language studies! ♥

  24. love your shopping things^^ yea its not really easy to studying languages...

  25. OMG love the details of the leather jacket, from what I see of course :)
    and the lashes look nice as well, very fine.. but sucky customers service, I can imagine.. :(

  26. I have to admit, that picture of your Korean book makes me SO happy. Does that make me sound like a weirdo? I LOVE language study! I wish I can be studying with you guys! :D I can't agree more with self-study bit, it's absolutely true. I spent about 3 years self-studying Japanese before I even took it formally in a language school, but once I stopped studying it all just disappears. You have to constantly keep at it and keep studying and practicing and speaking and writing, it's crazy! But it's awesome you have friends actively studying with you so you'll always be exposed to it! :)
    ....So after all that said, I feel kind of DUMB I don't know more Korean than I already do [since my boyfriend's household language is Korean!] which is just a few words and reading and writing. o_o; Must study more!! 화이팅!! lol :'D

    OHHHHH I didn't know those are called "hoddeok"! Now I know YAY! <3 I've never had apple and cinnamon, that sounds [and looks] super delicious! Wahhh if only the Korean supermarket down the street didn't commit suicide and resurrect as a wholesale market I could be getting me some hoddeok right now! -siiiiiiighhhhh- I mean, there's another one a few blocks from it, but it's incredibly hot today. I wish I picked some up after work! T__T

    TOO MUCH FOOD AHHHHHHHHHHHH O_O Stop tempting me!! I really, reallyyyyy want to get myself a greasy delicious domino's pizza right now..... oh god....

    Great buys Nani!!! I seriously want EVERYTHINGGG you bought *___* Especially the rockin' shoes!! That type of style is SO hard to find here, I don't understand it?! Or they're over-the-top expensive and gaudy.... urghhh jealousssss ;O

    Teach me how to do gradients!! Whenever I attempt to do them, I make a big mess and end up removing it because it never dries :/// Your nails look so cute. <3 I need to get those ELF polishes!!

    Ahhhhhhh so that's what happened. That's fucking BALLS dude. That reminds me of when I ordered a couple hundred dollars worth of cosplays for my boyfriend and his friends, and cancelled the shipment because I didn't think they'd arrive in time and wanted to pay extra for quick shipping. After that, nothing happened for about 2-3 days. It was a nightmare. Emails, facebook, twitter, phone (which was a residential number to some angry dude probably sick of these random calls wtf) I was SO sick to my stomach each passing day, until they FINALLY got back to all the emails we sent out of no where O_o; They claimed they have someone checking emails constantly, but wtf I don't know. Luckily we got the costumes on time, but my god I wanted to rip out my hair, throw up and pass out. I swear to god, customer service just doesn't exist anymore. I hope everything gets settled soon, Nani. :((((

    The leather jacket is SO fucking cute!! It looks so rocker chic <3 It's a shame it doesn't fit like you want it too, but I can tell you're still rocking it :DD The quality looks really nice too, good choice! :D ....But CRAP now I'm looking at the ebay seller's page nooooooo o_o;;

    I need to get myself some more NYX products! So far I've only tried their black/white eye pencil (not this one, it must've been one of their regular pencils?) and eyebrow pencil/brush that I found in drugstore in Hawa'ii (WHY don't they have NYX around here??) Otherwise I found lippies at a mall that's like 25 minutes away >_< I hear so many good things about their eyeshadows especially, oh I so want to try those!! :D

    YESS MORE COMMENTS FOR NANCAKESS!!! >:DDD Congrats on getting so many comments babe <333 I hope everything works out for you Nani!! <333 LEAVE NANI ALONE WORLD!! :'O


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