Monday, July 25, 2011

Norderstedt Cup & Gold Cup 2011 + Announcement!


Hello you all! I'm finally back home from battling the Mud of Doom and Forces of Rain here in Denmark. lol. Okay, it may not be that bad, but I'm telling you guys.. camping in the rain, storm and in mud = suckiness. I'm currently starving, waiting for dad to yell my name and lasagna/food in the same sentence. -awaits dinner impatiently- I swear, I can hear mom setting the table.

How have you guys been lately? I haven't been online on Blogger much - and I know T_T I see my number of comments on each entry going lower and lower. -cries bitter tears- It sucks, but I gotta work for it, yes?! (Ò__ó)/ *brings kitchen battle axe*

Either way! I bring with me some photos from the two dog shows that spread throughout the past 10 days.. but before that? An announcement. You may have noticed the ad to the right.. yes? YEAH BABY, I got sponsored! This means tons of great reviews, awesome giveaways and special opportunities for YOU guys! I hope you'll all stick around to see what goods are coming from this cooperation. I'm definitely very excited, so thanks a lot to for the generosity! I've also been collecting a few items for a future giveaway that I'm having 'on my own' (with items that I paid for myself). I really wanna give back to you guys, as you've all been so damn amazing and kind to me.. so look out for that!


Norderstedt Cup, Norderstedt in Germany.

Calle & Saya.

Me, Pepsi Max and my epic shades (may I just add that my nose got a crazy sunburn.. it's red, peeling and has tiny wounds on it) T__T;

My dad and Vagn setting up the tent in front of the caravan.

Gold Cup, Nyborg in Denmark.

My dad. Being a baws.




My brand new, super sexy CIRCA 50 Mid W Carson Skull in Mint/White.

And my brand new DC ALLIANCE in black/black/white.

Freja. She's chillin', as you can see..

As always.. my overly-photogenic momma. *envious*

Last night's dinner. Deep pan pizza from Al Capone, Nyborg. Nomnom!

French fries and chicken spear. NOM

My brother and his buddy setting up a tent. HAHA. They sucked at it, though : P

Ring-side. Dark, rainy and cold.

And for the Saya fans! Look how big she got! ♥

My brother (driving) and his buddy. They treated me to ice cream! \(^__^)v

Lastly I want to pay my condolences to the people of Norway. They were struck by the actions of a heartless, selfish and delusional man by the name of Anders Behring Breivik on the 22nd of July, 2011. I feel so incredibly sorry for the family, friends and bystanders to the 68 victims of the Norway Massacre. Denmark has your back all the way. Please stay strong! This man will be punished as deserved! (Ò__ó)/

And with that said... have a great week, everyone! Hopefully I'll be back soon, but for now - I'll spend some time unpacking, catching up on messages on Blogger, Tumblr and Facebook and relaxing. I managed to sprain my left shoulder during this trip (as a result of showing 3 wild-ass dogs the past 4 days), so I'm pretty beat. I love you all! Please send your prayers, wishes and hopes to the people of Norway.. During these times, they definitely need it.

Until next time!



  1. Nani! Long time no pass! Like me! I'm on vacation and I can finally go through many blogs that I had forgotten even my U____U

    I missed reading your post, provided that the read and see pictures of food makes me hungry!

    68 victims? Here in Argentina the media announce more! We all support to Norway, and we hope they stay strong. This man will be punished for what he did!

    I hope you recover your shoulder! And spend some nice days!

  2. Welcome back! Bet you had lotsa fun. So it's been raining for you huh? Dude, it's been rock hot here in NYC. Omg, I wanted to just dip myself in ice (although I would probably die of shock -_-).

  3. aww camping looked fun! The Norway event was very tragic. My thoughts and condolences goes out to those people affected :(

  4. Congrats on your sponsorship!! :D And omg those food photos are making my hungry lol.. Anywho, hope your shoulder feels better soon!! I'm looking forward to your future posts ^^

  5. Thank you,the brand is "Lovely",they have this pretty minty green nail polish,and I really like their blushes too,they have a polka dots & bow packaging,which is so adorable and gyaru style,haha :D I like New Yorker too,and now they have amazing sales *_* I'll go back on Saturday to pick up more clothes,I think.

    Glad you had a great time tho!I love the photos,the doggies look so cute :3 We used to have a Newfoundland dog,he was my babysitter when I was little. :) I LOVEEE your Emily clothes *_* Have you found Essence products there?:D

  6. Welcome back lovey and congrats on getting a sponsorship!!

    You know I love Saya, sooooo cute *squishes and huggles* Your skin looks uber good in that one picture you posted of yourself, am so envious!

  7. wow Saya did get really big! and those dogs are soo cute, they must be hot in this weather being black and with long hair haha

  8. aww the dogs are just so cute :) your blog always makes me hungry so much yummy food haha! x

  9. Yeah some of your posts I didn't see on my google reader! IDK why but that happened to me too... people who subscribed before i changed my name told me my posts stopped showing up. lameee ):

  10. woww i love your blog pretty ♥ !

  11. Saya is so big! so cute, I can't believe how much Saya and my bun look alike!


  12. You're welcome Nani :D And your photos are so cute and pretty,I had to link them there :D
    'Lovely' is a Polish brand,I got their stuff from my local drugstore. :) So they are not even related to Asia,but the packaging is cute anyway. :D
    Emily the Strange - she is a fictional character,and she appeared on clothes and accesories first,but now I think she even has a comic or something.I was really into Emily when I was a goth.:D


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