Thursday, August 18, 2011

Greetings from the Capital! (+giveaway info!)

Hello there ladies and fellas
I hope you're all doing well..

//RANDOM: My mom made these Friday afternoon. ^__^ nomnomnom!


I'm slowly adapting to the life in the 'big city' more or less. I don't really live in the middle of central Copenhagen, but it's pretty close to the area. Anyway! Here I am, sitting by the dining table writing in my new (temporary) house.. So yeah, here are some updates and photos on what I've been up to for the past week's time. Enjoy~ (and there will be food porn. Don't worry ^__~)

The whole moving 'adventure'

Dad finding a musical note book from SHU-BI-DUA (Danish band)

My new room

We took off from home around 8AM and arrived at my new house around noon. My new roomie wasn't home yet, so my parents and I went for a ride through the city to check the place out a bit. When we got back, Roomie had arrived, so we said hello, talked a bit and started packing out. In the above picture you can see my new room and how I 'decorated' it so far. lol. Most is already decorated by Roomie, as it's her house, but I got my things in their places and all. The bed is a double-bed, so I'm probably gonna dissemble it and switch it out with a single bed. The double bed takes up too much space, I think.

Basket of Beauty. Hahaha

I don't have a lot of shelf-space and closet space, so I'm adjusting to living in a smaller room. I don't sit in my room a lot anyway, when Roomie isn't home, so it doesn't really matter to me. She also moved some of her stuff in the office, so that I can sit in there and study if I want to, when school starts.

My beautiful parents outside Dong Fang

When we arrived at my new house, Roomie prepared lunch for us. She offered to cook us dinner too, but my parents and I didn't want her to exhaust herself for our sake, so we went out to eat at a local Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant was SUPER nice and seriously PACKED with people when we arrived at 7PM. It took a while for us to get seated and until a waitress came to take our order (even though we used their (super cool!) buzzer-thing-system). Either way, the food was absolutely delicious!

We were first served a super delicious peking soup.. Sadly, for me, it was SOOO spicy my mouth was on fire. My dad didn't think it was that spicy, and my mom (who has tasting buds like a dragon!) didn't think it was spicy at all. Haha! After that my parents headed for the Mongolian BBQ buffet, as I dug into the Chinese buffet! I LOOOOVE baked chicken SO MUCH. There were a lot of dishes and the names of the dishes were kinda all over the place.. luckily there were no eggs in the fried noodles, so I had my two servings of fried noodles, baked chicken and prawns and sweet/sour sauce! I didn't get to have any peking duck, simply because the dish-names were a MESS and I couldn't identify it anywhere -___-"

Before going home the next morning, my parents took me grocery shopping and provided me with tons of food and items to stay alive for the next 2 weeks. I had to go grocery shopping myself 3 times already! UGH I suck at grocery shopping T__T I love doing it.. but I suck at it. *fist of fury*

On Monday Roomie took me on a little sightseeing in the area. She showed me routes for jogging/bike-riding,  good shopping places, beautiful spots to relax with nature, bus/train stations etc. I'm not gonna name the places for safety reasons (and mostly because I don't remember.. LOL), but here are some pictures! ^__^

My first time seeing a real-life waterlilly!

Obviously I now live in an incredibly beautiful place! I still have to get over how incredibly close I am to Copenhagen, a grocery store, a Chinese restaurant - yeah, basically everything! lol.

Look how cute his ice cream truck is! He brought it back to Denmark from the UK! Custom made, y'all! So cuuute!

After the tour she took me to Ismageriet in Amager, where she bought me a cup of icecream and we sat down to talk outside the ice cream shop. The ice cream was AMAZING!

I got 3 kinds. Vanilla, Straciatella (favorite!) and Caramel. They were all super delicious! I couldn't eat it all cause my tongue got all numb from the cold. Hahaha! It was great fun though! Thanks so much, Roomie! You're the best! \(^__^)/ ~♡

To something else... one of my dearest friends from highschool (who moved to Copenhagen about 2 years ago+/-) came to visit yesterday. She's gone for school now, but she'll be back later. ^__^ Since she's a vegetarian, I had to challenge a different side of my cooking skills for once. I don't cook a lot of veggie dishes, but I did manage to mash something together.

Mixed salad, fried veggies and oven baked potatoes and carrots.

I love that she came to visit! We talked and caught up with everything over dinner and we didn't realize for how long we'd been talking until it was almost 1AM. I saw her shortly last year, but I've missed her so so so much! It's SOOO great to finally see her again! : D *hugs Diana*

Alright.. and now to the finishing touches -

I got my Korean books! YAY! Both my grammar books and one of my history books arrived already. WUII! It's so exciting! I flipped through some of them already. The work books remind me of the work books I had in 2nd grade. Haha! I feel like such a kid.

Speaking of kid.. MWAHAH. LOOK it's my cousin!

Sofieeee!! Aww she's so cute! My grandma sent me this photo through MMS text and I just had to share it. She's so big already!

and now lastly..
Giveaway Information
Alright, so as you know I have a poll up for you guys to vote in about what you want for my next giveaway, where I'm teaming up with! I know you've all seen those $25 gift card giveaways, and I noticed that those don't  have a lot of participants - however, my giveaway won't just be a $25 worth giftcard. I'm doing a semi-Korean-inspired giveaway. Sadly the items that I will be ordering obviously didn't arrive yet (some of them I haven't even ordered yet!), so therefore you're gonna have to settle for a boring text-list of the items you'll be winning along with 'official' pictures from the brands.
The giveaway will most likely be up on Monday, if my proposition is accepted.

Please continue to vote in the poll! >>>>

Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am! After 6 months have passed since my last giveaway, I feel that it's about time!

Alright, that's it. Excuse the long-ass entry!
Also, welcome to new followers! I noticed a few new ones tagged along ^__^ Welcome to my blog, y'all! I hope you enjoy your stay!

I'll talk to you all later!
Have some great summer days! (of those poor ones that are left -__-")


  1. oooh, the sweet thing in the first photo looks so good, I'm so hungry AND must see this haha xD

  2. 축하 해요
    You're a capital girl now, lol. I know what is like to move out and it will be fun living on your own (except the times you'll miss going back home haha)
    Do your best girl!!!

  3. Nice! I'm glad you're all settled in. The places you went to looks amazing and also breath-taking, makes me wish we had something like that here in the states -_-" Oh my god, your vegetarian dishes that you made looks soooo good. I would totally wolf that down and I'm not a crazy veggie fan.

  4. congrats on being all settled in, and random chinese food is always delicious :D and you play the guitar? just see it in your room- cool!

  5. yaaay what's it like living without your parents now? i'm excited about moving too, but i'm sure i'll miss my dad's cooking! and grrr all those pictures of food made me even hungrier than i already am!! >:/ haha

  6. ooo what a basket of goodies! i hope you are nice and cozy settled in.
    i love your food pics as always

  7. aww your roomie is so nice to igve you a tour!! it really does look pretty there!! And nom nom on the food piccies haha. Enjoy the time settling in!

  8. Ahhh Nani~ I didn't know you were moving! o_O I must be pretty damn busy nowadays that I don't have time to visit your blog often -__- Anyhow, congratulations and you're now a college student! Fighting! And your current place looks serene and beautiful! Hope it helps you get through college! :) And I'm jealous! I want to study Korea too! >< But maybe I will after I graduate Biology...

    PS I want to bite the cheeks of your cousin.

  9. WELCOME BACK NANBUNS!! ;DD Sorry I had to after seeing that delicious cinnamon bun.... wtffff I want one now! D;

    HAHAHA I can see the Pepsi Max in the corner!

    And before I comment on your AMAZING bed set... empy Pepsi Max! XDD
    Okay, on to the amazing bed sheets. They are amazing. I miss my Pokemon bed sheets! I used to have Digimon bed sheets too <3 But it's okay, I still sleep with my Yu-Gi-Oh! pillow every single night HAHA

    Lol, I leave all my beauty stuff in a box in my boyfriend's closet XD At least you have a cute basket for your stuff haha Your roommate sounds very nice too! How long do you think you'll be staying with her?

    Your parents are too cute. <3 God damn, your parents are BEASTS with spicy food! :O They would probably put my boyfriend and his Korean mouth to shame lmaoo I want some Chinese foods.... but unfortunately we found out all the "Chinese" food we've been eating over the years was, well, Korean. XDD DAMMIT ALL. Food looks soooooo yummy as always, omg! Especially that soup, wth I have a soup craving now O_o

    I can feel ya on grocery shopping... if I go in wanting to buy healthy food for dinner, I walk out with healthy food, but nothing goes together... and I end up hungry and poor HAHA

    Oh wow the scenery is so gorgeous!! Looks like you'll still have a nice place to do your middle of the night jogs LOL (okay, maybe not middle of the night anymore since school's starting?) But it looks so peaceful and pretty. And, lilies everywhere! I don't think I've seen one in person before either! I'll have to take a picture when I see one too :P

    OMG caramel flavored ice cream?? Probably sounds weird, but... I've never heard of that, and it sounds AMAZING. *caramel freak* What's "straciatella"? :D

    YUMMMM vegetarian dishes!! Me and my boyfriend visit his old teacher in Monterey some times and she usually cooks vegetarian dishes for us that are fantastic! Looking at your amazing dishes makes me want to eat healthy *nomming on mochi* *holds head in shame* ..... *nom*

    Ohhhhh how exciting!! :D I need to pick up my Korean books I got for Christmas and read them again... it's too hard trying to talk to my boyfriend's mommy ;O She refuses to learn English, so I have no choice unless I really want to suffer through a million awkward pauses whenever we talk. XD Oh! I just read this article last night and wanted to show you! I think it's great she's so dedicated! Maybe you'll find it interesting :)

    Plus that girl is so adorable lmao

    Okayyyy maybe not nearly as adorable as your baby cousin!! *pinches cheeks* I hella LOLed when I read that your grandma texted you!! O_O My mom doesn't even know how to text! XD Coolest grandma ever? :D How ol is your cousin?? Gosh she's soooo cuuuuuute!! <333

    WHOOT! Who wouldn't be excited for a giveaway?? Especially Kpop related whoooot! Can Monday come faster please?? :O

    I already took pics of the powder foundation <3 I KNOWW omg I was pissed when I saw that icky sponge... the lady thought I used it and was trying to return it... it looked like it was used 10 times already @__@ Why would they do that when there's testers for EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT? *dumbfounded* Okays! I shall do a Wrinkle off review as well :) I've been using it almost every night (I forgot last night lolol) and so far liking it! I'll give it a little more use then write up a review :33

  10. I love your food porn. Gets me in the mood for some good food. LOL. Especially that ridculously cute ice cream truck. Your baby cousin is adorable, I just want to pick her up and cuddle..

  11. i love your photos, they make me hungry and want to travel at the same time! heheh, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! <3

  12. Now I'm hungry after seeing all of this eating things!! T_T food porn is nicee.... well!

    You have a great blog <3

  13. will follow you !! T_T
    thanks for your comment and I feel so too!! Why not Lily and Snape!? T_T

  14. This is so unfair! U r making me very very hungry And JEALOUS! lol!

  15. yeees!! I'm into reading the book right now! <3 never read that one before, ide. but if I just think about Snape and his love I nearly cry ;___; they're so perfect!!!
    (have I told you you look great? no, right? you look great!)

  16. Amazing pictures as usual. I LOVE the one with the waterlily. It's so beautiful! Your little cousin is soooooo cute!

  17. woah awesome, moving can be such a hassle..but nice that you are settled now.. :)

    I should come and visit you :D I've always wanted to visit Kopenhagen.... love scandinavia in general <3


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