Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I haz new hair - ahh yeh yuhh~

Oh hi there~
Remember me? I used to look like this..
[WARNING: Pic & Cuss-heavy.]

And things are different now.. cause I got a haircut. Some of you may go "Ohhh sexayyyy" and the rest of you will most likely go "ARGHHH YOUR PRETTUH HURRR!? D': Y U NO KEEP DUH HAIR?!". Either way, it's my hair - my call. I still giggle about the fact that 4 people decided to unfollow after I posted my "Hi, I'm cuttin' my hair"-post. Why follow a blog for HAIR anyway? That's kinda odd to me. Either way.. If you follow my TUMBLR (which you ought to be doing), you probably saw some of these pics already. If not.. well then here you go. Enjoy ^__~

After the salon..

After shower today..

After a bit of messin' around.


So yeah.. that's the hurr, ladies (and gents, cause there actually are a few of y'all out there that have male genitals. oh myy~). I'm diggin' the do, to be honest.. The stylist started out by cutting it quite monotonically boring and 'picture perfect' and shit, even though I brought photos. She was about to 'style' the boring do until I went "Uhh.. yeah.. could u make it a bit shorter in the front?" and she looked at me as if I'd fallen from the sky. I guess she didn't expect me to want weird hair. lol. But I prefer it short in the front and long in the back.. She tried to explain that it would need a ''flowy transition'' into the layers and I was like "Well, if you fuck it up, you can cut off the longest parts as well. I really want it short in the front and long in the back, pl0x." Again, I got the "OMG BUT UR PRETTEH HURR!"-look, but she did what I asked and I'm diggin' the out come quite a lot. I don't like my hair straight, but the short part looks really fluffy after a shower, huh? Haha!

After I got my haircut, Vivi took me out to lunch (cause she's epic like that). She'd come over the night before to just chill, and she took me to the hair stylist yesterday, cause yeah.. she could -__-" lol. I dunno.. We had fun though! I helped her pick some clay, eyeliner and a mascara and she waited for me at the salon and then we went to Kebab House - lunch date ftw! lol. If you didn't notice, Vivi cut her hair too! I first saw some photos a while back, and it looked scary as fuck.. but irl she's lookin' mighty fine! -headbangs-

Yes cake looks gross,  but it's EPIC!

When we got back from lunch, we just chilled on my bed, ate cake and candy and watched Mean Girls. (I know, if you follow my Tumblr (lol, more tumblr talk) you'll know that I watched this one like a couple of days ago as well..) I CAN'T HELP IT! Mean Girls is such an awesome movie!

"Omg Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white..." D':

Sorry about the missing editing. I'm lazy by now.. lol

On a sidenote, I fucked up my knee. I'm sorry for the swearing in this entry, but my mood is a bit 'ARGH' today, cause of the pain. I have no idea how I twisted/sprained/f'ckeditup, but I did. I took Sunday off from jogging to chill and eat candy and be a fatty, but I got too restless during the afternoon and went for a 5km. walk. When I got home, my knee and Achilles tendon started acting up. I didn't put ice on it though, cause I figured it'd go away - but it didn't. I had ice on it all last night and this morning.. stupid shiet. -kicks around- This obviously means that I can't go jogging and I'm feeling fatter than ever. -__-"

Oh, and here's a random photo of me driving behind a lame truck and of my brother playing the guitar..

That's it, you guys! I hope you all had a nice weekend : D
I sure did.. kinda -__-" Except for the stupid leg/knee/ankle part. *kicks around*

OH.. and because I love you guys...

HAHAHA, lol. I'm so funnehhh.
Nah, I kid.



  1. yes, I'm gonna say it "You look gorgeous with your hair. the food makes me crave


  2. Yes, I would also say something like that ¬¬
    But I think now I'll say no! I liked your hair as it was XD but the cut is not bad!

    Mmm .. to say now! If that cake looks delicious, I got an overwhelming desire to eat cake!

  3. You are funny! I'm pretty glad I tumbled onto your blog hahaha. I use to have my hair like yours, half short half long. It just didn't work for me since my hair was straight and it won't ever be fizzled up like yours after a shower. Oh man, how did you get that from a walk? Gotta hurt like crazy. Makes me cringe looking at it. Feel better!

  4. i love the sandwich photo :p it makes me so hungry :3 and i love the film mean girls XD

  5. Nani..... I would think someone hacked your blog if you omitted all the trash talk. <3 I'm digging the hair cut!!! I love me some crazy shaggy layers. Messy just-had-sex-hur is the best. <3 muhahaha~
    UGH I hate it when the hair dresser tries to but in their opinion and talk you out of your desired look wtf. They can really fuck up your hair if you let them >__<

    The kebab looks delicious......

    Oh dammit all... I took a break to see your tumblr and watched the Korea's Got Talent video. I saw another blogger post it, so I figured I probably should watch it. I'm still tearing up right now XD; My gosh, as soon as he opened his mouth and started singing, I started crying. I wasn't expecting to cry even though that's what people said to expect hehe. Now to spam this video around >:))

    Back to the food. <3 I try not to discriminate against cake. Cake is holy... except green tea cake, I don't like you. Well, only if you have green tea frosting on top, then I find you revolting. :3

    aj49%#(@P MEAN GIRLSSSSSSSSSS!!! OMFG I love that movie!! I'm one of those losers that just watches movies over and over and sits there repeating the entire script! I start laughing at work thinking about the jokes... probably get a couple of weird looks... good times. My other guilty pleasure is *feel free to throw a chair at me* SUPERSTAR! *does hand gesture* *gets paint thrown at* D; I watched that movie 6 times and remembered the entire script.. and I still do. And the dances. >:DDD
    And now I'm craving pringles.... NOOOOO!!

    HAHA maybe that's how you fucked up your leg because you keep kicking things... in yo head? D: No, seriously though, I hope your knee heals up quickly!! <3 Maybe run a hot bath with epsom salts might help? I'm a total junkie so I also have to throw in a suggestion for some ibuprofen. >3<

    What's with the truck? What's he hauling? XD

    Gahh I wish I can play the guitar... or any instrument.... I have no patience to learn :'( I reallllly wanna learn the bass and the violin! But like I said, no patience. *sigh*

    Awwww but I wants sandwichz..... no, I see sandwiches everyday at work... that I still can't has.... *sad face* >3>

  6. the bigger hair, the closer to the heaven, haha

    you look gorgeous :)

  7. haha I love what you said to the hairdresser! well, your new hair looks great and I think she did a good job :D

  8. i like your haircut, it's pretty cute! i hate going to the salon, the few times that i did go to get a haircut with pictures and long ass explanations, they still do it wrong. so i just cut it myself, which by the way i really suck at...but it was either that or the salon making it look really crappy plus money being blown.

    hope your knee/leg feels better!

  9. i love the new hair cut i hope your leg feels better! :)

  10. Love the haircut! I also hope you have a speedy recovery, bum knees suck, i know the feeling

  11. i like the layers! i think you just need some wax or summat to shape it up. a bit extreme to unfollow for hair LOL.

    leg looks painful - take care!

    lol yeah 1111 what a funny number!

  12. your hair is so awesome! and ilove your eyes! they're so BIG!
    and why you tease for? :( i want that sandwich now

  13. mmwaaa...the cake is not that gross, however it makes me want to eat it! hehehe, and oh... you are tagged: http://sparkleapple.blogspot.com/2011/06/another-tag.html please check it ^^

  14. i love your new hairstyle! looks so soft o.o haha :D
    and dat food omg looks so yumyyyyyyyy, kebab in my heart 8)

  15. LOVE your hair style. It has a cool punk vibe to it. I wish my stylist can do that for me. But take care of your knee. Hope it feels better now.

  16. Well, the truth is.. I love your hair and you look super gorgeous! <3

  17. I checked it on Amazon, but its about Anaroxia Nervosa. i don´t like Books with this Theme .__.''
    I am mor for psycho and Thriller, Roman like Haruki Murakami ♥
    But Thank you <3

  18. For Sure!
    Everything from Mo Hayder i LOVE her so much *__* Because everytime she write such creepy good stories and its not all about the murderer or the bad guy. You also read about the pain from the victims. In every single Word you can feel how scared they are and their pain *__* And that is what i love :D

  19. i like that bangs~~~but i think the layers are a bit too much for me~~~i like straight long hair~~~lol, but i think its a different look for you~~~


  20. LOL oh Nani... you know you love me wahahaha~ >:D
    Oh shietttt.... I forgot I commented on two entries! I thought it was all one LOL omg that's so bad. My memory is fucking wack lately... D; *awaiting betch slap*

    Yes! I agree, it looks really good even not straightened! If only my hair had that same effect at any given time lmao I have to at least straighten my hair so when I go to bed it's somewhat tame in the morning >A>;;

    I cried again when I showed that video to my sisters, but they just watched it mouths dropped the entire time *crybaby* hehe I completely understand what you mean, it's really horrible :( I was so amazed to hear his story and see the person he is standing there today. Truly an inspiration!

    Cake + sex? Good thing my boyfriend's a baker wahahaha~ too much? >:33 There's some delicious cake sitting in my fridge, but I'm trying my best to stay away since it's a HUGE piece and it's delicious and I want to eat the whole thing but it's too much and so delicious.................. OMNOMNOMNOM o_o;

    OMG I was gonna write that same quote in my comment LMAO now I wish I did hahahaha! Efffffff now I wanna watch it. D; And yes... I waste 30 seconds of my life each time I see that damn trailer. Straight-to-DVD-SEQUELS just shouldn't even exist. They just shouldn't....... except The Lion King 2 (or was that in theaters...) I'll always have love for that movie. <3

    Awww *rub rub rub* loll I really hope it heals soon D: It sucks to suddenly stop a routine like that, especially when you're feeling so good about it! Maybe just do other exercises while your leg heals so you don't feel so bad :x You shouldn't even feel fat either *looks at nani* *jiggles fat* *cries*

    Damn bitch, just because your fat doesn't mean you have to drive as fast as you walk... i dunno slow drivers make me rageeeeeee. even though i'm not the one driving. hahaha.

    yesss nani! GO GO GO!!! :DD

    Whoo-hoo! Nancakes sammy ftw <3333

  21. YOUR HAIR!! whyyyyyyyyy *unfollow* lol jk!
    I LOVE IT!
    Hope you feel better soooon!

  22. thank you for your comment aww i rely hope your leg gets better soaking in hot baths and a bag of ice helps and i rely love da new hair you look good with it :)

  23. Four people acutally unfollowed you because you were cutting your hair??

    Love your hair! Especially with it all messed up. Looks amazing. It takes guts to keep telling your hairdresser to go shorter and shorter.

  24. Your new hairstyle is really cute! I like it on you!!! <3 People unfollowed because you had a haircut? I'm afraid I don't understand that logic, what on earth does the length of your hair has to do with them??? How does it even affect them? Their minds work in strange ways LOL

  25. I think you new haircut looks really nice on you Nani! I think it is so funny that 4 ppl actually unsubscribed from your blog after you said you were going to cut it though. That's almost as bad as Justin Bieber losing all his Twitter followers when he cut his hair lol. Sorry to hear about your leg/knee/ankle injury - take some time off and keep the pressure off of it so it can heal. I hope you feel better soon! :)

  26. You really did made the side chopped off! It sexy and I liekk it <3 Thanks for the sandwich btw. TROLOLOL :p Feel better Nani! ;)


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