Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello there, guys!

After having been slightly MIA this week, I decided to bring back a gyaru-inspired makeup look. I got massively bored last night (yes, I fucked up my sleeping schedule again - bedtime at 6AM ^__^") and decided to slam on some lenses and makeup. I've been hating on my Geo Angel lenses a lot, because they're incredibly uncomfortable. I still don't really like the feel of them, but either way I'm getting some new ones (except for the pair I won from Jeongie's giveaway 100 years back). Any brands/models in particular (14-14.2mm) that you guys would recommend? If you haven't seen my tumblr post from last night, then let's get to it!

(white girl with lenses ewww)

"No makeup" for reference.

- Face
Revlon Colorstay Active "04 Nude"
e.l.f. HD Powder "Translucent"
e.l.f. Mineral Blush "Joy"
L'oreál H.I.P. Bronzer "Thriving" (I still hate this one)

- Eyes
NYX Champagne & Caviar (Palette)
> light shimmery taupe over lid
> dark brown in the crease
> black over liner
> white on brow bone
L'oreál Carbon Gloss liner "Carbon Black"
Maybelline XXL Curl "Soft Black"
NYX Slim Eye Pencil "Black"

- Lips
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick "Soft Nude"
MAC Creme Sheen Glass "Boy Bait"

Now.. a few tips for white girls/other non-Asian girls 
who want to wear lenses (without looking like alien freaks):
- 1. Use good quality products. Do NOT compromise with anything you put in your eyes. Do not purchase lenses from iffy-looking stores online. This 'rule' obviously apply to everyone interested in lenses.
- 2. Try to stay away from lenses larger than 14.2mm. 
- 3. Don't widen your eyes like a frightened deer when you take selcas.
- 4. Don't do your eye makeup to make your eyes look rounder. Try to lengthen the eyes with your makeup and keep the liner a bit more 'straight' to make your eyes look more square and narrow.
- 5. Do your makeup in accordance with your own features. Just because the Asian gyaru girls in magazines can do their liner and lashes in that special way, it doesn't mean that it's gonna suit your face- and eye shape. Work with what you got.

I'm not planning on doing these 'gyaru'-inspired looks a lot.. I was simply bored. I'm getting more and more into a more casual type of style and I'm honestly too lazy to do makeup, unless I'm going out for a crazy night on a town ^__~ so yeah.. but if you have any specific request - let me know and I'll try to do it for you : D

And now just a few random shots.
Tonight's dinner. Nomnom! 
Vegan fried wok with rice noodles. I'm actually thinking about going vegan.. just to try it, really. I don't know.. Jenna Marbles on youtube is vegan 6 days a week and she says that it gives her better energy and makes it easier to maintain a fit, healthy body. So I really wanna try it : D
This is one of my good friends, Diana. She was the friend who came to visit me last weekend. We had a blast catching up, talking till 3AM about everyone we know, used to know and wished we still knew. Ahh it was awesome, so here's a tribute to her! : D She's taking me sightseeing in Copenhagen tomorrow (I hope..).. Just to have me try out the route to uni before Monday, so I don't get lost. Haha~
and now.. because Jay had me think about sheep the other day. My sheep bedding covers! They were a present from family friends and I love them so much! If you haven't noticed already, I'm a damn sucker for sheep. So yeah, sheep sheets it is ; D

Did you ENTER MY GIVEAWAY YET? I noticed a LOT of new followers recently, but 60% of them don't even join the giveaway.. O_ô which has me wondering. I feel like I put up everything that most of you would want.. but yeah, I guess the amount of 'work' you have to put into joining is just a turn-off, huh? A shout-out to Jeongie for being a doll and linking to my giveaway! You're awesome, girl and you better know it! See you next Saturday >: D

That's it, guys! Hope you liked the entry today! : D 
Let me know if you have any requests! 
*sends out virtual hugs and chocolate buns*


  1. lovely photos, dear! ♥
    I think it's good that you're not that hardcore gyaru, this more casual style suits you very well!

  2. It's a pretty make-up, no matter what style it is, and suits you well <3 About lenses, I'd recommend the Princess Mimi-series, even though they are kind of expensive, I can wear mine for 10+ hours with no irritation whatsoever, whereas that usually causes me a bit trouble with other lenses :)My favorite brand is Geo, though, as they seem to irritate my eyes the least and are really pretty, so those are what I'd recommend, but you say that's the brand of your current lenses, so I don't know D:

    The wok looks sooo yummy <3

  3. Oh Darling you look SOOOSOSOSO great♥♥♥♥ (just what, I read a few Snape Lily Fanfics today and well ;3;♥)
    The style fits you so much and I wish I could be vegan again but I'm not allowed to because of less blood. Even staying vegetarian makes my doctor angry but I won't change :D♥

  4. You are blessed with gorgeous skin O_O And I think more people should follow your tips because you are absolutely correct. We need to find makeup that works best on us instead of makeup that works on other races :) ♥

  5. You're so pretty even in the middle of the night. I'm so jealous T____T;; Is that why you're always online?! :O I was wondering if it was just coincidence or the time difference.. LOL. Love the look.. the lenses look great.. sucks to hear that they're uncomfortable. Try other GEO lenses? Like the 3-tone ones ^_^ My eyes are really sensitive, but they're really comfy and they're only 14mm! :)

    Haha i should send you souvenirs from NZ ^^ So many sheep products! <3

  6. Your very pretty!!! I know its just gyaru inspired but definitely more lashes 8D

    As for your giveaway, you should be really happy people are following you but not joining your giveaway. It means they love what you have to blog about and don't just follow you for free stuff ^^

    I don't think its much work at all, some people can just be lazy

  7. I love your face... I don't know how to say that without sounding like a creeper C: Since I have eye allergies I really like

    their really comfortable for me but they only come in black and brown Dx natural for me maybe not so much for you :/
    -joining your giveaway~ thanks for the heads up :) I didn't seem to catch your post about it-

  8. you look sooo pretty! i loveeee those contacts on you! love the green! i just ordered like 6 pairs of contacts from prettyandcute but they are taking forever to come ;(

  9. haha next month I will order lenses for us! : D I hope you'll like them ^_~
    I'll agree with Saya that the Princess Mimi ones are very comfortable, but they're like.. huge really! I think that even I, with my stupid tiny eyes, look like an alien sometimes :C

    I LOVE your tips thereeee! ;D I wish more girls knew that just because the japanese models do their makeup in certain ways, it doesn't mean that EVERYBODY else has too. Hell, I can't even do it like them because my eyes and nose are so different from their.. And I am asian! :C

    More is not always better, so I really like your makeup here! Also I've seen more and more Gal models with more simple makeuppp (Y)

    And you are welcome for the giveaway possst! XD Sorry I didn't join, but I don't join giveaways in general! ^__^ But if I did, I'd definitely be the first one at yours! :DD KEKEKE

    see you soon ! ;3 <3

  10. I love your gyaru look Nani! I don't necessarily think you have to be Asian to wear circle lenses or gyaru style makeup either - they both look great on you! I only have 1 pair of Geo lenses, and I don't think they're very comfortable either because it always feels like there's something in my right eye. I think I'll try out other brands in the future too. And I'm going to check out your giveaway ^^ I'm holding a NYX one right now too if you haven't entered yet!

  11. Ich mag dein Make up sehr!
    Du siehst echt toll aus ♥

  12. ..,super nice blog! i ♥ it!
    I already follow you =)
    hope you had time to check my blog:
    xoxo! ~thanks!(✿◠‿◠)

  13. LOL RULES FOR WHITE GIRLS? I think white girls look super nice with black eyeshadow ; 3 ; but thats because I just like that look huhu. When asian people do dark dark dark black eyeshadow it looks kind of either too polished, too unpolished, or just wrong.

  14. nice makeup and you look gorgeous as always :)

  15. Oh my gosh makeup or no makeup you are beautiful! But I really love how you put on makeup in here *__________*

  16. Det mad, ser bare for lækkert ud!!! Lav til mig!! Og fedt med pepsi ;)

  17. Gorgeous makeup! Well, you look fab even without makeup, really. :)


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