Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When all you can do is talk about the weather...

As promised, here I am - blogging again, letting you know about what's going on now and lately. My dashboard here on Blogger has been darn related for the past week's time or so. Am I the only one who's been completely unable to see who follows my blog lately?

It's really freaking annoying. It works today, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. lol. Blogger is FAILING lately. Sadly I'm too fond of the design and blogging system in general, that I cannot make myself move anywhere else. *clings to blogger*

Anyway! Here's what's up!
First of all.. the weather up in hurr has been extremely sporadic. Both with its good days and its bad days. Mostly the bad...

Beginning of the month:

The past few days:

Yup, that's what I do. I get up at 4AM to look at the sky. Or well.. I stay up till 4AM+. I just had a short period where I slept at midnight and got up at 9AM or something.. but I deliberately flipped that upside down. I simply don't like staying up during the day. Nights are prettier, more mysterious. I don't even know.. my dayschedule would match perfectly if I lived in Pennsylvania or something. When I was there 3 years ago, my sleeping schedule and the time zone CLICKED like soulmates. I feel that maybe the stork dropped me at the wrong spot..

Oh well.. food porn! As always, I bring you a bit of food porn. It seems a lot of you don't mind (at all), so I take the freedom to post some quite often. First.. Chinese noodles, peas, veil and soy sauce. SUPER delicious and very simple to make.

Second... HEHEHE. My fabulous fatty-crepes with ice cream and fresh strawberries and banana slices. Nomnomnom! I swear this is probably the best dessert ever.. the creaminess of the ice cream, the freshness of the fruits and the soft consistency of the crepes. Oh my~ *food-gasms* Hehehe..

A small FOTD. This was actually from last Sunday. My aunt just gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Sophie. So so so cute! I'm not really fond of babies.. they look kinda weird to me. There are the cuuuuute Asian babies who look like they smashes against a wall with their tiny eyes and adorable little noses. And then there are white babies... -__-" I'm getting an Asian baby when I grow up some day. I got a few propositions already, HAHA! Nah, I kid. But I really wanna either adopt a kid or 'make one myself' (that came out wrong..) But in all seriousness.. Asian babies take the crown of the show for being the CUTEST little creatures ever! Except for my baby brother.. when he was little, he was the PERFECT little baby. I just kinda feel like they don't come around often -__-" *signs up for adoption service* LOL. I shall teach him/her both English, Danish, German AND Korean! Fourlingual-baby up in hurr! Hahaha. He/she's either gonna turn out super confused, super nerdy OR super cool.. I'm hoping for the last one, but oh well.. //blabber over

As I told you guys in my last entry the other day, my best friend Shiki came over for a visit. She and I hadn't seen each other since November 2009. How freaky is that? We spent the first day together comparing make-up collections and she decided to draw on my leg as well. lol. We call eachother 'mylady' and have been doing so since as long as I can remember.. I actually met her online back in 2006 (I think?) on Arto. She was head admin of a Miyavi fanpage and we clicked immediately. My mom then drove me ALL the way to the West-Coast to meet her. I had brought my Miyavi CDs and she and I had the BEST weekend ever. That's when the term "Jrock-weekend" appeared for the first time. We went to a small grocery store and bought Pepsi Max (she's a fellow addict), Maxibon-ice creams, chips and candy. We talked, laughed, watched Dir en Grey live DVDs, jrock clips online, listened to LM.C singles and looked at pictures and posters. We were MAD fangirls (and we still kinda are).
That's one of the main things that make me love jrock and visual kei so much. It brings people together. ♡ When I first watched a live show and noticed how, at the end, everybody were crying. The tour finale made people cry.. first I was like "wtf? Pussies!" but then I realized.. while most tours in the Western world is more about promoting yourself, making money, putting your stuff out there. Jrock and VK shows are more about giving back to the fans, seeing them, entertaining them. The tours are more for the fans than for promoting the bands themselves and letting them make more money. That's one of the greatest things about jrock. The artists genuinely love their fans and it truly shows. Ahh~ *emotional sigh* (ó__Ò).. ♡

Lastly.. as promised. The pictures of the litter I helped raise. ♡ These fellas are the last 4 (the owner is keeping a male and a female for herself). I've never seen a litter this succeeded before. If you're familiar with breeding, you will know that raising a litter is HARD-ass work. Getting the genetics right, the looks, the colors, the bone structure - everything is SO difficult. I'm aware that some people just blabber it all together and hope for the best, but serious breeders are very concerned about health. Looks are a plus - but health is the most important thing. We'd rather raise a litter of mediocre-looking dogs and have them live 12 years with no issues at all, than raise a litter with heart conditions and bad hips, simply because they will look good with the combination in question.

Anyway.. here they are. Enjoy~

Female from the picture I showed to you guys in the previous entry.

Female that the breeder will be keeping.

The large male called Malone. ^__^

Female from the last entry on the left. Valliard on the right - male.

Valliard. (the owner's keeping this one too, btw!)


That's about it. To some news.. or news or news, lol. I'll be leaving this Friday 15th of July, I'll be leaving for a dog show in Germany. (FACEBOOK EVENT LINK) On the following Monday, my parents are I are leaving for Nyborg, Denmark for the annual Gold Cup dog show held in Denmark by the Newfoundland Club. They're both gonna be great shows! Let's all hope for dry weather without it being too hot. I'm bringing Saya to both Germany and Nyborg.. I have a feeling that nobody would even consider volunteering to babysit her - she's vicious. Haha!

And here.. my ugly face. lol

I wish you all an amazing summer! I'll be back not this weekend - but the next. So almost 2 weeks from now. EEEK! I'll miss you guys super much! ♡ 
Please don't forget about me while I'm away! 
T_T; -sobs-


  1. OMGG that foooood looks so good!
    and I seriously loved your story about your friend, it is so hard for me to find someone I really click with <3

  2. Wtf is UP with Blogger? I think it's not hitting me as hard as you, but I was having trouble seeing my followers too. It didn't show up at all in my layout, and now it sometimes does? It's weird. And SAME. I can't leave Blogger! I'm so used to it already, and trying new blogging or profile servers is always such a shock! D;

    The weather is seriously weird lately too.. it's like, super gloomy and cold in the morning, and by around 11am it gets SUPER hot wtf. I wish I can stay up all night like you <3 I even considered a job working nights just to accomodate that, plus to avoid annoying customers *sigh* Not until I'm swimming in cash I guess, so possibly never ;O

    That dish.. LOOKS delicious... recipe? :D I'm an awful cook so if I tried doing it by myself I might as well eat dog food. >_< STOP POSTING SO MUCH CREPES RAWRRRRR!! I need to learn to make them, OMGGGG I'm having such bad cravings right now!! DDDD;

    Awww congrats to your auntie!! :) I'm really excited because my aunt and uncle are adopting two of my auntie's nieces from the Philipines, and they're FINALLY coming home soon!! OMG it was supposed to take only 2 years (they had to be living in there for 2 years in order to adopt them), and it's been 5 fucking years. wtf. Stupid government... well they're finally gonna be here next month, so I'm excited and nervous to meet them :DD Oh man, I swear to GOD I saw a baby that looked EXACTLY like the Gerber baby at work last night, we couldn't stop staring at each other LOLL I think most babies are cute, as long as they don't look like that deformed creature in Knocked Up *that baby's parents must really hate it* XDDD

    Oh wow what a nice mommy you have!! It's so amazing to be able to meet online people in real life, I hope I'll have that chance with many people I've met! It's so cool how you guys just totally clicked :) And I totally feel you on the V-kei scene <3 It's really such a passion and I totally miss those days. I also agree with the bands truly caring about their fans... EXCEPT Dir en grey. I'm really not a fan of theirs anymore after I saw them in SF a few years ago. They were just NOT into it at all. All they seemed to care about was drinking; I spotted Die in the balcony drinking and watching the band before them (they sucked btw), and a bunch of us were waiting 2 hours outside after the show as they walked out drunk and straight to their bus. Me and my bf yelled Happy Birthday to Shinya, and he turned and bowed, but that's about all the recognition we got from the band the entire night. They were there to play and drink, and that's it. @___@ Whoo~ sorry for the long rant! Miyavi on the other hand, is AMAZING. He truly cares about his fans! Even when this girl was being crushed by the crowd, he told everyone to step back and make sure she was okay <3 Such a sweet heart!!

    Those pups are beautiful! I just wish I knew more about breeding so I can really truly appreciate the beauty and work of these dogs :) OMG that's soooo cool you're going to a dog show!! I LOVE watching dog shows on TV, especially the annual Eukaneuba dog show! Totally reminds me of my Dogz/Catz PC game days, have you ever played those? I was SO into entering dog shows, it was so fun :D I wish I can attend a real show someday though, but I need to learn more about the structures of dogs :) Ooooh good luck with Saya HEEHEE! >:D

  3. Thanks! I was totally surprised he chose the red jacket! I liked it, but immediately scrolled past it because I never imagined him wanting to wear it haha. Ohh I knoww, I SO can't wait to see him in that black blazer, mmmmm <3 XD I chose the cuff chain for him as his secret gift :D I might steal it when I film my 2NE1 dance vid though >:DD I'm totally pissy because for some reason I keep thinking my order is gonna come yesterday and then today... UGH stupid customs. >3>;

    Like I said, WTF is UP with blogger? I don't want to leave Blogger, but I might check into Wordpress since it offers a lot more freedom, I think. I think everyone would have to re-follow though, yeah? Which I don't want to bother with @__@ Maybe after my giveaway ends I'll check it out.

    I totally miss my jrock obsession days! Freaking kpop has taken over my life noooo~ I used to just NOT listen to kpop, at all. I'm not sure what happened haha. Perhaps if X JAPAN decides to stop by the Bay Area again I can start spontaneously head-banging every 3 seconds again yay~
    LOLLL I don't know, I just totally imagined Ruki x Kai all of a sudden when I wrote that... maybe it's just my usual obsession with drummers? I'm totally an URUHA fangirl, he's so fucking MMMMMM~!! We need to have a total JRock junkie day someday FOR REALLLLL >:OO

    I LOVE YOU TOO NANIIIIIIIII <333 OMG took everything in me not to start squealing at those gifs!! Jeebus, I totally miss my xanga days, spamming my page with TONS of smexy jrock pics! Maybe one day I'll totally spazz with a fanservice post HUZZAHHH~~~~

    I'm sure Emma's being a big fluffy happy newfie wherever she is right now :) How old was she? My Pumpky is already 12, but she still acts like a puppy! Totally a Youth Without Youth she's pulling here. Crazy dog. :)

    OMFG THAT is the fucking sexiest thing I've seen today. Even after the gifs HAHA! I know what's going on my iPod background~~ sorry Tsu-chan >:DD OOhh congrats on 18 comments!! I feel ecstatic to get 10 comments on my blog lolol I should get Tumblr, I just have no clue what it is XDD Is it like, just posting pictures? It sounds really interesting :D

    Just tell them you got a girlfriend and I'll break their faces for you >:D HAHA that totally occurred to me last night at work... when some weirdo guy comes up to me I'm just gonna tell him I'm lesbian LOL Seriously, some guys just don't get it!! This guy stopped me to sign some petition thing at the grocery store, and then started asking me things like where I work and where my boyfriend worked, and then started telling me how pretty I was and how I could get a ton of petitions for him... @___@ I already told you I gots a boyfriend! Nani, save mehhhh! ;____;

    Oh wow! That sounds soooo wonderful to run and see all the animals everywhere :D I totally like running with some good upbeat songs. RUN by Epic High is so obvious to run with, but seriously, it really puts you in a running mode! It's such a great song :DD But one part there's like, this huge CRASH and I keep thinking a car's about to hit me or something XDD

    I DON'T GIVE A FUCK GIRLFRIEND, TAKE ME TO GERMANY!!! XDD Boo~ Take lots of pictures for me!!! <333 Is it like, an all breed show or just a Newfie show? I can't wait for these 2 weeks to fly by! Have FUNNNNN!!!! <333

  4. Hi dear! Omg I miss youuuu! You always hv the sweetest comment on my posts ^____^

    In school days I wake up at 4 and yes the scenery is just..amazing and breathtaking isn't it? ^___^ But yes, the weather here is freaking out lately, like super hot! >___<

    And oh I just woke up and stumbled upon ur food pictures! They are so mouth-watering, esp the dessert xD

    Congrats to your auntie, dear! Babies are always adorable <3 And their angelic smiles can make you simply feel happy also <3

    What kind of dogs are they? I don't particularly like dogs with black furs but they seem sooo cute! Aw you're entering dog shows? Sounds amazing, have a good time darling!

    See you soon ^___^ xoxo (I'm sorry this is such a long comment xD )

  5. Hmm I know what you are talking about for the follower thing - I've noticed that it does that on a few blogs I've visited where it doesn't show up. As far as I know, it hasn't happened on mine yet though. It's really annoying though..I wish blogger would get their act together.

    lol I don't understand why everyone thinks Asian babies are the cutest, but if you're up for adopting, I definitely encourage you to since there are a lot of babies being put for adoption in Asian countries - especially girls.

    And I hope you have fun at the dog show with your parents!

  6. You will be missed :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD lol that sounds weird :D

  7. Blogger's always down in one way or another =/ but DUDDDDDDDDE haven't been here in like forever!!! Still settling in after the wedding madness and catching up w/ everyones blogs! The weather here has been the same... actually, since i got back home 2 weeks ago from the Philippines, i have not experienced one true day of summer. It's mid july and i am wearing jeans and a hoodie, it's just not right!!!! Anyway, congrats to your aunt on a beautiful baby girl! You are so hilarious with your desire to have an asian baby. haha! You know what's even cuter? A 1/2 white 1/2 asian baby!!!! Well.. actually... wait... in the beginning, they're not so cute cus you can't figure out whether they're really asian or albino asian or white or what! hahaha! but when they grow up... wowwwza! :P

  8. FYI, your crepes are making me drool right now. Haha! And those are realllyyy cute dogs! Which is saying something since I hardly find dark colored dogs cute. But then again, I am a huge dog person. So, I easily fall for 'em. ;)

    And about Asian babies, I have to agree! They're the total cutest especially when they smile and laugh! I'm not a big on babies myself but I still do want one someday... I'm not too big on the idea of having to push like my life depended on it though. *Shudders at the thought of pregnancy* O_O I may be a nurse but still... There is a difference between watching women give birth and having to give birth yourself. LOL. Lovely post! ;)

  9. uhhhh, elsker vapser ;o)
    og din blog <3


  10. Love the GIF with Kai on it!:D I love that man,lol.<3 *_*
    The puppies are so adorable and fluffy :3


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