Saturday, June 11, 2011

Un-Followers, FOTD/FOYD and moarrr tags

Tell me, Cutie, am I wasting my time?
*hi5* for Shelby reference, ahh yeh-yuhhh ^

This entry is gonna be long as shieeeet, tho. -__-" So bear with me, pl0x.

Okay, seriously.. Some of you people are difficult as fauwk to please. Since I posted my ''Hi, I'm choppin' my hair off'' post with inspiration photos, I lost a total of 8 followers - including the 2 that left after I posted my new hair. I'm not quite sure why anyone would follow a blog for hairstyle ONLY, but even if that's the case - why would you unfollow because the person in question cuts their hair? It's not like I chopped it all off to go Emma Watson-semi-bald-cut. I got layers, shorter in the front - kept the length in the back. If you happen to be one of my "omg she cut her hair *unfollows*"-homies out there, please let me know what goes on in your head. I'd like to be enlightened here.. cause it makes no sense to me.

^ my life so far. Ice cream, Hits&Misses videos by Hollyannaeree and Skype calls.
 Or well, no more Skype calls, cause I got Skype-cock blocked! But either way.. lol

Moving on to tags! I've been tagged like crazy lately! YEAH BABY! I love tags (which y'all probably already know) and therefore I shall pwn all 4 tags RIGHT NOW.. Actually I got tagged to do 5, cause I was tagged to do the 7 Beauty Characteristics tag as well, but since Lene closed her site (*cries more*), I'm not sure if I wanna do it... let me know if you want me to do it, though. ^__^v

Anyway, these are the tags/awards:
- Blogger Award 2011 (Rinny, Mimi and Lina Kim all tagged me for this one, ah yeh-yuh!)
- 10 Facts Tag (tagged by Lina Kim)
- Butterfly Award (tagged by Jean)

Blogger Award 2011

1) Make a post containing:
• Say thank you to someone who give you this award
• Write about someone who give you this award
• Write about yourself
• There's a banner award and code
• Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends)
• Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox

2) Use this banner award on your blog sidebar, without change banner's code.

Thank youz:
Big thanks to all three lovely ladies who tagged me for this!

Rinny: Rinny was the winner of my grand prize in my first giveaway back in March. I'm a huge fan of her blog and she is SO so sweet! I love reading her blog. Her entries are always very thorough and very professional. She explains in great detail and yeah.. I just love her! Hehe ^__~ ♡
Mimi: Mimi is fairly new to blogger, but her blog is absolutely adorable. I love the simple, sleek layout she has and her photos are gorgeous! (hell, SHE is gorgeous. lol) You all should really go check her blog out and Follow her!
Lina Kim: I've been a fan of Lina's blog for quite a while actually.. If you've been on blogger for some time now, you'll most likely know about SparkleApple - her layout is SO freaking cute, she's super sweet and her entries are full of the most adorable little graphics ever! ♡

About me:
I absolutely LOVE getting awards, simply because it's awesome. Hehe, the tags are always fun to do and it's a great opportunity to get to know people on Blogger a bit better. Generally I love our little Blogger community on here.. there will always be haters, of course, but it seems that Youtube is the main source for the worst of them. Members of Blogger seem way sweeter and easier to 'mingle' with. Constructive criticism is way easier to acquire here on Blogger, and generally I think that Blogger has given me way more than Youtube, Tumblr and any other social site could ever give. So yeah, I LOVE YOU ALL ♡ hehe ^__~

I pass this on to: (lol, as if I died or something...)
- Katie
- Blair
- Evinde
- Jess
- Chisa
- Mwuahria
- Mint
- Jennifer
- Yinnie
10 facts tag

1. I'm 5'8'' but still the shortest in my family. (counting parents and siblings)
2. I'm extremely awkward among strangers.
3. I rarely share anything personal with people - however, a lot of my friends tell me personal things all the time. Apparently I'm easy to talk to and easy to trust. *rubs halo*
4. I hate pasta. Especially whole-grain pasta. Ugh, it's just gross. I'm a dedicated potato-lover, though.
5. I get accused of being a "relationship/home wrecker" wayyy too often.
6. I have severe trust issues.
7. I'm a goof-ball and I love making people laugh!
8. Spite fighting the urge, I'm a sucker for tomboys. Amber from f(x) is my latest addiction (I blame Tam for that one, tho.. lol)
9. Some of my best friends are online friends - and some of those I've never even met.
10. I love to travel and I really wanna go on a massive cross-country roadtrip in America from coast to coast.

I tag these lovely ladies!
(sorry if you've been tagged for this already..)

1. Penelope
2. Ronja
3. Jen
4. Ken
5. Davy
6. Meggi Essa
7. Monica
8. Tilde
9. Laura
10. Tammy
Butterfly Award

1. Write 1 fact about yourself.
2. Pass the award on.
3. Notify the bloggers who got it!

Fact about me:
- I have a very crazy temper and usually get carried away in debates with friends. Esp. if the topic is politics, animal welfare and rednecks - oh boy, I go nuts. lol ^__^"

I tag:
1. Laura (again! Mwahah)
2. Erika
3. Joyce
4. Keikk
5. Lia

PHEWWW.. That's it for the tags-part! Now... PICTUREEEEEES. lol.

First up is my FOYD.. or.. it's probably my eye look from 2 days ago.. I was all freaking out yesterday about how damn CLOSE SMTown is. Seriously.. I was stuck to Facebook the entire night last night, because SMTOWN was uploading clips from the live show in Paris. UGHHHH.. and damn.. Amber lookin' so cute! I tell you it was SO obvious how used to performing that Super Junior is compared to rookies like f(x) and SHINee.. They took it all so chilled. Jonghyun was so excited to perform (which you could easily tell), while Taemin was playin' it all cool  : P lol. I love kpop.. I mean come on.. how can you NOT love it?


And then my FOTD - which IS from today. I felt like playing around with my MAC shadows, so I came up with this rather metallic, gunmetal/lilac look.


I also wanted to try out this L'oreál foundation sample that I got a loooong time ago. It's only a sample, so it's no biggie, but I actually really like it. The color was a bit too dark for me, but it blended out SO nicely. The consistency is mousse-like and very nice to work with, so I actually really like this foundation. Sadly it casts a white cast on photos (which you can obviously tell from the photos), which kinda sucks, but oh well.. I don't buy Loreal products anyway.

Now before I go.. here are some random photos. I seriously feel as if my head's about to explode.. Damn headache. >_>"

Here's my dog droolin', lol. She's recovering very well from surgery and as you can see, she's not really in pain at all. She doesn't have too bad of a limp and most of the time she's quite the daredevil jumping around all crazy. -__-"

And here's the reason as to why she was droolin'. lol.

I woke up Tuesday (or something like that) with a terrible craving for pancakes and ice cream. I'm not sure how I justified myself eating crepes and ice cream for breakfast.. but damn, it was worth it.

aaaaaand what I picked up yesterday. I'm almost out of money completely, so yeah. I'm comforting my sorry self with food. Haha, it's a terrible habit, really, but it's nice! (^___^")v

Anyway, that's it! I hope you guys liked this.. sorry about the long-ass entry >__<" 
Not sure how that happened.. -cough- I'll talk to you all later!
Oh, and please let me know if you still want me to do the favorites video? I'm slacking big time. lol

♡ ♡ ♡

Update: Btw, I just lost another follower. Ahh yeh-yuh. Buh-bye bitch ; D
More update: Oh.. one more - I'm on a ROLL!


  1. Ah.. some people are REALLY rude :/
    Sucks to hear they un-followed you since you announced a haircut/cut your hair! It's alright, i'm still a follower that loves you.. :D

    *non creepy non creepy*

    Love the EOTD - looks really smokey eyed .. ish XD

    Glad to hear your dog's doing better after the surgery! Haha great shot of her drooling ^^~ Makes me do the same after you posted your food pictures ... >_<" crepes, ice cream & your schogetten yoghurt-strawberry look so good! Q_Q

  2. hey hun dont worry about it much - it happened to me too haha :D oh well. Well i think whatever hair cut u do, u'd look gorgeous anyways :))
    have a great Saturday!!

  3. You tagged me! Thank you :) And sorry to know that some people followed you for your.. HAIR? That's weird and idiot. Btw, you have gorgeous eyes <3

    Join My First Giveaway NOW!

  4. WOW your hair looks even cuter when it's wavy!! it's so weird that people would follow a blogger just because of their hair.. but then again, there are ALOT of crazy people out there! xD
    & I am glad your doggy is doing much better! <3

  5. I find that rather hilarious that people would just stop following you over something like that. Really now? Is that what blogging is all about to you? Okaaayyyy... Forget them. Fucking losers. Your hair is sexy. They just can't handle it. RAWRR.

    Omagah, Nani... <3 Thank you for the award tag!! That's really sweet of you babe :D I still need to do the lipstick tag too, ohh lots to blog about today :))) THANK YOU! *glomps*

    PO-TA-TOESSSSS... omg best blonde joke evar. One weird thing about me, I start laughing at work out of no where because I'm always thinking about stupid things. :3 Seriously though, I love potatoes. I wouldn't be truly [half-]Irish if I didn't at least LOVE potatoes. <333

    Awww I HATE it when that happens! So close yet so far... :'( I'd love to see SHINee and 4MINUTE perform! Tae Min! <333 He's so fucking cute, I just want to squeeze him. Btw have you been listening to 2NE1's song "Lonely"? To be honest, I fucking LOVE 2NE1, but since i first listened to that song when it first came out, I haven't listened to it since. I somehow have no desire to listen to it. Maybe I'm still in upbeat hip-hop mode from TO ANYONE days... like it's that long ago hahaha

    Love your makeup!! Very simple and pretty <3 And your FOTD is gorgeous. What mascara are you using? Your bottom lashes look amazing o_o

    FREJAAAAAAA!!! Dogs look cutest when they're drooling or sleeping. UGH she's so cute <3 I'm glad she's healing well! :D Hopefully she isn't like Pumpkin and starts running around like crazy, dopey dog.

    CREPES ARE THE SHIZZZ! I've been craving them for so long, but I'm such a crappy cook :)))

    I was shocked for a moment when I didn't see any Pepsi Max in your food haul, then I realized you bought like 6 of them before right?? I don't drink soda, but lately I'm craving pepsi :'O

    YES. VIDEO. NAO!! Please? :DD

  6. I wouldn't worry about followers too much. Losing/gaining them doesn't really stop you from writing and those whose input you value will always stick around.
    Also just wanted to say I LOVE KPOP TOO!!! Haha I came to your blog because I saw your name was in Korean. I'm dying over the SMTOWN Paris pictures-- one of the most decadent, best cities in the world with SMent? iwishiwasthere!

  7. I don't think people unfollowed JUST because of your hair. There's a whole myriad of reasons as to why people unfollow. Maybe their cleaning out their blog list and for some reason, your blog (to them) was one of those "I don't read this anymore so I will unfollow" blogs to them. Also, maybe some people were like "woah, when did I follow this blog?" and unfollowed cause they can't remember why they followed it, or why they liked it. I don't think it's just about your hair so there really isn't any need to (I sense a pun coming up....) wig out. I personally take joy in reading your blog and I love your new hair.

    I hate that you post those delicious pictures of food TT_TT I AM SO TEMPTED!!!!!!! And then your eye make-up is soooo pretty~ *stares* May I ask what camera you use? It captures the colors really well!

  8. LOL they unfollowed you because of your hurr LAWls. Who even does that?

    Congrats on all the blog awards~
    All the sweets in this post ;_; so delicious~ especially those pancakes!

  9. awwwwww! Who would will unfollow you because of your new hair!?? O___o that's just weird... you don't need them anyways!! thank you for your sweet thing about me! (: You're SO SWEET!!! <333 You deserve all those awards! ^^ I like your new hair!! It's like sex hair hehehehe~ & I'm loving your gunmetal eye makeup!! so fierce! ^^

  10. unfollow because of a hair?
    So dumb!!
    Glad for the baby girl! I hope she had a little of pancakes too!
    I understand sweets are always good to eat to comfort yourself!


    dude followers are whatevs... im not even worried about it anymore =w= there was one follower who couldnt make up my mind and followed me unfollowed me followed me etc for like three days...

  12. MMM pancakes and ice cream! love your purple smokey looks sexy! well it's pretty lame to un-follow for a reason like that - they must be SUPER shallow!!

  13. Thank u ! but i am not a girl!

    i have been losing followers too. sometimes it just happens =/

  14. Eeee love that the ice cream is in bricks!! Must try that next time~

  15. Ummm.. I'm 5'5" or 6" and I'm the second tallest in my family. That shows you how short my family members are LOL =.=

    I always pick up junk food/snacks to munch on when my wallet's a bit tight too, they make my world rounder haha~

    And thanks for the tag hunnie! <3

  16. people unfollows for various stupid reasons, like some people only join because you have a giveaway, then unfollow you after, or they say "follow me i'll follow you" and they follow you but if you don't follow back they unfollow you... to me you should follow a blog if you LIKE it or if you enjoy that person! not because of hair or follow me and I'll follow you

  17. Just came across your blog and I really love your eye makeup here!
    I'm sure someone wouldn't just unfollow for your hair! I had another blog once with 32,000 followers and people unfollowed for loads of reasons...the most popular reason was actually that their account got deleted! Perhaps that person deleted their account rather than unfollowing!
    Anyway, I'll carry on looking at your blog!

  18. Thanks so much for tagging me!

    LOVE your smokey eye makeup. You look gorgeous and exotic!

  19. I don't know why anyone would unsubscribe from your blog Nani! You are so sweet and you still look gorgeous with your new hairstyle! In fact...I think that even if you shaved your head bald, you would still look gorgeous! Btw - I actually really like Emma Watson's pixie cut; I've grown a fondness to it after seeing it on her so long :D

    And congrats on all the awards and tags! I love you too Nani ^.~ *smooches* <3

    P.S. Icecream for breakfast isn't too bad - at least you're getting plenty of dairy!

  20. Wow, that is like the weirdest reason. o_O On a brighter note, congrats on your awards! =D

  21. Wow that's so weird what are they thinking? It's your hair anyway you can do anything to it! Congrats for the award anyway :)

  22. hahaaa, Im obsessed with hollyanaree videos too LOL watching it over n over again =P

    and u r 5'8 tall but your family n relatives are ever taller O_O? are they like 6'2 =O=?...

    but the pancakes at the end... is it too much??
    there were like 20 pieces LOL?

  23. Okayyyzzzz! I'm actually really happy there's people who WANT me to do a tutorial! I wanted to do one, but not waste my time if no one would bother to use it LOL

    I can understand that. It really can weigh on you since you write for someone else to read, and when someone decides they don't give a shit anymore because you chop off a few layers? Well, what the hell? BUT, those people are dumb-ass nobodies, and I love your hair too! ^3^

    I KNOW I KNOW! HAHA! Thank GOD I'm only working 5 hour shifts this week so I actually have time to take pictures and write regulary omgtheinsanity. Wait, what the-- YES YOU NEEDS TO UPDATE MOAR!! rawr!

    YES YES WE DO. I started doing it again yesterday at work when I was thinking about a hilarious dream I had like a week ago. I think I'm gonna draw pictures and blog it LOL

    OH YEAH.... HAHA. I wish I can hit up the Hollywood Bowl in LA someday~ probably my only chance to see my girls and... boy-girls <33 LOL I never really listen to f(x), BUT what I've heard I like! I don't get the infatuation with Amber though personally. Maybe I just haven't checked her out enough kekeke~ OMG I know how you feel! Like my idol, Nami Tamaki... she has so many cover songs... sure it's exciting to see their take on a song, but I listen to you for YOUR MUSIC, not someone else's. I wish they would save those more for live performances and not promotion, because those promotions can last FOREVER!! And then they disappear. And come back with another cover. wtf.

    WHY YOU HATIN ON DARA?? I love Dara, but not as much as MINZY!! OMG I love Minzy! She can dance like no other, she can sing, she's fucking adorable, and she's so young, I really admire her! I'm SO behind on 2NE1 right now... been playing FLOW nonstop since Fanime so I'm probably 382959843 songs behind on Kpop now haha! I should listen to Lonely sometime, I need to get back my 2NE1 love! SEE WHAT I MEAN... I didn't even know they're releasing a new song.. I think.... either way I suck right now >3>

    Oh shit really?? YESSSSS!! I saw at Big Lots they have that mascara for like $3 Imma buy it today! :D There's so many of those mascaras that I never know which one to buy! <3

    God damn, I'm craving brownies now... omg I used to not even like brownies, now they're the most delicious thing ever. Especially when you only half bake them so they're still gooey OMGAHHH <333 >:D

    Awww I'm glad to hear Freja is doing well! <333 I think about her every time I look at Pumpkin, so I can look at Pumpky Poo and smile for Freja too! ^____^
    Oh no! I hope your dog is okay :( Hopefully this will cheer you up :)
    Earlier this year I was freaking out about my cat since I noticed his tail looked like it was bent and he kept crying when he wanted to sit. My sister finally took him to the vet, and she said he probably just fell on his butt jumping on a table or something, so now he's got a crooked tail. XD Poor babe, but he's still an attractive cat! Another moment of random laughter at work HUZZAH! :D
    Good luck with all your babies!! I hate to hear they have problems, but if you need someone to listen I'm here!! <3

    ONLY 9 left LOL. You sound like me. I like that! >:D

  24. Bitch, WTF? LMAO......

    Seriously, if ppl are unfollowing you due to your haircut, that's just RIDICULOUS....fuck them...I actually like your haircut. It's so unique and definitely different.

    And 1 more thing, do you ever get fat? Sheesh, woman, you're always eating such good fatty foods. You would have to wheelbarrel me around.LOL

  25. d'aww <3 thanks sweetie!
    btw, you're really tall! I can't believe you're the shortest ;w; i'm like 5'6" and I thought that I was tall already lol I want your height!

  26. hahaha i agree, HOW CAN U NOT LOVE KPOP?? seriously.. ♥ yupp, i was so stuck in facebook too, lolz XD haha SJ performed so calmly compared to rookies :D but they were all so great! all my favorite bands, SJ, SHINee, SNSD and f(x)!!! ♥♥ so sad i wasn't there... your pic of Taemin is so adorable i love him<3

  27. I'm experiencing the same thing. Ugh unfollowers =(( Anyway, I knooowww how can I not love Kpop, like it's the most addicting thing ever!! Haha~ I love SHINee the most and that picture of you with Taemin makes me want to take a photo with a tarpaulin of him. He is like my favorite dancing machine ever!! Hahahah. Anyway... How can you eat sh*tloads of food without getting fat? o__o I'm so en-to-the-vious! T__T I love your makeup btw. :)

  28. hahahaa i love the animation. he talks way too fast but how does he still make sense?

    that is actually really bad, if people unfollowed cause of your hair. I followed cause you post about food, haha i know. such a fat thing to say.. no seriously I like your hair & your eyes :)


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