Thursday, August 11, 2011

God makes man, and this is the devil’s finishing touches.

Hey guys! 


I'm sorry I keep taking forever inbetween updates. Spite not having packed at all for the past week's time, I'm still kinda stressed about moving out and all.. I'm extremely tired right now. I went to bed around 3AM and got up at 6:30AM, simply because my brain refused to shut off and just CHILL OUT. -__-" Ugh, so frustrating. Everything seems to be in Ordnung, though, so now I just wait for time to pass so I can pack up my last items and get out. I cleaned my brushes today, put most of my beauty items in a box and packed up my clothes, bedding sheets and some towels. 

Ahh, this is really weird. I'm moving out in 2 days! Originally I should've gone tomorrow, but it didn't really fit with my dad's working schedule very well. So he's preparing me a nommy dinner tomorrow night with my parents, me, my younger brother and his gf (and probably Vivivivivivi. lol) to celebrate the move and me becoming an adult and all. (or just to celebrate my ass leaving their house.. kekeke~!)

Random: My breakfast at 7AM this morning. Yes, I'm a fatty. Pita-pizzas with turkey salami and mozarella cheese! Nomnomnom

Anyway, packing packing packing...~

This is for Vivi. Stop buying me the wrong pretzels, you fool! -__-"

Yesterday my mom and I went to Bilka (a Danish store similar to Walmart) to get plates for my apartment. I'm moving into a house at a friend's friend house, so I don't get to decorate my apartment right away. I'm still on a waiting list atm. Anyway, I had my eyes set on these particular plates since forever, so mom and I went to pick up two sets (for 12 people in total) - one set in black and one in white. I reckon it's gonna look sexy as hell setting the table with black/white plates. Mwahha.. Besides the plates (that mom paid for now - as I still need to pay for two books, transportation card etc.) my mom also got me a tanktop from the men's section. Hehe, I thought it was pretty rockin' AND it was on sale for like $7.70! Score!

Ignore the shoes. They're my DC's - not new. Still fab., though!

Other things I got were candy, noodles and a necklace. I've been on the hunt for a rosary for a while. I'm not catholic (nor religious in general), but I think crosses are super edgy and I love the symbol for accessories.

This necklace kind of reminded me of a rosary, and as it was discounted from $25 to $5.80, I just had to get it! I'm probably gonna remove the cross that's on it now (as it's extremely cheap-looking) and replace it with another one that I have, but overall I'm diggin' this piece.

Now to the noodles.. This is probably gonna be a bit weird - who goes shopping and gets noodles, right? It's weird. But yeah, I found these in Netto (grocery store) for $1.90 - they're usually over $3 per pack, so I had to get a few. I loooove rice noodles, simply because they're PERFECT for my Japanese inspired chicken noodle soup that I tend to make from time to time. Rice noodles don't become too soft and gooey when they lie in the soup for a longer period of time, so they're simply perfect for that. I usually get the very slim, round-ish ones, but these semi-flat ones are great as well (^__^)/ *fatty-chan approves* ♡

Before leaving, I just wanted to show you Vivi's new haircut that I gave her. She came to my house late Saturday night (yeah, late at night - what a surprise.. LOL) and begged me for a haircut. She also brought me a huge bag of the WRONG liquorice pretzels. (I'm only putting this information in this entry for her to sizzle in her own embarrassment of being a bad friend. Hahahaha! Anyway...) This is what she looked like when she arrived:

Ignore her awkward expression. It's standard for her face to look a bit weird : P

And this is after her haircut:

w00t do I get an award or something now for being an epic friend AND hairstylist? Hahaha. I kid. But yeah, that's about it for now.. I should take a nap... brush my teeth and then take a nap. Yup! I think that's what I'm gonna do. Don't forget to VOTE ON THE POLL! It's important. Also feel free to let me know what kpop album/single/mini-album you'd be most interested in winning. It's kinda pointless for y'all to vote "YAY kpop album!" and then I get one up for the giveaway that nobody wants. -shrugs- So let me know, yes? 2ne1, Big Bang, f(x), Bi Rain, Taeyang? LEMME KNOW.

ALRIGHT. Until next time everyone!


  1. Whoaaa pizza for breakfast, dam I wanna live with you hahaha Nice epic hair, maybe someday you'll open a hair salon =D And for the kpop album, I would totally go for Big Bang, cause one person isn't good enough. I want all 5!

    I've so busy and someone has been getting on my nerves. Long story short, I don't like her friend it was obvious and now NOW she decides to defend her. Ugh, seriously? Not that serious, I don't like her DONE Not like the friend knew the situation of why I don't like her and she decides to be all smart about it. Gosh, so hectic. I don't want to argue because it's truly pointless. The fact cannot be changed. Sorry for having you read this >.< Good luck on the moving!

  2. nice food pics! and that's an awesome haircut you did, looks so pro!

  3. HAAAH awesome breakfast!!! I had tuna salad for breakfast today, a lot healthier ;D LOL

    Aand to reply to your comment on my blog: YESSSS I'M MOVING TO DENMARK! WOOOOHHOOOOO!! xD i have no idea where that place you're moving to is, but i'm moving to Naerum which i know is north of Copenhagen (i think??). Anyway, YES, we should totally meet! Also, I'll start school in spring, i think, and will probably work until then.. no idea what i will study yet though :'D hehehe

    cool hairstyle you gave your friend btw, nice job!

  4. Hello! Yes I guess I agree with the book by it's cover metaphor :P I always wanted to be a "young" mom. Not specifically this young of course lol but I always preferred to be one before 25-26. But luckily I'm very content with the non motherhood life I have lived so I won't be loosing my youth or anything. Not a drinker, or party type... I'm a homebody lol hopefully you don't see me as horrible person or anything now.

    Btw I like your photography and blog! :)

  5. I go shopping and get noodles x) I'm still young and I can't imagine moving out hope you have a good move! Great haircutting skills too, I can't cut my hair to save my life so I leave that to the hairstylists.

    As for albums I think we all like whats popular out there atm but for me I'm still in love with dbsk :)

  6. i can see Korean influences on your friends haircut??? good luck with your move!!

  7. I'd like a piece of that pita-pizza plzzzz! O__O looks very yuuummyyy! *0*
    And love the necklace! O: very very nice! ^^v

    Looking forward to seeing you on the other side! 8D

  8. hey there^^ sory for my late answer since yesterday I was on vocation^^ thank you :)

  9. please give me a pita pizza. me hungry

  10. weird thing, I buy noodles all the time too! Love noodles so much I can eat them everyday!! I like that t-shirt! It's cute!

  11. Moving out is so exciting, I hope you are enjoying the start of you independent adult life. It can be rough, but it's worth it!

    About your question for a pearly white polish: I don't wear it, so I'don't know wich one is best. I do own one that's not that bad, but it's from a Dutch drugstore brand, so that won't help you.
    One of my favorite brands Misa released an entire collection of pearl polishes this spring, they are not white, but white-ish, the collection is called Wishes, you should google it if you are into pearl finishes.
    And I have to tell you I am by no means a 'polish-expert', I just own way too many polishes, that's all :-D

    Good luck with the moving out!!!!!!

  12. Yay for moving out! I bet you must be super excited. I was ecstatic when I moved out for my first year of college - once you leave home, you're never going to want to go back xD You should show us pictures of your new place! I'm curious to see how you're going to decorate it :D And you did a great job with your friend's hair! Maybe you should take up hairstyling as a side job for some extra cash :P

  13. Wow this just makes me sooo hungry!

  14. Great food pics! Your breaskfast looks soo delicious. Your friend's new haircut looks awesome!


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