Saturday, July 30, 2011

FOTD, University & Cake

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I bring with me good news (well for me at least)
Korean Studies
Copenhagen, here I coooome!

*parties with everyone*

Words can't even describe how freaking excited I am. I've been dancing around all day (pretty much) saying "I'm a college student! I'm a college student! WOOOH!" I also just got a call saying that I got a place to live until my apartment-application-thing for OEK goes through.. So yeah, I'm excited as HELL right now! -parties some more- Big thanks go out to ALL the amazing people who've been so damn supportive through this. I've been super frustrated lately because we get notified so late (which is a bitch when you live far away like me, cause u need to get an apartment and everything settled), and so many friends and family members have been cheering me on. So thanks so much for that! ♡

In celebration of my epic university SKILLZ, my mom made me my favorite cake! 'Brunsviger'. I don't even know what it's called in English, but it's a soft dough with brown sugar and cinnamon over it. SO SO SO YUMMY! ♡ Thanks momma!


I haven't been doing much of beauty blogging, but here's a FOTD. If you're wondering wth is going on with my nose, I got some bad burnwounds going on there. LOL. It's much better than it's been for a while.. but sadly I like to pick wounds, which is pretty gross, so that kinda sucks and makes everything worse -__-" lol.

Face - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, MAC MSF Natural, NYC "Sunny" bronzer, e.l.f. Mineral Blush "Joy" (favorite blush EVER!)
Lips - e.l.f. Hypershine Lipgloss in "Bubble gum", Revlon ColorBurst "Soft Nude"
Eyes - e.l.f. 100 Shadows Palette, H&M Hello Kitty Glitter Liner, NYX Slim Eye Pencil "Black", Maybelline XXL Curl Mascara "Soft Black", e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner "Black" and L'oréal Super Liner "Carbon Black"
Lashes - Random ebay lashes I found in an old drawer. lol

e.l.f. Mineral Blush in "Joy"

I hope you guys like it. I'm a bit rusty on doing makeup, cause I really haven't worn it at all this summer.. so yeah.. That's about it for this entry. I'll let you guys know more about the whole moving-to-Copenhagen-part later on, as I need to call the lady tomorrow and get more details. Hopefully everything works out! : D If you live in Copenhagen or nearby, please hit me up! I'd love to meet some of you Danish beauty bloggers out there (if there even are any besides from hopy and Jeongie.. -__-" lol.)

And also... look what I brought home from Germany/Gold Cup trip!

Hehehe. I like Pepsi Max. They should seriously consider sponsoring me. I don't think anyone loves Pepsi Max as much as I do..

I'm also still working on a future giveaway featuring both items bought by myself and sponsored by If you haven't checked out their website yet, you really should! They have SOOO many brands it's ridiculous; Stila, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Christian Dior, Paul & Joe, Smashbox, Essie and Deborah Lippmann.. AHHH..  I can't even!

Alright. Done babbling. Sorry.. T_T"


  1. Congrats hun!! So Korean Studies is your major? I'm jealous. I took korean in college but forgot a lot of it.. >.< Lol. Anyways, beautiful FOTD.

  2. Korean Studies fit you great I think ! :)

  3. Congrats gurl!:D:D YAY! I also go to uni this year.Japanese studies had too high point limit,so I got accepted to English studies only. T_T
    And wow,Korean studies sounds like fun :D
    I like your makeup tho,the eyeshadow reminds me of UD's Sin,which is my favourite from the Naked palette *_*

  4. Tillykke med uni plads! :D Cool med Korea studier!! Koreansk er også et kick-ass sprog haha! Vil også gerne selv lære det en dag, men tror jeg ta'r til korea på sprogskole til den tid x.x tror ik jeg kan klare at læse 2 bachelors haha!

    Og pretty makeup :o Suits you well (^^)b
    aaaw brunsviger *Q* Waaah bliver totalt lækkersulten nu haha!! Men Pepsi max må du gerne beholde for dig selv X'DDD

    Hehe jaa kunne være sjovt at mødes! Nu er jeg nok bare ik til så megen hjælp når jeg ta'r til Korea og Japan om 2 måneder ^^; Men kommer jo hjem igen n_n Håber i hvert fald at du vil synes om københavn og studiet :)

  5. You really love your Pepsi Max! LOL I don't think I've seen a picture post w/o the presence of these yummy sodas ;)

    Congrats on being accepted to a university! So you'll be going to Denmark? Cool!!! :) Korean Studies should be fun and challenging. At least you're doing what you love! I'm happy for you!

  6. Congrats on being a college student!! Oh how I miss those days. Majoring in Korean Studies sounds really fun to be honest. Are you going to learn the language too?

    I love your eye look, you look gorgeous!

  7. I never use mineral make-up cuz my skin is dry but I am so tempted to! How do you like mineral blush?

  8. Congratulation on your acceptance! It's always exciting to leave home and literally experience everything that life has to offer. Good luck on your studies!

    Boy, do I love your eyes lol Good thing you explained the nose part cause I wasn't gonna ask, sounds weird to be asking about it. But I find that you did try to cover it up, guess it didn't work as well as planned? haha You still look gorgeous tho =]

  9. Congratulations on getting into university!! Jealous that you'll be doing Korean studies :D Best of luck with it all <3

    Mannn your eyes are gorgeous as, I love your makeup, the winged eyeliner looks awesome on you

  10. congrats dear!!!! omgosh i miss being a student, i feel so old now! Learning Korean? SUPER AWESOME!

  11. Congratulations! :D:D maybe we can meet in copenhagen someday if i move to denmark this fall ^^ haha

  12. Oh you're so lucky! And to mention awesome for getting in! Congratulation hun! Weee~ I wanna take Korean as major too Q3Q!!

  13. Aw congratz on being a college student and getting accepted to that major. It's gonna be so fun! :D and I love your FOTD, the shimmers are so pretty!

  14. Congratzzz on being a college student.. and WOOOWWW so many pepsi ='D

  15. Congrats on getting in university Nani! Enjoy it while you can, because those 4 years go by like nothing. Then you'll only have years and years of work to look forward to :P

    I like your eye makeup! It looks super pretty :) I hope your sunburn gets better soon! It looks really painful >.< Don't forget to slather on that sunscreen the next time you go out!

  16. Thought that shot was a picture of a pie... Not a cake. LOL. BUT! It looks VERY mouthwatering nonetheless (as I've noticed from most of your creations where food is concerned!). And it's cinnamon??? My fave!! Eep! +_+

    Also, I'm not a big fan of soda. But damn... That's a whole lota Pepsi! Haha. ;)

    G'luck with your Korean Studies!! I bet you're gonna have a blast! :)

  17. soo cool, I would like to do Korean studies if the course is on food! haha I love korean food!

  18. yeahhh!!! congratulations!!! how exciting! :) and what a way to celebrate hehe! can you ask momma to make me some of that too? ;P

  19. Congratulations on getting into college. Hope the study is everything you always hoped it would be! :-)

  20. congratulations!! You look gorgeous - sexy eye makeup!!

  21. Bwuahahha... the pepsi max craziness O_O!!!

    And congrats :D :D *dances*

  22. It must be very nice to have a mum who loves to bake. Her creations in all your photos in various posts look so yummy!

    Heartiest congratulations on getting into uni! It must be strange at first, moving away from your parents, but after while, you'll get used to your new life. Of course your parents are proud of you!

    I hope you're settling well into your new 'temporary' place. Exciting times ahead! All the very best with your studies! Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy your time in uni. :)


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